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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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October 1918
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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rltates department of Agriculture,
... .WASHINGrTN, D. C., October 81, 1918.

: *'a.*.Oia:, 1918.]

.i.i tses theI U. Department of Agriculture.
.i0biic2atils listed herein, except those otherwise
Fiee upon pfiEication to the Chief of the Division
a D* E tieFimt. of-Agriculture, Washington, D. C.,

prMiatunuppl' is exhausted, publications can still be ob-
Li. if aDcumfints, Governinent Printing Office,
i p .dhsi oily nd at the prices-noted herein.
..... 1 '.e perin tendent: of Documents direct. His
ihe D .parttient of Agriculture.

atY apn ArY of the current numbers of Farmers' Bulletins is
'rasbie to. sed thdmim free to all applicants. They are
iiis''By Albert A. Hansen, scientific Assistant,
I istgations. uPp. 11, figs. 2. Contribution from
m fpfl ..I p(E atel'. Bulletin 945.)
.F..iiiyt a de a:tUnithed States. -
s 1CAgiarestologist, For'age-Crop Investi-
S ethe.a Bureau of Plant Industry.

................t.. Gul andf P eiciec Coast Staies.
i ':W. Fields. .By Charles Hill,
investigationo. Pp. G. figs. 6.
Fof n Farmers' Bulletn 982.)
S.~h1i': &e hasti 'halt of the U united States.
SJlaio P.U-I WIijer. 'Da iry tvibs on. Pp. 35,
turta .,: iiy L nimal IuduitryFr' (Farmers'

37, smm Patologt, oMalboelo-
*oit ih teaBWurelui$ ofelant Iasistry.

