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Monthly list of publications
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ftti.i States: Department" o4 peSIwTORY

i ; :i:SU ". INTON, D. C., Ocluber 31, 1916.


"[OCTOR'.B, 1916f.]


-::.i s of the publication listed herein, except those otherwise noted, may be
O1 ."Iu appldittion to the Editor and Chief of the Division of Publications,
p Ulpartment of Agrieulture, Washington, D. C., as long as the department's
department's supply is exhausted, publications can still be obtained from the
t of Documents, Government Printing Office. Washington, D. C., but by pur-
i. a at. the prices noted herein.
.S.. ttmees to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office is not a part
ial ,o. Agriculture.

:street number or rural route number as the case may be) is attached.


.-The department's supply of the current numbers of Fatrmnlrr' Iuilh-tius is
aulffcient to make it possible to send them free to all applicants. ''llir- are
.-le, at 5 cents per copy.
u ..By C. L. Marlatt, Entomologist and Assi-.tan thif( if the liiin-r,.i.
,.. ls. 4. Contribution from the Buretan of EintomoIluy. Ocl. 14, 111).
ri o Bulletin .754.)
11%eral distribution.
'WrS dt b fotheastern ITniteil States in Reliatioi Io .Airricunltuire.
.. Beal, W. L. McAtee, and I. Kilmnihab. Assistant Linlngirtisr-. Ip. 40,
SContribution from the Boireau of Biological Survvy. .i)t. 1911
er nBulletin T55.)
jio:p habits and relation to agriculture of 2i species of birtlds *.ronmInon in
tisatern.Btates are described: of general interest, but esl .iri apipliri-lilo
section covered.
.R.e in the Eantern IHalt of the United States. By Clyde K.
Agronomist in Charge of Eastern Wheat and Rye luvestiga.tions. .'. 16,
SContributions from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Oct. 11. J')10.
SBuIlletin TS6.)
Se:~it.distrlbutlon in territory nbove described.
iTarlettes-ot Alfalfa. By I. A. Oakley, Agronomist, and 11. I.. West-
etIe Assistant. Office of Forage-Crop Investigations. Pp. 24, figs. 7.
0. from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Oct. 12, 1010. (F'rners'
s general distribution and will be of interest to faoners in aill parts
%.:Bt ates where alfalfa can be grown.
.A& Pe t By T. E. Snyder, Specialist in Forest Entomology. Forest Insect
II ?rPp 20, figs. 14. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology.
1 1Fraier' Bulletin 759.)
ge erasl distrIbution.
i.3i rds in Northwe dlern United State.s By W. L. Me.tee.
ft Pp. 12, figs. 11. Contribution from the Bureau of Biological
: 1 0916. (Prarmers' Bulletin 760.)
Iaut. of providing a food supply for wild birds nbout homesmteds in
jiten, Montana, Idaho. and northern parts of California. Nevada,
If" R' Mnk-Land ParinU in Northern Indiana anld Somathern
l' R ;.. Stmailey, AaHgstant Agriculturlst. Pp. G. figs. 12. Con-
i the iOffice of Farm fu magement, Office of the Secretary. Oct. 10,
1 Baletin 71t..t
lJ f iattrest to muck-land farmers of northern Indiana and mluthern
411 to .farlmen in other sections of the country where moil and
oid are similar or comparable.
......... ..." ..:'-

..: : ... .. ... ........
: : ...
",f !: '.,:.;h i..!"=,,."!.r_: '== : ,. ,=" ., ,;=,..

ii~ t i1 L". ':".,: : i :: .,:...' "" L".?": M.":. .... d .ib ." .. "..."

