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Monthly list of publications
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I'.A M:- M T iDlnRYf J
...... 0. W S.. .... .
..- AUGUST, 1917.]
A i8gead N Remittanees to the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
..r. of a.y of te: publications listed herein, including those with price
S:e;i pt the Journal ot Agricultural Research, Experiment Station
"~viiee and Regulatory Announcements, and publications of the
r i3reau 1 n may be obtained free upon application to the Editor and
D Division of Publications, United States Department of Agricul-
D. C., as long as the department's supply lasts.
Sd*epadrtmnent's supply of the publications listed below is exhausted,
iia.ion of which the price is indicated can still be obtained from
sinteudent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
b purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
ll reHittoances to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His
et a lpat,.of the Department of Agriculture.
apyes sEalmd be the Superintendent of Public Documents by
i faiat'iloney order, express order, or New York draft. Money
Ki l. t.:' .is sent at sender's risk.
gA-hke department's supply of the current numbers of Farmers' Bulletin is
ifet'to make it possible to send them free to all applicants. They are
t 05eiats per copy.
aa tAmerican Upland Cotton. By D. E. Earles, Specialist in Cot-
|too asui .and Fred Taylor, Cotton Technologist. Pp. 28, figs. 15.
go the Office of Markets and Rural ()rganizntion. July,
it:. ers'" Bulletin 802.)
fMr fur cotton growers.
ti~. -ng, administration of Drainage Districts. By H. S.
ni. t Drainagt. Organization. Pp. 37. Contribution from thl
C Roads and'Rural Engineering. June, 1917. (Farmers' Bul-
Efior drainage districts.
Foods. (3) Foods Rich in Protein. By Caroline L. Hunt and
Atwater, Scientific Assistants, Office of Home Economics. Pp. 19,
Co :..n,.3iatribution from the States Relations Service. July, 1917.
a Bulletin 824.)
..liK. dsl tfribution.
Weevil Problem, with Special Reference to Means of Reducing
:. ''y W. D. Hunter, In Charge of Southern Field Crop Insect In-
~ Pp. 40, figs. 6. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology.
llT.. (Farmers' Bulletin 848.)
i .qctton growers in the boll-weevil districts.
..No Masadine Grapes. By Charles Dearing, Scientific Assistant,
Sul1tural and Pomologieal Investigations. Pp. 23, figs. 4.
U'~thea Bureau of Plant Industry. August, 1917. (Farm.

li W~ats s in Feeding Live Stock. By S. H. Ray, Animal
mV: "p 12;. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal In-
fi:;'Psanrmers' Bulletin 873.)
Nti "Iheu engaged in the feeding of live stock.
S]By. James H. Beattie, Scientific Assistant, Office
lo F. gial Investigations. Pp. 22, figs. 20. Contri-
r...... ..E iRPlint Irustry. August, 1917. (Farmers' Bul-
.% .,. .....HI

,. ...; .....

