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Service and regulatory announcements
United States -- Bureau of Animal Industry
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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v. : ; 23 cm.


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Meat inspection ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
federal government publication ( marcgt )


Contains Insecticide decisions and Notices of judgment under the Insecticide Act formerly issued only as a separate publication, now published in both forms.
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Also available in electronic format
Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
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No. 81 (1914)-

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University of Florida
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ThP pnyment of compgensation to de-
partmcnt employgeesi by ame~nees
other thann the F'ederal G~overn-
ment --_-__________________ ,
Resonsbiltyfor Uinited States
fiunds iollected by employees of the
department __ _____ _
Supnplemental rnouchers and claiims .
E~mployeeits' use of their own' motor-
propCelled vehicles --- __
Dlesignation of permanent station or
temllorary ilendqluarters allow-
ances Cconnectled tllrcowith ._ _
Hiring= a boat, bicycle, motor rycle,
or aultomobI~ile.. _______
I'se of departmenteo bills of lading .
Status of tirck era~dication in vroiious
States, June, 1910.... ... ___
Summa~ry of tub~erce ulos.i;-Pordicationo
wnrk in enopcratico n ith the va-
rious States. June, r1I10.........
Publicationsn in July-------- -- ,
Orgaluintizatn of thle Burinu of Ani-
mull induset ry. .......---- -- -

Inspection and testing of animals for
Canada______ ______ -----
Use of Quarantine F'orms 05 and
55 A__-__---- ------- -------
Animals slaughtered under Federal
meat inspection, June, 1910 _
Imports of food animals and of
ments and meat food products__ .
Lienses for veterinary biological
prodlucts ----- ------- .. ---
Quantities of simultaneous hrlg-chol-
era virus collected______ ____ -
Quantities of antihog-cholera serum
collected -- -
1I'he care of immunized sw~ine from
public stock~nrds --- .... --- -
Permitted dips.-- -- ----------- -
Permitted disinfectant---- ___ __
Results of prosecutions for violations
of laws -------------- ---------
Grand Army of the Republic encamp-
ment.- ----------------------
Use of appropriatiorns to influence
Members~ of Congress to favor or
oppose legislation prohibited... .

Irtment of W




JULY, 1919.

[This publication is Issued monthly for the di~ssmination of information, Instructions,
rulings, etc., concerning the work of the Bureau of Animial Industry. Frlee distribution is
limited to persons in the service of the bureau, establijhmcnts at whiib the Federal meat
inspection is conducted, public officers whose duties maike it desirable for them to have
such information, and journals especially concernedl. Others desiring copies may obtain
them from the Superintendent of Documents, Govecrnment Printing Offliee, Wahington,
D. C., at 5 cents each, or 50 cents a year. A supply will be sent to each official in charge
of a station or branch of the bureau series, who, should promptlly distribute copies to
members of his force. A tile should be kept at each station for refe~receu~.]


The following changes havre bee~11n mae in thle lisit o~f ~rac~tic~ingi veterinarians
registered by thle bulreaiu and aunth~rize~d to inlslitct andl test withl mlletltin horses,
Inules, and asses intended~ for exprtn to? Canada:l

Name Added to List.

Dr. C. MrcDowelll Aberdeen, S. Daki.


Names Removed from List.

Dr. T. F. Craiga Hampdern, N'. Dak-.
Dr. C. L. Gamrathi, Fairlield, Iowva.
Dr. Mi. A. Hollingswnorth, Rockt Isla-nd, Ill.
Dr. M. WN. Ki~renziger. Bowman, N. Dakr.
Dr. Fi. F'. Sheets, Vauln ert, Ohlio.
Change of Address.

Dr.- Fred Low fromr Hank~inson to Oakters, N. Da~k.
Dr. H. Mawlhinney from? Harrrington to Mlarcus, Wash.
Dr. J. J. M/cDowell from Aberdeen to Wakpalr~fla, S. Dakr.
Dr. P. E. Nulplil from Crosby, N. Dak.,, to G~reeunwood, W'is.
Dr. Charles Parkle from Sioux: Oity to Mroville, Iowva.
]Dr. M. J. Sexton1 from M~inllnepolis to Winlona, Minn.
Dr. V. Wh~\~ite fro Bolse to Blflakfoo~t, Idaho.


The atftentionl gf bureau- inisp:edilors who-~~S m g beca~lled upon~ to issue certifi-
caltes to accompany export sh~ipmlents of live stock is directed to Service anld
Recrulalto~ry Announcements for March, 1919, e~sp-ecially to the paragraph on
page 21, having reference to the use of Q. D3. Forms 55 and 55 A.
Since the da~te,above Q. D). Form 55 A has been modified to read as follows:


F~or shipmrentl to_- ___--_-----__---_
No._-_- _
Pla~t__---- ce--------- Date,,,, -_, ,, 19 1..
.I hereby certifyf thant I have ma~le a careful investigation of conditions as
related to thre herd of swotine ownedl bl)__________ of _______
_____,,_,,, fromn which herd ______heatd have been sellected fo~r ship-
ment to -_,,'.- -- i_----i_-_L -by ___- ---___- and ~find that
neither swcine planeu nor hog cholera has existed in said herd during thettttt~~~~~~
m mn~sixty day~s 1 immediately p~~receing the present date. It is further certifiedr that

prc\intion of hLog; cholflerfl, and have been subseqluently disinfected in a 2 pe
cent solution of compound rolutio~n of cresol, U. B. P., or a permitted substitute.

Veterinar Inagyector, Blreaau of Anzimal Inldustry.
This change in the certificate above has been made in order that it many be
fu~lloted~ for use in jimmunllized swine for sihipment to various foreign
countries, in addition to those destined to Canada. Inspectors should not over-
look the fact that while certain foreign governments will accept immunized
swine on a ce.r~tifienlte shlo~wing freedom. of the hlerd from swine plague and liog~
cholera dluring thec 60 days Irimmedia~telyg precelingg shipment, the Canadian
regulations require that such swine be certifjied as corning from a hr~ld in
which neither swine p.laceI nlor hog cholera has existed d7uring the six months
immediately preceding date of shipment.
Bureau inspectors having on hand copiesr of the certificate Q. D. Fiorm 55 A as
originally p~rcep:ll red should return them to the bureau and request any possible
I~requir'ed supply of the new fllrm..


J UNE, 1919.

Station. Catlel. Calves. Sheep. Goats. Swine.

Chicago.................... ................. 144, 535 51, 651 298, 188 122 696, 543
Fort W~vort h.........,...................... 49, 283 19, 459 18, 597 750 26,404
KasasCity ................... ........... 69, 986 25.223 91,785 2, 308 345, 193
~National Stock Yards.,... ................. 33,88133 1, 7.1 948 14 160, 459
Omaha. ................. .................. 67, 1883,910 128 6 243, 863
St. Louis. .................... ......,....... 11,170 3, 208 7 572 ......~...... 124, 372
Biouxt City.. .................,..........., 23, 867 2, 582 8,596 1............ 137 994
South St. Joseph. ................... ....... 20, 574 5, 395 44, 264 5 183, 505
Alllot~herestablishments.... .....,.......... 223, 977 202, 792 288, 388 350 1,8S03, 897
Total: June, 1019.................,..,... 644, 463 327,060 931, 466 3, 555 3, 728, 230
June, 1918 ................... ... 829,690 312, 171 737,298 17,805 2, 782, 792
12 months ended June, 1919.....1 11, 241, 991 3, .7-1.?3 2711 268, 370 125, 660 44, 398, 389
12 months ended June, 1918.....1 10,938, 415 3,.?b18769, 497 149, 503 35,448, 848


Thce statements following show the imports of food animals and of meats and
meat food products inspected by the Bureau of Animal Industry during June,
1919, whih ~figures for other periods of com aiolDilicn.

Imports of food animals.

Country of export. Cattle. Swine. Sheep. Goats.

Ilexico.. .............,. ....,........... .........,..... 5, 282 1 433 412
Canada.. ................... ........,.......... ......,... 12, 467 484 1388......
Great Britain................,.. .....,...,........ ....... 107 1............ ............I 1

Total: June, 1919..............,...,... ........,...... 17, 856 485 571 413
June,l19................................. 25, 841 32 5,466206
12 months ended June, 1919......,........... 446, 022 24,384 182, 369 2,4
12 months ended June, 1918,........~........ 292, 860 13,670 157, 086 25, 849

ji ~Imports of meet and meat food produvr Is.

Fresh and refrigerated.
Canned Other 'Total
Country of export. and cured. products. weight.
Beef. Other.

Poucnds. Pounds. Pounds. Pounds. Pounds.
Aretina..,...........-....~..............., ............--- ........ 4,340 89, 479 93, 819
tra~li~a....................................... 3433, 415 3,587 1............ 37, 002
razl............................ ............ .... 681,120 ..........., 681,120
canad.........,........ ................. 33 556, 988 410, 362 115, 747 2, 476, 738
Urguay..~.......-..-...... ....~....~...... ............ ....-....... 576 ........... 576
Other countries............,....,...,........ 322, 262 22, 967 2, 251 702, 013 1, 049, 493
Total: June, `1919..........,............ 1, 715, 903 613, 370 1,102, 236 907, 239 4, 338, 748
June 1918........,..........,..... o',. 277,623 1.635, 638 89, 525 3,592,591
12 months ended June, 1919.....1 31, -c~.;;, In, s 1, sl4 3129, 916, 112 7, 814, 691 179, 911, 142
12 months ended June, 1918.....1 18i, ~30, 42') 5, MO, 1,12 23,236,737 11,299,136 59, 025, 484

Condetmned in June, 1919: Beef, 2.954 pounds; pork, 170 pounds; total, 3,124 pounds. Refused entry:
Beef 456,770 pounds.




T~he followning 'I: II'' chance Iha le l been mad in the list of licenses for the manu-
fa1cture of veter~inarfly Iiolodac;; l p-lroduclitsi fo~r thle ye~r 1019 ~under the act of Con-
grless of Ma:rchl 4, 1013 (3'T Stat., 832), and1 thle regulaltionls mde thereunder
(B. A. I. Ordier 196) :
Licenrses iPssued.