Sale, .Limits, and Licenses. By '. S. Palmer, W. F.i Baneroft, ad Prank Li
shaw, Assistants, Biological Survey. Pp. 64. Contribution from the Buordij
Biological Survey. Oct. 9, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 774.)
Contains the proclamation of the President and the amended Regulations frf6i
Protection of Migratory Birds, approved Aug. 21, 1916, and the treaty with ..
Britain for the protection of migratory birds in the United States ahd Cid
ratified Aug. 29, 1916.
Laws Relating to aFr-Bearingf Animals, 1916. A Summary of Laws ,yti
United States and Canada Relating to Trapping, Protection, Propagation, ..
Bounties. By D. E. Lantz,. Assistant Biologist. Pp., 28. Contribution fromql
Bureau of Biological Survey. Oct. 19, 1916. (Farmers' Balletin T88.) i i
Is intended for general distribution among persons interested in fur tani
trapping, and the fur trade.
W" The publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or bulletti$
plying to a special industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they .wl
furnished free to persons who can use such specialized information as long sl.
supply lasts. However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendeut;i
Forests of Porto Rico, Past, Present, and Future, and Their Physical Ai1
Economic Environment. By-Louis S. Murphy, Forest Examiner, in coopeortti
with the Government of Porto Rico Board of Commissioners of Agriculture. PpqS
pls. 12, figs. 3. map. Contribution from the Forest Service. Oct. 20-. 1"
(Department Bulletin 384.) Price, 25 cents.
No copies available for free distribution.
The Intrinsic Values of Grain. Cottonseed, Flour. and Similar Proaut*
Based on the Dry-Matter Content. By E. G. Boerner, Assistant in G
Standardization. Pp. 32, figs. 3, Contributidn from the Bureau cf Plant Il fl
(Professional Paper.) Oct. 17, 1916. (Department Bulletin 374.) iPe
cents. :
Shows the percentage of water contained in various grains, flours, and cottanini
and explains the benefits derived by drying said products before marketing asea.i ::
Economic Surveys of County Highway Improvement. By J. E. Pen.ny
Chief of Road Economics, and M. O. Eldridge. Assistant in Road Economics. P.
pis. 36. Contributions from the Office of Public Roads and Rural Englaeering. A
23, 1916. (Department Bnlletin 393.) Price. 35 cents.
A compilation and analysis of data ia eight selected counties, showing eaa I
financial burdens and economic benefits resulting from highway improvement
a period of years.
Second Annnal Report of Bird Counts in the United States. W'itht bt
slon of Results. By Wells W. Cooke, Assistant Biologist. Pp. 20 g. fg. :i.0
tribution from the Bureau of Biological Survey.' Oct. 23, 1916. (Daep M
Bulletin 396.) Price, 5 cents.
This second report on the number and relative abundance of wild birds. Ji
information of workers and others interested in the protection and ineatee i .i
Cereal Experiments at the Judith Basin Substation, 'Moeeoasin,
By N. C. Donaldson, Scientific Assistant, Office of Cereal Investigatios.
figs. 17. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Oct. 12, 191. (<'i
ment Bulletin 398.) Price, 10 cents. :
Of interest to farmers and settlers in this part of Montana.
Experiments Vith Marquis Wheat. By Carleton R. Bail. Agroaemist E'.
and J. Allen Clark, Scientific Assistant, Western Wheat Investigations,
Cereal Investigations. Pp. 40, figs. 10. Contribution from the Burema
Industry. (Professional Paper.) Oct. 26, 1916. (Department .BUM.t.:..
Price, 10 cents.
Is intended for agronomists, both experimenters and extenSlon wor
technical workers in other lines who are concerned with wheat and its =i
Marketing and Distribution of Western MuskmeanelJ s A; .SSl ::.
Schleussner. Assistant in Market Surveys, and C. -. Kiteben. rluat$
Assistant. Pp. 38, charts 4. Contributions from the Office of MWt.u' s
Organization. Oct. 31, 1916. (Department Bulletin 401:.k i. rK ... i
Isf interest to muskmelon growers in the West, shippers, dealers, ra
companies, and consumers, and to all engaged in the trade.. : '..
Cereal Experiments at the Akron Pjeld Statio, Ala re, .g l
George A. McMurdo. Assistant, Office of Cereal Investi is. n iL
Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Octe.3, 1t ,
Bulletin 402.) Price, 10 cents.
Of interest to settlers in northeastern Colorado, an d pothlatei i
southwestern Nebraska, and northwestern "Kansas. ..-
... -,. ........... *.....