v. 3
~~~~~: ; : 9n: d~srl ..

E :: :.::;:.:...:..::: ,.. .... ... ..: ..

nelp every warmer to uecme wnemaer or not a tractor wouiu prove prunRIa..e u E:
The Wheat Jointworwand Its_ *troL By W. J. Philljp t .W :,
sistant, Cereal and Forage Insect Investigations. Pp. 14, figg. It,
tribution from the Bureau of Entomology. (Farmers' Bullethin ."f:
For general distribution.
Game Laws for 1918. A SuIinmary o-thbe Provisions of Federal,.Stat
Provincial Statutes. By George A, Lawyer and Frank L. Ea nshl' aW v
70. Contribution from the` Biological Survey. (Farmer t
letin 1010.) -. :
For general distribution.

Wintering Bees in Cellars. ByJ~L F. Phillips, Apiculturist, and, Georg
muth, Apicultural Asittaint. 'Ppi. 4 Bigs. 3. 0ontribntidt from the
of Entomology. (Farmer' Bull tin 1014.), ..
iror general distribution.' .

S ... .t.:C
lrPThe publications listed below are technical' or scientific treatises or4lml
ing to A special industry or loi~lity. The edition is limited, but they will fb
free to persons who can use such specialized information. as long as tae:i atiN
However, to insure prompt receipt,, xemit. price to the Superintendent of Docuimn
Potatoes: Acreage, Production,. Foreign Trade, Supply, andA COai
By George K.. Holmes Division .of Crop, Records. Pp. .24. ,Qp
from the Bureau of Crop Estimates. Oct. 16, 1918. (Depar nt
695.)' Pice, 5 cents. r j
This bulletin contains' Information which is ef Interest to the* pnbirk'l
well as to those who are especially interested in potato production, tr:iNF
Grain-Sorghum Experiments in the Panhandle of Texas.. :E.y. .
Ball and Benton E. Rothgeb, Office of Cereal Investigation$a,::i.
13. Contribution from the Bureau of .;Plant %nduetq.,:.i
Paper.) Oct. 31, 1918. (Department Bulletin 69&.) Pritri
Of interest to farmers in tLe section noted, and secoa
conditions are similar.
Analysis of Experimental Work With Ground Raw Rock PV
tilizer. By W. H. Wagaman andl O. R. Wagner, Siebtist
tion of Fertilizer Resources, and R. F. Gerdilner, Scientist j.
Investigations. Pp. 119. Contribution fromU tie Bureau t
1918. (Department. Bulletin 699.) Price, 10 cents. i l: W i
A summary of results of experiments with ground raw ph!eoi
.... ... .
Climate and Plant Growth in Ctrtgai getatveA
Sampson, Plant Ecologist. Pp. Rs.aigai.
Service. (Professional Paper.) Oct.14. 1.
Price, 15 cents.
Results of a series of expertiment.s Artii -,i
rmatle requirements of theamain. plant. p0'C:e A0s '
ant in practical agriculture and forestry. -.
Apple Powdery Mildew' and Its. Qntrol in the
Northwest. B. y. j..lJ fsh ', Asid1tant tV
gations... Pp. 27, pIO..3S, figs 2. Contribt
Industry. (Professionidt. Paper.) '. 0t. :, 8"!
T71.) Price, l10 cents. .: : :,.
Of interest to apple gro6e2tag .Ite teritk*

.... .... ..... s .KA.:!,1 i. ..s


: : .::
...,. ,

qtitg expedb entg with oats before and after bleaching. Of in-
stu geneall.
i llations f 'th'Sec dietary of Agriculture Under the Food Prod-
.on Law of October 1, 1918. Pp. 8. Oct. 4, 1918. (Circular
of he Seretary.). Price, 5 cents.
ihebib Wheat Hrvest in Kansas. By Edward C. Johnson, Dean.
pOf College Extensinn,. Kansas State Agricultural College. Pp. 7.
I#1A. .(Circular 121, Office of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.
/g in Live-Stock Prodiction. By George M. Rommel, Chief, Animal
.... vision,; Ppt:il4, fig.; 6. Contribution from the Bureau of Ani-
dustry. Oct. 16, 1918. (Circular 122, Office of the Secretary.)
i the T at ie-Cdrian Relaiiation Project Experiment Farm in
yi. B v.Idiesy FairlSupefrintendent. Pp. 24, figs. 1. (W. I. A.
l 2 2Bureau oif Platt tfIddstry.)
i^.. ".'.:.. .. -." 'EERrAML S.

h'iAl' ie urail Research-. (For sale only.) Vol. 14, No. 12, .Sept. 16,
*t. Contents: Resistance of Seeds to Desiccation. (ph G-154.) By
Jglit:T.:,H ingtoli and William Crocker.-Occurrence of Coccidioidal
aii8 tauQ idolomi cosiu) in- Cattle. (pn A-43.) By L. T. Giltner.-Tis-
i asn it_ 1 Plaakibdipphera brassicae. (pj G-155.) By L. O. Kunkel.
Ji25-i72', pie. 22, figs. 2. Price, 30 cents.
(tie. 14,,;No..13,,Seit. .23 .1i1~ Contents: An Improved Method for Re-
efng TTrypanidsomes frm' the Blood of Rats for Antigen Purposes in
i i retln with Omplement Fixation. (pi A-42.) By F. H. Reynolds
