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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
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July 1919
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-Oct. 1944.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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f' Rr oute or Street No .- ,,, .-______

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This circular will be sent regularly to all who apply for it.

Unitted States Department of Agriculture,
~F: ASHINGTON, D. C., July 31, 1919.


[JULY, 1919.]

W.:Send no remittances to the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
: of any of the publications listed herein, except those otherwise noted,
obtained free upon application to the Chief of the Division of Publica-
"iated States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., as long as
ament's supply, lasts.
This department's supply is exhausted, publications can still be ob-
rom the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,
n, D. C., but by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
id all.remittances to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His
I not a part of the Department.of Agriculture.

G-/The department's supply of the current numbers of Farmers' Bulletins is
isufficient to make it possible to send them free to all applicants. They are
Vle at 5 cents per copy.
ih Corn-Belt Farms. By J. A. Drake, Agriculturist, J. C. Rundles,
tifc Assistant, and Ralph D. Jennings, Scientific Assistant. Pp. 32,
l6. .Contribution from the Office of Farm Management. (Farmers'
Sbulltin tells how the more successful Corn-Belt growers fit alfalfa into their
I Bytems without interfering seriously with labor schedules.
Comnb-Roney Production. By Geo. S. Demuth, Apicultural As-
Bee-culture Investigations. Pp. 40, figs. 14. Contribution from the
io of Entomology. (Farmers' Bulletin 1039.)
Eifion of Farmers' Bulletin 503, and of interest to all commercial beekeepers.
Bfor Better Wheat Yields. The Columbia and Snake River Busins.
i Hunter, Agriculturist. Pp. 24, figs. 18. Contribution from the
tr'`arm Management and the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Farmers'
iN deals in particular with the dry-fnrming methods practiced on grain
ir:te ?Paeific Northwest where the rainfall is less than 18 to 20 inches an-
tit also contains advice helpful to all farmers of that region who practice

l BH. B. McClure, Agronomist. Pp. 35, figs. 8. Contribution from
~ Farm Management. (Farmers' Bulletin 1049.)
iH to help the hay grower solve some of the problems that arise in
.-'in. g hay; to decide whether to buy a press or depend on custom
W t e i of press best suited to his needs if be buys, and to settle to
In faim practice that determine efficiency in the setting and



arThe publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or bulletins appliy-
ing to a special industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be furnished ii
free to persons who can use such specialized information, as long as the supply lasts.i
However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendent of Documents.
The Relation of the Shrinkage and Strength Properties of Wood to Its Specific. :
Gravity. By J. A. Newlin, in Charge, Section of Timber Mechanics, and i
T. R. C. Wilson, Engineer in Forest Products. Pp. 35, figs. 7. Contribution '
from the Forest Service. (Professional Paper.) July 16, 1919. (Depart-
ment Bulletin 676.) Price, 10 cents. 7
Of interest to mechanical engineers generally.
Inheritance of the Waxy Endosperm in Maize. By J. H. Kempton, Assistant
in Crop Acclimatization. Pp. 99. figs. 14. Contribution from the Bureau of .i
Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) June 26, 1919. (Department Bul-
letin 754.) Price, 15 cents.
Of interest to breeders of crop plants.
Factors Influencing the Carrying Qualities of American Export Corn. By
E. G. Boenener, Grain Supervisor. Pp. 99, figs. 72. Contribution from the
Bureau of Markets. (Professional Paper.) July 5, 1919. (Department "ii
Bulletin 764.) Price, 20 cents.
Results of experiments carried on to determine the reasons for the spoiling of
corn during shipment to Europe.
A Study of Compsilura Concinnata, an Imported Tachinid Parasite of the
Gipsy Moth and the Brown-Tail Moth. By Julinu J. Culver, Entomological
Assistant, Gipsy Moth and Brown-Tail Moth Investigations. Pp. 27, pL 1 i:
figs. 10, map. Contribution from the Burenu of Entomology. (Professional
Paper.) July 10. 1919. (Department Bulletin 766.) Price, 10 cents.
Describes results obtained by the introduction of this parasite, and its value as a.:
preventative of the spread of the gipsy and brown-tail moth.
Fattening Steers on Summer Pasture in the South. By W. F. Ward, Dan. T.
Gray, and E. R. Lloyd. Pp. 24, fig. 1 Contribution from the Bureau ot l
Animal Industry. July 10, 1919. (Department Bulletin 777.) Price, 5
Of interest to producers of beef in the South where pasture is largely depended
upon for feed.
The Rice Moth. By F. W. Chittenden, Entomologist in Charge of Truck-Crop
Insect Investigations. Pp. 15, pis. 5. figs. 2. Contribution from the Bureau
of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) July 14, 1919. (Department Bul-
letin 783.) Price, 10 cents.
Describes this insect enemy of stored rice and suggests methods for its control.
Report of Storage Holdings of Certain Food Products During 1918. By Jobhn
O. Bell. Assistant in Market Surveys. Pp. 80. figs. 40. Contribution from
the Bureau of Markets. July 25, 1919. (Department Bulletin 792.)
Covers frozen meats, cured meats and lard, frozen fish, cured herring, and mild.:..
cured salmon.
Lead Poisoning in Waterfowl. By Alexander Wetmore, Assistant Biologist,:
Pp. 12. pls. 2. Contribution from the Bureau of Biological Survey. (Pro-
fessional Paper.) July 31, 1919. (Department Bulletin 793.) Price, i
This bulletin is a report of studies made of a serious malady among ducks snA0
other water fowl in the Ulnited States. It is for the information of sportsmen, natfiC
ralists, and others interested in game birds.
The Adulteration of Insect Powder with Powdered Daisy Flowers (Chrysa.i!-"
themum Leucanthemum L.). By R. C. Roark and G. L. Keenan. Pp. W~1
pls. 2, fig. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Chemistry. (Professional5
Paper.) July 28, 1919. (Department Bulletin 795.)
Of interest to chemists generally.

