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Monthly list of publications
United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Division of Publications
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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July 1918
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-Oct. 1944.
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Description based on: Jan. 1897; title from caption.
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United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Publications.

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.... .-- -

47 i ..

!6" upon a c t heStates

. [J :.i .. .1,

| United States Department of Agriculture,

l:r.a.. .. WASHrINGTON, D. C., July 31, 1918.


..., [JULY 31, 1918.]

l:'; ..-"* Send no remittances to the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
A1: I O 'RD.
icient to ke publications listed herein, except those otherwise noted, may be
utipon application to the Chief of. the Division of Publications, United States
: t. gricnlt Far Washington, D. C., as long as the department's supply lasts.
Stia department's supply is exhausted, publications can still be obtained from the
t of Documents, Government Printing OIice, Washington, D. C., but by purchase
th prices' noted herein.
emittanleer t the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office is not a part
enat of Agrieculture.

9. H. Reese Animal Husbandry Division. Pp. 16, figs. 9.
oie department's supply of tho current numbers of Farmers' Bulletin is
epienet to make it possible to send Utbm free to all applicants. They are
^^EpK at 5 cents per copy.
e Growing Under Irrigation By C. 1. Townsend, in charge of Sugar-Plant In-
a s. Pp. 28, figs. 5. (Farmers' Bulletin 567, Revised Edition.)
di.stifbution in the Northern and! Western States where irrigation is neees-
r .or. production. b
: tio f fthvFar. By David E. L Secha Assistant Biologist 23, figs. 15.
lWtiAn from the Bureau of Biological Survey. (Farmers' Bulletin 932.)
e for general distribution.
ftortt the Southern States. By Lyman Carrier. Agronomist in Charge of
310 Inresti atlons, Bureau of Plant Industry, and F. G. Ashbrook, Junior
r t Ribaman in Swine Investigations, Bureau of Animal Industry. Pp. 20,
tj. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry and the Bureau of Animal
.. (flmsera" Bulletin 951.)
:'eiiesaaI distribution in the Southern States.
Ht Hnes. By H. H. Reese, Animal Husbandry Division. Pp. 16, figs. 9.
t o ram the Bureau of Animal Industry. (Farmers' Bulletin 952.)
Q1 'trbtiaon; regarding the Arabian, Thoroughbred, Standardized, American
Zgrgn o ackney, French Coach, German Coach, and Cleveland Bay breeds
S wsiwa Cheese: Farm Manufacture and Use. By K. J. MathePon and F. R.
Dji 3y: eviston. Pp. 35, figs. 12. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal
.ggtal istributlon.
is lf.'adern. Hives, By E. lb. Sechrist, Apicultural Assistant. Pp. 15,
butl.o f rom the Bureau of Entomology. (Farmers' Bulletin 961.) all bee keepers.

L .,, .i: ..:... ...... ia.