-cons Iate, Nllme snd~ address of Grm. Products.

a July 18 The Abbontt Labr~oriatos,4:'83 Ravens- Blackllg- niltrato.
wo~iod Avfnire, Chicago, Ill.
8 July 31 Pit man-loore Co.,near Zicusville,Ind. An nicalf-taursernm: ntimiled in~e t ion se-
ru~m(for swine ); onlf-secur mixed bacturin;
di-rrmper mixed berttrin cfor horses);
equine-influtnza mixed bactriln; bemor-
rbagic-;ipiem ia1 btactrin iinr rabbits);
st re p-stap'hwob bactorin (he rsrs.r!
83 Julyg 31 E. R. Squibb & 'cons Georges Road, Antihemorllhasic septit*Cmia . New Brunsw~ickl, N J.J ~li. icn I br mor rh iesqic emFIias etJ C um orr
Chrop I: ntiherm~rrJbait eptiremji ~swine).
107 July 28 The Jenjtn-Sabbe~ry Labortor'li~Es 520 ArtiCqui~neinfluerz beetEria (mixEd >:auto-
We'St PemUIWayStreet, Kansas City, grprous beerelin: blsc~klep vaccinc; bovine-
Mo. abortion batteria; emoine-distempe~r bae-
termi (mi.crJ i; csalon bacttrin (equine);
eqluine-abortio~n bacterin: hemorrhagji sp-
"I I itictmia bkitterin (ovia~n): Inmorrhag~ic
Peplicecmia bacterin I heirini. i; hemorrhapic
se pti tii n balterin (equli ne I; hr morrhagic
septiecmia baceterin ovinee); mixed-infeec-
tion bracterin (for~ catlel); nma~lein; mixed
bacterin I c;niac.1; mix..d-infe clu.n bacterin
(swine); na\-el-il'lmixed ba.clcerin (equine);
poeFI mjumaia m ie~d bat L( iin (cap~ ine, p; oly-
\hnlrn mixed barcllrn (Irquine); staphy-
lococcus b~acterin (easnine); streptoocs
basterwin (equine); stleptecoes mastitis
bacteria (bovinme); swie-pagu batei
tuberculin; white-scour mixed bacterin
(~tbovine) .
112-A. July 30 For tDodlge Serum Co., (Inc.), 600 Cen- Abortion baecterira (boin); au toa neus bee-
trailAvenule, Fo~rt Daedge, Ibtwa. terin; hbemorai sleptice~mfa bacterin
(couk1( I; bornorrhai~c-se~prtiecmcia bacterin
(shfee); hemorrhagic-s;epticemia bacterin
(swine): mixled-lnftetion bacterin (swiney.
141~ IJuly 11 Capital Serum Co., 1635 Maury Street,, Antihog-cholera serum; hog-cholera. virus.
Des~ Mineips, Iowa,3
142 July =4 Thle enok Birologicjl Laboratories Co.,l Aurihog-choklrn serum;hog-choleravirus.
raear Mlount HadthyIJ, Ohio.

Liense Canel~ed.

UInited States~ Yetelirinary Lic~ense No. 107, which was issudll to th Jensen-
Salshery aboraltories (Inc.) on Decemb11er 20, 1918, and June 10, 1919, was
canceled on July 28, 1910,? on account of the locations of the firm having been
changedl from 13-20 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo., to 520 West Pernoway Street,
Kalnsa City, Mo,


The quantities of simultaneous hog-cholera virus collectedl byV licensed estab-
lishulents monthly fromn Jan~uary~ 31916, to June, 1919, inclusive, are as below
Collections of boyec~ho'leran virus include that which was dlestroyed at the
time of bleeding and therefore exceedl the amount mannufac.tlrt:tur by a small
percentage. The figures also include Lhenlt~l, solution added as a preservative.



Quacntities iof simltllaneours hog-cholera vir/rs collected monzthlU, JanuarU~, 1916,
to June, 1919.

Month. 1916 1917 1918 1919

C. e. C. c. C. c. C. c.
nuay. ................................ 226.325 410, 347 523. 289 636, 159
bru ry ............................... 307, 260 390, 121 (M .W 1, 883, 127
re......................f.......~lI.l......flI~. 418, 106 627, 789 1 : 000 1 126, 933
Ill......................,........... ........... 461; 313 516 9128 11 057, 096 1, 596, 375
y...................................................538: 236 804, 786 953, 546 1. 632, 563
e...................................... 59,03 963, 419 1, 295, 959 2, 610, 355
July...............,... ...-............-.... ............. 1,08~2, 515 1. 262, 900 2. 259, 722 ......
Agust... ...,....................... ......,........... L ,91 1, 059, 883 2; 263.7168 ......
Betember... .............. ............................ 1, 0,9~1, ~ 1,542 496 2. 199, 369 ......
che............................,...,......1 870 155 1 St.I 147 2, 183. 200 (...,.......
Novcmbe~r.,...,...,...............,............. 2.... 1, 44l, 199 1. 120 047 ......
December.. ..~....-... ................... ............... '621 829- 095 951. 435 ......
Total.....-.........,...,.................... 7, 984,318 11, 267, 110 16, 494, 608 8,985, 512

The total amou-nt produced in 1915 was 6,5640,01 cubic centimeters.


The quantities of antihog-cholera serum collected by licensed establish-
Inents monthly, from January, 1916, to June, 1919, inclusive, are as below.
Collections of antihog-cholera serum included that which was destroyed at
the time of bleeding and therefore exceed the amount Iniln lno c tu red by a
'Emall percentage. The figures also include phenol solution added as a pre-
Tserat ii ve :

Qucan-tity of antihogr-cholera seruma collected mzonthlU, January, 1~916, to
June, 1919.

Mo~nth. 1916 1917 1918 1919

0. c. C. c. C. c. C. e.
January.~..-..........~................... ..... 3,140, 231 4, 798, 489 21, 269, 164 27, 668, 744
ebtualy......,....,....................... 2999. 472 1..11 16, 147, 220 26, 100, 452
Marchf..................................... 5,::: 383, 848 7, ..' 9.1 2 ,: 03 11 45, 051, 129
ril.. ........................... 1,144, 300 1 ,993, 294 3- 1,I 6 17 70
sy~'.f...............................f~ff~. 180,70728 2373,97 47.9.2 4 1706,27
nel..........,............................. 27,9 5760 27 2,0694 4.S. 0 276
.&ugust.. ......,................................. 4 127 576 33121, 08 53, 86, 565j .............
September...............,................... 2 424, 149 26491, 553 85682. 438 .......
October.....,.........-..,................... 29,504, 910 2 367.695 e:, 2-.0 910 .......,...,...
November ...,.....................,............ 19598 877 23. 776, 439 0 .613.......
f"December:................................. 8, 682, 785 23, 641,393 .j4, 157;, 503 i..............
Total..................,.............. ... 222, 786, 853 250, 041, 290 528, 306, 874 330, 898, 763

The totrl amount produced in 1915 was 208,571,232 cubic centimeters.


The improper care of hogs following their immuunization. agins7it hog cholera,
administ-ered in the public stockyards and after arrival at destination, has
resulted in losses which may be materially lessened by observing the following
Shipments should be made plromlyl~1 after immunization, or should be de-
layed for not less than 10 days. Truck hauls and shipments not exceedling
86i hours in, length can be made promplylla to advantage.
Avoid crowding; allow stockier hogs relatively more floor space than fat



It is imuportatnt that dlrinking water be constantly necessible to thle hogs,
envliclt. in severe winter weafther.1 If the car loes not~ colntainl special water
dev\ilew, a water through, protected by sla7ts ove~~r its topl, shol(nd be securely
.:instoned~l to the llor~l.
Little or no feed is necessary dul~ring~ the 24 hours1' follow'ingL inoculation, bult
Clean1 water .shouldl be n~cessbl. ~lel. Shorht-haul shipmenc-ts need nlot be fed in

WVhen. liogs arrive at thcir destination they should~ not be driven over' the
roadts, but hanull-*dl from the car to the farm 'il \n wagns orl tr'ucks. Load and
unload genltly., Avoid obus;ing and unnecessaryS exscitemuent in hlandling. In
summer, unlollnrl where ther~~e is natural woo~dinna shadre or clhelter D~ens; in
winter, where there are suitable clean, hcleledcl houses.
Protection agaI~ind; rainl should, be pvI)I ed.ICJ
Do not pwns~uit walllows in pasture or lot. Th~e use of wa:llow\s byla recently
ilinulatedIC. has1~ may produce pneumuonia.
For the first twvo weeks, if it is in sieason,? nilow shlipped hogrs limited fresh
Ipnsturoue.~ If alfalfa or other le.;;u~lulinous ulr s o viale upe
mental Drotein concentrate shold~~! be -'lsupplied.l If' nc pas~ture. us~e self-freeders
for soakred oat.;, and separate ones for tankag;!e or1 other plrotelu con~icnltr'ate.
At the end of two weeks beg~inl gr~llunlly to chlnuge to> the permaanenit ration.
Keep~l fresh., clean water always~v avaiilable.
Watch. your Logs~ carefully each. day for failulre to feed or othler sigs of
disease or sickness. Ha~ve a quarantine penl andl pla-e sickL hogs~ inl it promuptly.
Sho-rt rations anld a laxative may be used for slichltly sickl hog~..
Thle appearance of any disease in which a niumlber of hogjs ar~e sim~ila~rly
affccrted r~lurequre immediate expert advice and treatment. Consult y~our


For Cattle and Sheep for Scabies.

"' Shur-Shott Cattle DipI." a lime-sulphur solution permittedc by tle d~epartment
in the official dippinT of eniltle and sheep for siubles. Dilultions permitted:
F'or enlttle, 1 gallgn of the dip to not more than 15 gallons of water; for sheep, 1
gallon of the dip to not more than 20f ganllons of water.
For Cattle for Tjicksr.

The bureau has grante permuission~ for the use of G~lidden Dip "' malnufalc-
tured by T1he G;liddent~ Co., Cleveland, Ohio, in the official dlippingr of cattle for
tickrs. Thie dilution for dipping cattle for interstate movement is 1 g~allon of
dip to not more than 127 galllons of watter. CThis will yield a solution con-
taking not less than 0.22 per cent actual arsenious oxid.


In accordance with the provisions of the dlep-artmnent regulations governing
the interstate movement of live stockl, (B. A. I., Order 263), the bureau has
granted permission. for the use of "Atlas 50%1 Creso'l Compgound mannufac~tured
by Chipmaan Chemical Enginleering Co., Tue., 95 Liberty Street, New~ Yorkl City,
as a substitute for compound solution of ceresol, Ul. 8. P., in the general disin-.
fection of~carps, yanrds, and other prem3ises.~""")



Penalties have been impocsedl in prosecutions for violations of Iregulatoryy laws,
aBs reported to the bureau, as foillows:
Twenty-Eight-Hiour Liawi.

