Monthly list of publications

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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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September 1918
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v. : ; 24 cm.


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Agriculture -- Bibliography -- Periodicals ( lcsh )
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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ti States Department of Agriculture,
N. WASHINGTON, D. C., September 30, 1918.


: r :[B ;. ., :.; 1918.]
t!!s4tiBjturiittatei to the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
l'liea. lis ted hernla, except those otherwise noted, may be obtained
l te, 9s of the DlAvslon of Pnblicatlons, United States Department of
_9t ias1.ragiesthe department's supply lasts.
ai l'sn b es. a ttd, publications can still be obtained from the Superin.
.se*t ist Ing Offiee, Washlngton, D. C., but by purchase only, nad
io the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office is not a part of

t~ t.. upply of the current numbers of Farmers' Bulletin is
matei ik't possible to send them free to all applicants. They are
eti .~ormt la Alfalfa Fields. By E. O. G. Kelly, Entomological Assist-
."MSfi'entific Assistant, Cereal and Forage Insect Investigations.
,.. lBtiiiution from the Bureau of Entomology. (Farmers' Bulletin 944.)
t 'Itfifal growers. generally.
qu.s e. By D. E. Salmon. Revised, with additions by Bernard A.
.. J.,oter. Pp. 48, figs. 11. Contribution from the Bureau of
K.a:. tf Bulletin 957.)
tmers' Bulletin 580 and suitable for general distribution.
i: the Southeastern States. By E. 8. Haskell, Assistant Agriculturist.
C tAirltiton from the Office of Farm Management. (Farmers' Bul-
maif'sue eudeessful hog growers of this region fit hog raising into their
ilnd td tliMes an elastic grazing plan, designed to provide for ten
I- p s. without entailing much expense for costly concentrates.
i i .Bt" O.itoor WirWfBii rlng, By E. F. Phillips, Apiculturist, and George
.jcult.uri Assistant. Pp. 24, figs. 6. Contribution from the Bureau of
(fahrm ri Balletim 1018,)
p general distributiona.
: ..+.*:. DtPflra A Lm l.. iES--TECHNICAL.
uIe ted below '. technical or scientific treatises or bulletins apply-
y, oyileei:ty. : tJio is limited, but they will be furnished
fts use sa specialized i Wuformation, as long as the supply lasts.
popt reieelpt, teait: price to the Superintendent of Documents.
iI'By' a e. .-e : Tobit~h'*i A. R. Losh, U. S. Engineer Economists.
.'~ intrliotI-a fromi the 6oe of Public Roads. Sept. 12, 1918. (De-
3p|th. 6I Price, 10 chnts.
dead ofials ia&i'fighway engineers.
i ar. iales: CoAn. By'"t. B. Zapoleon, formerly of the Division of
P o. 5, figs. 7, maps S., Contribution from the Bureau of Crop Estl-
S 18. (Eepartmeint Beoinot 69.) Pried, 10 cents.
.en"'e :Ii values and of the costs oaf production of corn in. the various
A a:t .of Bau Yarsatn In the flank Grapefrult. By A. D. Shamel,
g ; Sott Peeoloegist, .and C. S. Pomerwl, Assistant Pomolo-
l l al 'vestigatigtons. Pp. 112, pis. 11, fign.
oia .f Pa .t Industry. Sept. 2, 1918 (Deparlment
i.... ei.. al gewes... of grapefriult
-:.:.: : :" .. ..


' ,. a:.., .Ik,

Joy a. WT. nXlw lurweU, ocPaisaI UasWes" rpF. oo, p E. O, I UK1. 1. L UUo
from the Office of Farm Management. (Professional Paper.) Selt. S2, Z19I
apartment Bulletin 71l Pa- am~gSlest
A study -of a fardqA ffia&g Wdei sty dif fl' southeastern Ohio bill l
contains valuable iageslieg t f1 armae liuaet oni tb n anamms sim"ilAk
Pa., Ohio, rnd. :,1, W. Vai. ainds y.
* .~BgatbMlrit o ProTtel .sWl i ~ rplpmi Pe.atka Piess* Re nI,.: **:
Belmes, Specta It in Crai at D~ gtea RBperi t. OflEear tft iai
Pp. 28. Contribt'uatdi 6 'tb ft.,t ateh ReSitielsr. Sierfvir. 6e(
-Sept. 25, 191& J(Reautmtni BiSt3l.74 P 5Ae, ie eat
Records studies af the- kitflitv et pfateft Itwied by 8uemfws r f it
press-eake flours. It is primarily of interest to students ia& 4,hli MfAi
Women's Rural Organizations aEd their Activibles. By Ana AS. SSti,
Women's Rural Organizations. Pf I. WiR. 3. Contribution from the .
Markets. Aug. 29, 1918. (Departneani BUIetil 19.) Price,. 9 cents.
For general ..
A Meiod for Preparing a Colmerewal GIlade or ileai Arsent, J.
kisceltaneous Diisii*.o e, HEfidei fle ana c, t ta1 nr k
Chemist. P It Cotfributfiir iran n the mttau S Ce.frd atf li
and Fungicide Board. (Professional Paper.) Oft 5, 01.
fsa.e Pitr-e. 5 eUaafct
ec intae. t tor mani imfttle f iameefilei af ee ..:::S -

