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Monthly list of publications
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June 1917
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a -

Lar be st reg

u,...5is eireular will be sent regularly to all

who apply for it.

J! itied States Department of Agricultui


* i .q.. ".-Ti t .


30, 1917.

[JUNE, 1917.]

: 1 !: ) ,; ... : .

ISi .of any of the publications listed herein, except those otherwise
-lblibo obtained free upon application to the Editor and Chief of the
.ft: publications, United States Department of Agriculture, Wash-
.ri -,Cas long as the department's supply lasts.
tier department's supply is exhausted, publications can still be ob-
t the Sulperintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,
S. C., but by purchase only, and at the prices noted herein.
ttfancffes to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office
i ar~. the Department of Agriculture.



ag your request: be sure and see that your name and complete
teas (Street number or rural route number as the case may be)

$Siu-4e department's supply of the current numbers of Farmers' Bulletin is
PfledRent to make it possible to send them free to all applicants. They are
site at a.k cents per copy.
Sro wing the Crop. By H. S. Coe, Assistant Agronomist, Office
fInvestigatiorns. Pp. 35, figs. 11. Contribution from the
lot Plt.t Industry. (Farmers' Bulletin 797.)
fSa geisal distribiutfon.
etip Tick and Its Eradication by Dipping. By Marion lines, Zoologi-
be414Jft. Pp. 31, figs. 15.. Contribution from the Bureau of Animal
i :. Mlay, P1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 798.)

l| Insecticide. By W. E. Hinds, Entomologist, Alabama
S tattion. P I. 21. Contribution from. the Bureau of Entomo-
PiT. -(Fairers' Bulletin 799.)
t f.a~rvea' B3lIQth,:1 145. Suitable for general distribution.
fii y.. y '. C. Bishopp; Entomologist, and H. P. Wood,
iat. p. 27,'figs. 14. Contribution from the Bureau
(Frmers' Bulletin 801.)

Suqe~s for Farmers. By H. H. Reese, Animal Hus-
P ^Contribntimi6- fiom the Bureau of Animal
...... Bulletin 803.)

:: ..... .. ... .
r "::".! ::; ,.:"* "!" .. ..... E..
.. .. ... .
r,;:.::;i:ii:i !:. i ; '. [ !. : .. .
[ ."i;:. i.;L," *. ; e : ... ,,,. : i ..,,
: ki: :ii;_r : .;Y ::.; E;.;i,,it~; ,,:
N,** *



The Drainage of Irrigated Farms. By R. A. Hart, Senior Draiuige-0..1ninea .
Pp. 31. figs. 19. Contribution from the Office of Public Roads mati: J",
Engineering. June, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 805.) -. I:,*:
Describes method of and necessity for the drainage of farms of this char itae. ,,::!X!
Equipment for Farm Sheep Raising. By V. 0. WIcWhorter, Animal HIu-i t
bandry Division. Pp. 28, figs. 37. Contribution from the Bureau ,:of-;Mi:;i,,,
Animal Industry. June, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 810.)
For general distribution.
How LiMe Stock is Handled in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. By -J.S:ii
H. Arnold, Agriculturist. Pp. 14. Contribution from the Office of Farm :.:,:
Management May, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 812.)
Of interest to live-stock farmers generally. :,
Bermuda Grass. By Samuel M. Tracy, Agronomist, Office of lorage-Crop In-
vestigations. Pp. 19, figs. 2. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant
Industry. May, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 814.)
Describes method of cultivation, uses, and value of this plant. Especially suit-
able for distribution in the Southern States.
How to Select Foods. II. Cereal Foods. By Caroline L. Hunt and Hefln.
W. Atwater, Scientific Assistants, Office of Home Economics. Pp. 23, fig...
4. Contribution from the States Relations Service. May, 1917. (Farmers' '
Bulletin 817.)
For general distribution.
Sweet Clover: Utilization.. By. H. S. Coe, Assistant Agronomist, Forage-Oop
Investigations. Pp. 82, figs. 13. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant
Industry. May, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 820.)
Suitable for general distribution.
Watermelon Diseases. By W. A. Orton, Pathologist in Charge of Cotton, Trunk,
and Forage Crop Disease Investigations. Pp. 18, figs. 11. 'Contribution
from the Bureau of Plant Industry. May, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 821),
Especially *applicable to conditions in the Southeastern States.
Live-Stock Classifications at County Fairs. By S. H. Ray, Animal Husbandry
Division. Pp. 12. Contribution from the Bureau of Animat Ilhmtry.
June, 1917. (Farmers' Blletin 82.)
Of interest to fair officials and prospective exhibitors.
Shallu, or "Egyptian Wheat" a Late-Maturing Variety f S birghitm. By
Benton E. Rothgeb, Scientific Assistant in Grain-Sorghum and Broom-. .
Corn Investigations Pp. 8, figs. 4. Contribution from the Bureau of
Plant Industry. June, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 827.)
Applicable to the southern Great Plains under dry-land conditions.
How to Detect Outbreaks of Insects and Save the Grain Crops. By W. B.
Walton, Entomologist in Charge of Cereal and Forage Insect Investiga-
tions. Pp. 24, figs. 14. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. :
June, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 835.)
For general distribution.
Harvesting Hay With the Sweep-Rake. By Arnold P. Yerkes, Assistant Agri-:..,
culturist, and H. B. McClure, Agriculturist. Pp. 12, flgs. 1. Contribution i;i:I;
from the Office of -Farm Management June, 1917. (Farmea' Ballehti !,
838.) ''
Describes a means by which eastern hay-growers may save labor. i:
Home Canning by the One-Period Cold-Pack Method, Taught to Ganning
Club Members in the Northern and Western States. By O. LH. E :nu ::
Agriculturist in Charge of Boys' and Girls' Extension Wefk nl the rth
ern and Western States. Pp. 89, figs. 24. Contribution from the States
Relations Service. June, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 889.)
For general distribution.
Drying Fruits and Vegetables in the Home, With Heciper fr Gboking. Pp.
29, figs. 20. June, 1017. (Farmer' Bulletin 841)
For general distribution.

