Monthly list of publications

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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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March 1921
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v. : ; 24 cm.


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Agriculture -- Bibliography -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Se'itance:s to t 1e. S. Department of Agriculture.
fc .p..:. :t :: b, ,.!i: -:-:.. if .. t h e
IH a'tt sB9l utd herein, except those otherwise noted,
iupE6 ,p Bliei n to rhe Chief of the Division of Publications,
nU4,4.iCI.tP, y;alshiqngton, D. C., as long. as the depart-.
!!it.l.~ ..!^st puibltcations can still be obtained
e vernment Printing Office, Washington,
d u `4, leucos ~noted herein.
dent of Documents direct. His office

A FU : I...RI. TION.

aitedsupply ao the current numbers of Farmers'
i free ofeliarge: They are also for sale at 5 cents

m,4G;r P'alathological Division.
.of Antn ..ndustry... March; 1921.

Pp. 39, figs. 6.
(Farmers' Bul-

Aia rtant or characteristic symptoms of infectious and
i tin guishing one from another, and outlines methods
mn d le ofremedies .which are effective and easily
fidi t paratsltes nor plant poisoning. Of interest

''Orbet, Horticultialist in Charge,
t t l and.: Pomaological Investigations.
treau of Plant Industry. February,

if. 0 .larha11 and C0 G. Potta, Animal
: l ontriution from the Bureau of Animal
tin liL.)
4 W i"':.
~,~ie of the, Souther Sates.
Charge of- Forest Insect Investigations.
S .i'.~B et ~ ::., Satopology.- March, 1921i

ied throng te deptedationt s o. t .isi.a ,

Lewd :.t-

i i !' :> : .:< ,

.... ;*6*

.*..i ,,,, .,.*;;, ..,.

a zThe publications listed below are te.ahnil r scientico bulletins apple to a ..
criocalty. The edition is limited%. iflbrmation as lonlai ttbe apply /*tia.
The Use of Con iin In g ri By P. W.' Stliey, Se*~iei
never, with introductory ph by Samuel Fortier, h0efl of
Pp. 54, figs. 36. Con b ti l Baresa of Pblc ~badi:
*'(Department Stti qe.) 2 Ment.. .
The purpose of tais bulletin is to jiteuaet to the irrigation fainers of th Wet
ing pipe and ptpe systems aunaiei espeiedialy hine sef eanaMe lipetig-' .elf
.]. .; : .. ... .. ;.'. !=. ::. .* ": !
Farm Practice in Growing Field Crops in Three Sugar-Beet Districts
By Samuel B. Nuckols, tAgricult-t t Office of Sugar-Plant In~eSii
Thomas H. mmaer, foeerly Scie fic Asjaat, :fi Ofice of,..p
and Farm Economic. 'Pp. 52, figs. '4. Joift contributioWfrtii e 4d
Plant Industry, and the Office of Far Management and. Fai E
11, 1921. (Deparktent Aullatin aT.) Price, 21 cent : ., :.:
Black Walnut, Its Growth and Management. By F. B. Baker, Oertl.
Pp. 43, ple.7, figs. 4. Contbatimon front -the Fore t Servie. (
Mar. 8, 1921. (Departaent Baule 9OS.) Pride, '20 ee ti .
This bulletin treats of the importance of the black walnut, its;tastribu tio ie
methods of pMntig aod est hi walnut p tin : ...
The Distribution of Nort western Bg ed~ ~ Ags es By W
Market News, Fruits, and Vegetables i: Seffebrt, .jr-,
veys, and Mary B. Hall, clerk. Pp. 27, figs. 11. Contibu
of Markets. Mar.: 14, 1921. (Dqearbent B at ~ttB~ i
Of Interest to commu@nn ea a u titt. re':r *" ;:d
*el in l. .2I2 fi .: :..,i^
M 3S CE LLA flO UI .. I+ f l.:.*"* ";
D i c. .7- .
Develomine An American Utllit Horse. Pn. 22. fisa. 17.'" i

Bureau of Animal Industry. Mrch, 1921i 9 a
10 cents. ,
S. ,. ;.... .. ;.t.'.; "
Influence of Wuiter Rations on the Growth of Steers x
SAnimal Husbandry Division. Pp. 10, fig. 4.
Animal Industry- Mareh, 1i. (U rtmebt 1 *. I ..E.f...
Annual Report of the Governor of alasi e thB SAlat MW

.. .... .. ..
,*., S ';"" .
Cotribution from the Bureau of Biological Burvey.

.... 1;~8) P Ie'S

..>. *' ". -
:. ,: 5. 5 :', '.: :." ... .:. .:". ... ::.:".' E:E7 : "'E

i llu i ag at tl iOne Ieu ianRower and corn rfants at
Eot. wtl,. ( A-9g).l By R. H. Shaw and P. A. Wright. Pp.

