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Monthly list of publications
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inbeM llilar will be sent regularly to all who apply for It.

d States Department of Agriculture,

'": WASHINGTON, D. C., NNocnmber 29, 1916.


: [NOVEMBER, 1916.]


abW bf the publications listed herein, except these otherwise noted, may be obtained
ow n to the Editor and Chief of the Division of Publications, United States
Atgriu l there. Washington, D. VC, as long as the department's supply lasts.
W apartment's supply is exhausted, publications can still be obtained from the
i e' Doeaments, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., but by par-
i "dtt the prices noted herein.
aNr to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office is not a part
of Agriculture.

yrmr request be sure and see that your name and complete post-office
l m laiber or rural route number as the case may be) is attached. -


The department's supply of the current numbers of Farmers' Bulletins is
.liiuent to make it possible to send them free to all applicants. They are
ft 5 :ts per copy.
i oarm or Grass Worm and Its Control. By W. R. Walton
Wilabill, Entomological Assistants, Cereal and Forage Insect Invcstiga-
P.-16, figs. 13. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. November,
itiptearsru' Bulletin 752.)
H' distribution.
ik4I1g Grading, and Marketing of Potatoes. By C. T. More,
In jflket Grades and Standards, and C. R. Dorland, Assistant in Mar-
S..and itandards. Pp. 40, figs, 10. Contribution from the Office of Markets
flTOapnliation. Nov. 1, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 753.)
i:e.." iNterest to all growers of potatoes and especially to commercial
ia :l ppire of the United States who are interested in the most desirable
Ila :,tlhe handling and marketing of the crop.
f I Pe Am Pinhole Borers, and How to Control Them. By
"i Etamological Assistant, Deciduous Fruit Insect Investigations.
Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. Nov. 29, 191G.
i. fruit growers generally, especially in the territory east of the
61, eWorsam, By. U. H. Chittenden, Entomologist In Charge of
to t In ect Investigations. Pp. 16, figs. 10. Contribution
mt NgOr. 20, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 7TE.)
Suslt cabbg gwers to control one of their most troublesome pests.
S 'fthgeb, BScientific Assistant in Grain-Sorghum
fiRgs 7. Contribution from the Bureau of
.mfiersl Bulletin 6&.)
9 southern section of the Great Plains area.
t& q'a. .. By Charles F. Creswell, Scientific Assist-
Sn 90e of Markets. and Rural Organization. Nov.
ittton producers, ginners,;and buyers generally