Velvet Beans. By S. M. Tracy, Agronomist, and H. S. Coe, Assistant Agronomist, Oil6 -
of Forage-Crop Investigations. Pp. 39, figs. 14. Contribution from the Bureau .1':
Plant Industry. (Farmers' Bulletin 962.)
Suitable for distribution in the Atlantic and Gulf Costal Plain areas of the cotta
Farm Household Accounts. By W. C. Funk, Scientific Assistant. Pp. 11, figs. 6. C0t-i :!!
tribution from the Office of Farm Management. (Farmers' Bulletin 964.)
Shows the value of household accounts, and the method of keeping records "f
Purple Vetch. By Roland McKee, Assistant Agrostologist, Office of Forage-Crop In ,
vestigations. Pp. 12, figs. 8. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industiry.
(Farmers' Bulletin 967.)
A description of a new crop promising to prove of special value for green manure.
in the southwestern United States, and as a seed crop In western Oregon.
How to Use Sorghum Grain. By Carleton R. Ball, Cerealist in Charge of Cereal Investiga-:
tions, and Benton E. Rothgeb, Scientific Assistant in Charge of Grain-Sorghum aond.ii
Broom-Corn Investigations. Pp. 18, figs. 7. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant
Industry. (Farmers' Bulletin 972.) .
Is suitable for general distribution in the southern part of the Great Plaus lls
area and in California, and to grain dealers, poultry raisers, and alcohol manu-fae- :
turers anywhere.
The Control of European Fonlbrood. By E. F. Phillips, Apiculturist. Pp. 16, fig. 1. Con- :
tribution from the Bureau of Entomology. (Farmers' Bulletin 975).
For general distribution.
Ray Caps. By H. B. McClure, Agriculturist. Pp. 16, figs. 2. Contribution from the
Office of Farm Management. (Farmers' Bulletin 977.)
Describes the various kinds and durability of hap caps and gives costs and method"
of using same. Suitable for general distribution.
Handling Barnyard Manure in Eastern Pennsylvania. By D. A. Brodie, Agriculturist.
Pp. 24, igs. 4. Contribution from the Office of Farm Management. (Farmers' Bulletai
This bulletin describes the manure-yard method of handling manure and outlines "
the farm practices of ten successful farmers who follow this method.
t~'The publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or bulletins apply-
ing to a special industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be furnished
free to persons who can use such specialized information, as long as the supply lasts.:
However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendent of Documents.
Stock-Poisoning Plants of the Range. By C. D. Marsh, Physiologist, Pathological Divislon. ,
Pp. 24, pls. 30. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. July 23, 1018;'.'
(Department Bulletin 575.) Price, cents.
Of interest to sheep and cattle raisers on western stock ranges.
Citrus-Fruit Improvement 'A Study of Bud Variation in the Washington Navel Ora ii
A. D. Shamel, Physiologist in Charge; L. B. Scott, Pomologist; and C.. Pometn.,!:l
Assistant Pomologist, Fruit Improvement Investigations, Office of Horticultural
Pomological Investigations. Pp. 146, pis. 16, Egs. 14. Contribution from the Burenas T
of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) July 22, 1918. (Department BuHletin 6it)M-::2
Price, 15 cents.
Citrus-Fruit Improvement: A Study of Bud Variation in the Valencia Orange. By A. Ui.
Shamel, Physiologist in Charge; L. B. Scott, Pomologist; and C. S. Pomeroy, Assist-.
ant Pomologist, Fruit Improvement Investigations, Office of Horticultural and Pomo4-,:::&i
logical Investigations. Pp. 120 pls. 14, figs. 9. Contribution from the Bureau p:a
Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) July 25, 1918. (Department Bullet 6in 2:i
Price, 25 cents.
Not available for free distribution through this Department.
A Study of Prices and Quality of Creamery Butter. By G. P. Warber, Assistant In Marklit-:i
ing Dairy Products. Pp. 24, figs. 3. Contribution from the Bureau of Markets. July iI
15, 1918. (Department Bulletin 682.) Price, 5 cents.
A study as to the differences in prices of creamery butter in different cities, with
suggestions as to marketing same.
The Southern Green Plant-Bug. By Thomas H. Jones, Entomological Assistant. Pp. 27
figs. 11. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.)
30. 1918. (Department Bulletin 689.) Price, 10 cents.
Of interest to growers of vegetable and truck crops, Southern States, espeeala'
bordering the Gulf of Mexico.
Marketing Practices of Wisconsin and Minnesota Creameries. By Roy C. Potts, 8pecall
in Marketing Dairy Products. Pp. 15. figs. 5. Contribution from the Bureau
Markets. July 23, 1918. (Department Bulletin 690.) Price, 5 cents.
Should be of interest to creamery men and dairy farmers in the United Stai~i,
Typical Specifications for Bituminous Road Materials. By Prevost Hubbard, Chemical
Engineer, and Charles S. Reeve. Chemist. Pp. 60, figs. 8. Contribution from t:
Otice of Public Roads and Rural Engineering. July 10, 1918. (Department Salie
691.) Price, 10 cents.
Of interest to road contractors and engineers.
The Agricultural Species of Bent Grasses. Part I. Rhode Island Bent and Belted Ga.ssei
By Charles V. Piper. Agrostologist. Part IL. The Seeds of Redtop and Ober B:aiit:
Grasses. By H. T. Hillman, Assistant Botanist. Pp. 27, figs. 11. Contribution f~ko .;
the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) July 23, 1918. (Daptn'lm l
Bulletin 692.) Price. 5 cents.
A discussion of the identity and characteristics of Rhode Island bent redtoi3p,:ii
florin, velvet bent, and creep-bent grasses. Of interest to seedsmen generally.