;~Eti i.boaitents: Evaluation of Climatic Tern-
W ik pre iq Pe".c ..e in Sweeteorn. (wx. Md.-3.) By
.346t&L a4" IY Eat'i: t Some Lepidoptera Likely to Be Confused
twobrm. (wy. K-92.) By Carl Heinrich. Biology of the Smart-
usts Ia a inli binti-b (wt. K-93.) By George G. Ainslie and
S t.". 'Effeiit :. X"RS a am Trichina. (ww. A-57.) By Benjamin
ia '' hof the Calcium. Cdntent of Some Kansa Soils to the Soil
petermined by the Electrometric Titration. (xa. Kans.-23.) By
S. a. La ~hiaw, sti E.. E. Tague. Green Feed Versus Antiseptics
tiye .4 Intestinal Disorders of Growing Chicks. (xc. Ind.-8.) By
i ::.. ~ HS as. andD. C. Kennrard. Comparative Utilization of the
.ute, in th:e otyledonsof Bean Seedlings Grown in Soil and in
(x. Ky.-0) By ,Davis Buckner. Sunflower Silage Diges-
Wt M*d Ote aii d'heep. (et. Idaho-5.) By Ray E. Neidig,
ier, ad C. W. Hickmant Pp. 795-8 8, pi. 16, fig. 1. Price, 20
: ,::i t ,'-, ::. '+ + 5 :. :. :
olutea. td 4 of itheJournal of Agridultural Research were published monthly volumes
':d 'Pi a ;m a th, -olumie I8, the issue is semimonthy. The
tbesd Ut ..i..'e.S'i agpehltturIl colleges and experiment stations, to large sibhdlas abd sch institutiou s as make suitable exchanges with the department.
tt:"w~":~..l"r*ll gri^ai ea of Doeumaete wml receive sabeaiptiona for
.4^4smbbkW~Sipi xtaflnwBto Bed ularfraeign BiBA g.
gi o ,% .44, No. 3, Abstract Number. Mar. 21, 1921. E.
.. ':, if :Pp .fl4300.. Price, 15 cents.
technicalreview of thelworld's scientificliterature pertaining to agriculture.
i~ed iti*e isrestried to perso eonected with the
PC.fsMtij* totitttanms, and to libraries and exchanges. It cn
ti wit.i i pbl institutions. The Superintendent
Sg i" thi s .tu ph is iss ned in two volmes a year, 10

*p V:ill, B No.:3, .MaScA, 1921. Pp. 25-36. (Bureau of

$9 ari u..tuore, including estimates of amoeage, amnditions, yields, prices, and
(i~ttemiin4m sellalble r pMUin kft lss been found naces-
Samld'-fiRe .p Opihra S I na@m es o parsoes who are not
^ Who te U itd S Iof gril ure. rfsonms whose names
I at iep this u publication: uih the Superintendent of Documents, Wash-
S rate. f 25 cents .er year, and 40 cents per year to foreign address,
;On lmi 'tll. fto cheeks accepted.

^oBas. 10-13 Jinclusive, March, 1921. (Bureau of Mar-
Il pical'~ M who show the need of it.
b embte,,.r 20.
.... Iostion of the United States Department of Agri-
marketing information for important classes of
7BiahM fhich is of general interest and of permanent value

e more important practical discoveries and recoma-
e list coined to departztental employees, ofBifiil
the Superintendent of Documents, Governmrent

". 'I" .",

.. ; ... .. ... .. .... .;.
... ... ... .
2 ... .

Al411 requests for, srtel
saie being controlled byh t4f* n-
Soil Survey of Madison Cat,
College of Agriiltiftre. [p.a 3
15 cents.

Soil Strvey of Lake Co-ato y aa j
of Agriculture, in Chgei t WaM I
of Geology.... Pp. 4. "fig. -

-These contain nlyiri.ia, ii
and drugs act, meat 1inpeci,
ment. Issued monthly by ceroai
department, to public ai
I ournale especially concerneda
d g copies re espeutfu f
and rugsset, e~ti~s~setnu, 38" -i


111111111111111 III111111Mllll1 I M I
3 1262 08903 6460

wao nas "em f r a. ie nS .Pas w "
Biological Survey No. 38. P. 7.. ,iaat 2 L
Bureau of Chemistry. Supp 1i" I*.' :. Ji -
1921. Price, 10 ceit: :"""' :
Same. Supplement 10D. J,,:j. .1 .).. pi
10 cents. 4 : 'i T
S Same. Supplement 10-1. (N: r.WT 5060.) Ppi..-^.ti
10 cents. i :' J9 ; *i J
Federal Horticuui a Boar ii .1 1,
contents. Mar. 19, 19. i 5 oee. .
Bureau of Plant Industry No. 4. Pp 2. 2 iar. 17, 1921 .,

S.. ,;... ; '. ..
iP-Publications of th Westhehr Bti 4.hS. iitaie FiPt I
the Superintendent of Doeuenttas, t a ig
Monthly Weather Review. Vol. 4., I.. Deemb
687-745, figs. 19, charts'. H, 9 tb.ia.ajtalt
Superintendent of Docm la ''iof :'' ... .. .
Special articles: Ai
and outdoor humidity. 4
R. Weeks. Climate andh
prison of temperature andl .
conda, Mont. By C. D. Deiond. upet
ties. By C. L. Meisinger. Theiweathderm fat er onalt
National Weather and Ciop andifSnto edidetBultedaY'S
1921, reporting weather and crop condMito5 t
weekly. Price, 25 cents-a 4 year# .. i
NoTE.-This bulletin it furnished free of care t publiaia
papers cooperative observers, .weate

q`; ;N.:- .1:

geer.b. of th -b To
D.4 i. .. ..*.. : ...r.. *.iir. ," '"'"" "

2- i N
:4. .

S WASH. r .6134
,,,;i ~ ~~ .. ...' .

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