Atchison, Topekra & Santa Fe Ranilway Co. (4 cases), 5100i fines andi $00.00
SNew Yorlk Central R~ailroad Co. (23 cases), $2,300 fines and $123.42 costs.
Southern Railwvay Co. (2 cases), $200 fines and $;34.70 costs.
Chicago & Northwestern Railwvay Co. (4 cases), $;400 fines and $56.95 costs.
L~ouisv;\ille & Nashville Railroad Co., $100 fine and $19.90 costs.
Cleveland, Gincinnati, Cllilengo & St. Louis Railway Co. (28 cases), $2,300
.;ines and $82.11 costs.
WaVterloo, Cedar Fralls & Northern Railroad Co., $100 fine andl $13.96 costs.
Adamls Express Co., $100 fine and $13.06 costs.
News York, Chicago~c & St. Louis Rtailroad Co. (2 cases), $20o0 fines and $27.37
Pittsb~urgh, Fort Wayne & Chicagor Railway Co. (7 cases) $700 fines anld
ii65.89 costs.
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. L~ouis Rtailwvay Co. (42 cases), $3,700
;jines and $115.55 costs.
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. ,(18 cases), $1,rj00 ~fines and $63.85 costs.
Baltimzore & Ohio Railroad Co. (11 cases) $1,100 fines and $41.40 costs.
Suit instituted against Pennsylvania Railroad Co.--the Pittsburgh, Fort
;Wayne & Chicago Railway Co. being a part of the Penusy~~lv'auni system (11
cases), $1,100 ~fines and $38.25 costs.


Attention is directed to the fojllow\ing Executive Order dated July 12, relative
to the fifty-third national encampment of the Grand Army of thle Republic to
be held at Columbus, Ohio, from September 7 to 14, inclusive:
It is hereby ordered that all veterans of the Civil Wanr in the service of the
Government of the United States wvho desire to attend the Fif'ty-third National of the Grand Army of the Republic to be? held at C~olumlbus, Ohio,
SeptemberI 7 to 14, 1919, shall be granl~tled leave of absence with pay, in addition
to the annual leave provided for by statute, froln Septem~ber 7 to 14, inclusive,
that they may have the opporllltunity to attendl the encampment, andl that they
be granted as many. more days' additional leave -with pay in each case as are
Pecess*lar for the journey to Columubus and return to their posts of duty.


The bill making appropriations to supplyl defirelenciesa for the fiscal year endted
3une 30, 1919, conltains the following provision:
SECTION 6. That herenfter no part of the nol~lp\.nIey appropided31 by this or any
other act shall, in thne absence of expI-ress authorization. by Clnneress,, be used
directly or indirectly to jlay for any p~ersolnal service, advertisement, telgr~lam,
telephone, letter, p~rintedl or written matter, or other device, intended or de-
Ssignedl to influence in any. manner at Memnbert of Congrles m to favor or oppose, by
Xote or otlierwi~ie. anly ~Ilegi Iion or appropriation by3 Congress, whether before
Drlo after .the introduction of any bill or resolution proposing such le~gisntionl or



appropriation~;but this shall not prev-ent officers and employees of the United
Sttate from corlmmuniRicatin to nblhemer of Congress on the request of any 14lem-
ber or to Congress, through the prop~er onfcial channels, requests for legislation
or appropriations which they deem necessary for thle efficient conduct of the
public business.
Any officer or employee o~f tle TUnitedl Stateis wh~lo, after notice and hearings
by the superior onII~1 crc~~ ratd ith thie p'ow\er of removing h1im, is found"' to have
violated or attcliempted to~ \iolate~ this sectionl shall ie remloved by .such superior
officer from on~ce orI employment. Any~ one~er or emplol:yee ofl th~e Unitedl States
who violates or attempts~t to vjiolatej this seCCtio~n shall also be guilty of a misde-
m~eanoir, and on c~onv\iction thereiof bhall be p)uniShed by a fine ofl not mnorec than
$500 or by impr~isonmenf~t for not mnore than one year', or bothi.
All officers andi employeerlcs of the bureaur should comply str~ic~tly with thle
terms of thle provision.


Attention is ca~llel to: thle ~rovi io~n conta~ined in the net of BInlcel 3, 1917i,
making approprintioni; for the legiiflativec. executive, and jud~ic~ial exp~enses of
the Governmuent for thle tis~cal Sear' ending June 30(, 1018i, and forl otler pur-
pa~ces (39 U. S. Staltultes at Lalrge, at page 1106G), wh-]ichl readnts as fo:lllows:
Pr.ocided, That on andl after Juily 1, 10)19, no Govermluent onrcial or employee
shall. receive any sanlary in connection w\ith hlis service~s as such~l an allicial or
employee from any soulrlce other than the Governme-nt of thre United States,
except as may be contributedl out of the treasury off any State, county, or muu-
nlicip:ality, and no person, association, or corporation shall mak~e any contribu-
tion -to, or in any~ way supp~lem entl thle salary of, any G~overnment offic~ial or em-
piloyee~ for the serv\ics perfo:rmedi by himu for the Giovernm~ent of the United
States. Any peranlu violalting any~ of the termus orf this prov~\iso shall bie deemed
guilty of a mzi61lemeanor.lI am~l up~on colnvictio~n thereof shanll b~e Iunishedc by a
f~ine of not less than $1,000 or imprisonment for not less than six months, or by
both such fine and imnprsonment, as the court may determine.
In Ieff-c~t, the foregoing prov\iso probib~its the p-~aymout in whole or in part of
c'ompensat~l~~ion11 to alny Goyvernment omeicint or employee on account of his services
as surch iexcept by the Fecderal Government or by contribution fromr the treas-
ury of a State, count ty, or muir~nicipl~llity.
The facts r~egarding the activities of this departmn~tlent which might be af-
fec~ted by this provision w\2ere prt'eueted to congress. In th agric~ult urall ap-
prloprintion~ act for 1920 the follow\ingl palragraphsl appear:
Tha~t hereafter in carrying on the activities of the Deprgtmrent of Agrrlicul-
ture involving cooperation with State, county, and mIunicipnI agencies, nlsiocia-
tions of farmers, individual farmers, unliversities, colle7Ps, boards of trade,
chambers of' commerce, or other local associations of business nenl, business
olrganizatioions and individuals within the State, TCerritory, district, or insular
possession in wvhichl such activities are to be carlriedl on, moneys conitrib~ute~d
from surlh outside sources, exsceplt in. the case of the authorized activities of the
Foresct Servicet, shall be paid only- through the SCor-letary~ of Agrlic~ultulre or
through State, county, or municipal agencies, or local farm bur~eau~s or' likre
or:ganuiza~til,1: oncooperating for the purllpose with the Sjec~retary of Agric~ulture..
The officials andl enallT,!oyee of the Deparltmenlt. of Agriculturi e~ngaged in the
activities des~cribedt in thle p~lcr~eceingr paragraph and paid in whole or in part
out of fundsll contributed as provided~r l therein, alnd the pecrsons, corrporations. ori
associations mak~ling~ contributions as therein provlided~i shall not be subject to the
proviso conntainl~c~ in the act makI1ing~ applllropr~liationsl 4 for thle legislati\ve, execultiv'e,
and jud~ic'ial cs-expens of the Government fl-rl the fiscall year ending: June 30,
1918, and for other purllposes, approve~' d March 3, 1917, in Thirt-nrinth Statutes
at Large, at page 1106; nor shall any? off~ic~ial or employeee engagedl in the coop-
erative activities of the Forest Service, or thle persons, c~orporations,~~n or asso-
clotions contributing to such nctivities be subject to the said proviso.


SIn effect, th;ese pro~visions require that in canrrying on dlepnrtmental activia
ties involving cooperaltion w~ithl State, county;, and municipal ag~e~c-ics, associa;"
tions of farmers, individual farmers, universities, colleges, boards of trade,
chambers of commerce or other local associations of business men, business or-
garnizations, and individuals within the SjilIteI, Territory, tliar!irt, or insular pos-
session in which such activities are to be carried on, moneys contributed from
such outside sources shall be pa~id- only through the Secretary of Agriculture or
through Stat~e, county, or municipal agejnlies~ or local farm bureaus or likie or-
gnnizations, cooperating for the purpose with the Secretary of Agriculture. T'he
authorized- activities of the F'orest Service are excepted from these I~rlqui Iemen~ts
because of certain conditions peculiar to that service, and its officials and emz-
playe-tes are exempted from the operation of the provriso in the a~ct of Ma r~ch 3,
101. epartmental activities conducted in the manner prescribed a'oove would
not be subject to that pirov~riso.


Thle fi~sal regulations of this department aire lereby,, amended by adding
thereto the fosllowningr regulation:
108. Respon~sibility for funds due the Un~i~ted Strte.< collected by !ljir ir, em-
plo~yees, or agents of the d~epartment.--Moneys due the United Stattes should
be collected or received by only such, officers, employees, or 1: eents of the de-
partm~ent as have been duly authorized to collect or receive same. All moneys
received from whatever source for the use of the United -States shall be immi~e-
dliately transmitted b~y the officer, employee, or agent of the department receiv-
ing same to the disbursing clerk of the department or to the proper fiscal agent,
to be rece~ipted for by him and promlptly paid into the Trea~sury of the United
States. Even in caeets where the ultimate disposition of moqey~s received has~
nort been fully dettermined, such moneys shall be immedtiately trunll-m~it tel: to th~e
disb~urscing clerk or fiscal agent for safe-kzeeping pending final instructions to him
as to their disposition. Remittances should be made in the, form of postal or
express moeyr olrders, c~ertifiedl checks, bank tlrefts, or cashiers' obecks, d~r;wnn
payabhle to the order of the "'Disb'turs.ine Clerk, Department of ,Acricullture,"~
or the proper ~fascal~ agent, but personal checkns mzay be accepted from I~lalties
of knowrni responsibility. Unless the circumstances make it unavo~ilub~l- e dash
should not; be necepltedl. Bulreu fl-inacial clerks alnd other (.1nfo-or--, employees,
or agenrts of the department, who make col'lctionsi of zamountsi in refu~nd of;
overpraymenots, disallowannces, unuseil portions of scrip books, m~ileage books, or
rraioadr tickets, or wvho receive the proceeds from the sale of Governmn;zt prop-
ert or funds from any- other source authorized by lawc~, will be held perso-~lnally
responsible for any loss of such moneys that may occur whlille same are in their
Dossessio;1n, p~ndingl, transmission to the disbursing clerk or fiscal age-nt.