S(rotessioaal Paper.) ;Oct. ; 4 1916. (Department Bulletin
S dir:getuit to all persons who are interested in the economic phases of
m'ktz;' especially to print and 'book paper manufacturers. It also should
afktqirest to scientific investigators and chemists.
W' a.urings 1915 in the Destruction of Fly Larvae lan Horse
SBy F. C. Cook, Physiological Chemist, Bureau of Chemistry, and R. H.
Scientific Assistant, Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 19. Contribution from
l] Enpau of Entomology and Bareau of Chemistry. Oct. 28. 1016. (Departmifent
Mt"'Bn. 408.), Price, 5 cents.
/. ble for general distribution. mni r of Potash from Alnuite. By W. H. Waggaman, Scientist in
std Ker Investigations and J. A. Cullen, Analyst. Pp. 14, fiR. 1. Contribution
theft Barean of Soils. (Professional Paper.) Oct. 10, 191i. (Department
ttn 415.) Price, 5 cents.
ii. tribes location and extent of the Utah deposits of Alunitc. and the method
i eating the potash.
HlM -Bottled Pasteurized Milk by Forced Air. By S. Henry Ayers.
T. Bowen, and W. T. Johnson, Jr., Dairy Division. Pp. 38, figs. 20. Con-
ttution from the Bureau of Animal Industry. (Professional Paper.i Oct. 27,
::$t (Department Bulletin 420.) Price, 10 cents.
i.1 interest to milk dealers and distributors generally.
S*Sgar-Beet Thrips. By William H. White, Scientific Assistant, Truck Crop
n Stored-Product Insect Ins Investigations. Pp. 12. pis. 2. figs. 8. Contribution
tra the Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) Oct. 26, 1916. (Depart-
.w;Ait Bulletin 421.) Price, 5 cents.
e-i" s history and life habits of this insect and suggests methods of controL
SlI.grpltant Tortoise Beetle. By Thomas .L Jones, Entomological Assistant,
'~' :Tr.k-Crop and Stored-Product Insect Investigations. Pp. 8, figs. 3. Contribution
f,~r the Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) Odt. 2, 191G. (Depart-
siKql t BafRetti 428.) Price 5 cents.
-': *.serlbes life history and habits of this insect and suggests methods of control.
i in on the Cut-Over Lands of Michigan. Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
ws;i J. C. McDowell. Agriculturist. and W. B. Walker. Assistant Agriculturist. Pp.
5i~ ~Si. 10. Contribution from the Office of Farm Management, Office of the Secre-
mr. Oct. 24, 1916. (Department Bulletin 425.) Price, 5 cents.
iiii'This: bulletin is issued to meet the demand for a publication dealing in a popular
i;n;er r with the essential problems of this region.
ifa l lcperliments on the Cheyenne Experiment Farai. Archer, Wy-
iiaB ing. By Jenkin W. Jones, Scientific Assistant, Office of'Cereal Investigations.
P..".p 40, figs. 10. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Oct. 28, 1910.
I'Depnartment Bulletin 43L.) Price. 10 cents.
.kO-.' a interest to those engaged in dry farming in the higher parts of the northern
'"PrIjasp rea.
'tj icm nf Matnganese Under Acid and Nentral Soil Conditions. By J. J.
*iaer and F. Reid. Biochemists, Office of SoUl-Fertility Investigations. Pp. 12.
3. 3a Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.)
27,. 1916. (Department Bulletin 441.) Price, 5 cents.
he results given in this bulletin throw further light on the effect of this catalytic
fertil~er tuader various soil conditions. That its effect is dependent on the reaction
.:If t.he soil is demonstrated. The bulletin is of interest to scientific investigators.
manufacturers of catalytic fertilizers, and to those growers whose technical
Tahdpig induces them to experiment with new substances to increase or control
r*4P. 'prodHction.
flid of the Eleetrolytie Method of Silver Cleaning. By II. L. Lang and
C.: F; Walton, Jr., Scientific Assistants, Office of flome Economics. Pp. 12. Con-
tton Yem the States Relations Service. (Professional Paper.. Qct. 31. 1916.
a niaent Bull,tin. 449.) Price 5 cents.
: ]ijntains information regarding the advantages and limitations of the electrolytic
maii id of cleaning silver and the conditions under which it is most efficient. which
lf: believed will prove useful to teachers and housekeepers generally.
Apparatus for Determining the Test Weight of Grain, WIth a
l IMethod of Making the Test. By E. G. Boeraer, Assistant in Grain
d ftQ. ftPp. 15. figs. 8. Contribution from the Bureau o l Plant Industry.
il Pape.) Oct 30, 1916. (Department Bulletin 472.) Price, 5
i.:.. iae;a et to grain dealers and grain inspectors.
.31 "nlxta in -the United States, Pt. 5. Methods and Cost of Marketing
-h l island Metas. By Louis D. Hall. Specialist, and F. L. Simpson and S. W.
iatllath:t& in Marketing Live Stck and Meats, Ofice of Markets and Rural
Pp. 08, ps. 20. Contribution from the Offic of Markets and Rural
Sy. Det. 7, 1910. (Report 113, Office of the Secretary.) Price,
-L e-0e of the five reports issu d showing the results of various independent
algg with several phases of the meat industry, undertaken by specialists
talent, at the suggestion of a committee appointed in 1914 by the Secre-
thie economies of the neat situation: the other four reports were
Seeporte Nos. 109, 110, 1l, and 112. Office of the Secretary. They
i-ie Ear free distribution,'but are for sale by the Superintendent of
1 pieoife of the five report being 95 cents.