lRCe lu pJ Cou&c rU v w u tu0a ~t~u. rIpc A;lrMcu A.uL.u ma ELL Sv O iVA Ca llAt arpk s
However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price ta the Superintendent of Documents.
The Flow of Water in Wood-Stave Pipe. By Fred. C. Scobey, Irrigation .
never with discussion by Gardner S.. Williams, Theron A. Noble, D. C. Hentoy,
Morfiz, E. W. Schoder, I. Hoskins. Pp. 96, pis. 14, figs. 7. Contributiou.a
the Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering. (Professional Paper.) No ,
1916. (Department Bulletin 370.) 'Price, 25 cents. p
This bulletin treats of the subject of flowing water in wood-stave pipes. It '"f
based on field tests made on pipes in commercial operation. New formulas a*li
developed that more accurately fit all known data than any otMers now used. Th l
publication is offered for use of engineers designing and measuring wood-stave iol
for irrigation, power, municipal, mining, or other purposes and for courts and a 2.
neys at law interested in cases involving the carrying capacities of wood-stave pipe~l
A Survey of Typical Cooperative Stores in the United States. By J. A. ERete
Dean, School of Commerce, Oregon Agricultural College; Hector Macpherson, Dir e
Bureau of Markets, Oregon Agricultural College; and W. H. Kerr, Investigator'
Market Business Practice, Office of.Markets and Rural Organization, United Stwa1
Department of Agriculture. Pp. 32, pls. 2. Contribution from the Office of Mke.
and Rural Organization. Nov. 3, 1916. (Department Bulletin 394.) Prie :i
Should be of interest to cooperative stores and to producers and consuti '
Progress Reports of Experiments in Dust Prevention and Road Preeryi-
tion, 1915. Pp. 71. Contribution from the Office of Public Roads and Rural lir,
nearing. (Professional Paper.) Nov. 10, 1916. (Department Bulletita n
Price, 10 cents.
Reports the results from a number of experiments in dust prevention and rWl'l
preservation conducted by the Office of Public Itoads in 1915. The materlalsil
and methods employed in the experiments, the several kinds of roads and vasjf
conditions of traffic, and analyses of materials and cost data are given.
Value to Farm Families o. Food. Fuel, and Use of House. By W." C. !
Scientific Assistant Pp. 35, fig. 1. Contribution from the Office of Farm Miiir
ment, Office of the Secretary. (Professional Paper.) Nov. 11, 1916. (Dep1Cl
ment Bulletin 410.) Price. 10 cents. -
Gives data secured from nearly 1,000 families, covering the value of all food, tiuk
and shelter and showing what part was bought and what part was furnished by $-MI
farm ..... :i
The Grape Leaf-Folder. By J. P. Strauss, Entomological Assistant, Deciduods IrI;
Insect Investigations. Pp. 16, pis. 4, figs. 6. Contribution from the Bureau of. : j
mology. Nov. 9, 1916. (Department Bulletin 410.) Price, 5 cents.
Describes life history and habits and suggests methods of control of this inteet.'::
Labor requirements of Dairy Farms as Influenced by Milking Machliaj i
By Harold N. Humphrey, Scientific assistant Pp. 17, figs. 3. Contribution *ia
the Office of Farm Management, Office of the Secretary. (Professional Paper.) iM
25, 1916. (Department Bulletin 423.) Price, 5 cents.
Is of interest to dairymen generally, and especially to those having herds of t ie
15 head of cows.
The Cottonwood Borer. By F. B. Milliken, Scientific Assistant, Trunk-Croip t.I'l
Stored-Product Insect Investigations. Pp. 7, pi. 1, figs. 3. Contribution frae t
SBureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) Nov. 0, 1916. (Department .*i
letin 424.) Price, 5 cents.
Describes life history and habits of this insect and suggests methods of its otd4~iQ l
Judging the Dairy Cow as a Subject of Instruction in Secondary S ehbiai'
By II. P. Barrows, Assistant in Agricultural Education, States Relations Servia8.,
H. P. Davis, Dairy Husbandman, Bureau of Animal Industry. Pp. 20, figs.
tribution from the States Relations Service and Bureau of Animal Industry. Nay,:
1916. (Department Bulletin 434.) Price, 5 cents.
Is intended for the use of teachers of secondary agriculture.
The Apple Leaf-Sewer. By B. It. Leach, Scientific Assistant, Deciduous Fruit
Investigations. Pp. 16, pl. 1, figs. 6. Contribution from the Bureau of Etoin
Nov. 25, 1916. (Department Bulletin 435.) Price, -5 cents.
This bulletin will be found of value to apple growers in the North and, C
Atlantic States, the Middle West, and portions of Canada. ....
False Blossom of the Cultivated Cranberry. By C. L. Shear, Patholegl
Disease Investigations. Pp. 7, pis. 4 figs. 2. Contribution from the Bureau [i
Industry. (Professional Paper.) Nov. 25, 1916. (Department Bnlletia
'Price, 5 centSA
Is of interest to plant pathologists and to cranberry growers, esOei-M
States of Massachusetts, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and the coastal regiaiins oi
and Washington.
Water Penetration in the Gumbo Soils of the Belle Fourahe Me
Project. By O. R. Mathews, Assistant, Dry-Land Agriculture Invel tato.
12, figs. 4. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Nov. 22 1914
pattment. Bulletin 447.) Price, 5 cents.
Of especial interest to farmers and users of irrigation water on thi p '.
Relation Between Primary Market Prices .ad lQal ltle of C
Taylor. Cotton Technologist. Pp. 15. Contribution from the, (.Se of
Rural Organization. Nov. 24, 1016. (Department Bulletia n*
The survey here described should be of Interest to all who are sta
cotton industry.
"" """. '