... ;;.... ,:, 4


Management of Common Storage Houses for Apples in the Pacific North-
west. By H. J. Ramsey, Pomologist in Charge of Fruit' Handling and
Storage Investigations, and S. J. Dennis, Refrigeration Technologist.
Office of Horticultural and Pomological Investigations. Pp. 23, figs. 4.
Joint Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry and the Office of
Markets and Rural Organization. June, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 852.)
Deals with the fundamentals of construction and the efficient management of
common storage houses for apples under the conditions prevailing in Washington,
Oregon. Idaho, and Montana.
Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables as Taught to Canning Club Mem-
bers in the Southern States. By Mary E. Cresswell and Ola Powell,
Assistants in Home Demonstration Work, Office of Extension Work in the
South. Pp. 42, figs. 17. Contribution from the Stutes Relations Service.
June, 1917. (Farmers' Bulletin 853.)
Especially suitable for distribution in the Southern States.


S, The publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or bulletins apply-
Jhg to a special industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be furnished
agree to persons who can use such specialized information as long as the supply lasts.
.However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendent of Documents.
The Pine Trees of the Rocky Mountain Region. By George B. Sudwortb,
Dendrologist. Pp. 47, pls. 28, maps 14. Contribution from the Forest
Service. (Professional Paper.) May 26, 1917. (Department Bulletin
460.) Price, 30 cents.
Describes and illustrates all of the pine trees that inhabit the Rocky Mountain
region, and discusses their forest habits.
.Nursery Practice on the National Forests. By C. R. Tillotson, Forest Exami-
ner. Pp. 86, pls. 22. Contribution from the Forest Service. (Professional
Paper.) May 31, 1917. (Department Bulletin 479.) Price, 25 cents.
Should prove of interest and value to all who are engaged in nursery work with
forest trees.
'Solid-Stream Spraying Against the Gipsy Moth and the Brown-Tail Moth
in New England. By L. H. Worthley, Agent in Charge of Scouting anut
Extermination Work, Gipsy and Brown-Tail Moth Investigations. Pp. 16,
pls. 16. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. June 30, 1917.
(Department Bulletin 480.) Price, 15 cents.
A.description of this method of destroying the moths and a summary of the
results obtained.
The Melon Fly in Hawaii. By E. A. Back, Entomologist, and C. E. Pemberton,
Scientific Assistant, Mediterranean and other Fruit Fly Investigation-.
Pp. 64, pls. 24, figs. 10. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology.
(Professional Paper.) June 30, 1917. (Department Bulletin 491.) Price,
25 cents.
Describes life history, habits, method of spread and measures for control of this
A System of Accounts for Cotton Warehouses. By Roy L. Newton, Assistant
-in Warehouse Investigations, and John R. Humphrey, Investigator in
Market Business Practice. Pp. 31. Contribution from the Office of
.Markets and Rural Organization. June 26, 1917. (Department Bulletin
520.) Price, 5 cents.
Should be of special interest to all cotton warehousemen and of general interest
to their patrons and to those who are concerned in the reliability of warehouse
Characteristics and Quality of Montana-Grown Wheat. By Levi M. Thomas,
Assistant in Grain Standardization. Pp. 34, pls. 2, figs. 17. Contribution
from the Bureau of Plant Industry and the Office of Markets and Rural
Organization. May 18, 1917. (Department Bulletin 522.) Price, 10
Is intended for farmers in Montana and adjoining States and for grain buyers
throughout the country.