E :~VW;i iBehoe.igL-Life History of Pemphigus popull-transversus. (pk
')i".r Thomas H. Jones and C. P. Gillette.-Stem Lesions Caused ly
i:T:' .(i-56')j By Oai+ Hartley.--Work and Parasitism of
.lg.iii ::i Fly ir iHawail during 1917. (pm K-72.) By C. E.
i( anit 1 H.: F. Wlilardm-Corn-Rootrot and Wheatscab. (ps G-157.)
tt Itl r, A J, hneon, andi D Atanasoff. Pp. 573-612, pls. 5, fig. 1.

1itoiI. :t "t.. ? l t";f.: Contents: Studies in. Inheritance of Certain
fi t.;, ~o.osi between -Dairy and Beef Breeds of Cattle. (po
4 WBy~Jl.".W. Go" Pp. 1-58, pls.-6 Price, 20 cents.
7 .*5, No. 2, Oct. 14,.918.9 Contents: Condition of Fertilizer Potash gerstof6 "ltI.Lom Slo (pq. Pa-8.) By William Frear
S -1Eril-Haidend'enig Sce. i Piits and developmentt front Frost
!pr '-158.) By R. B. Har'vey.;-hemistry of Sweet-Clover Silage
i with Alfalfa Silage. .(psE an-1a45.) By C. 0. Swanson and
Py 59- 132 pis., 4, fig.s;. Price,20 cents. .
g in-tg with vfii ime i6 ZWhetift ilof Agr-tultural Research has been
4i taiti*batd"2 ftreea- L i -to :the libabriaes aof agriculltural colleges
floa t ti large atnerattleq telhnlcdid schools, and .sczl inltitu-
0lEniifM wea with the depaetineit. If'widU .snt be agent free to
pit at ,Doeument will revive subscriptions. for this
: .. f p'.:......p er year : 2 numblis,
ort.- Vo:.:,- 1o. 1Ot Ot hber 1918S ,Pp 317 -132. (Bu-
i t e.oagculcslt.ur6,. including estimated of acreage, conditions,
Bofleo and live st6ck. For free distribution.

4 H .
t..2: ''i

** : i:::..:. :,. 3 1

:. ".
... *..:....: .. .. :;
ri These contain only Infoimatioa i
at the food and drugs act, m .t in p.r j
regulations of the department. Ips ued a.
limited to persons in the employ dif ti .i
It necessary for them to have such it~PnfErStM ; to. 3 ea e
manufacturers and firms whose q s
respectfully referred to. the Sipert
who has them for sale only, at ae
Biological Survey. No. 24 P :1 e 22, Q.1 P4
Bureau of Chemistry. -..No. 28. .::P140. O: :..: .,. i
Federal Horticultural Board. NP 55. August, F191.. vIl
1918. Price, 5 cents. L :. I ......- :
Insecticide and Fungicide li.aWpL, f p,.45 ,45 ,
5 cents. .- ...
Bureau of Markets. No. 38. Pp .OT4 i18; S.19-1.: I t .i.c.
Bureau of Markets. No. 39. Pp.4. tO.i:e 1918. ...l& IEP*4 Wi
Bureau of Markets. No. 4.. P .E.. L : -W !
*. **:j... ... .
Wi-All requests for sal surveys are *i'ePiktirt uBa 'An rfil
distribution of same being coDltrolleia brtIitl iabu..':;. :i, ::-i
Soil Survey of Berkeley. County ,lea, i ~'. 44:rL
Hutton, Clarence La nsbuy,, A -~ eyer, and M,.~C ,14Rl %
2, map. (From P. 0. Soils, 1916.) P-rice@ eei., u,,l:.
Soil Survey of Door County, Wiifflec ... By W. G. Geib and Oarl '
the U. S. Department of Agricu1tie, and H. V. Geibi.. of th.
logical and Natrral History :.Surve Ppt ^:SN
1916.) Price, 15 cents. : ., -,, .. r.
Soil Survey of Milwaukee. County Wiseonsei. By Gi^eoi
apartment of Artilittired ah T; i3i i all;: of te i
and Natural iithiry' )glvey' Y .Vf,'dt. m fl
Price, 15 cents. .: .. *
PUBLICAtO.NS 0r Tiw rwIAf MtmEIU.. '
EtPublicatlons of the Weather Bureau are obtlastble e f uly
Weather Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Goveriuii.t
prices noted herein.
Monthly Weather Review. Ve.: 46, No. 7, Jutl 1 .:.
307-351, charts 9, figs. 14.. *Pr- e 25.. pnata.per ~
able to the Superintendent of Dounents. .-
Special Articles: Solar and ikfy. :,ratio meaetilirtWreient e
H. 1I. Kimball.-Absorption and radiation of the solar
yama.-Internal temperatures of the sun. By A. Verou
served during July, 1918.. By W. S. GregS.*-R~p~ on
equations of the general CirCulation of the eai'i atiwo
Influouce of forests upon thA Weltig. of snow In th
fin.-Snowfall on MoUtt Rainier, Washl. By L C. 'ibBi
G. Hellmann.
Same, Supplement. No. .I1; Aerology, No.r 6:. Fret
logical Station, July-December Lt, 1%. By
Pp. 108, figs. 11. Price, 25 cents..
Same, Supplemegt No. 12. Aeroidgy No. i: -
and EllendaTe, N. Dak., Aerological. Sta
elusive. II. Free-Air Tempergture.tu ...
III. The Ellendale Aerological StsatiottEl
National Weather and Crop Bulletin.. d
repr ting temperature, rainfall, :ati
States. Issued weekly, on WMedde
of year. Price, 25 cents a-i eCt.At ;.i

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