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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
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August 1920
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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see rlegulArly to all who apply for it.

te Department of Agriculture,

SWASHINGTON, D. C., Auzgust 81, 1020.


[AUGUST, 1920.]


o reittances to. the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

Si. 'of thi publications listed herein, except those otherwise
gained free upon application to the Chief of the Division of
ted, States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.,
aitpainent's supply lasts.
t rent's supply is exhausted, publications can still be ob-
W perintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,
,; but by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
Itittatces to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His
"4tt ot the Department of Agriculture.

*`-;'i.rtir went's supply of the current numbers of Farmers' Bulletins is
.i toiake -it. possible to send them free to all applicants. They are
i ~t pr copy unless otherwise noted.
bi4oUt Accounting. By C. EL Ladd, agent, Revised by James"
;giB Farm Accounting. Pp. 23, figs. 3. Contribution from
M W management. Revised, March, 1920. (Farmers' Bulletin

0 ,iats bution.

kifV: y Lydia Ray Balderston, Instructor in Laundering,
01%imlnbia University. Pp. 32. figs. 12. Contribution from
.'. S cei. -1920. (Farmers' Bulletin 1099.)
~i j tth~~~ gy' ih a description of the equipment needed.
t.atin 'in Southern Idaho. By L. C. Aicher, Agronomist
r0een Station,'Aberdeen, Idaho, Office of Cereal In-
'flg. 13. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant In-
glW' B lletin 1103.)
k, :sdiittIer farmers in this section.
nfit ~ y W. R. Beattie, Horticulturist, Office of
og il Ivestigations. Pp. 33, figs. 20. Contribu-
Sq- t .ftIndustry, 1920. (Farmers' Bulletin 1127.)

IllllM~'Bjii'iffi^.a* Jm i llF8- j :* *** "*" ** i

ical of scientific treatises or bulletins apply- "
fitiopis limited, but they will be flTnished- '::i
'd intirmation as long as the supply lasts..;::-
,ce:t to te Sugperintendent of Documents.
*.'44 i

. i. :'4." : :4: : .. .
: ". :
i ;::g 2 .,. .' -',',; :....".:76

* I I ...-:

:. S I

a. *
..*^ :"

:: '* .:,,

S. "

Sr.... ;*., '

. :, !

Agronomist, Office of Forage-Crop investigations, and J. N. MartiB
of Morphology and Cytology,.Iowa State College. Pp. 39, pls. 5, fi
tribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Professional Pais
11, 1920. (Department Bulletin 844.) Price, 15 cents.
A study of the causes of the trouble experienced in obtaining .atl
*:* of sweet-clover seed.
Roundheaded Apple-Tree Borer: Its Life History and Contral:'
Brooks, Entomologist, Deciduous Fruit Insect Investigations. :.:f
figs. 5. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. (Profefi
Aug. 9, 1920. (Department Bulletin 847.) Price, 15 cents.
:,i* Of interest to apple growers in the eastern half of the United Statei
The Flow of Water in Drain Tile. By D. L. arnell, Senior
neer, and Sherman M. Woodward, Professor of Mechanics a
State University of Iowa. Pp. 50, pls. 13. Contribution frd
of Public Roads. (Professional Paper.) Aigust 26, 1920. '?V
Bulletin 854.) Price. 30 cents. -
A technical discussion of the subject of interest to drainage ens
SThe Organization of Cooperative Grain Elevator Compasie' 7'
Iprestigator in Cooperative Organization, and O. B. Jefsif -'s,
operative Organization. Pp. 40. Contribution from the
August 30, 1920. (Department Bulletin 860.) Price, 10 t
Contains forms of organizations, joint stock companies, otdiar:
tions, and the cooperative form, as well .as general. ~i~a stnggbtons l,
A Classification of Ledger Accounts for Creame"ide'
and Burton B. Mason, Assistants in Market -Bt uines.
:: Swarthout, Investigator In Market Business Practfee.:
from the Bureau of Markets. Aug. 16, 1920. M-,A'
Price, 10 cents.
Describes in detail a classfienation which can be. sed vanS
:and which fta great aid to the bookkeeper. ... -
S Pickering Sprays. By F. 0. Cook,. Physiological gfl
Fungicide Laboratory. Pp. 47, pia. 2,-fig. .Cotrib
of Chemistry. August 24, 1920.- departmentmt RlIe
S Describes results of experiment condted T terai
OVikeilng sprays and standard Bo alwirnot.e..
"-2.. .. .

