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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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February 1921
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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Ilru- s -""t -- -W-4-7-*-- --- -- -- -- -- --- -
cF 17 ....

A. ijt%4&:&t.& ;F.

#.i.euil ieh sent regularly to all who apply for it.

S tes Department of Agriculture,

.:WASHIKNTON, D. C., February 28, 1921.


[FEBaRUARY, 1921.]


no remittances tojhe U. S. Department of Agriculture.
eii. lie ptiblicafions listed herein, except those otherwise noted, upon application i the Chief of the Division of Publications,
2ESi :sment of Agriulture, Washington, D. C., as long as the de-
L's supply ai e.austed, publications can still be obtained
t 1etnIdeie of DeumeiIW Government Printing Office, Washington,
y pu ae only, and at the prices noted hreg
$ii i~ Fss tu t the~ gerienipn f luments direct. His

.;.ent'. supply aot theom nt iBFof Farmers' Bulletins is ordinarily sumi-
fa i'i ittfre'to Ipplicants. They are also for sale at 5 cents per copy,

easer. By .Sarah J. MacLe Specia t in Household
Soqe Econoi 's. Pp. fi ibution from the

ssame I service from the ma-
e th blem ,soussed in this bulletin.
inning. By F. G. Ashbrook and G. A.
Hnubandryi Ivison, and Franz P. Lund, States Relations
: 2... Joint contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry
i rvice. 'ejiimtFy, 1921. (Farmers' Bulletin 1186.)
a e. qt.~is ofapnvlating the farm-grown hog into high-class, appetizing,
Ret -ie i- the fril' oured or canned state at any season of the year.
ri:e e tfckial l selitifice treatises or bulletins applying to a special
&ljlim~dt, but they wiLbe furnished free to persons who can use such
....... .p lay ts.. ..
rJ, *it MilI I Vermont. By J. B. Bain, Dairy
tH bE lk Speciaist; and Ralph P. Hotis, Assistant
B v Pisi. Pp. 18. Contribution from the Bureau
Zh .R 1 921., ::Department Bulletia 93.) Price, 5 cents.
irebtied friom typical ~frms in a milk section of Vermont.
tut tI l that section and mayxipproximato the roquiremonts
.... ~ Sl; ,++ :;.

:.. .. .:. 9 .. ...,

' :I H .,
% .:. .. ;:..
..,E!! E' .. P.. .:.



Tear-Stain of Citrus Fruit. By John R. Winston, Patalw it, Office of t D ase
Investigations. Pp. 12, pIs. 2. Cottibuio A ma th i udm n siw Aglus Z.>
(Professional Paper). Jan. 26, 1921. (Department Bulletin 994.) Pri, L ci5tm.
This bulletin describes the disease and gives the results arrived at byP# Mig .F 4 xin'n~a tiri
experiments. ..
A Bachytic Variation in Maize. By J. H. Kempton, Assistant in Crop Acclimnis tah
tion. Pp. 28, pla. 19, figs. 8. UCotRbution frna the Bweau of -Plant Indust ...
(Professional Paper). Feb. 18, 1921. (Department Bulletin 925.) Price, 20 cenl.
This bulletin discusses the agricultural advantages of brachysm in maize which seems admi ntri.
adapted to meet te unausualrequiraeents of dry ld and iJreiga ragre. a
Cottonseed Meal for Horses. By G. A. Bell and 0. O. Williams, Animal Husbandry"
Division. Pp. 10. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal ladutzy Dlc. T17i
1920. .(DepartmDent Buteai 9g.) Price, 5 cents. I
The test reported In this bulletin was conducted to determine to what extent cottonseed meal may t:
be fed to horses with safety.
Corn-Belt Farmers' Experience with Motor Trucks. By H. R. Tolley, Agricultural "
Engineer, and L. M. Church, Aaiastat in Farm Accoauting. Pp. 34, figs. 3. Con-!
tribution from the Bureae of Piblic Roads. Feb. 25, 1921. (Department Bulletin .
931.) Price, 10 cents.
This bulletin summarizes the experience w th motor trads of 831 grain and live-stock farmersin the ;:
corn belt who have motor trucks for use on their own farms.
Comparative Spinning Tests of Seade ad Sea Ilad Cotton. By Wm. R. Mea#bws, :i
Cotton Technologist, and W. G. Blair, Assistant in Cotton Testing. Pp. 5. (Pro;-:
fessional Paper). Feb. 21, 1921. (Dcpartea t Bnaleti it) Prie, 5 cents. .
Discusses the results of spinning tests on representative bales of Meade and Sea Island cotton growth ~:4
during the seasons of 1916-17, SIs-49, a- a 19 W -S, in order to detenmise tie practal spieoatg avwall
of the Meade cotton in eomjaArson with Oaat f Sa island ot. :toln.