The dcpalrtmuent is In r~c~eiplt of instructions under date of July 10, 1919, from
the Ofic of the Aud~itor for the Staitl and Other Departments (Treasxury De-
parltmnent)l, which read~ in part as follows:
1. This otlice des-ignatom a;s Supplemental such vouchers as are not paid
J by dlisbur~lsing~ otliver~s w\ithin~ the quarter durlineC which the service wa~s rendered
or the supplies furnished. Supplemental vouchers should be avoided as much
as possible. Disbursing officers are reqluestedt to instruct claimants as to the
impoc:rta~nce of early rendition of vouchers so as to lessen the labor of examina-
tio~n (by thle disb~using officer and ,the auditor)) covering the period from date
of incurrence to. dalte ofredi~t~riiojn.


2. Vouchers and claim~s. includling reimbursement accounts held back for an
unreasonable time, should be scompallnuidc by. a srtatemuent explainingr the delay,
signedc by claimant or' sutomeoe else~ having: k~nowledge~ of the facts.
While it is manifestly imploss;ible to~ hav1\e all nc-run~lts submni~tted within the
quarter during wvihich servicec \\ns rurendered or supplies furntiSheFd, every effort
shlouldl be malde to have c~ount~ractos, dlealers, e~tc., w\ho furnis- h supplies or per-
sonal service for the dlepartmient, submnit their accounts w~ith as little delay as
possible after the supp~lies halve bteen fur~nisihedl o thle service performed.
Inspectors in charge andl other empl~loytee of thle brureau w~ill be gruidled by3 the
Instructions above in the hanidlingr and pr'eSentatio~ of VOUchecrd and C.IIlais in
the future.


Effective July 1, 1919, thle provisions of paralgraphh 214 of the Admlinistrativee
'Regulations, whereundler emnployees using their ow\n miotojr-pr'op~elled vebieles for
official travel may be re~imbursedl for such use at milenge grants not exceedingr 2
cents per mile for a motorrcycle and 6 Cenits per miler fo~r an auitomoitbile, are
hereby amended by increasingly thle raltes to not to exc~eedl 3 cents, alnd not to
texceed 7 cents for motor eyerles andc autl.mob~liles,~ r'eSDetively'.


Hereafter each letter authorizin g travel w~ill sllecify' bo~th the p7elrmanent
titation1 and the tempor'aryg headquarters, if anyl, of thle employee in whlose favor
the letter is drawn. Paragraphnl'l 5 ofP the F'islcl Reg~ulactions is amleneted ac-
to rd inglya.
No employee shall be ass~igned~ to tempora~. ryl~ duty andl allow\edl subsistence
expenses undel~r the pr'ovj~iionE of paragraph 86 (0) of the F~iscal Hecgulations if,
at the time, it is probai~ble thiat thle assi~iilnment will ulltimaintely be madte perma-
nent. Whenever assignmen~rt to temporarylnl duty andlt allowa'inc~e of subsistence
erxpenses in conlnection w\ithl sulch assignmnttu iis followedcc bya des~igun~tion of such
place of tempo~rarry duty~ as the pe~rmalnentl station olf anl employee, a report of
the circumstances shall bel immedlociately nu;lel to> thle Secretary,~g the repol~rt to be
accompanied with a c~ertiden~tle of thle chlief o~f thle bureau inv~ol\ved tha~t at the
time the temporary assigrnment wa~s mad~~e it was unt and~ could no~t have been
anticipated that permanuent headqlruarterls would~ be establ~lishled at the some point.
No employee who has~ breen allow\ed subsaistenle exs~enates in connection w\ith an
assignment to temporaryg utyit undier thle prov\isionrs olf palragraphl SG (0) of the
Fiscal Regulations shalll r~c~eive! any allowafnrce for~ pa7cking, corating,. freight, or
8rayage charges for the transfer of his hlousehldvt effects or mother petrsonal prop-
erty used in official w~ork!, if such ass4ienment is thereaefter mlade permannent,
except upon specifiiic uppr~lovall in adlvanlc.e, by th~e Srclretalry.
Sections (o), (p), and (q) of paragraphIII SG of thle Fiscal Regulations are
amendled accordingly.


Effective July 1, 1919, sectionl (j) of pa~.~ragraph1 86 of the Fiscal Regur~llations
is hereby n me~ndedl to read as follows:

livery, or the hire of a boat, h-ilrycle, motor cycle, or automobile, may be em-
pinycllvleu wh n o public or r~ecula1'nr mans of t ranlsportati~o n are azvailable, or
w~then such pule~rl~ or regular mealns of transportation can not be used as adl-
\-:ntageoc~uslyr in the interest of the Government. EmployeesZ~~C usingr their
ow\\n whichl < in official wiorkr in neveran~~llic. Ce w;jithl the Administrative Regulationsx
of ther deiFrtment must, in, the case of muotor-propl1 ellledI vehicles, unless grantedl
reimbursement for -ntI b use ait Ilal~;len a rates (not xCeedl''ling 3 cents per mile
for a motor eyele and '7 cents per mile for an automobile), 'ruppor~lt each account:
cove~ringr operatiu:- c~harges by a2 certificate setting forth the fact that the
charges for gasoline and oil wvas arrived at by actual mueasurement at both the
beginFuingr and end of the official trip. The mlilenge~. of eaichf trip should also be
plainly stated.


EffZ~~rectiv\e July 1, ~1010, section (r) of I'enera';ph 86 of the Fiscal Rogulantions
is her~eby amnn dedic to rc-ndl as followns:
(r) > Under the provisions of sections (p) and (q) of thlis paragraph ship-
ments, if by common carrier, must be madt e on depagrtmenatal bills- of Indling,
released at a valuation of $10 per 100 pounds. The employee to who~Fm such
departm'~~ enlta bill of Ilading is issued is not authorized to makie any change
therlein, by w~ritiu e across the face thereof or otherwise, which wYill raise the
c~las~ifciction of, or increase thre freighnt clhbares on, the shipment.. Each ac-
ount mutst refer. to thle authority for the shilment? l and be, a~clompa~inied: by
the eacrliscate of thle officer best qluali dedl to myakie it that the8 property so shipped
consists of the hocu~sehldlt goods of the employee transferred and is exclu-
sively his p~roperty,~~ and that all other personal proper~lty so tra:nsfe~rred~ is to be
usedl in official wvorkr, and that the t~~ransporiltationlI was furnLished( on the occasions
of his permanent transfer to a new official station. If thle n eight of the ship?-
maen t eceeds 5,000r p~ou~nds the emplloyee must ship the excess weight on a
comumercial bill of Indiin~ and pay the charges on same from. his p1\rivte fundsr];
except thaft inl cases w-here a car can be slecured~ at a cost not greater than the
les-thain-car~load rates for 5.r,00 p-oundls, a carlladt shipmenr~lt may la ma:de~ on a.
departmential bill of lading~ an the excess over 5,1:00l pounds~l included, settle-
ment fEor the excess to be calculated on the propo'llrtionate cost of the entire
shimuenlt'l, and draft or moneyF order in favor of the carrier to be transmitted
to.t~h~e~ epalrtmenr t by the emiployee w~ith the mnem.randlum~ copy of the bill of
Imrlingr, to be used by the department in part pay~men t of the transportation


Dipped during Amount of infec-
month, tion. Sur npcos
State. i a t-
Herds. Cattle. Herds. Cattle. wokd. A State.Co-abe

Ala am 2. ...;.......... 207, 851 994, 275 9, 893 41, 846 47, 637 28 42 401 7, 851
Arkansas. ............... 112, 496 66i5,479 14,541 75f13,1 8 235 44 3,582
Florid a.... ............ 1, 70 25 8 ,76 27 6 0 3 5 4 7 1
Georgia. .................78 302 528S, 409 5, 647 35, 591 2, 45 2 23 10 23 407
Louisiana .............. 17,644 1, 505, 614 3, 813 28, 597 4,14 3 0 454 4
Mlisivi-plis............... 45, 564 423, 686 143 921 35,367 24 25 150 5, 726
North Carolina.......... 2, 351 7, 589 1, 4410 4, 151 10, 855 8 6 10 543
Oklsbour ............... 56, 098 627, 572 7,4-37 75,650 19,468 27 25 128 1, 137
South Cjarlin~r.......... 23, 540 143, 641 1, 034 3,255 16,340 72 17 ... 827
Texas (FortWorth)..,... 124,493 1,612,969 41,180 613,471 66.321 32 38 487 4, 649
Texas (HEouston) ....... 15, 203 322, 339 8, 222 147, 746 36, 587 15 2 81 1, 197
Total............. 851. 292 7 097, 260 /99, 069 1, 236, 169 39,027 334 488 1, 893 33, 789


) I------1- 1-----1---


L I I I 1 I I




---- -


Zscr tr i n



State official.

Adlbany, N.Y......
"Baltimnore, Mrd....'.
Birmingham, Ala..
Bismarok, N. Dak..

iBoston, Mass.......

Columbdo~a, s. Os....
Columbus, Ohio....
'Denver, Colo.......
"Des Moines,Ilowa..
Harri~sburg, PB.....
Belena, Mont......
Indianapolis, Ind...
Jackrson, Miss....
~Jefferson City, Mlo..
a~nilup, MIich......
Zine~oln, Nibr......
a16disoni, Wis...~...
Bontpehier, Vt...
Nashville, Tenn....
New Orleans, La...
Oklahomna, Okla...
fierre, 8. Dak......
~ortland, Oreg.....

Richmond, Va.....

St. Paul, Minn.....

salt Lake City,

IWallahassee, Fla....
Copeka, K~ans......
frenton, N. J......
Washington, D. C..
Do. ............

N. Y,....
N. Dah..

:R. I.....
Conn... .
N. H....
W. Va...


Mo. .....
Miich ....
S. Dak..


Utah. ...