Utilization of Ash. By W. D. Sterrett, Forest Examiner. Pp. g2, Ji.
figs. 3. Contribution from the Forest Service. (Professional Paper.)
June 29, 1917. (Department Bulletin 523.) Price, 15 cents.
Of especial interest to manufacturers of wood products.
Apple Blotch and Its Control. By John W. Roberts, Pathologist, Fruilt-Disease
Investigations. Pp. 11, pls. 2, figs. 3. Contribution from the Bureau of
Plant Industry. (Professional Pafer.) June 28, 1917. (Department
Bulletin 534.) Price, 5 cents.
Is of interests to plant pathologist and to the apple growers of the eastern hal
of the United States, especially those of the more southerly apple-growing seetions.
The Horse-Radish Flea-Beetle: Its Life History and Distribution. By F. H.
Chittenden, Entomologist in Charge of Track Crop and Stored Product In-
sect Investigations, and Neale F. Howard, Specialist. Pp. 16, figs. 6.
Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. June 28, 1917. (Department
Bulletin 535.) Price, 5 cents.
For general distribution.
Shrimp: Handling, Transportation, and Uses. By Ernest D. Clark, Investi-
gator in Fish and Fish Products, and Leslie MacNaughton, formerly Ai-
sistant in Fish Investigations. Pp. 8, pl. 2. Contribution from thei
Bureau of Chemistry. June 27, 1017. (Department Bulletin 538.) Priek,
5 cents.
Contains suggestions for the proper care and preparation of phrlap for the
Effect of Fall Irrigation on Crop Yields at Bellefourche, South Dakota. B"
F. D. Farrell, Agriculturist in Charge of Demonstrations on Reclamationa
Projects, and Beyer Aune, Farm Superintendent, Western Irrigation Agri-
culture. Pp. 15, fig. 1. Contributiot from the Bureau of Plant IduaIty.
(Professional Paper.) June 27, 1917. (Department Bulletin 546.) Price,
5 cents.
Of interest to farmers in the semi-aria regions.
Variation in the Chemical Composition of Soils. By W. 0. Robinson, A6
Steinkoeig, and William H. Fry, Scientists in Chemical :
Pp. 16. Contribution from the Bureau of Sols. June 26, 1917. (De-
partment Bulletin 551) Price, 5 cents.
A complete analyses of 45 samples of sol reprsenting foer Hl pfnultes. Of
interest to chemists engaged in soil investigations.
The Determination of Bacteria in Ice Cream. By S. Ienry Ayers and W. T ...
Johnson, Jr., of the Dairy Division. Pp. 16. Contribution from the Bu(e-
of Animal industry. (Professional Paper.) June 19, 1917. (Depstmen e
Blletin 56&3) Price, 5 cents.
Of interest to chemists and food offiate generally.
The European Earwig and Its ControL By D. W. Jones, Scientifc AmlBista .nt
Pp. 12, figs. 8. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. June .18,"
1917. (Department Bulletin 566.) Price, 5 cents. ,
A teecriptian of this Insect, and augested means of controL 3. =pVi a r .;'E
for free distribstio. "
The Sanitary Cowtrol of Tomato-Canning Factries. By Burton J. reward, 'I
Microscopist in Charge, in collaboration with Charles H. Stesnson, mm
Sientilc Assistant, Microchemical Laboratory. Pp. 28, pis. 2, agL 3. on-
tribution from the Bureau of Chemistry. June 25, 1917. (Depatment. :
Bulletin 569.) Price, 5 cents.
Of I teest to caeMl aund l offciat s enmaily.