Report of the Guam Agricultual xpeimaent Station, 1918. Pp. 52, phl. 7. Feb. 17,
1921. Price, 10 cents. .
Poultry Keeping In Porte ties. By H. U. Henrickeen., Specialist in Faru Maw-'i
ment. Pp. 22, figs. 14. February, 1921. Circular 19, Parto iRu E!. .ai
Station.) Price, 5 cents.
Contents and Index to Technical Series No. 16, Papers on Coccidae or Scale Insects.;.:
Pp. iv, 117-132. Bureau of Entoaalogy. Feb. 19, 1921. Price, 5 etts.
Contents and Index to Technical Series No. 17, Contributions toward a sii
of the Scolytid Beetles. Pp. xiii, 233-247. Bureau of Entomb gy. .FaceS
Contents and Index to Technical Slers No. 2S, Technical Papar on Xriuaanwuin.
Forest Insects. Pp. x, 165-15. Bureau of Entanoingy. Feb. 12, I 21, Pasi,;!
5 cents.::
Australia and New Zealand as Makets for Amerisar VWri. By SawS S S.W,
Special Investigator, and Caroline B. Sherman, Scientific Assitant. Pp..
tribution from the Bureau of Markets. Febrmay, 1921.4 (a CI
145.) Price, 5 cents.
The Work e the H tley Reclamation Pjecat Eretr aent Ia s ia MaS. OByr iBIi
sea, Farm Buperintendent. Pp. 27, iigi. 4. COhtribaution m the Bmu uid Wt&
Industry. January, 192L (Departmeat Cbrlsar 141.) fPrie 5 : :
Nicotine Sulphate in a Dast Carrer alaspi .TrnTk-Cap I s By Roy E. ..qp-il
bell, Scientific Assistant, Truck-Crop Insect Invmstagsaaws. Pp. 25, figs. 5...Cn-
tribution from the Bureau of Entowmolgy. Feb. .21, 1921.. .-DaqleJ. min
14".) Pdrce,.5 cents.
How Teachers May Use Farmers' BulletiMn 1175. Better BeeA
Merrnill, Assisftt in Agrictna lEal Edwatisn. 4Pp. tf. Cingfrlihll lB C
State Relation Service. Jgaeary, -121. (Demadt Ckinhr.t S)B
6 cents.
How Teachers May Use Farmers' BuiJtia 1118, Copseas: Cs0~i 01
By F. A. MXii tehill a Aist. in Agrieums wudis. Pu ',.
from the States Relations Service. January., 1921. (DepaItme :
Price, 5 cents. .

te h;

, "...:


"' *ow Teachers May Use Farners' BSlletin 1125: Forage for the Cotton Belt. By
F.. .MeALriU, AaSiitaAt in Agruiltal Eduestion. Pp.8. Contribution fom the
SStates Reltions Service. (Deatrimnt Crcoular 18.) Price, 5 cents.
Peppers. Pp. 10, figs. 4. Contribution from the States Relations Service. lanu-
ary, 1921. (Department Circular 18e.) Price, 5 cents.
CoMton Culture in the San JaquiValley in California. By Wofford B. Camp, Aesist
ant in Crop Acclimatization and Adaption Investigations. Pp. 22, figs. 11. Con-
tribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. February, 1921. (Department
Circular 164.) Price, 5 cnts.
Paiqe Nadmioal Game Preserve. Regulations and Information for the Public. Pp.
11. Contribution from the Forest Service. 1921. (Department Circular 161.)
ii:,: i Price, 5 cents.
' i''::..ournal of Agricultural Research. (For sale only.) Vol. 20, No. 7, Jan. 3, 1921.
Iontents: Fusarium-Wilt of Tobacco (we. G-214.) By James Johnson. Sugar
Beet Top Silage. (wi. Idaho-4.) By Ray E. Neidig. Nodule Bacteria of Legu-
mi u.s Plants. (wg. G-215.) By F. Lohnis and Roy Hansen. Correlation and
ii:::: CUaation. (wh. A-55.) By Sewall Wright. Measurement of the Amount of
Water that Seeds Cause to Become Unfree and Their Water-Soluble Material. (wi.
S ich.-12.) By George J. Bouyoucos and M. M. McCool. Pp. 515-593, ple,, 7, figs.
7. Price, 20 cents.
Same. Vol. 20, No. 8, Jan. 15, 1921. Contents: Inheritance of Syndactylism,
Black, and Dilution in Swine. (wj. Ill.-10.) By J. A. Detlefsen and W. J. Car-
S mchael. Four Rhynchophora Attacking Corn in Storage. (wk. K-90.) By
RJ ichard T. Cotton. Concentration of Potassium in Orthoclase Solutions Not a
i Meausre of Its Availability to Wheat Seedlings. (wm. G-216.) By J. F. Breazealo
and Lyman J. Briggs. Composition of Tubers, Skins, and Sprouts of Three Vari-
eties of Potatoes. )wu. E-15.) By F. C. Cook. Further Studies in the Deteri-
oration of Sugars in Storage. (wo. La. 3.) By Nicholas Kopeloff H. Z. E.'Perkins,
;: and .. J. Welcome. Freezing of Fruit Buds. (wp. Utah-12.) By Frank L. West
and N. E. Edlefsen. Pp. 595-667, pis. 6, figs. 5. Price, 20 cents.
.. Same. Contents and Index to Volume 18. Pp. xx, 607-618. February, 1921.
: E rice, 5 cents.
.:: w : NeM.-- hane I to 4 of the Journal of Agricultural Reeuch were published monthly. volunaru
.t"': to 16 weekly, and volume 17 monthly. Begminnin with volume 18, the issuE is semimounhly. The
lar"..a. isl is distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural r-ol'eges and experiment stations, to large
bip" epd"Mai, *abminal adAols, and such instidxtioni as make suhiable exE.hage's with the department.
I i'.; Wtil. sat heb sa free to iniiiduals. The Superinten cn t of Dclu rents will recek e subserit ions for
I t t aisaMatlka, the rice being $1.50 per year for domestic cirtla tion and 52 for foreign circAula ion.
pe::: eiuat Stai Becoal. Vol. 44. No. 1, January, 1921. E. W. Alien, Ph. D.,
,: kor. 'Pp. 1-100. Price, 15 cents.
g ame. Vol. 44, No. 2. February. 1921. PD. 101-200. Price. 15 cents.

!7.i!h fIsew.--The R.acrd is a teehnicalreview of the world's seientife i terature pertaining to agriculture.
i'F:1 B int.eaedi~arom diirhuUgiar ana its free distribution is restricted to persons connected with
iM:: t i agricultnral colleges, experiment stations, and similar Lnititutions, and to libraries aid exchsages.
LaO. at be sent free to individuals having no official connection with public instit utions. The Superiin-
i..:.,iiit o Damestse wi1h eaeire sabeoripioas for this publication, which is issued in two volumes a
fl.Mi so O anurifdrea1, at 53 a volume.
;i: i Monthly Crop Reporter. Vole 7, No. 2, February, 1921. Pp. 9-24. (Bureau of
ri:.:: p Estimates.) Price, 25 cents a year.
Contains data relating to ag4esltare, inuding estimates of acreage, conditions, yield, prices, and
.;.'waie of crops and live atock.
gi.a se of thu eso nlsil aond vardble for priting it haa been found aece sary
sI!..g'l l W -r A di maezw o the Me*Msy Crep. Report adl rames of -eou wbo se a--
.::la:;:i': y epemaing wi thfie United States Deparkocnt of Agricarlre. Persons wose mnseI
:ia Si..dppd may subscribe for this publication through the Superintendent or Documents,
l '. ".'.P. iC., C -,te diaasktik =s of 25 reat weU r year, ad 40 estst per year to fweigt
ii;i;.a.:. lurpale auly by etpoal meer order or cai. No cebedi accepted.
ket Reporter. Vol. 3, Nas. 6-9, inclusive, February, 1921. (Bueau of
i te~. ') arw fr distribution to applicants who show the need for it.
.l'..air.o.Bitatbr sisthl SfinW erketin publication of the United States Department of Agri-
el a~ba he ge~aal, omet, and statistical marketing information for important claveq or
r,.Woduts,both staple and perishable, which is of general interest and of permanent value
z Uaicera, detaers, and consumers.



