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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
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December 1918
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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State.. ------------------------ -----
S This circular will be sent regularly to all who apply for it.

United States Department of Agriculture,

W: ASHINGTON, D. C., Dc''ii .'3;* 31, tI!S.

[DECEMBER, 1918.]


W'Send no remittances to the U.-S. Department of Agriculture.

A copy of any of the publications listed herein, except those otherwise noted,
maybe obtained free upon application to the Chief of the Division of Publica-
tiits, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., as long as
the department's supply lasts.
A after this department's supply is exhausted, publications can still be ob-
tafined from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,
:::.. : Washington, D. C., but by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
A.:.* Send all remittances to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His
i office is not a part of the Department of Agriculture.
ii: : :
I aNOTE.-The department's supply of the currenllt numlbrs of Fariurne~' Bull.tinc is
'. .r"' ... .. 'e dinarily sufficient to make it possible to send them free to all applicants. They are
6 ao for sale at 5 cents per copy.
::::: Irm Practices that Increase Crop Yields in Kentucky and Tennessee. By
.. H. Arnold, Agriculturist. Pp. 38, figs. 12. Contribution fruif the Ottice
:, .. of Farm Management. (Farmers' Bulletin 981.)
:For-distribution in the territory named.
:i;.::: '... Little Scab and Methods of Control and Eradication. By Marion lines, Zoo-
. :..:.. .i logical Division. Pp. 29, figs. 15. Contribution from the Bureau of
Animal Industry. (Farmers' Bulletin 1017.)
I t:; ':: 7'; table' for general distribution.
i s Relating to Fur-Bearing Animals, 1918. A Summary of Laws in the
i nted States, Canada, and Newfoundland, Relating to Trnpping, Open
:s :pons6 Propagation, and. Bounties. By David E. Lantz, Assistant Biolo-
*:. ." ;.*:" *.'Contitbutiton from the Bureau of Biological Survey. (Farm-
.. ......... T
AA cu ".