AWiiii tn Relort of the Porto Rico Agricultural Experiment Station, 1915.
: ...: 45. ple. a. Nov. 23, 1916. Price, 30 cents.
i eie:neiza t an the Supposed Deterioration of Varieties of Vegetables In
ort Rieo, with Suagesttions for Seed Preservation. By C. F. Kinman,
: ...ulturlst, and T. B. McClelland, Assistant lHorticulturist. Pp. 30, figs. 11, Nov
!I:" K i. S(Bulletin 20, Porto Rieo Agricultural Experiment Station.)
:. ee, 10 cents.
S pesii:i':.llf and Regulations of the Secretary of Agriculture under the United
(Gircular 70, Office of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.


i Annual Report of the Secretary, 1916. Pp. 48.
:Ai:maual Report of the Chief of the Division of Accounts and Dishursements,
1916. Pp. 3.
A i. a nra u Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry, 1010. Pp. 70.
: Anual Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey, 1010. I'. 16.
Annual Report of the Chemist, 1910. Pp. 14.
Annual Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Crop Estimates, 1910. Pp. 7.
i'.An.: atal Report of the Editor, 1D10. Pp. 20.
a.. A al Report of the EIntomologist, 1016. Pp. 24.
maii A i: ia Report of the Chief of the Office of Farm Mnuagement, 1010. Pp. 0.
:: An nual Report of the Federal Horticultural Board, 1016. Pp. 14.
Ai Anuaml Report of the Forester, 1916.' Pp. 36.
A 'l nual Report of the Insecticide and Fungicide Board, 1910. Pp. 3.
SjwMial Report of the Librarian, 1910. Pp. 12.
*iii: a : ep1 rt of-the Chief of the Office of Markets and Rural Orgataiza-
-.tilon, 1910. Pp. 29.
:. Ananal Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Plant Industry, 1910. Pp. 18.
.Aunnual Report of the Director of the Office of Public Roads and Rural En-
:' gtneering, 1016. Pp. 16.
An:: al Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Soils, 1916. Pp. 7.
Anui. n.Ual Report of the Solictor, 1016. Pp. 22.
i ani:::::...: al Report of the Director of States Relations Service, 1910. Pp. 31.
I m:.AI" gtal Report of the Chief of the Weather Bureau, 1016. Pp. 18.
a' Nona.-The edition of the above noted reports is limited and none are printed
for ale, Requests for them will be filled as long as the supply lasts.

Sga .pl of Agricultural Research. (For sale only.) Vol. 7, No. 6. Nov. 6,
:. 916. Contents: Freezing-Point Lowering of the Leaf Sap of the Horticultural Types
: of Persea americana. (G-98.) By J. Arthur Harris and Wilson Popenoe.-Graln
i.. the-Tobacco Leaf. (G-00.) By Charles 8. Ridgway.-Host Plants of Thielavia
basicola. (Wis.-6.) By James Johnson. Pp. 261-300, pls. 5, figs. 2. Price, 15
Sn t. Smae, Vol. 7, No. 7. Nov. 13. 1916. Contents: Chemical Composition, Digestibility,
and Feedig Value of Vegetable-Ivory Meal. (Mass.-2.) By C. L. Beals and J. B.
Ll::dsey.-Rosy Apple Aphis. (K-45.) By A. C. Baker and W. F. Turner. Pp.
ii: .. 301-343, pls. 6. Price, 15 cents.
Siame, Vol. 7, No. 8. Nov. 20, 1916. Contents : Use of Two Indirect Methods for the
Determination of the Hygroscopic Coefficients of Soils. (Nebr.--l. By F. J. Alway
,. and V. L. Clark.-Correlation Between the Size of Cannon Bone in the Offspring and
the Age of the Parents. (111.-5.) By Christian Wreldt.-Laspeyresia molesta, an
ZI mportant New Insect Enemy of the Peach. (K.-4G.) By A. L. Quaintance and
Wi:.: :: .r W B. Wood. Pp. 345-377, pis. 6, figs. 6. Price, 15 cents.
i Sai ., .ie, Vol. 7, No. 9. Nov. 27, 1916. Contents: Energy Values of Red-Clover Hay and
i Maie Meal. (Pa.-1.) By Henry Prentiss Armsby, J. August Fries, and Winfrcd
iii; Waite Braman.-Relationship between the Wetting Power and Efficiency of Nicotine-
KU:.lphate and Fish-Oil Soap Spray. (Va.-1.) By Loren B. Smith.-Life History
aNd Poisonons Properties of Claviceps paspali. (Miss.-1.) By H. B. Brown.-
S effect of Sodium Salts in Water Cultures on the Absorption of Plant Food by Wheat
,i Seedlings. (G.-100.) By J. F. Breadeale. Pp.- 379-416, pl. 1, figs. 12. Price, 10
l .s.-. NoTul.-Beginning with Volume 5, The Journal of Agricultural Research will be
n Filed weekly and distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural colleges and
p.ili:.:.. eriment stations, to large universities, technical schools and such institutions as
make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent free to individuals.
tiSe lSuperintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, the
S fhe being 43 per year, 52 numbers.
iEl. h a--thdly i Report. -Vol. 2, No. 11, November, 1016. Pp. 109-120. (Bureau
.",': -t _l relatain to agriculture, including estimates of acreage, conditions,
i!: ..~ilvale oj. erep and live stock. For free distribution.