:. ; -.C, .

:1 4,.

IF' ".: .;.' : ".. .";'. ." UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

S 3 1262 08903 6213

State Hjighwn:ay Milenge aA1141 EixpexAlitii

Pric'. 5 c. t...t.
Snuge.tions. for tine lMainufacture act MaI-rketift '
the .SonTl 1. liv IRoy C. Potts, .Specjilist iti Marketg... .
Markets and lHunl ()Organizatlon. and V PFllam Vhitei: Dar.
11ilary I'11sion of- hre Bureau of AniMal Indlistry. 'p. 1,
enllir 1(i1. Offlee of the Secretary.) Irice, cennts.
Contains definite suggestions of interest to those engaged is WH
in the South.
Jonrnal of Anrieultural Reaearch. (For Male only.) VOL: r
'. 19li. Contents: Aspergillus niger Group. (E-5.. By Charles
N. Currie. Some Effects of the Blackrot Fungus, Sphaeropsis. m
hliemicnl t'omposition of the-Apple. (Ala.-3. By Charles W.t.
t'. Foster. and Joseph S. Caldwell. Formation of Hlematoporp
during Antolysis. VA.--25.) By Ralph Hoangland. '1p. 1-45. Plee
-SnHIle. Vol. 7, No. 2. Oct. 9, 1910. Contents: Comparison of tire
of Some Humid and Some Arid..Soils. (Cal.-6). By C. B, Lipahf
nnd M. Klein. Immobility of Iron in the Plant. (B.-11.) '
J. O. Carrero. Pp. 47-87. Price, 10 cents. i
Same, Vol. 7. No. 3. Oct 16, 1910. Contents: Effects of Nicotine as-:f
iK-43.i By N. E. Mclndoo. Acidity and Adsorption in Soils as
Hydrogen lJectrode. (Cal.-5.) By L. T. Sharp and D. R. Hoagland
lls. 1-:,:. Price, 15 cents.
Same, Vol. 7, No. 4. Oct. 23. 1010. Contents: Life History of Hlabr
iguii a Recently Described Parasite of the Chalcis.Fly in Alfalfa:
By Theodore D. Urbahns.-Daily Transpiration During the Normal G
:nd Its Correlation with the Weather. (G.-95.) By Lyman J. Bf
Shantz. Pp. 147-212. ple. 3, figs. 19. Price, 20 cents
Sane. Vol.. No. 5. Oct. 30. 1016. Contents: Studies of Spongospo r'.
and Phorua Tuberosa of the Irish Potato. (G-96.) By I. I. MelhuuN ,
and E. S. Hehultz.-Grown of Parasitic Fungi in Concentrated SolutiH"
:fy I.on .\. lawkins. Pp. 213-260, pls. 9, figs. 1. Price, 20 cents,
'-FNnrTEi.-Beginning with Volume 5, The Journal of Agricultur ] fl
issued weekly and distributed free only to the libraries of agrilcuttiril
Uxlc.rimeni stations, to large universities, technical schools, adld suelI'
make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent fr .