T.'.. 'a.

-iv ''1

11111111111111111 11111 1111U
: 3 1262
4". .. .. :.:i .... ... .... .... .

weekly News Letter : :...... irft
Contains a weekly. summary in popular r orff ihei:norebt ;
omndations of all bureaus of the department, ftee .st u*LFia to i
cooperators, and the press. May be purchased from the Supintelat
Printing Office, for 50 cents a year. t ... i

a-All requests for soil surveys are referred to the Bdreau of Soils titteitltDini)e
to'ng controlled by that bureau.
Soil Survey of the Millville Area, New Jersey. By C. .ngie, L. 'L ee,
Miller, of the Department of Conservation and DevelopduteHt i Ne*'N Jefl
Austin L. Patrick, J. M. Snyder, and Howard C. Smith, of the.. B.fI.ti
SAgriculture. Pp. 46, pls. 8, Ags. 2. 1 map. (From ;. 0. 9" e"2 :4)"
15 cents. :


These contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the ehfiifetrcmi 41.Fi i ll
and drugs act, meat inspection, 28hour and quarantine laws, and the various regulating. .
Issued monthly by certain bureaus. 1eedistritbuio islimitcdto personusin the emplooyj r
to public officials whose duties render itnecessary for tm to have suc inforziatidni, tojI .
concerned, and to manufacturers and firms whose biusiess is affected by same. Otho rs
respectfully referred to the Shperintendent Of Docmnents, Government Printing Offii*,
for sale only, at prices noted. A .. ..
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 164. Pp. 139-148. Feb. 14, 1921. Price, S
Same. No. 165, January, 1921. Pp. 1-16. Feb. 25,'1921.' Price, 5 cents: -:" '
Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement 95. (N. J. 8201-8250) Pp.-143-181. b::Ji
1921. Price, 10 cents. 8 ...0i:.':
Same. Supplement 97. (N. J. 8301-8350) Pp. 203-224. Feb. 21,1921. 7
Same. Supplement 98. (N. J. 8351-8400) Pp. 227-266. Feb. 19, 19-1.
10 cents.
si- Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of the Weathevr&,
lth Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at thepricep nosted.hear
Monthly Weather Review. Vol..48, No. 11. November, 1920. Jan. -2 19flf
627-685, figs. 20, charts 16. Price 25 cents a copy, $2.50 a year. V&y* a i
Superintendent of Documents. .
Special Articles: Flying weather in the Southern Plains States. ByJ.A..Reible. .Scwta
lower clouds. By F. E. Hartwell. The coolingof the soil at night, wih speed rael fel
frosts. By T. B. Franklin. Problems on the relation between weather and crops. .2
Influence of cold in stimulating the growth of plants. By F. V. Coville. Monthly variation
cipitaLion, Ratjtude relation in the central Sierra Nevada of California. .By B.M amAV
on the Ohio and .Mississippi, and their movement. By'A. J. Henry. Rules for IB l
stages at Vicksburg, Miss., based upon the stages at Cairo, Ill. ByH.W.Smith.
ippines. By J. Coronas.
National Weather and Crop and Snow and Ice Bulletin... Nos. 5, 6, 7.8
1921, reporting weather and crop conditions throughout the United 'm
weekly. Price, 25 cents a year.
NOTE.-This bulletin is furnished free of charge to public and edicationalinsflt tut
papers, cooperative observers, weather correspondent, and to those who will post.
general benefit of the public. To all others the price is 25 cents per year, payable to'th
of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.* ., :. .


The department's supply of the publications listed .below.Ri hai
for them, together with the remittance, should be sent t4o hiea
Documents, Government Printing Office.. -; .
An Agricultural Almanac for 1921. Compiled by Bristow A.p .s.
ruary, 1921. farmers Bulletin 1202.) Price, 10ena: C d
The Department has none in stock. It can be onIy sacred bypurebhaS. .

"o ,i
"* ..... .. ... ,,." .

WA S HI. f .N- TON XCOVB*,9:.:%"".^,


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