Preservation of Vegetables by Fermentation and Salting.. 1i:
Bacteriologist, Bureau of Chemistry, and H. L. Lang, Scief
Office of Home Economics. Pp. 15, fig. 1. IContribution from t .he..'j
Relations Service and Bureau of Chemistry. August, 1917. (Fi .
Bulletin 881.)
For general distribution.
Wheat Growing in the Southeastern States. By Clyde E. Leighty, Agru ii
in Charge of Eastern Wheat Investigations. Pp. 14. Contributtion6-t
the Bureau of Plant Industry. August, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin
For general distribution. .
g~aThe publications listed below 'are technical or scientific treatises or bulletins aiiN
Ing to a special industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be
free to persons who can use such specialized information as long as the supply
However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendent of Documents p.i
The Genus Calosoma, Including Studies of Seasonal Histories, Habits,
Economic Importance of American Species North of Mexico and S i
Introduced Species. By A. F. Burgess, In Charge of Gipsy Moth '
Brown-Tail Moth Investigations, and C. W. Collins, Entomological ..
sistant. Pp. 124, pls. 9, figs. 5. Contribution from the Bureau of EU
tomology. (Professional Paper.) July 25, 1917. (Department B ei
417.) Price, 20 cents. :i
A First-Year Course in Home Economics for Southern Agricultural Secooii
By Iouise Stnuley, Professor of Home Economics, University of MisiJi
Pp. 58, figs. 2. Contribution from the States Relations Service. (Pro
sional Paper.) .July 27, 1917. (Department Bulletin 540.) Price, .I.
This bulletin has been prepared in cooperation between the author and COi
SLane, chief specialist in Agricultural Education, as well as specialist of the Ofi i
Home Economics, States Relations Service. It is designed to aid teachers in present.
ing a course of study in home economics which will connect such instrueti.oa.qr
actual home experiences.
The Pollination of the Mango. By Wilson Popenoe, Agriqdjtural ExpIlorur
Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction. Pp. 20, pis. 4, figs. 1. COon
tribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) A4W
gust 11, 1917. (Department Bulletin 542.) Price, 5 cents. .
Control of Peach Bacterial Spot in Southern Ochards. BytIhn W. Roher
Pathologist, Fruit-Disease Investigations. Pp. 7, pl. 1. Contributions frnai
the Bureau of Plant Industry. 1917. (Department Bulletin 543.) Prit
5 cents.
This bulletin is of interest to peach growers in the eastern half of the Unitet.
States and particularly those of the more southerly parts of this section. It lis
of interest to plant pathologists.
Control of the Grape-Berry Moth in the Erie-Chautauqua Grape Belt. ,I':
Dwight Isely, Scientific Assistant, Deciduous Fruit Insect InvesiTigatioa
Pp. 44, pis. 6, figs. 9. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. kAs
9, 1917. (Department Bulletin 550.) Price, 10 cents.
This bulletin will be of interest to grape raisers in New York, Pennsylmvania,.
gan and Ohio.
The Chicken Mite: Its Life History and Habits. By H. P. Wood, Entomolog
cal Assistant, Insects Affecting Health of Animals, Bureau of Entomol",I
Pp. 14, pls. 1, figs. 2. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology.
gust 10, 1917. (Department Bulletin 553.) Price, 5 cents.
Marketing Grain at Country Points. By George Livingston and K. B. SiSe
Specialists in Grain Marketing. Pp. 45, figs. 3. Contribution from.the
of Markets and Rural Organization. July 28, 1917. (Departmenti e
558.) Price, 5 cents.
This bulletin should be of interest to producers, shippers, dealers, and UI
of grain and grain products throughout the United States. .
The Presence of Arsenic in Hops. By W. W. Stockberger, Physlelogit h.
charge of Drug-Plant and Poisonous-Plant Investigations, Bureau. oliC i
Industry, and W. D. Collins, Food Investigation, Chemist, Bureau -a.:
istry. Pp. 7. Joint contribution from the Bureau of Plant Indit I
Bureau of Chemistry. August 8, 1917. (Department Bulletin .568) .
5 cents.
This bulletin shows the sources of arsenic In certain samples of drled hWfp. "

i : ::i
*:.. '