6:o.., ." ... .
... :. .. .... i. ., J
..... .. :M : ''": on'.:, :

m ola'sr beets can b-e .secured from' land following alfalfa than from land -:
B "i "maou eroad. '
li'Regulations .of the Secretary of Agriculture under the Food
tInpection Law of May 31, 1920. Pp. 8. August, 1920. (Circular
-isflfce of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.
1i Eseteds Circular 144, Office of the Secretary.
0EtGino. the White-Mountain National Forest. Pp. 23. il. Contribution
the rest Service. 1920. (Department Circu'ar 100.) Price, 5 cents.
Ouatitg on the Ranier National Forest. Pp. 20. il. Contribution
tbe Forest Service. 1920. (Department Circular 103.) Price, 10 cents.
SStates Grades for Milled Rice Recommended by the United States
iiertment of Agriculture. Pp. 16. Contribution from the Bureau of
fketS. August, 1920. (Department Circular 133.) Price, 5 cents.
n1 diPtf Agricultural Research. (For sale only.) Vol. 19, No. 8. July 15,
. .i0'", Contents: Relative Susceptibility to Citrus-Canker of Different Species Hybrids of the Genus Citrus, Including the Wild Relatives. (Ala-6)
ffy George L. Peltier and William J. FredericlI.-Presoak0 Method of Seed
ilFea.tmeut: A Means of Preventing Seed Injury Due to Chemical Disin-
lant^ and of Increasing Germicidal Efficiency. (G-19S) By Harry Braun.
S.39-392, .p. 26, figs. 9. Price, 25 cents.
~Yol.: .19, No. 9. August 2, 1920. Contents: Daily Development of Kernels
lt'mannchen Barley from Flowering to Maturity at Aberdeen, Idaho.
SP.By. Harry V. Harlan.-Development of Barley Kernels in Nornal
SClippeld Spikes and the Limitations of Awnless and Hooded Varieties.
.) 3,:By Harry V. Harlan and Stephen Anthony. Pp. 393-172, pls. 9,
S'rIce, 20 cents.
S tati6a Record. Vol. 43, No. 1. July, 1920. E. W. Allen, Ph. D.,
r .Pp. 1-100. Price, 15 cents.
J .ad to Vol. 41. July-December, 1919. Pp. xxlv, 901-1007. July 30,
:$e, 15 ents.
l'-Te Record Is a technical review of the world's scientific literature pern
I, to: iculeIture. It is not intended for general distribution and its free distrl-
'istltaf eted to persons connected with the agricultural colleges, experiment
ifila. similar institutions, and to libraries and exchanges. It can not be sent .
iai" dlwalua hainag no official connection with public institutions. The Super-
d. pQoments will receive subscriptions for this publication, which is issued
f a year, 10 numbers each, at $1 a volume.
SOtp Reporter. Vol. 6, No. 8, August, 1920. Pp. 77-92. (Bureau
.tBmate.) Price, 25 cents a year. ...
at4a: rbiating to agriculture, including estimates of acreage, conditions, ...0m:
aa4 value -of crop and live stock. .......
'-eaS e tbh small find available for printing, It has been foand Bees .
tk the usHi list of the monthly Crop Reporter all na es etf erena: who .
.:Aeauetlag with the United States Department of Agrlcoltare. lePin ~ ..
ii i. mar sasaeribe for this publicateon through the Superintendit ofi,'
L-'. C% at the domestle rate of 2E eeant per year, and 40 eeant per t::: '
piyllle alylby postal money order or cashb. o cheeks sa"eies
1.' -aI. 92,Nos. 6, T, 8, 9, August, 1920: (Bureau of AMit "" '
; itiOan. to applicants'who show the need for it,
'rT.nnary-June, 1920.
S 1i RcIt, al1 marketing publication of the United Statesl e
t" .'eint. ains general, current, and. statistical marketia q .foc-'
Slases. of agricultural products, both staple and pens.h*e e,
i ai~ t-mad o. permanent ,value alike to producers, dealer,.' Qt::n-