':?i iii


tiii :::of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1916. Pp. 783, pls. 95, figs.
.;I!.;" :74. Price, $1.00.
This Yearbook contains the annual report of the Secretary, 61 pages; 33 miscel-
laneous articles, 494 pages; an appendix, 188 pages; an index, 40 pagrs. Only 6 out
.": of each 100 copies are allotted to this department, which number is insuffcient to
.p supply even its regular correspondents. Other applicants are therefore respectfully
referred to their Representative or Delegate in Congress, as the other 94 per cent is
allotted to that body. The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing
Office, Washington, D. C., has it for sale at $1.00 per copy.
I:: eat of Different Methods of Transplanting Coffee. By T. B. McClelland,
S Assistant Horticulturist. Pp. 11, pl. 1. June 29, 1917. (Bulletin No. 22,
A Porto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station.) Price, 5 cents.
SAutomobile Registrations, Licenses, and Revenues in the United States,
S 1916. Pp. 15. Prepared by the Division of Road Economics, Oflice of
Public Roads and Rural Engineering. June 21, 1917. (Circular No. 73,
Office of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.


Ail::i ural of Agricultural Research. (For sale only.) Vol. 9, No. 10. June 4,
S 1917. Contents: The Pink Bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella. (ij K-52.)
SBy August Busek. Pp. 343-370, pis. 6, figs. 7. Price, 15 cents.
; aBLe, Vol. 9, No. 1L June 11, 1917. Contents: Toxicity of Various Benzene
Derivatives to Insects. '(ie Minn.-15.) By William Moore.-Hybrids of
Zes ramosa and Zea tunicata. (ig G-113.) By G. N. Collins.-Eupatorium
ageratoides, the Cause of Trembles. (ih N. C.-6.) By R. S. Curtis and
Frederick A. Wolf. Pp. 371-404, pls. 12, figs. 4. Price, 20 cents.
? Same, Vol. 9, No. 12. June 18, 1917. Contents: A Study of Methods of Esti-
nmation of Metabolic Nitrogen. (il Ohio-2,) By E. B. Forbes, C. E. Man-
gels, and L. E. Morgau.-A New Strain of Rhizoctonia solani on the
Potato. (ib G-114.) By J. Rosenbaum and M. Shapovalov.-A Form of
i Potato Disease Produced by Rhizoctonia. (ik Me.-10.) By Glen B.
Ramsey. Pp. 405-426, pls. 6, figs. 3. Price. 15 cents.
SirNoTE.-Beginning with Volume 5, The Journal of Agricultural Research has
. "been issued weekly and is distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural col-
leges and experiment stations, to large universities, technical schools, and such
Institutions as make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent
ra t individals. The Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for
th publication, the price being43 per year, 52 numbers.
Experiment Station Record. Vol. XXXVI, No. 7, May, 1917. E. W. Allen,
I. D., Editor. Pp. 601-700. Price, 15 cents.
iSame, Vol. XXXVI, No. 8, June, 1917. Pp. 701-800. Price, 15 cents.
B:i:: Vo l. XXXVI, No. 9. Abstract Number. Pp. 801-900. June 30, 1917.
Prie, 15 cents.
.~i Oe.- The Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature
.:'i" m to agriculture. It is not intended for general distribution, and its free
cn is r.k estricted to persons connected with the agricultural colleges, experi-
.eat. ~etlie, and sipilsr Institutioni and to libraries and exchanges. It can not
bi seat. ted to I dividuals having no ofical connection with public institutions.
The SuperIntendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication,
V". Ai mssred la two volumes a year, 10 numbers each, at $1 a volume.
I W Msthly Caop Report. Vol. 3, No. 6, June, 1917. Pp. 45-56. (Bureau
of Crop Estimates.)
H4it.mi dtata relating to agriculture, including estimates of acreage, conditions,
1. isK:" ., aad value of crops and live stock. For free distribution.

WII I'!"

&' These contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforceij
of food and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour and quarantine laws, and the nftuWt
regulations of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. Free distribsuEl
limited to persons in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties ren*i
it necessary for them to have such information, to journals especially concerned, d, n
manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Others desiring copies
respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Offii
who has them for sale only, at prices noted.
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 120. April, 1917. Pp. 39-46. June
1917. Price, 5 cents. |
Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement No. 25. [N. J. 4701-4750.] Pp. 261-.NaU
June 20, 1917. Price, 10 cents.
Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement No. 26. [N. J. 4751-4800.1 Pp. 321-834
June 13, 1917. Price, 10 cents.
Federal Horticultural Board. No. 39. April, 1917. Pp. 37-47. June 1, 191i
Price, 5 cents.
RV All requests for soil surveys are referred to the Bureau of Soils for attention, & :.i
distribution of same being controlled by that bureau.
Soil Survey of Clinton County, Iowa. By H. W. Hawker, of the U. S. ip-i
apartment of Agriculture, and F. B. Howe, of the Iowa Agricultural I ji
perlient Station. Pp. 64, pls. 3, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 190t1:
Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Schoharie County, New York. By E. T. Maxon, of the i'
Department of Agriculture, and G. L. Fuller, of the New York .Sti
College of Agriculture. Pp. 34, pls. 4, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. S |
1915.' Price, 15 cents. '":ii
Soil Survey of Anson County, North Carolina. By E. S. Vanatta, of thre
U. S. Department of Agriculture, and F. N. McDowell, of the Nc1ti
Carolina Department of Agriculture. Pp. 65, pis. 7, figs. 2, map. (Fr o
F. O. Soils, 1915.) Price, 15 cents. ".
Soil Survey of Fairfax and Alexandria Counties, Virginia. By William 'i1
Carter, Jr., and C. K. Tingling, Jr. Pp. 43, pis. 4, fig. 1, map. (Frbm C, Qr
Soils, 1915.) Price, 15 cents.