... : .

3 1262 08903 6221

ES" These contain only information, instructions, and.n tiees
of food and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour and quat ine t
nations of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureausl. fl
cited to persons in the employ of the department, to public officials wba ib
necessary for them to have such information, to journals especiAlly
manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Oth dr
respectfully referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Government i!
has them for sale only, at prices noted..
Bureau of Animal Industry. No. 118. September, 1916.. Pp. fL
1916. Price, 5 cents. ";
Bureau of Biological Surveyo.o. 13. Pp. 4. Nov. 20, 1916. Priceit'
Bureau of Chemistry. Supplement 20. [N. J. 4451-4500.] Pp. 7l-
13, 1916. Price, 10 cents.
Federal Horticultural Board. No. 32. September, 1916. Pp. 103-1.- .
1916. Price, 5 cents.
Federal Horticultural Board. No. 88. October.. 1916. Pp. 131--14L
1916.1 Price, 5 cents.
Office of Markets and Rural Organization. No. 14. Pp. 34. N A::
Price, 5 cents.
gS" All requests for soil surveys are referred to the Bureau of Soils a
distribution of same being controlled by that bureau.
Field Operations of the Bureau of Soils, 1913 (Fifteenth Report.)
Whitney, Chief. With accompanying papers by assistants in charge..M
Pp. 2438, pls. 43, figs. 62, maps 64 (In case). Price, $6.65. ..' -
For distribution also by Senators, Representatives, and Delegates in
Soil Survey of Dickey County, North Dakota. By T. M. Bushlelhn i
E. H. Smies, and W. I. Watkins, of the U. S. Department of Agriculture.
Anderson, Melvin Thomas, Murray E. Stebbins, R. C. Doneghue, and J.-
the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. Pp. 56, fig. 1,. -m
F. O. Soils, 1914.) Price, 15 cents.
ar Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the
Weather Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Govdrnment Printifgr81
prices noted herein. ............
Monthly Weather Review. (For sale only.) Vol. 44 No. 8. "Attg
431-498, charts 9, figs. 19. Price, 25 cents a copy, $2.50 a yea r.
Superintendent of Documents.
Special Articles: Solar and sky radiation measurements during .
I1. H. Kimball.-High haze over the southwestern United States, I
1916. By H. H. Kimball.-Atmospheric refraction at Mount H.
W. G. Reed.-Abnormal propagation of sound waves in the atmosphere.
whara.-Auroras observed during August, 1916.-Distribution of
China during the typhoons of the summer of 1911. By Co-hin
equilibrium and atmospheric radiation. By R. Emden.-Tornado inte
W. Stevens.-Government safety-first train. By R. H. Finch.--T4Qk* i-i
Juan, P. R. By F. E. Hartwell.-Extension of U. B. Weather Buarea
C. C. Clark. .
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, No. 30, October, -1916 r
rainfall, and crop conditions throughout the United States. -m4
Wednesday, April to October; monthly remainder of year.) PFri1e.:

EWAi1tor Chis. 15
Editor Gild Chie~f,.Diiuioo f Pi ul
.. :..,

M i :. ,::-~
I- ..
W.....U::N.: :Po'n .'ii

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