S. ;ii...


Farm Practice in Growina Sugar Beets for Three Districts in Utah and Idaho, 1914-15. B
L. A. Moorhouse, T. H. Summers, and R. S. Washburn Office of Farm Managemen,
and James W. Jones. Bureau of Plant Industry. Pp. 44, fige. 8. Contribution from
the Office of Farm Management and the Bureau of Plant Industry. July 16, 1918.
(Department Bulletin 693.) Price, 10 cents.
A detailed study of field operations and current cost factors involved in the pro-
duction of this crop in 1914-15 on 173 farms in the Provo and Garland districts,
Utah, and the Idaho Falls district, Idaho.
A Study of Farm Manageltent Problems in Lenawee County, Michigan. By H. 1. Dixon,
Assistant Agriculturist, and J. A. Drake, Agriculturist. Pp. 36, figs. 8. tontrlbu-
tion from the Office of Farm Management. July 24, 1918. (Department Bullebn 694.)
Price, 10 cents.
k Presents data obtained in a survey of 300 owner farms and 153 tenant farms in
said county.
Profitable Management of General Farms in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. By Byron Hunter
and S. O. Jayne Agriculturists. Pp. 24, fgs. 5. Contribution from the Otice of Farin
Management. Jdly 27, 1918. (Department Bulletin 705.) Price, 5 cents.
Of interest to all farmers in said valley.
Amsrican Sumac: A Valuable Tanning Material and Dyestuff. By F. P. Veltch, Chemist
in Charge, and J. S. Rogers, Assistant Chemist, Leather and Paper Laboratory.
Pp. 12, pis. 5. Contribution from the Bureau of Chemistry. July 20, 1918. (De-
partment Bulletin 706.) Price, 5 cents.
Of interest to tanners and manufacturers of dyestuffs.
Stable Storage Conditions for Certain Food Products: Apples, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes,
Onions, Cabbage, Eggs, Poultry, Butter, and Fish. Pp. 10 and poster in pocket. Con-
tribution from the Bureau of Markets. July 24, 1018. (Department Bulletin 729.)
None for sale.
Prepared for use of the Federal Reserve Board, and is of value to managers of
storage warehouses, members of the Federal Reserve Banks, and producers of farm
IBcent Experimental Work on Poisoning Cotton-Boll Weevils. By B. R. Coad, LUntomological
Assistant, Southern Field-Crop Insect Investigations. Pp. 15, igs. 10. Contribution
from the Bureau of Entomology. July 19, 1918. (Department Bulletin 731.) Price,
5 cents.
Of interest to cotton growers generally.
Jamrual of Agricultural Research. IFor sale only.) Vol. 14, No. 1. July 1. 1918. Con-
Stents: True Nature of Spinach-Blight and the Relation of Insects to Its Transmis-
sion. (of Va.-(Norfolk)-3) By J. A. McClintock and Loren B. Smith.-lnfluence
of Gypsum upon the Solubility of Potash in Spoils. (oc Minn.-"lJ9 By Paul R.
McMiller. Pp. 1-06, pis. 12. Price, 30 cents.
Same, Vol. 14, No. 2. July 8, 1919. Contents: Correlation between the Percentage of
Fat in Cow's Milk and the Yield. (oh IL.-7) By Elmer Roberts.-Contribution to
the Knowledge of Toxoptera graminum in the South. toe K-OS) By Philip Lugin-
bill and A. H. Beyer.--Can Biologic Forms of Stemrust on Wheat Change Rapidly
Enough to Interfere with Breeding for Rust Resistance? (ol Minn.-31) By E. C.
Stakman, John H. Parker, and F. J. Piemeisel. Pp. 67-123, pis. 6, figs. 10. Price,
20 cents.
Same, Vol. 14, No. 3. July 15, 1918. Contents: Mineral Content of Southern Poultry
Feeds and Mineral Requirement of Growing Fowls. (og N. C.-ll) By B. F.
Kaupp.-Female Lepidoptera at Light Traps. (od K-G8) By W. B. Turner. Pp.
125-149, pl. 1. Price, 10 cents.
-Same, Vol. 14, No. 4. July 22, 1919. Contents: A Comparative Study of Salt Require-
ments for Young and for Mature Buckwheat Plants in Solution Cultures. (ok
N. J.- ) By John W. Shive and William H. Martin.-Composition and Digestibil-
ity of Sudan-Grass Hay. (ol Iowa-6) By W. G. Gaessler and A. C. McCandlish.-
Water-Holding Capacities of Bedding Materials for Live Stock, Amounts Required to
Bed Animals, and Amounts of Manure Saved by their Use. (om Ill.-S) By J. W.
Whisenand. %Pp. 151-190, figs. 3. Price, 10 cents.
I a : Jme. Vol. 14, No. 5. July 29, 1918. Contents: Two Important Introduced Parasites
Sof the Brown-Tail Moth (on -K 69). By C. F. W. Muesebeck.-A Hitherto-Unre-
S ported Disease of Okra (oo G-148). By L. L. Harter.-Potato-Stem Lesions. (ox G-
149) By H. A. Edson and M. Shapovalor. Pp. 191-220, pis. 8, figs. 3. Price, 15 cents.
I iNTNo s.-Beginning with volume 5 the Journal of Agricultural Research has been
issued weekly and is distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural colleges
and experiment stations, to large universities, technical schools, and such institu-
tions as make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent free to
i ~didkfiuaw s. The Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this
::: publication, the price being $3 per year, 52 numbers.
i.e uriment Station Record. Vol. 38, No. 7, May, 1918. E. W. Allen, Ph. D., Editor.
Pp. 601-700. Price, 15 cents.
W rNoTE.-The Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature
Pertaining to agriculture. It is not intended for general distribution, and its free
p distribution is restricted to persons connected with the agricultural colleges, experi-
ment stations, and similar institutions, and to libraries and exchanges. It can not
be sent free to individuals having no official connection with public institutions.
The Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication,
l wileh is issued in two volumes a year, 10 numbers each, at $1 a volume.
toMnthly Crop Report. Vol. 4, No. 7. July, 1918. Pp. 69-84. (iurenu of Crop
: timates.)
S p: Ahis data relating to agriculture, including estimates of acrcnae, conditions,
"if yIelA prices, and value of crops and live stock. For free distribution.