MB Wr-pProducts Af Bice Milling. By J. B. Reed, Assistant Chemist, Miscel-
i : laneous Laboratory, and F. W. Liepsner, Chemist in charge New Orleans
Food and Drag Inspection Laboratory. Pp. 16, fig. 1. Contribution from
Sthe Bureau of Chemistry. August ll, 1917. (Department Bulletin 570.)
Price, 5 cents.
SThe Sheep Industry on the Miiidoka Reclamation Project. By E. F. Rine-
S hart, Agriculturist, Demonstrations on Reclamation Projects, Bureau of
i: ; Plant Industry. -Pp. 28, fig. 7. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant
Industry. August 4, 1917. (Department Bulletin 573.) Price, 5 cents.
I The suggestions made in this bulletin, while based primarily on the results of ob-
i' s". rv. : ations on the Minidoka Reclamation Project are applicable to several other irri-
l~ ...; gation projects in the northwestern United States having similar climatic and
agricultural conditions.
ules. and Regulations for Carrying out the Provisions of the Insecticide Act
: f 1910. Pp. 15. August 24, 1917. (Circular 34, Office of Secretary.)
;Second revision. Price, 5 cents.
leiiod-l Needs for 1918. Agricultural Program for the Period Beginning with
ii:" the Autumn of 1917. Pp. 14. August 16, 1917. (Circular 75, Office of
SSecretary.) Price, 5 cents.
?i'i-e.l Litehi in Hawaii. By J. E. Higgins; Horticulturist. Pp. 21, pls. 5. July
| T,, .. 17. (Bulletin No. 44, Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station.)
Price, 10 cents.
iirectory of Ofijcials and Organizations Concerned with the Protection of
'Birds amd Game, 1917. Pp. 17. August 3, 1917. (Doc. 108, Bureau of
i: .* Biological Survey.) Price, 5 cents.
is~i~ ribution and Utilization of the Garden Surplus. Pp. 10. August 24, 1917.
... (Document N.p 6, Bureau of Markets.)
ii;iidera$it Legislation, Regulations, and Rulings Affecting Agricultural Colleges
ii::i and Experiment Stations. Revised to July 15, 1917. Pp. 56. States Rela-
tions Service. August 25, 1917. Price, 5 cents.
hIiSaprt of the auam Agricultural Experiment Station, 1916. Pp. 58. pis. 10,
i:.: figs. 5. Price, 10 cents.
iJiafnal of Agricultural Research. (For sale only.) Vol. 10, No. 6. August 6,
-1:917;. Conutnt: Chemical'Studies in Making Alfalfa Silage. (iz Kans.-8.)
i By 0. 0. Swanson and E. L. Tague.-Studies on Oat Breeding-V: The Fi
I':a F2 Generations of a Cross Between a Naked and a Hulled Oat. (jd
Me-l.) By Jacob Zinn and Frank M. Surface.-Two New Cambium
S Winners (Diptera). (je K-55.) By Charles T. Greene. Pp. 275-318, pis.
-.ii Price, 20 cents.
:t'Vo. 10, No. 7. August 13, 1917. Contents: Toughness of Bituminous
f," .Aggregates. (jf D.-13.) By Charles S. Reeve and Richard H. Lewis.-
rj O ig ol of Alkali. (jg Utah-.) By Robert Stewart and William Petersou.-
1*3EBet of Paraffin on the Accumulation of Ammonia and Nitrates in the
lir a(ji Kans.-9.) By P. L. Gainey.-Volatility of Organic Compounds
I an Index of the Toxicity of Their Vapors to Insects. (jk Min.-7.)
'i William Moore. Pp. 318-371, pls. 2, figs. 7. Price, 15 cents.
SVol. 10, No. 8. August 20, 1917. Contents: The Cyclamen Mite. "(jl
Ooi-eg.-2.) By G. F. Moznette.-Relation of Movement of Water in a Soil
::to: fTs Hygroscopicity and Initial Moistness. (jm Minn.-1S.) By Frederick
1K4 Aiway and Guy R. McDole. Pp. 373-428, pls. 2, figs. 8. Price, 15 cents.
TorT.-EBeginning with volume 5 the Journal of Agricultural Research has
i sued weekly and is distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural col-
:(' mand experiment stations, to large universities, technical schools, and such
IN itutions as make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent
fft & qiddasu. The Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for
i i as puli~ication, the price being $3 per year, 52 numbers.
SnStation Record. Vol. 37, No. 1. July, 1917. E. W. Allen, lD. D.,
Pp. 1-100. Price, 15 cents.
3T N. 2. August, 1917. Pp. 101-200. Price, 15 cents.
.-4Fhe Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature
to agriculture. It is not intended for general distribution, and its free
SsFeIrestricted to persons connected with the agricultural colleges, experi-
uamnd' similar institutions, and to libraries and exchanges. It can not
t e to individuals having no official connection with public institutions.
tenadent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication,
v1 in two volumes a year, ]0 numbers each, at $1 a volume.

":Ro l "y ,. E,.: ". ".