J P. .....
:.;2: zx.r:.::I;; :
": ... ,e ..r.......

uWil]VEr i tUT L.jr rLUiL

3 1262 08903 6452 t .. .

r re6 ets for soil survey ard .m4C1ef td .e. ,Be
iclb on-f. same being controlled by tMt~.t .. :
,' Sun;yl.of Kent County; Daielawiure K..By .:. 'i
Of the U. S. Department 'of Agricult e.;ae a ltop4 "
Swre Agricultural Experitent Sta~i Pp: 82, it r~.
oils,. 1918.) Price, 15 cents. '. -
S : i Survey of St.' Johns County, :Elrida. By Arthur '",
nes, E. C. Hall, and Ohples N. Mooney.. Pp. 37, .ls. 3, g'Ig:'
F. 0. Soils, 1917.) Pri i~ 15 cents. '"
l Survey of La Salle Parish, Luilsiana By Olarence Lounsn i
Rogers Pp..42, pis.2, fig:1, map. (Frpm -F. O.Soils, i1&)8.
"2 ~aThese contain only information, instructions, and notices governing h'xh
S:.' .of the food and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour, and quarantine )lt*W,- !
-.regulations of the department.. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. :r .
limited to persons in the employ of the .department, to public offlials wd en
.4:)"f it necessary for them to have'such b-inonmation, to journals especially ce A
i:.,, manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by tame. Other aet l'
:i r. respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Docaments, GoverWnmeitf-'" r
i,'; who has them for sale only, at prices noted.,',: ;.
;. B:ireau of Animal. Industry. No. 158. une, 1920. Pp. -65i. -4.
4!!:'%" 1920, Price, 5 cents.
S, Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement No. 74. '[N. J. 7151--7200
:; ::I' ,*Aug., 13. ...
: Samte, Supplement No.1. N. J. 7201-7250.1 Pp. 149-178. ;A 1
Price, 5 cents./
: $.'Same, Supplement No. 76. [N. J. 7251-7300.] 'Pp. 181-213. A"';tt
': : Price, 5 cents.
: Same, Supplement No. 77. [N. J. 7301-7350.1 'Pp. 215-246. .S
i' .. N Price, 5 cents. .
':.Ai ,'ae, Supplement No. 78. [N. J. 7351-7400.] Pp. 247-287. Ag
-iN:,7 iee 5 cents.- -;

i-' W:;.. iPublications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable `qnly -:fr~bm
.. AWeather Bureau or the Euperintendent of. Documents, Governmeni PW.'inu
pIR ees noted herein. -
Mi' p".I nthly Weather Review. Vol. 48, No. 5, May, 1920. .
g,,! i "1-310, figs. 23, charts 14. Price, 25 cents a copy,-A$ .75 ;
S:,,- .to the Superintendent of Documents. :'
S special Articles: Preliminary steps .n the making -. It e
:. carts. By C. L. Meisinger.-Temperatures versus prtesmar a s
S aloft. By W. R. Gregg.--Detection of storms and thei'..rNt *
SBy.C. N. Keyser.-Aerological observations ij.the West IidieL :
Measurement of temperature, with some remarks, on other
Applications to meteorology. By E. W. Woolard.--Shadigt i -g
; D. Flora.-The. standard atmosphere. By. W. .. Gregfg.
ai.. fall on record. By 'B; C. Kadel.-Sunshine and cloudines...
'. H. G. Cornthwatte.-Humidity and hot weather. By iH. 3B
temperature for .human energy.-AgriculturaltxneteeroQigy. ,;:
SNational Weather and- Crop and, Suoaw and Ice B I l
35,. August, 1920, reporting wdataOt and crop
S.Ulited States. Issued weekly. Priice,~ :25 .eentS.,a
.'. OTa.-This bulletin is furiiished free of charge to-ptdblic'
i i kriq:;. rs, newspapers, cooperative obser.ver,- aSi to. i !
.. 1 : i;: ..Ipost or display it for the general benefit .f-ie'the.?'
r ....... cents per year, payable to the ctoeli
s,:'i ee Washington, D. t .*
on D i : W

,. ... .l.. ..... ... .

; ...."" ::,.., ..... .. ....4I ..: .. .! e p. ,. ....:: ,:

II .

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