rTPThe pullication- list(-d below are technical or scientific treatises or bulletins apply-
ing to a special iudwutry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be furnished
free to persons who can use such specialized Information, as long as the supply nlstL
However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendent of Documents.
Accuracy in Commercial Grading of Opened Eggs. By M. K. Jenkins, Assist-
ant Bacteriologist, and Norman Hendrickson, Assistant Chemist, Food Re-
search Lnborntory. Pp. 27, pis. 5, figs. 3. Contribution from the Bureau
of Chemistry. I Professional Paper.) Dec. 10, 1918. (Department Bul-
letin 391.) Price, 15 cents.
Of interest to dealers in and shippers of opened eggs.
Logging in the Douglas Fir Region. By William H. Gibbons, Forest Examiner.
Pp. 256, figs. 83. Contribution from the Forest Service. (Professional
Paper.) Nov. 14, 1918. (Department Bulletin 711.) Price, 30 cents.
A report on Investigations relating to methods and costs of Douglas fr logging.
Not orailable for free distribution. ",.
Small Sawmills, Their Equipment, Construction, and Operation. By Daniel F.
Seerey, Logging Engineer. Pp. 68. Contribution from the Forest Service.
Dec. 17, 191S. (Department Bulletin 718.) Price, 10 cents.
Of interest to portable sawmill operators.
Food Habits of the Mallard Ducks of the United States. By W. L. McAtee, 4
.Assistant Biologist. Pp. 35, pl. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of BIo-
logical Survey. (Professional Paper.) Dec. 23, 1918. (Department Bul-
letin 720.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin presents a technical study of the food habits of three species of mal-
lard ducks-the mallard, the black duck, and the southern black 'duck.
Drainage Methods and Foundations for Country Roads. By E. W. James,
General Inspector, Vernon M. Peirce, Assistant Engineer, and Charles H. :
Moorefield, Senior Highway Engineer. Pp. 86, pls. 12, figs. 14. Contribu-
lion from the Bureau of Public Roads. (Professional Paper.) Dec. 20, 4
1918. (Department Bulletin 724.) Price, 20 cents.
Of interest to highway engineers and officials generally.
Farm Practice in Growing Sugar Beets in Three Districts in Colorado,
1914-15. By L. A. Moorehouse, Agriculturist, R. S. Washburn, Scientific
Assistant, and T. H. Summers, Scientific Assistant, Office of Farm Manage-
uent, and S. B. Nuckols, Assistant Agriculturist, Office of Sugar Plant In-
vestigations. Bureau of Plant Industry.p.Pp. 60, figs. 30. Contribution from
the Office of Farm Management and the Bureau of Plant Industry. Dec. 14, i
1918. (Department Bulletin 726.) Price, 10 cents.
Gives results of an investigation relative to the practice and costs of growing sugar
beets in the district named. :
Anthracnose of Cucurbits. By KM. W. Gardner, Scientific Assistant, Cotton,
Truck, and Forage Crop Disease Investigations. Pp. 68, pls. 8, figs. 15.
Contribution from the Bureau of Plant- Industry. (Professional Paper.)
Dec. 18, 1918. (Department Bulletin 727.) Price, 15 cents.
scientific discussion of the cause, life history, and control of anthracuose of the
cucumber, muskmelon, watermelon, and certain gourds.
Certain Desert Plants as Emergency Stock Feed. By E. 0. Wooton, Agrlcul-
turist. Pp. 31, pls. 8, fig. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Indus- i
try. Dec. IS, 1918. (Department Bulletin 728.) Price, 10 cents.
A description of several desert shrubs available for and of the method of prepara-
lion of same for emergency feed. Of Interest to stock raisers in the arid regions..
Papers on Deciduous-Fruit Insects. I. The Grape Curculio. IT. The Grape
Root Borer. By Fred Brooks, Entomologist. III. Experiments in the Coam
trol of the Root Form of the Woolly Apple Aphis. By B. R. Leach, Scientific
Assistant. Pp. 40, pls. 8, fig. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Ento-
mology. (Professional Paper.) Dec. 24, 1918. (Department Bulletin 730.)
Price, 10 cents.
A technical description of the life history and habits of those insects and suggested
methods for their control.
Effect of Grazing Upon Western Yellow Pine Reproduction in Central Idaho. V
By W. N. Sparhawk, Forest Examiner. Pp. 31, pls. 4. Contribution from
the Forest Service. (Professional Paper.) Dec. 19, 1918. (Department
Bulletin 738.) Price, 10 cents.
Suggests methods for handling stock on the Forest Reserves to avoid damage to
growing timber.


Inventory of Seeds and Plants Imported by the Office of Foreign Seed and
Plant Introduction during the Period from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 19.15. Pec. 24,
1918. (Inventory No. 45. Nos. 41315 to 41684. Bureau of Plant Indus-
try. Price, 15 cents.
Report of the Guam Agricultural Experiment Station, 1917. Pp. 02, ps. 7.
Dec. 16, 1916. Price, 10 cents.
The Work of the Belle Fourche Reclamation Project Experiment Farm in
1917. By Beyer Anne, Farm Superintendent. Pp. 31, figs. 3. (W. A. I.
Cir. 24, Bureau of Plant Industry.) Price, 5 cents.
The Work of the Scottsbluff Reclamation Project Experiment Farm in 1917.
By James A. Holden, Farm Superintendent. Pp. 28, tig. 1. (W. I A.
Circ. 27, Bureau of Plant Industry.) Price, 5 cents.
SThe Work of the Yuma Reclamation Project Experiment Farm in 1917. By
R. E. Blair, Farm Superintendent. Pp. 45, figs. 16. December, 1918.
(W. I. A. Circ. 25, Bureau of Plant Industry.) Price, 10 cents.