'":"!-:-. .::p :" ii UNlVKi IY uT FLURIUA
W .. I.I.- ....... ..lllI I
4 3 1262 08903 6551

The Monthly Crop Report, Vol. 3, No. 8. August,: 191 f.p.
of Crop Estimates.)
Contains data relating to agriculture, in. of..
yields, prices, and value of crops and live stock. l dittribe
i'rThese contain only information. instructions, and notices gover i.g L:
of food and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour and quarantine lai,
regulations of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. frei
limited to persons in the employ of the department, to public offlIas.Whose
it necessary for them to have such information, to journals especily .c
manufacturers and firms whose business Is affected by same. Others deige
respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Goverament Prit
who has them for sale only, at prices noted.
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 122. June, 1917. Pp. 61-79. Auguast-
Price, 5 cents.
Insecticide and Fungicide Board. No. 16. Pp. 227-294. August 8, L: .
5 cents.
Federal Horticultural Board. No. 41. June, 1917. Pp. 57-77. August
Price, 5 cents.
&=All requests for soil surveys are referred to the Bureau of Soils for attm
distribution of same being controlled by that bureau. 'j::
Soil Survey of Barbour County, Alabama. By, Howard C. Smith', of 4
Department of Agriculture, and N. Eric Bell and J. F. Stroud, of i
bama Department of Agriculture and Industries. Pp. 50, gi. ii-
(From F. O. Soils, 1914.) Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of the Healdsburg Area, California. By E. B. Watsott.
U. S. Department of Agriculture, and Walter C. Dean, C.',. Zink i&ed
Pendleton, of the University of California. Pp. 59, pis. 5; fg. 1.
(From F. 0. Soils, 1915.) Price, 15 cents. ..
Soil Survey of Cumberland County, Me. By Cornelius Van J yne, In
and M. W. Beck. Pp. 92. Map. (From F. 0. Soils, It15f ) Pr
iPublications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only froanx.the CMb
Weather Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing
prices noted herein.
Monthly Weather Review. (For sale only.) Vol. 45, No. 5. May,
203-266, charts 9, figs. 20. Price, 25 cents. ....
Special articles: Solar and sky radiation during May, 1917. By lH. ..
City smoke and daylight illumination intensities. ByH. H.H. .iba:
Thiessen.-On horizontal halos. Byf Y. Tsuiji.-Solar halo at Vicksbuig,
24, 1017. By W. H. Barron.-Halo phenomena April 8, 1917, at York
mer types of rainfall in the upper Pecos Valley. By Halenbecli.
organic matter. By W. L. McAtee.-Records at the Abbe Meteort l
compared with those at the Government building, Cincinnati. By .
Winter indoor aridity in Topeka, Kans. By S. D. Flora.-Pre- L
tion charts. By W. G. Reed and J. B. Kincer.-New instruments at
research. Supplement note.-Hail squall of May 1, 1917, and accom
at Baltimore, Md. By L. K. Hirshberg.-Photographs of the Antler,:
of August 20 1911. By H. E. Simpson.-Some researches in tfB
.seasonal correlations. (Second note.) By T. Okada.-Forecasts an
May. 1017. By H. C. Frankenfield.-Rivers and floods during May,
Henry.-Great Lakes level during May, 1917. .'
Climatological Data for the United States, by sections. Vol. 4,l
,. 1917. Pp. 117, maps 2. Price, 35 cents, $4 a year.
Monthly Weather Review. (For sale only.) Supplement No. ,.
3. August 22, 1917. Pp. 51, figs. 4. Price, 25 cents. .
Contents: Free-Air Data at Drexel Aerologieal 8tatlon- April, M Wi
By William & Blair and others. Washington, 1917.
Natiohal Weather and Crop Bulletin, Nos. 21, 22, 28, 24, Augu8t,4
temperature, rainfall, and crop conditions throughout tbie..
S Issued weekly, on Wednesday, April to October; monthly:e*i
Price, 25 cents a year. ;
Editor and Chief, Dito. .~~,af f,

.. .... :...:. .. ..

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