D. C....


99 3



1, 665
1, 585

2, 667



3 B. Leonard ...
1~' W M.Ma ic llar..
IT. A\. Ladion.....
1R. E. Jack-son... .
2I H. H. Cohenour. .
... E. A ossman....
3.... .do,............
...... .do...... ......
.. n .... do. ... ......
3J. J. Lininer.....
2 W. Ki. Lewfis.....
10Leo E,. Dav-is......
W. E. Howe.....
2F. H. Thompnon.
4 P. E. Quinn......
3R. Sn?der........
do E 1isn. ..
L1 J. A. Barger......
11 Ralph Grahamn...
3T. S. Ric~h........
3S. E. Cosford.....
..I J. 8. Healy.......
51 A. J. De Fosset..
3Robert Jay.......
..I R. W. Tuck......

2J. O. Wilson.....
1I 8. B. Foster......
2R. EBrookbank.
5W. J. Fretz.......
2 F. E. M~urray....

2J. Gf. Fish........
2H. M. G.;radeI.....
1W. G. Middleton.
..J. A. I~ieman....

D. W. MlcLaury, Albany.
P. F.BRahmcn,Atlanta.
R. C. Ree~d. Boltimore.
C A. Cary, Auburn.
W'. F. Crewec, Bismarrk.
L. Hi Howard, Boston.
Rrjden nerine, Augusta.
J. S P'ollard, P'roviden.e.
J. Mi. Whidttelsey, Hartiord.
A. L. Felker, Corncord
J. H. St wrart. Charks~tno.

R. (,. Feeley, Clr mson C'ge.
T.-A. Burne~tt Columbus.
C. Gr. Lomb, Idonver.
B. F. Iavis,Cherenne.
R. D. Wall, De~s hIoines.
C. J. Marshall, Harrisburg.
W. J. Butler, Helena.
L. E.MNurn nIn iaa
E. M. Ranck, Ag rric'1 Clge,
D. F. Lucikey, Je~Terson City.
HI. H[. Halladlay, Lausing,
W. T. Specner. Linco~ln.
C. P. Norpard, hainlsocn.
E. 8. Brirham, Monntpetlier.
M. Ja cob, Nash\ille.
E. P. Flower, Baton Rouge.
J. A. Whitehurst, Oklaboma,
A. F. Beaum~ont, Pierre,
W. H-. L tie, Salemn.
E. F. Beuson, O~lympia.
J. G. F~erneybhough, Rich-
Wm. Moore, Raleigh.
C. E. Cotton, St. Paul. .i
R. WV. Hozgan, Salt Lak
City. -r :i
J. B. Adams, B~oise.
Edw. Recorrds, Reno.
J. W. DeMiUey, Tallabassee.
J. HI. Men~c~er, Topeka.
J. H. M~cNeil, Treston.
HI. P. Eves, Wilaungton.

Total....,...... .....,.....




[The bureau keeps no ma~iling list for 21nalluzl- publications to individual employees, but
publications are sent in bulk; to officers in charge for distribution to members of their
forces. The number of copies sent varies with. the subject or nature of the publication
and the number and class of employees. Officers in charge will u~se their judgment and
distribute publications to best advantage. So far as possible :vid~itional~l copies wFill be4
furnished on request.]
Department Bulletin 177. Fatll'ionin Steers on Sunlune r Pasture in the
Southl. By WCS. F". Wardc, formerly in Animal H-usbanr~y D~ivision, Bureau
of Animal Imustl~ry;; Dan T. Gray;,~ formerly professor of animal husbandry,
Alabama P~olytechnic In~stitute; and Ei. RL. L~1y.1,) director of atlei 101,ll~ Experi-
ment Station. PpS. 21, fig. 1.
B. A. I. Ordecr 263. Reg;-ulri~lation GovernCIingI~ the Interstate Mrovement of L~ive
Stock-. Effective July 1, 1919. Supnersedfes B. A. I. Order 245. P'p. 37.
Amendmzent 1 to B. A. I. Order 203. ER'el'tcive July 15, 1919. Rtevokes
paragraphll 2, section 1, Regulation G. P. 1.
Amnejlnltmen 3 to B. A. I. Order-1 262. Qu; rainilltnil :Brunswicki County, N.. C.,
on account -of splanaitir*, southern, or Texa-s~ fever ill cattle. Effective July
15, 010.P. 1.
Antendmentc~ll 4 to B. A. I. Border~ 262. Quarantining Coliumbus Colinty, N. C.,
on account of splenetic, southern, or TCexas fever inl cattle. Ef fu s.ti ve August


Assistant Chlief: B3. H. RAWL.
Editor: D. S. BUnCH.
Anim~a l Hubandrr~i.l D~ivisione: GEORGE Ri. norOMME, chief.
BUiochemric Divtision:, M. DonssT, chief,

Field Inspe3Ction D ivisiont: A. W;. 1MILL]ER, chief.
Meat lInspretcionr Divjision: R. P). STEDDOM,- chief.
M~isrlrr--clabro Divisionz: A. MI. FAMT~INGToN, chief.
Pathr(,oloyir l7 Divis'ion: JoHN S. BUCKCLEY, acting~r chief.
.Quumnlr~rinc D~ivision: nRcICHR W. HI~Icxrai, c~hief.
Tick Eradication D~ivisionb: R. A?. TtRAsaY, chief.
Tzcborculosis Eradicationz Dirision: J. A. KIENANr, chief.
Zoological~ Divisionz: B. H-. npRANSOM, cblef.
I:.r~p~r~iou-vtr Station~: E. C. SCHROE;DER;, superintendent.
D~irisionl of Hyog-Cholera Conatrol: U. G. Hnrus1, chief.
OfJice of Ti;,ru.5-Serzcnz Control: D. I. Slwil\nvi:t, acting, in charge.
Offieo of Accounlts: A. C. DAVIS, notfingr inl (harI;o'~
Appointment Section: GEORGE H. RUSSELL, ill charge.



Spend wisely, sae sanely, invest sn felyr.
Have a personal share in the future.
Save--1Make war on waste.
Saving is personal efficiency.

You are your best asset. Ca pita7lize yvoursel f.
WVise buying makes wagers count. mlore.
Saving is the quickest road to oppor~tunity--
F'or a peaceful nation.
~For a peaceful family.



~ ,; : .: j


||Il |1I III Il I IIl i~ IIIIl

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6,R. A ssued August 30, 1919.United Sta*es Department of Agriculture,BREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY.JQII N M 1LERi, CIrF OF BUREAU.SERVICE AND REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS.JULY, 1919.[This publication is issued monthly for the dissemination of information, instructions,rulings, etc., concerning the work of the Bureau of Animal industry. Free distribution islimited to persons in the service of the bureau, establishments at which the Federal meatinspection is conducted, public officers whose duties make it desirable for them to havesuch information, and journals especially concerned. Others desiring copies may obtainthem from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Oflice, Washington,D. C., at 5 cents each, or 50 cents a year. A supply will be sent to each official in chargeof a station or branch of the bureau service, who. should promptly distriblute copies tomembers of his force. A tile should be kept at each station for reference.]CONTENTS.Page. Page.Inspection and testing of animals for The payment of compensation to de-Canada-----------------------69 partm'nt employees by agenciesUse of Quarantine Forms 55 and other than the Federal Govern-55 A---------------------------70 ment--------------------------70Animals slaughtered under Federal Responsibility for United Statesmeat inspection, June, 1919 --_ 71 funds collected by employees of theImports of food animals and of department-------------------77meats and meat food products---71 Supplemental vouchers and claims-. 77Licenses for veterinary biological Employees' mse of thzir own motor-products ---------------------72 propelled vehicles --------------. 78Quantities of simultaneous hog-cholDesignation of perimanent station orera virus collected-------------72 temporary headquarters ; allow-Quantities of antihog-cholera serum ances connectld therewith------78collected ---------------------73 hiring a boat, bicycle, motor cycle,The care of immunized swine from or automobile------------------79public stockyards -------------73 Use of department bills of lading_ 79Permitted dips------------------74 Status of tick eradication in variousPermitted disinfectant-----------74 States, June, 1919-------------79Results of prosecutions for violations Summary of tul)r(ulosis-eradicationof laws ------------------------75 work in cooperation with the va-Grand Army of the Republic encamprious States, June, 1919--------80ment ---------------------75 Publications in July -------------81Use of appropriations to influence Organization of the Bureau of Ani-Members of Congress to favor or mal Industry_-----------------81oppose legislation prohibited __75INSPECTION AND TESTING OF ANIMALS FOR CANADA.The following changes have been made in the list of practicing vet erinariansregistered by the bureau and authorized to inspect and test vith mnallein horses,mules, and asses intended for export to Canada:Name Added to List.Dr. C. McDowell, Aberdeen, S. Dak.131417*-19 09


70 BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. [July,Names Removed from List.Dr. T. F. Craig, Hampden, N. Dak.Dr. C. L. Gamrath, Fairfield, Iowa.Dr. M. A. Iolliiigsworth, Rock Island, Ill.Dr. Al. W. Kreuziger, -owiman, N. Dak.Dr. F. F. Shc-ts, Van Wert, Ohio.Change of Address.Dr. Fred Low from lfankinlKn t1 ( akes, N. Dak.Dr 11. I.Mwhinniey from HriingtOn to Marcus, Wash.Dr. J. J. McDowcll from Ahk'rdcon to Wakpala, S. Dak.Dr. P. E. Null lh from Crosby, N. Dak., to Greenwood, Wis.Dr.Chlarles Parke from Sioux City to Moville, Iowa.Dr. -M. J. Soxton from Minneapolis to Whiona, Minn.Dr. V. C. White from Bois e to Plackfoot, Idaho.USE OF QUARANTINE FORMS 55 AND 55 A.The attention of bureau inspectors who may be called upon to issue certifi-cabes to accompm y export shipments of live stock is directed to Service andRegilitory Amiouncleen js for March, 1919, es-pvchlly to the paragraph onpage 21, having irl'niCe to Ihe use of Q. D. Forms 55 and 55 A.Since the athue above Q. 1). Form 55 A has been modified to read as follows:UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AcIICULTURE, BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY.(ElTIFICATE FOR SWINE.For shipment toNo.Place__--------------------------------Date_--------------------. 19_.I herohv certify that I have made a careful investigation of conditions asrelated to the herd of swine owned y _ ------_-_-of_-_ -from which herd ----------head have been selected for ship-ment to ---------------------------by ---------------------and find thatneither swine plague nor hog cholera has existed in said herd during thesiXty d,1ys inuediately preceding the present (late. It is further certified thatsix months,the a forementioned swine have received the treatment for theprevention of hog cholera, and have been smbsequently disinfected in a 2 percent solution of compound solution of cresol, U. S. P., or a permitted substitute.Tclcrinary Inspcctor, B urcau of Animal Industry.T-i1s change in the certificate above has been made in order that it may beadapted for use in certifying immflunized swine for shipment to various foreigncountries, in addition to those destined to Canada. Inspectors should not over-look the fact that while certain foreign governments will accept iinimizedswine on a certificate showing freedom of the herd from swine plague and hogcholera during the 60 days immediately preceding shipment, the Canadianregulations require that such swine be certified as coming from a herd inwhich ni either swine plague nor hog cholera has existed during the six monthsimlimedi atcely preeedillng (late of shipment.Bureau inspectors having on hand copies of the certificate Q. D. Form 55 A asorigiially prepa1ret shmild return them to the bureau and request any possiblerequired supply of the new form.