9r Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of w
Weather Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at tl
prices noted herein. ..
Monthly Weather Review. (For sale only.) Vol. 45, No. 3, March,
[June 1, 1917.] Pp. 91-148. charts 9, figs. 11. Price, 25 cents per
$2.50 per year. Payable to the Superintendent of Documents.
Special articles: Solar and sky radiation measurements during March, 1917,
n. H. Kimball.-Hail in the United States. By A. J. Henry.-Lightning andt
fires in California. By A. H. Palmer.-Density of snow, with a note on
ance and settling. By A. J. Henry and H. F. Alciatore.-Meteorological o
tions on United States lightships. By H. E. Williams.-Avalanche wind at -Jtu
January 26, 1917. By M. B. Summers.-Tornado at Cincinnati, March 11, 19T.
W. C. Devereaux.-Tornadoes of March 11, 1917, in Montgomery County, Oh.i.
R. F. Young.-Unusual hailstorm at Ballinger, Tex.-Severe local storm At
Diego, Cal.. February, 1917.-Winter of 1916-17 at Greenwich, England.
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, Nos. 12. 13, 14, 15, June, 1917, report
temperature, rainfall, and crop conditions throughout the United S
Issued weekly, on Wednesday, April to October; monthly remaidia'
year. Price, 25 cents a year.
Jos. A. AnNOr~, .
Editor and Chief, Division of Publ6 i.ons.
a iii '

. .... .

L o aid the housewife to feed her family properly and economically
i to conserve food from waste and spoilage, the department has
ed Farmers' Bulletins Nbos. 807, 808, 817, 824, 839, 8411, and 853,
iad particular attention is invited to them.
Ti. addition to the bulletins, the department has published five
uphlets dealing with food thrift and giving latest information
*;,: the use of various foods and the making of desirable left-overs.
B These circulars contain many practical recipes which should be of
direct interest to the housewife who wishes to help, through her
householdl, in the national efforts to insure an adequate food supply.
:.:'hey will be supplied in answer to individual requests, and are
, e specially suitable for distribution by those in charge of the many
i 4cal organizations engaged in the food conservation campaign, and
~~~llh officials are urged to write at once to the department for a
M' supply to distribute in his or her locality. Ask for Food Thrift
tr:3:;iies Nos. 1 to 5, andg that your organization be listed for future
'numbers as issued.

4H,:; ihfsr
S ).hh. .ld,, nlsu
iii'Hi ywlbespieinnwetoidvdareessadae
$1p!i;: cal utbefrdstiuinb hs ncag ftemn
V.:::.u .. .

I::,. :,..ka raztos nae h odene to a in n
:I: "' hofcasae gdt rt toc otedprmn o




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3 1262 08903 6361

S ..;..

":i .
; ;: ..irrr
:. .. : EE.'.i'

h H:~g


Dry Surplus Fruits and Vegetables

in Your Home

There is no difficulty about home drying fruits
and vegetables. Sun drying of fruit was a
common enough home industry a few years ago.
A few homemade shallow trays and a little
mosquito netting are all you need for sun drying.
A few trays bent out of coarse wire netting and
fitted like removable shelves into a lath frame
are all you need to dry over your range or gas
stove or before an electric fan.
Yes. There have been recent improvements;
in grandmother's successful method. It has
been found that currents of air are better than ,
heat in removing surplus water.
Water is all that is taken out; flavor, texture,
and food value are not impaired. Soaking and
cooking restore the succulent quality so im-
portan in the winter diet.
Dried products can be kept in paper con-
Write today for free Farmers' Bulletin 841.

Revive This Home Industry
in Your Home


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