Yearbook of the U. S. Department of Agriculture for 1918. Pp. 760, pls.
figs. 34. Price, 85 cents. :I
This Yearbook contains the annual report of the secretary, 73 pages; 28 m24t *
neous articles, 441 pages; an appendix. 218 pages; an index, 34 pages. OaI w
out of the 500,000 edition are allotted to the Department, and this amount IS

.. ..'.. i .
4 : .:

lent to supply its agents, correspondents, and employees. The remainder of the edi-
tion is allotted to Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in Con.ress, and appli-
cants, other than persons connected with the Department. therefore advised that
the publication can not be furnished to them by the Deplartment. The Superintendent
of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washlngton, D. C., has it for sale at 85
cents per copy.
Suggestions for the Marketing of Cottage Cheese. By Delos L. James. Pp. 14,
figs. 12. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. June, 1919.
(Department Circular 1.)
Out-of-Door Playgrounds of the San Isabel National Forest. Pp. 19, 11. Con-
tribution from the Forest Service. (Department Circular 5.)
A Summer Vacation in the Sopris National Forest. Pp. 15, il. Coutributiou
from the Forest Service. (Department Circular 6.)
Arbor Day. Pp. 23, il. Contribution from the Forest Service. June, 1919.
(Department Circular 8.)
Vacation Trips in the Holy Cross National Forest. Pp. 15, il. Contribution
from the Forest Service. (Department Circular 29.)
Outdoor Life in the Colorado National Forest. Pp. 19, il. Contribution from
the Forest Service. (Department Circular 34.)
Red Top. By Lyman Carrier, Agronomist. Pp. 2. Contribution from the Bu-
reau of Plant Industry. 1919. (Department Circular 43.)
Italian Rye-Grass. By Lyman Carrier, Agronomist. Pp. 2. Contribution from
the Bureau of Plant Industry. 1919. (Department Circular 44.)
Para Grass. By S. M. Tracy, Agronomist. Pp. 2. Contribution from the Bu-
reau of Plant Industry. 1919. (Department Circular 45.)
Points for Poultry Packers. No 4. How to Wrap Heads. Contribution from
the Bureau of Chemistry. 1919. (Department Circular 52.)