1919.1 IsERviCE AND REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS. 71ANIMALS SLAUGHTERED UNDER FEDERAL MEAT INSPECTION,JUNE, 1919.Station. Cattle. Calves. Sheep. Goats. Swine.Chicago. 14 1,5 51,651 298,iSS 122 696,543Fort Worth. 49,283 19,159 18,597 750 26,404Kansas City.69,0s6 25,223 91,786 2,3(8 345,193National Stock Yards. 33,85 12,751 64,948 14 160, 459Omaha. 67,1s 3,999 10, 128 6 243, 863St. Louis. .11. 170 3,208 7,572 .124,372Sioux City. 23, 0i7 2,5S2 8,59 ...137,994South St. Joseph. 20,574 5,395 44,264 5 1S3,,505All other establishinents. 223,977 202,792 288,:88 350 1, 899,897Total: June, 1919. 644,463 327,060 931,466 3,555 3,728,230Ju ne, 1918. 829, 6W 312,171 737,298 17, 895 2,782,79212 months ended June, 1919. 11, 2-1, 991 3,674,227 11, 268,:170 125, 660 44, 398,38912 months ended June, 1918. 10, 938,415 3,322,891 8,769, 197 149,503 35,448,818IMPORTS OF FOOD ANIMALS AND OF MEATS AND MEAT FOODPRODUCTS.The statements following show tLe imports of food animals and of imelats andmeat food products inspected by (lie Bureau of Animal Industry during June,1919, with figures for other periods of compa rison.Imports of food an wirls.Country of export. Cattle. Swine. Sheep. Goats.M exico. 5,282 1 433 412Canada. 12,467 481 13s .Great Britain. 107 .Total: June, 1919. 17, 856 485 571 413June, 1918. . .25,841 32 5,466 2,06012 months ended June, 1919. 446,022 24,384 182, 369 24,74012 months ended June, 1918. 292, 860 13,670 157, 086 25,849Imports of meat and meat food products.Fresh and refrigerated.Country of export. Cann-d Other Totaland cured. products. weight.Beef. Other.Pouonds. Pol 0ns. Pounds. Pounds. Pounds.Argentina . . .4.340 89,479 93,819Sustraha. 33,415 3,587 .37,002razil. 681,120 .681,120Canada. 1,393,64t 55f,988 410,362 115,747 2,476,738Uruguay . . ..576 .576Other countries. 322, 262 22,967 2,251 702,013 1,049,493Total: June, 1919. 1, 715, 903 613.370 1, 102,236 907,239 4,338,748June, 1918. 1,589, 805 277. 623 1, 635, 638 89, 525 3,592,59112 months ended June, 1919. 31,375,776 10,8(4, 5;3 129,916. 1(2 7,814,691 179,911, 14212 months ended Tune, 1918. 18,,s30,429 5,659,182 23,236,737 11, 299, i36 59,025, 481Condemned in June, 1919: Beef, 2.954 p ounds; pork, 170 pounds; total, 3,124 pounds. Refused entry:Beef, 456,770 pounds.


72 BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. [July,LICENSES FOP VETERINARY BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS.The following huna hIave heen made in ihe list of licenses for the manu-facture of veterinary 1iologitul products for the year 1919 under the act of Con-gress of Mlar-eh 4, 1-1: (7 Stat., 832), and the regulations made thereunder(B. A. I. Order 190)Licenses iss ed.Liceose Date. Name and address of firm. Products.1M194 July 18 The Abbott Labra tries, 470:3 RavensBlackle filltrate.wood Avcnue, Chicago, Ill.6 July 31 Pit man-Moore Co., near Zionsville, Ind. Anticalf-scour serum: nntimixed infection se-rum (for swvine); calf-secur mixed bacterin;di-ttmpe mixed bacierin (for horses);equine-inthlnza mixed bacterin; hemor-rh g eiepi i(cemia bIetcrin (for rabbits);st rep-staph-(oli bacterin (h.rsf ).83 July 31 E. R. Squibb & Son , Gcorges Road, Antihimorrhagic sepliemia Serum (for cat-New Brunswick, N. J. tIc); lniih morchaicsepticemia serum (forsli hep)antis mutrhaciesepi ic emia swine).107 July 28 The Jensen-Saisbery Laboratories, 520 Antiequine ini tina baccrin (mixed): auto-West Penuway Street, Kansas City, genous bacterin: blackleg vaccim; bovine-Mo. abortion bacteria: ennine-ditemper bac-teri (rided); colon badterin (equine);equine-a boT tion bacterin; hemorrhagic sep-ticj mia baclein (avian): htmorrhagicseptic( mi bad rin (bevine): hcmorrhaoicsepticciia baet in (t quine): lit morrhagicsepticmia o hdtin (tvinc): mixed-infec-tion ba cerin (for cattle): mellein; mixedmaciefil caninec); mixed-infettiin bacterin(swine): navel-ill mixed bc)erin (equine);pneamnnia mixed banter in (equint ); poly-vat, nt mixci bacitrin (ctjuine): staphy-ococcus bactciin (canine): streptococcusbactrin (equin ); stteptocodccus mastitisitacteiin (bovin ); swine-plague bacterin;ttberculin; white'sour mixed bracterin(Lovine). .112-A July 30 Fort Dodge Serum Co., (inc.), 600 CenAbortion bacterin (bovine); autogcnus hac-tral Avenue, Fort edge, Iowa. telin; hemorrhagic septiemia bactcrin(catti ); hemorrhai e-cpticemia bacttrin(sh epI );'urrhageeepliemia bacterin(swine): m iM d-ir ml non bacteT in (swine).141 July 11 Capital Serum Co., 1035 Maury Street, Antihog-heOlera trmm; ho-choleia virus.Pes Moines, Iowa.142 July 21 The Cook Biological Laboratories Co., Antihog-chocra scm;i hog-cholera virus.near Mount Uealthy, Ohio.License Canceled.United States Veterinary License No. 107, which was issued to the Jensen-Salsbery ) aboratories Inc.; on DecemLer 20, 1918, and June 10, 1919, wascanceled on July 2~, 1919, on aceounit of the location of the firm having beenchanged from i320 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo., to 520 West Pennway Street,Kansas City, Mo.QUANTITIES OF SIMULTANEOUS HOG-CHOLERA VIRUS COL-LECTED.The quantities of simultaneois 1og-iholera virus collected by licensed estab-lishments monthly from January, 1910, to June, 1919, inclusive, are as below.Collections of log-chnoleru virus include that whieh was destroyed at thetime o Iteeding and t1 herefme exee he attmont mannfactured by a small percentage. The figures also include phenol solution added as a preservative.


1919.1 SERVICE AND REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS. 73'Quantities of simultaneous hog-co7era virv. collected monthly, JawitarU, 1916,to June, 1919.Month. 1916 1917 1918 1919Cc. C.c. (Sc. (0c.E niary. 226.325 410,247 523 289 63c1,159c bruary. 307,260 390,121 6(l, 55t 1,283 127arch. 4i8, 106 627. 79 1,002, >1 1 126,933Apil. 461.212 516 92 1,6., 9h 1,57 oo,752 y. 58 2:6 801, N6 13, 46 1 632,5631110e. 903 9 , 419 1. 2 5.959 2,610,355July. 1, 02, 515 1 2h2,9(0 2.2-59,7 2 .August . .1 (s ,SI 1,059 8s2 2213 76 .Septcmbcr. 1, ((So,899 1,59i2 496 2.1On,3690 .Octcbcr.4. 15 1 1 2Novmvbr.8 0 l 1.4 11 2 I ..DeccnbU1er.5.,201 1 05 1 1 7 .Total. 7 9 4,18 11,267,110 16,44, 608 8,95,512The totol amount produced in 1915 was 6,560,041 cubic cecitimeters.QUANTITIES OF ANTIHOG-CHOLERA SERUM COLLECTED.The quantities of antihog-cholera serum collected by licensed establish-ments monthly, from January, 1010, to June, 1910, inclusive, are as below.Collections of antihog-cholera serum included that wIhlich was destroyedd atthe time of bleeding and therefore exceed the amount m.1nufactured by asmall percentage. The figures also include phenol solution added as a pre-servative:Quantity of antihog-hoilcra scrum collected volitIlU, Jan1uary, 191, toJune, 1919.Month. 1916 1917 191S 1919Cc. (c. Cc C.c.January. 3, 140 211 4, 7 ,S 4,W 21, 26f, 161 27, 668, 744February .2 99 ,472 4, 203. 1 16; 117, 2'20 2. 100, 152March. S ,83 r; 8 7,66,93 22,335 211 4, 051, 129April. 11, 1 4' %o 1693,21 34 ' 13 ,6 6, 171, 702Kay. I ,760, 72 23,788,27 47,556 217 8,17 277June .27, 570, 217 28, 096 94 41 G S22 8', 736, 459July. 29, 49 7o0 31,14. 583 45,575,315 .August -. 34, 127,576 33, 121, 0s7 -2, 6 .September .32, 424, 14 26, 491. 5 56 8-2 4:S .Octobcr. 29,5(4 910 26 367 6 ,-5 67, 210 910 .Tovcniber. 19,598 877 232776, 489 64 376 12 .December. 8 682,785 23,641, 539 1 5 457 ..Tot al .222, 786, 853 250, 011, 290 525,306, 574 330, 898, 763The total amount produced in 1915 was 205,571,282 cubic ecrntiieters.THE CARE OF IMMUNIZED SWINE FROM PUBLIC STOCKYARDS.The improper care of hogs following their infnli niza~ton ainSt hog cholera,fdmin istered in the public slorkvards and aftlr arrival ot do'-s1tin1ation, hasresulted in losses which may be materially lessened by observing the followinginstructions:Shipments should be mlade promptly after 1in1nlizattion, or should lie de-layed for not less than 10 days. Truck hauls and sipments not exceedilig86 hours in length can be made promptly to advantage.Avoid crowding; allow stocker hogs relatively more floor space than fathogs.