ll lIII2111 lllllHllll
3 1262 08903 66B9
"'T l:;:!iil"tii=lillMMMMM

The Bat Guanos of Porto Rico and Their Fertilizing Value. By: P. L. Gie, Cbeir
66. July 8, 191S. (Bulletin 25, Porto Rico Agricultural Experiment Statui k
10 cents. .,. :: iii:
Inventory of Seeds and Plants Imported by the Office of Foreign Seed and Plait
during the period from July 1 to September 30, 1918. Pp. 71, pls. 11. July %i
(Inventory No. 44: Nos. 40896 to 41314. Bureau of Plant Industry.) Price,
Food Needs for 1919. Fall-Sown Wheat and Rye. Pp. 13. (Circular 108, Oiee.
Part of Agricultural program for the period beginning with the autumn OtS
General Regulations Governing Licensees Operating Stock Yards, or Handling or D I
Live Stock in or in Connection with Stock Yards. Pp. 14. July 26, 1918. i
116, Office of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents. .S
ta These contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enfor.
of food and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-bour, and quarantine laws, and the V
regulations of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. Free distrib
limitedd to persons in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties s
it necessary for them to have such information, to journals especially concerned, tl;t
manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Others desiring topleS
respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing
who has them for sale only, at prices noted. ,=..
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 133. May, 1918. Pp. 33-38. July 9, 1918. '' i
5 cents.
Biological Survey. No. 21. Pp. 2. July 1, 1918. Price, 5 cents.
Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement, No. 52. [N. J. 6051-6100.] Pp. 55-109. 3ui;.
1918. Price, 10 cents. :
Federal Horticultural Board. No. 52. May, 1918. Pp. 53-63. June 28, 1918, ie
5 cents.
Bureau of Markets. No. 36. Pp. 16, figs. 10. June 21, 1918. Price, 5 centS~,
tWrAll requests for soil surveys are referred to the Bureau f SSoils for aii
distribution of same being controlled by that bureau. ....;:
Soil Survey of Jasper County, Georgia. By David D. Long, of the Georgia State C....
and M. Earl Carr, of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Pp. 43, fig. 1,
(From F. O. Soils, 1916.) Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Mitchell County. Iowa. By W. E. Tharp, of the U. S. Department of:
culture, and Knute Espe, of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment StatitiO N t,
fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1916.) Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Box Butte County, Nebraska. Bi F. A. Hayes, of the Nebraska Soil
and J. H. Agec. of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Pp. 34, pi. 1, fig. i.:a
(From F. O. Soils, 1916.) Price, 15 cents. :
Soil Survey of Yates County, New York. By E. T. Maxon. Pp. 36, fig. 1, mapip;'
F. O. Soils, 1916.) P'rice, 15 cents.
National and State Live-Stock Associations and Allied Organizations. Compiled fi
Bureau of Animal Industry. Pp. 10. (Separate 742, Yearbook, 1917.) Price, p.U
tP'Publications of the Weather BuVeau are obtainable only from the Chltle
Weather Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Ofmilan
prices noted herein.
Monthly Weather Review. (For sale only.) Vol. 46, No. 4. April, 1918. (I 4
1918.] Pp. 163-206, charts 9, figs. 4. Price, 25 cents per copy. $2.50. per
Payable to the Superintendent of Documents.
Special articles: Solar and sky radiation during April, 1918. By ,
Absorption and radiation of the solar atmosphere. By S. Hirayama.-HalJ6l
14. 1918, at Columbus. By H. H. Martin.-Inferior arc of the 46" halo,
1918. By J. L. Vesper.-Elliptical halos of vertical major axis. By J. R---
Real velocities of meteors. By Charles P. Olivier.-Visible weather (C
By R. T. Pound.-Observations connected with the eclipse of June 8,
H. H. Kimball and S. P. Fergusson.
National Weather and Crop Bulletin. Nos. 16, 17. 18, 19, 20. July, 1918, reporting
ture, rainfall, and crop conditions throughout the United States. Issued
on Wednesday, April to October; monthly remainder of year. Price, 25
Chief, Division of Pb |

9, ..... -I .

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