Journal of Agricultural Research. (For sale only.) Vol. 17, No. 3. June 16,
1919. Contents: Relation of Sulphates to Plant Growth and Composition.
(rw Oreg-4) By H. G. Miller.-Relation of Wenther to Fruitfulness in the
Plum. (ru Minn-38) By M. J. Dorsey.-Structure of the Maize Ear as
Indicated in Zea-Euchlaenn Hybrids. (rx G-175) By G. N. Collins. Pp.
87-135, pls. 10. Price, 25 cents.
SSame, Vol. 13, No. 13. June 24, 1918. 1019. Contents and Index of Volume 13.
Price, 5 cents.
igNOTE.-Volumes 1 to 4 of the Journal of Agricultural Research were published
monthly, volumes 5 to 16 weekly, and volume 17 is being issued monthly. 'Ihe .our-
nal is distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural colle-.~s and experiment
stations, to large universities, technical schools, and such institution.< ai make suit-
able exchanges with the department. It will not be sent free to individuals. The
Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, the price
being $1.50 per year for domestic circulation and $2 for foreign circulation.
The Monthly Crop Report. Vol. 5, No. 7. July, 1919. Pp. 61-72. (Bureau of
Crop Estimates.)
Contains data relating to agriculture, including Fstimates of acreage, conditions,
yield, prices, and value of crops and live stock. For free distribution.

iarThese contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforcement
of the food and drugs act, meat inspection. 28-hour, and quarantine law., and the various
regulations of the department. Issued monthly by certain biureP;i.s. PI'c distribution is
i limited to persons in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties render
it necessary for them to have such information, to journals especially concerned, and to
manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Others desiring copies are
S respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Goverument Printing Office,
who has them for sale only, at prices noted.
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 145. May, 1919. Pp. 47-57. July 3, 1919.
Price. 5 cents.
S Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 146. June, 1919. Pp. 59-67. July 21, 1919.
Price, 5 cents.
Biological Survey. No. 28. Regulations for the protection of game in certain
localities in Alaska. Pp 3. July 12, 1919. Price, 5 cents.

H. '

4 ; .2....
Federal Horticultural Board. No. 63. May, 1919. Pp. 65-75. July 2~
Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Markets. No. 56. Pp. 6. July 7, 1919. Price, 5 cents. '

t All recursts for soil surveys are referred to the Bureau of Soils for attend tl
distribution of same being controlled by that bureau.
Soil Survey of Caldwell County, North Carolina. By W. B. Cobb, of the
Departineut of Agriculture, and S. F. Davidson, of the North Carolina
partincit of Agriculture. Pp. 29, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1917
Price, 15 cents. .

a7Publicetiuns of the Weather Dureau are obtainable only from the Chief of t
Weather Purcau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at .f
prices r!oted herein.
Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau, 1917-1918. [1919.] Pp. :2*-'
Price. G5 cents. Cloth binding. i
Monthly Weather Review. Vol. 47. No. 4. April, 1919. Pp. 205-278, figs. 4t
Cl('hrs 9. Price, 25 cents per copy, $2.50-per year, payable to the Supeirti'
telndent of Documents.
Si.-rl-ial Articl::;: Aerological work -of the Weather Bureau during the war.
W. 1:. (.:reiz.--Some scientific aspects of the meteorological work of the Signal Coo i
By I:. Miili;~an.--The Military meteorological service in the United States duri
the \\'r 1Py 8. J. Sl'rry and A T. Watrman.-A two-theodolite plotting b
Byv '\. '. l]jines annd R. A Wells.-Some observed irregular vertical movementsi
pi'!ot l'al ans. By I. f. Tanechill.-The work of the Aerographic Section of t
Na;'v. lIy A. McAdio.-Blue lill methods of pilot ballooning. By I. Mall.-Bl
pilotr-.,Ill..-u imetbot: The Shoeburyness system.-A free-balloon flight in the n
easnt iquadr,?ant of an intense cyclone. By C. LeR. Meisinger.-Weather condi.tie
rluring p O,: nornable airship voyages.-Hot Winds at Tampico, Mexico, April nd
7, l!1!). 1\ S. A. G(roigna.-Tornadoes in eastern Nebraska, April 6, 1919. By G. A.
Lv.'ni'nt -Twnfi'io in soutllern Alabama, March 5, 191D. By P. H. Smyth.-Til p
larL-;e ielatil:.!' of climate and crops in the United States. By R. DeC. Ward.-:TF~I
metorohlical aelivities of the late Prof. Edward C. Pickering. By R. DeC. WfXi.
National Weather and Crop Bulletin. Nos. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, July, 1919, report.
ing temperature, rainfall, and crop conditions throughout the United StaLi.i;::
Issued weekly on Wednesdays, April to October; monthly remainder f:'i-
year. Price, 25 cents a year.
Chief, Division of Publication.

I R N*"" :G Viii


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