T'1'I Siipe'rintrndent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this: ,
price being $3: per year, D52 numbers. ...
Explerinentl Station Record. Vol. XXXV, No. 4. Sept. 1 9 .i
l'lh. I.. EIditur. Pp. 301-400. Price, 15 cents.
Snalne. V\1l. XXXV. No. 5. .Oct., 1916. Pp. 401-500. Price, 15. c
X,'No' :.--T-ho liecord is a technical review of the world's scienti(
taininu to agriculture. It is not intended-for general distribution, a
bulion i restricted to persons connected with the agricultural'
xlntions. nnd similar institutions, and to libraries and exchanges. 4t-:
free tn iundi\iduals having no official connection with public institli
intIllndenit of Documennts will receive s niscriptions for this p"
issi -d in twro volume a year, ten numbers each, at $1 a vollm
The Montllly (roi nReort. Vol. 2, No. 10, Oct., 1916. ..'Pp-. rI.
Crop Estinmntr-s.i
'Containls dat;li elating to agriculture, including estimates ofjm.
yield, prie.s. :;nd vnluIi of crops and live stock. For free dli t4
Lj-rl'll,lie.ations of tlhe Wenther Bureau are obtainable only fro6lk
Weatholr uireo: or the Siiperintendent of Documents, Govetrn.ientt:..
prices noted herein.
MonllIl.v Weather Review. (For sale only.) Vol. 44, No, 4,o:!
.:S1-42!L .hnrts fI. figs. :3. Price, 25 cents a copy, $2.50 a tear.:
Superintendent of Documents -
Special Articles: Solar and sky radialion measurements d
II. II. Kiibnll.--Investigations in the upper air of Australia...
4'l1isilitcatioi of lithe hydronmoters. Pt. 1. By G. Hellmana
IWrattiurce- A.. .\ngot.-\ atinther forecasting in 'the U.Itt
IITnr. 1 and otherl.--Niw South bWales rainfall. By D. J.P 5. 1910(. at I'-ntacola, "Fla. By W. F. Reed Jr.--Iurricaui
at .Moblil Ala. By A. A.henberger.--Tropica] hurricane f::
Louii:mua. Ity I. M. Cline.-South Carolina hurricane oi J
II. Scott.- -Rivers and floods, July. 1916. By A. J. Henry.
the maximum summer level In Lake Tahoe. By H, F. -AR imt
thlIa Columbia. By F'loyd D. Young.--Great Lakes levels dri!iTi
National W'eather and Crop Bulletln, No. 29, Special io
1 11. 19i1 reporting temperature, rainfall, ind crop coudi ct
rUnir;e.u Slaic. IsIsued weekly. on Wednesday, April to 1O Z.
der of ytvar.) iPrice, 25 cents a year., .. .

Editor and Chief Dwvium ;g


72.. "

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