74 BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. [July,It is' important that drinking water be constantly accessible to the hogs,eC~el t ill sel4 winter wcatI r. If the car does not contain special wateric es, a wa cir trughi, I'otcctcI by s1t s o\ver its top, should be securelyfiast(led to the flnor.Little or 11o ica is ncossary t durn: 1 he 24 lours following inoculation, butchanm wator >alid be accessible. Iih ort-hatl shipments need not be fed intransit.When hogs arrive at their destination they should not be driven over theroaIs, but hauled from hIlie ar 1 lhe ' rm 1 1a.g1 i ns or trucks. Load andunload !,ently. Avoid (hasing and unnocossary excitement in hand ulng,. Inslu1Iler, lullood where th re is natural woodland shade or shelter pans ; inwinter, where there are suitiible clen, beded houses.Protection against rain should be prf)vidcd.Do net permit wallows in pa turle or I. .Tie use of wallows by recentlyIlaoCulated lw-gs may pr( Ilce pneumonia.For Ile first w weeks, if it is in season, allow shipped hogs limited freshpasturage. If alfalfa or other lega ml in015 pa 51shre is not available, a supple-mai ntal protein cotitPat e Nh old 1te sulpli. If no past ure, us' self-feeilcisfor soaked oats, and soparlate o(n(es for t0kag or other proteill concentrate.At ilhe ond of two wXek5 begin gradually to choian ge to the permanent ration.Keep fresh, clean water always availible.Watch your hw s carefully each day for failure to feed or other signs ofdisease or sickness. live a quarantine pen and place sick hogs iin it promptly.Short rations and a laxative may be used for slightly sick hogs.ThIme o1pearance of any disease in which a number of hogs are similarlyaffected requires immediate expert advice and treatment. Consult yourveterinarian.PERMITTED DIPS.For Cattle and Sheep for Scabies.Shur-Shot Cattle Dip," a lime-sulphur solution permitted by the departmentin tHie olicial dipping of cattle and sheep for scabies. Dilutions permitted:For cattle, 1 gallon of the dip to not more than 15 gallons of water ; for sheep, 1gallon of the dip to not more than 201 gallons of water.For Cattle for Ticks.The bureau has granted permission for the use of " Glidden Dip " manufac-tured by The Glidden Co., Cleveland, Ohio, in the official dipping of cattle forticks. The dilution for dipping cattle for interstate movement is 1 gallon ofdip to not more than 127 gallons of water. This will yield a solution con-taining not less than 0.22 per cent actual arsenious oxid.PERMITTED DISINFECTANT.In accordance with the provisions of the department regulations governingthe interstate movement of live stock, (B. A. I. Order 263), the bureau hasgranted permission for the use of "Atlas 50% Cresol Compound " manufacturedby Chipman Chemical Engineering Co., Inc., 95 Liberty Street, New York City, as a substitute for compound solution of cresol, U. S. P., in the general disin-fection of cars, yards, and other premises.


1010.] SERVICE AND REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS. 75RESULTS OF PROSECUTIONS FOR VIOLATIONS OF LAWS.Penalties have been imposed in prosecutions for violations of regulatory laws,as reported to the bureau, as follows:Twenty-Eight-Hour Law.Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Co. (4 cases), $400 fines and $6.09costs.New York Central Railroad Co. (23 ;tses), $2,800 fines and $123.42 costs.Southern Railway Co. (2 cases), $200 fines and $31.70 costs.Chicago & Northwestern Railway Co. (4 cases), $400 tites and $5G.95 costs.Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co., $100 fine and $19.0 costs.Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Co. (28 cases), $2,300fines and $82.11 costs.Waterloo, Cedar Falls & Northern Railroad Co., $100 line and $13.96 costs. Adams Express Co., $100 line and $13.00 costs.New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Co. (2 s $200 fines and $27.37Costs.Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Co. (7 cass.s) $700 fines and$55.89 costs.Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway Co. (42 cases), $3,700fnes and $115.55 costs.Pennsylvania Railroad Co. f(18 cases), $1,500 fines and $(3.5 costs.Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co. (11 vases) $1,100 fines and $41.40 costs.Suit instituted against Pennsylvania Ra ilroad Co.-the Pittsburgh, Fort,Wayne & Chicago Railway Co. being a part of the PI'nnsylvania system (11cases), $1,100 fines and $18.25 costs.GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC ENCAMIPMENT.Attention is directed to the following Executive Order dated July 12, relativeto the Iifty-third national enea mlpmnent of the (Grand Army of tile Republic tobe held at Columbus, Ohio, from September 7 to 14, inclu'dve:It is hereby ordered that all veterans of the Civil Wi r in the service of theGovernment of the United States who (l:" ire to attend Ilhe 1ifty-third NationalEncampinent of the Grand Army of the Ropbilie to be held at Co uibus, 0Olio,september 7 to 14, 1919, shall he grra nteid leave of alsen' witi pay, in additionto the annual leave provided for by statute, fri ill Seleptl iomer 7 to 14, inclusive,that they may have the opportunity y to attend tlie encampment, and that theybe granted as many more dayvs' a dditiotizil leave wvith pay in each case as arenecessary for the journey to Columbus and return to their posts of duty.USE OF APPROPRIATIONS TO INFLUENCE MEMBERS OF CON-GRESS TO FAVOR OR OPPOSE LEGISLATION PROHIBITED.The bill making appropriations to supply deficiencies for the fiscal year end(_!aune 30, 1919. contains the following provision:SECTION 6. That here fler no part of the 1114oney aIppropri ted by this or anyother act shall, in the aisence of express at1111h oriza t io by Conuress, be iisoddirectly or indirect ly to pay for any pers onal service, advertiseielit, telegramin,telephone, letter, printed 4v written imiattr, or other device, ittlnded or de-signed to inifl iuice in amy manaer a Member of Co n ress to fa v or r oppose, byvote or otherwise, a1y ogi slu't1io or appropri at io i by (oulgress, whether beforeor after the int production of aiiy bill or resolution 4roposiag such legislation or


76 BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. [July,appropriation; but this shall not prevent officers and employees of the UnitedStates from communicating to Members of Congress on the request of any Mem-ber or to Congress, through the proper official channels, requests for legislationor appropriations which they deem necessary for the efficient conduct of thepublic business.Any oflier or employee of the United States who, after notice and hearingby the sUPrior ofllicer vested with the power of removing him, is found to haveviolated or atteipted to violate this section shall be removed by such superiorofficer from office or employment. Any officer or employee of the United Stateswho violates or attemi Is to violate this section shall also be guilty of a misde-meanor, and onl conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not more than$50 or by imprisilnument for not more than one year, or both.All officers and employees of the bureau should comply strictly with theterms of the proisl!n.THE PAYMENT OF COMPENSATION TO DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEESBY AGENCIES OTHER THAN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.Attention is called to the provision contained in the act of March 3, 1917,making appropriations fior the legislative, executive, and judicial expenses oftile Government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1918, and for other pur-poses (39 U. S. Statutes at Large, at page 1100), which reads as follows:Proridcd, That on and after July 1, 1919, no Government official or employeeshall receive any salary in connection with his services as such an official oremployee from i any source other than the Government of the United States,except as may be contributed out of the treasury of any State, county, or mu-nicipality, and no person, association, or corporation shall make any contribu-tion to, or ini any way supplement the salary of, any Government official or em-ployee for lie services performed by him for the Government of the UnitedStates. Any leson violating any of the terms of this proviso shall be deemedguilty of a miiisdelmllanor, id upon conviction thereof shall be punished by afine of not less than $1,000 or linprisonnent for not less than six months, or byboth such fine and i miprsonment, as the court may deterimine.In effect, the foregoing proviso prohibits the payment in whole or in part ofcoinpelisation to any (overnment official or employee on account of his servicesas such except by the Federal Government or by contribution from the treas-ury of a State, county, or municipality.The facts regarding the activities of this department which might be af-fected by this provision were presented to Iongress. Ln the agricultural ap-propriation act for 1920 the following paragraphs appear: That hereafter in carrying on the activities of the Department of Agricul-ture involving Cooperation with State, county, and municipal agencies, associa-tions of farmers, individual farmers, universities, colleges, boards of trade,chambers of commerce, or other local associatlions of business Inen, business organizations, an individuals within the State, Territory, district, or insularpossession ill wli 1ii siicIi acti siies ars to I )(e carried on, luoneys contributedfrom such wli sid sources, except in the case of the authorized activities of theForest Service, shall oe pa i ily through the Secretary of Agriculture orthliroughi State, cmuiity, or municipal agencies, or local farn bureaus or likeor11anizations, cooperating for tlie purp se with the Secretary of Agriculture.The oflici als and empboyces oC the 'Department of Agriculture engaged in theactivities described in the preueding paragraph and paid in whole or in partout of fnds coitribited as pr4Nv ided thereinI, and the persons, corporations, orassociations iaiking contr ibiuti1 as therein provided shall not be subject to theprovisO contained in the ;wt miniking appr'p )1 riatib'us for the legislative, executive,and ju'iicial expenses of tile ( overnment for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1918, and for other purposes, approved March 8, 1917, in Thirty-ninth Statutesat Large, at page 1100 ;nor shall any official or employee engaged in the coop-erative activities of the Forest Service, or the persons, corporations, or asso-ciations contributing to such activities be subject to the said proviso.