flb Wrfk of dk EHpifby WBmc sta 1fbtIf P Xw afliE ESamo fz 1 A f ltcj -j
Farm Superintendeat. Pp 29i. f, I ete t A.
Plant slfatrp..)
lWe Work of ta She isea ftlWatent mtp* m 1c. ISoift l'.l Ita n-i. l
fendent. Pp. f#. Ne. 4. Lplemoer, -a. t ilBa0itfr
'le. Eo Bits om Eth AGE By* IRim m. v.a4 ABlyai LW A.
snvefy. Pa. 100 ph0 1 ga k i6 Set 2eL, Qeif& M ls
Plrioe,. 20 centa .. ..: .. ;:
Repnt of the PoEto lco Asiiritt Skpeuatrime Ssatib.. SIT.. R d4l : .&.
Price, 10 cents.
BE K L :.. r... "
Journal of Agricnltural easerelk (Pa elt V Hi. Selp f
Contents: Acidity of Siage Made fiem Frag Crdi. a Idah-1
N~eldi.-Pinon BUiste-RBs t.. (ph -1:I. ...
and N. FLex Hunt-Conibaative Taic of wti 3-
By W.A.A Witlers and 1PT. CUilAullB. il ST-fCt pOit 4 .. &
game, Vol. 14, No. 11. Sept 9 tI CBeAim.: aa e ia i i
the .Sorface Foot of a Leesa oft as teae tt .
SNebr.-2. i By F[adieoi-k J.. ay lad Gia t
Soil Dynamiting in the Great PlaIns. Gtq W li
Cole.-Ovegrintelifg of th Citra-Cd a e.t ts tei
Citrus Eytbrids. (pg Ala.-4.) By 0Geotsb L ait
524T. p t i fig i P ce, tS iaft ... ....i
Same, Vol. 11, q i 3l flT 7 ifloimli.. .I.ESii b ...N il,:ir: ..t
Lt Pp., tT7-727. iffce, 5 cents.
o-sPUatsK-- rege al l S tb *ifV et
issued weekly and is distributed tree oal4 to the ftbraiel
%Wel aperi memot- N8timi Ift. learpW OW g
tfonesgo els ali u^tfitbr ivangu el-sWi e wA& V
iwtgeduslt. .The SuWsbfgdaa e5ndpeant offl
pb* ""e .. l. .. i 'b 5

......... .. .. ...:...

.. .. .' ... ..
.. ... : :::l: :::. ... 'l ... ..... ., ^ '-* .. ..,:... ,

ie contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforcement
indiV;drugs act, meat inspection. 28-hour, and quarantine laws, and the various
Sof the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. Free distribution is
peaon in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties render
fr itE fm t nave suen ftfdrnratfon, to Yournals especialTy concerned. and to
and firm whose business is affectPd by same. Others desiring copies are
referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,, who
g a~e~-r, os paSese nobes&
SViai ihsS. 3o9 t135 Ppf. 59-S& Sept. 2%, 198)F. Price, 5 eernts.
u 'ia zimal ladustry. No.. 186. Pp. SL-6.. Sept. 3, 1918. Price, 5 cents.
i-lf.: hemlstry. Inde to B e i. In 22 169tS Pm 34. Oct. 7, 1918. Price, 5 cents.
:ltletiesltural Board. No. 54. Pp. 71-78. Sept. 18, 1918. Price, 5 cents.
Pi .. aesCi.tamue ow 'THE wuN~B aRm. BnBEAn..
t .ws the. eWeather Bureau ane obtainable only from the Chief oB the
*aw lSlke agifteatt'fim of lietatemrnt, Government Printfng Office, at the
hl e liSitr by- SWhi roner cti e- Prtrflpat rein ofe the Vurted! Ngae. Ydl. 15
f ear 19t. By ALfred Henry,- Meteorologist.. Pp. 286. Price, 50 cents.
iMl iu 6We'a rt aHftlM ift Ie. 25; 28., 2 8, September. 1:9T8, reporting tem-
.aaiuMl, and nop conditions throughout the United States. Issued weakly,
ll ii @Iti 6o i;. maeatltr mamindr~s otf ear. Prce;. 25 cents a year.
C"i",',. IEDW'B B REID,
gi,,,::': aef, Dfviaion of Publicaltios.

..." ... ..
....K ....

A V .
." .:" .' ..... .. .
!' iii '.: ::....&Hi EX.

..i:!:e .i ; @ ]:.,.,! ""E,
,,~ ~~6,,,, ,,,

i:. 3jJ:' .... .. '. .-.- "

S3 1262 08903 65 7
= """ ..... s."..9 ....


sea e hi. '", b.4 ... ... .i' .., .. .
.. o ... : .... k:;.W:

".. .... ;.... .... .i. 0...r

In heati ng"vlue ..e d .........:
... .. ... .... .. "
.. "~:.:~:~~: ~.. ... ...

to 1 ton (2,000 pounds') of".cit 6

to estimates by -the Forest Servie UJik
partment.of Agriculture. 'However, a cor A a

of soft maple and 2 cords of cedar., popl,

wood are required to give the same amoat

One cord of mixed wood, well seasoZ

heating value at least 1 ton of av.ago.- .
nous coal. ... .... ...
.. .. .. .
S" .. .. .... .. ..." '
.. .... .. ... ... .. :
I .1. .. .. ... ..... .. ...

.. .. ...... ,

par.ment0of Agrieuture. N
..4. 1..: j i

." 4 ****4 :: :..: :,:"i ..

"": .: '.""

.... 4 "',*4

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