Journal of Agricultural Research. (For sale cnly.) Vol. 15, No. 5. Nov. 4,
1918. Contents: Fumigation of Cattleya Orchids with Hydrouvyanic-Acid
Gas. (qa 0-2.) By E. R. Sasscer and H. F. Dietz.-Net Energy Values of
Alfalfa Hay and of Starch. (qb Pa-9.) By Henry Pretiss Armsby and
J. August Fries.-Soil Factors Affecting the Toxicity of Alkali. (qc Utah-9.)
By F. S. Harris and D. W. Pittman. Pp. 263-319, pls. 2, figs. 27. Price,
15 cents.
Same, Vol. 15, No. 6. Nov. 11, 191S. Content,: Soil Acidity as Affected by
Moisture Conditions of the Soil. (qd Ind-4.) By S. D. C(jnier.-Deter-
mining the Absolute Salt Content of Soils by Means of the Freezing-I'iiint
Method. (qe Mich-9.) By George J. Bouyocucos nd Mi M. McCool.-
Sweet-Potato Storage-Rols. (qf G-161.) By L. L. Charter. J. L. Weimer,
and J. M. R. Adams. Pp. 321-30S. ,pls. 7. Price. 20 cents.
tirNOTE.-Beginning with volume 5 the Journal of .griculturnl Pesenrch lhai been
issued weekly and is distributed free only to the libraries of ageriultural rollees
and experiment stations, to large universities. technical school and such iustitti-
tions as make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be seinl fric to
individuals. The Superinteudent of Documents will receive subscriptio:in. for this
publication, the price being $3 per year. 52 numbers.
Experiment Station Record. Vol. 3S, Index Number. Dec. 20. 191S. E. V.
Allen, Ph. D., Editor. Pp. i-xxvii, 901-1001. Price. 15 cents.
2r'NOTE.-Tbh Record is a technical r-eview uf the world', scientific literature
pertaining to agriculture. It is not intended for general distribution, nud its free
distribution is restricted to persons connected with the agricultural colleges. experi-
ment stations, and similar institutions, and to libraries and exchanges. It can not
be sent free to individuals having no official connection with pulCie institution-. The
Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, which
is issued in two volumes a year, 10 numbers each, at $1 a volume.
The Monthly Crop Report. Vol. 4, No. 12. December, 1918. Pp. 145-1G4.
(Bureau of Crop Estimates.)
Contains data relating to agriculture, including estimates of acreage, conditions,
yield, prices, and value of crops and live stock, and the crop summary for 1918. For
free distribution.


O. TThese contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforcement
of the food and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour, and quarantine laws, and the various
regulations of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. Free distribution is
limited to persons in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties render
it necessary for them to have such information, to journals especially concerned, and to
manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Others desiring copies are
respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,
who has them for sale only, at prices noted.
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 138. October, 1918. Pp. 71-88, Dec. 24, 1918.
Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Markets. No. 42. Pp. 12. Dec. 1, 1918. Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Markets. No. 43. Pp. 10. Dec. 27, 1918. Price, 5 cents.


4 3 1262 08903 6437


-TPuiilicalions of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of ht i
Weather Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government PrintingOffiee, it'~ -..
prices noltod hereiu.
Monthly Weather Review. Vol. 46, No. 9. September, 1918. [Dec. 7, 1918,3
I'p. 401-443, pls. 2, figs. 5, charts 9. Price, 25 cents per copy, $2.50 per year.; .
I'ayable to tie Superintendent of Documents. -
Special Articrl-s: Solar and sky radiation during September, 1918. By H. i. Kitm--
liall.-Wolfer provisional sunspot relative numbers. By H. El. Kimbal l.-
lileinomena observed during September, 1918. By W. R. Gregg.-Capt. SOlli
.-lablishes world altitude record.-Halo observations at York, N. Y. By M.
Srnwart.-Clouds and their significance in local weather forecasting. By H.
l':;lmtr.--'ome correlations between solar activity and the climate of the Far TEas
Ity ii. Si kiguchi.-Cumulus clouds of Hawaii. By A. M. lamrick.-Some new fac
about the center of typhoons. By C.-C. Chu. :
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, No. 33, December, 1918, reporting tenm-
jlitl':ilire, rainfall, nnd crop conditions throughout the United States. Issue'
vet-Ikly,( oi Wednesday, April to October; monthly remainder of year. Pri '.
".i cents a year.
S now and Ice Bulletins for December 3, 10, 17, 20, 1918. These bulletins are
iz:stu l weekly during the winter season, based upon data from regular
W\\'c;aitlr bureau stations, supplemented by reports from selected cooperative
clh>ervers. Price, 25 cents a year.

EDWY B. REm, ...
Chief, Dirision of Publications.

Z jF... .



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