1919.] SERVICE AND REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS. 77In effect, these provisions require that in carrying on departmental activi-ties involving cooperation with State, county, and imun icipa l agencies, associa-tions of farmers, individual farmers, universities, colleges, boards of trade,chambers of commerce or other local associations of business men, business or-ganizations, and individuals within the State, Territory, I i'trict, ir inisuila r pos-session in which such activities are to be carried on, moneys in tribute fromsuch outside sources shall be paid only through the S\cretary o Ag'riculture orthrough State, county, or municipal agencies or local farm ir alins or like or-ganizations, cooperating for the purpose with the Secretary of Agricul tare. Theauthorized activities of the Forest Service are excepted from i hese reqair ementsbecause of certain conditions peculiar to that service, ;nd its oflicniA amlnd em'1-ployees are exempted from the operation of the proviso in the act f Mar 3,1917. Departmental activities conducted in the manner prescri 'ed ab e lye wouldnot be subject to that proviso.RESPONSIBILITY FOR UNITED STATES FUNDS COLLECTED BYEMPLOYEES OF THE DEPARTMENT.The fiscal regulations of this department are hereby amnided by addingthereto the following regulation:108. Rcs ponsibility for fuWds (111C the Un itecd Sk'fc t collect; l ofni crs, cm-ploiycs, or agents of 1hc dcpurtmcnt.-Moneys due the Unitod St a i shl ouldbe collected or received by only such oflceers, employees, or agents of wle de-partment as have been duly authorized to collect or receive same. All inl';eysreceived from whatever source for the use of the United Slates shall be imme-(11Itely transmitted by the officer, employee, or agent of the eparim nenti receiv-ing same to the disbursing clerk of the department or to the proper ii s gnnt,to be receipted for by him and promptly paid into the Treasr y If th U ITIitedStates. Even in cases where the ultimate disposition of m1loljeys re eived hasnot been fully determined, such moneys shall be immediately tranie-miitto, to thedisbursing clerk or fiscal agent for safe-keeping pending fina;] ills! iriUt Uus to himas to their disposition. Remittances should bi ) made in the form of r stal orexpress money orders, certified chocks, bank drnfts, or ea-Itiers' cheeks, drawnpayable to the order of the " Disbursing Clerk, Department of Agriculture,"or the proper fiscal agent, but personal checks may be accepted from pa tiesof known responsibility. Unless the circuinstanes make it unavoidable cashshould not be accepted. Bureau financial clerks and other officor5, employees,or agents of the department, who make collections of amount s in refunl ofoverpayments, disallowances, unused portions of scrip books, mileage books, orrailroad tickets, or who receive the proceeds from the sale of Gov(rmnent prop-erty or funds from any other source authorized by law, will be held Porsoinallyresponsible for any loss of such moneys that may occur while simwo are in theirpossession, pending transmission to the disbursing clerk or fiscal agent.SUPPLEMENTAL VOUCHERS AND CLAIMS.The department is in receipt of instructions under d(late of July 10, 1919, fromthe Office of the Auditor for the State and Other Departments (Treasury De-partment'), which read in part as follows:1. This office designates as " SalplemnIItal " such vIumehers as are not paidby disbursing oftheers within the quarter during which the service was renderedor the supplies furnished. Supplemental vouchers should be avoidd as mclias possible. Disbursing oflicers mia'e requested to illstruict (1 imants as to theimportance of early rendition of vouchers so as to lessen tle Ilamr of examina-tion (by the disbursing officer amll the auditor) covering the period from dateof incurrence to date of rendition.


'18 BUREAU OF *ANIZIAL INDUSTRY. IJuly,2. Vouchers and claims, including reimbursement accounts held back for anunreasonable time, should be accompanied by a statement explaining the delay,signed by claimant or someone else having knowledge of the facts.While it is manifestly impossible to have all accounts s11blitted within thequarter during which service was rendered or supplies furnished, every effortshould be made to have contractors, dealers, etc., who furnish supplies or per-sonal service for the department, submit their accounts with as little delay as possible after the supplies have been furnished or the service performed.Inspectors in charge and other employees of the bureau will be guided by theinstructions above in the handling and presentation of vouchers and claims inthe future.EMPLOYEES' USE OF THEIR OWN MOTOR-PROPELLED VEHICLES.Effective July 1, 1919, the provisions of paragraph 214 of the AdministrativeRegulations, where der employees using their own motor-propelled vehicles forofficial travel may be reimbursed for such use at mileage rates not exceeding 2cents per mile for a motorcycle and 6 cents per mile for an automobile, arehereby amended by increasing the rates to not to exceed 3 cents, and not toexceed 7 cents for motor cycles and automobiles, respectively.DESIGNATION OF PERMANENT STATION OR TEMPORARY HEAD-QUARTERS; ALLOWANCES IN CONNECTION THEREWITH.Hereafter each letter authorizing travel will specify both the permanentCitation and the temporary headquarters, if any, of the employee in whose favorthe letter is drawn. Paragraph 5 of the Fiscal Regulations is amended ac-cordingly.No employee shall be assigned to temporary duty and allowed subsistenceexpenses under ith' provisions of paragraph 83 (o) of the Fiscal Regulations if,at the time, it is probable that the assignment will ultimately be made perma-nent. Whenever assignment to temporary duty and allowance of subsistenceexpenses in connection with sulh assignment is followed by designation of such place of tenl orary duty as the permanent station of an employee, a report ofthe circumst.anaces sh all be immedia tely mta de to the Seoretary, the report to beaccompanied vith a certificate of the chief of the bureau involved that at thetime the temporary assignment was made it was not and could not have beenanticipated that permanent headquarters would l)e established at the same point.No employee who has been allowed subsisteiice expenses in connection with anassignment lo temporary duty un(ler the provisions of paragraph 86 (o) of theFiscal Reguitions shall receive any allowance for packing, crating, freight, ordrayage charges for the transfer of his household effects or other personal prop-erty used in official work, if such assignment is thereafter made permanent,except upon specific approval, in advance, by the Secretary.Sections (o), (p), and (q) of paragraph SG of the Fiscal Regulations areamended accordingly.


1919.1 SERVICE AND REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS. 79IIIRING A BOAT, BICYCLE, Mi ITOR CYC( V( 'LE, OR AUTOMOBILE.Effit Wive July 1, 1919, sectii in (j) 't partagritph SO of th Fiseal Rl gulitionsi8 hl-ereby amillnded to read as fil)s:(j) Exapt :Is providiii: :raniih 81; (v), sp ',i1l convy:lie, :i ' slv ror. ilh hiro of a bwtlt, hicyclo, mot -ycle, or :I utom] ie mly 1w 0Il-pvIeii twiel 11)1 pulic (w rpiular lw01 n o () tralnPtJ rtllieon lri 1 oi-ild , m:wholn suchl pliib w retguhzlma oI' trasprtaio 1w oth u a ad-vanltageously in the 11018-si of th liernhint. 1lmployees uiinz iheirovin1 vehii in iilliil wwit hn-cru jce wih the Adm1iiniIslrztivo !Z 1uh:imi sof the delarllm11ti 11ust, ilt li a0 ol motir-pPelltd V'1il(s, !n(-ls 4rilltcdI('imbOI1rs'enit 4f()r such ito illa -t I 812 r2t11; (n1hut (xcolling'-t :" 411ts per milefir n imotor cycle ant! 7 tents 1w riik for tn tiutomobi 'u) , SippOt Oztch accountc(o'ring operating chlrlge-8 y a el'thltt ,'tting firthl t'l hIct I:t the(h.1,11--1 for gasoliln.1 utn Oil \Ntis rilivel at bv actudi in1et(hsrm-lent atboth thebaginnni and ind of t 1i le 'iIl trip. 'The mileage of ieach trip should also beplainly stated.USE OF DEPARTMENT BILLS OF LADING.Effe('iive July 1. 191. , section (r) of pnranraph 8G of the Fiscal Rhgulationsis larity amended to read as follows:(I) Under the provisions of sections (p) and (q) of this paragraph ship-tnnts, if by comlmn ctlrior, iiust Ile 1a111de oil depa'Irtmental bills of ladling,ilil d ' t a valuttion ()!, $10 per 100 pomilds. Te employee to whom suchdhpirtmental hill of lading is issued is not authorized to make any changetIherein, I by writing across the face thereof or otherwise', which will raise thecliassfication of, or increrasio the freight charges on, the shipment. Each ac-count must refer to the authority for the shipment and be accompanied bythe cortificale of the officer best (Iualifidt to makO it that the property so shippedconsists of the household goods of the employee transferred and is exciu-sively his property, and that all other perso nal property so traInsferrcd is to beusedl in official work, and that the transport ation was furnished on t1e occasionof his permanent transfer to a new official station. If the weight of the ship-ment exceeds 5,00 p1oumlds the emaployoe must ship the excess wei ght (in ac lnmiercial hill of in dii g and pay the charges on same from his private fuods; except that in (5sso where a car can be secured at a cost not greater than theiet-hian-arhad rates for 5,000 pounds, a carli ad shipment may be made on adepartieatal bill of lading and the excess over 5,000 pounds included, settle-ment for the excess to be calculated on the pro]tportionate Cost of the entireshipiient, and draft or money order in favor of the carrier to be transmittedto the department by the employee with the memorandum copy of the bill oflaig, to be used by the department in part payment of the transportationcharge.STATUS OF TICK ERADICATION IN VARIOUS STATES, JUNE, 1919.Tippel during Anount Of infec-m11onth. tion. q qunreIt I miles Vatsstate avail-Herds. Catt le. Iords. Cattle. worke. 1. A. 1. State. Co l~ able.ty.Alabama. 207, S51 994,275 9,8 3 4:, F-16 47, 6:37 2S 42 401 7,51A rkais .112,496 V5, 479 11,511 75, 051 :3,811 4S 235 41 3, ,5C2Florida. .13,750 275, 087 5,710 207,60 .50,032 15 15 47 1,325( or. .78, 302 52 ,409 5, 47 3,591 28, 415 28 23 110 2, 407Louisimna .171, G1 1, 505, 014 3, 813 2, 57 45, 101 37 30 4;5 4 545Mitssisipp. 45, 584 423, ( 1 113 9021 35,367 24 25 150 5, 7-26North arolina. 2,351 7,589 1,411) 4,151 1it.855 8 6 11) 543Oklahoma. 56, OYS 627,572 7,4:7 75,50 19, 468 27 25 128 1,137South Carolina. 23, 510 113, 611 1, M4 8, 255 10,310 72 17 .827Texas (Fort Worth). 124, 493 1,612,909 41, 1810 61", 471 66. 321 32 38 487 4, 649Texas (Houston) .15, 203 322. 339 8,222 147,774G 3', 57 15 2 81 1, 197Total. 851,292 7,097, 200 99,0069 1,230,109 390,027 3:314 4SS 1,S93 33,7S9


BUREATU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. (July,SUMMARY OF TUBERCULOSIS-ERADICATION WORK IN COOPERA-TION WITH THE VARIOUS STATES, JUNE, 1919.Tuberculin Fm-tests. ees.ecs.Station. States. Inspector in State official.charge.~ asAlbany, N. Y. N. Y .23 812 160 6 3 H. B. Leonard .1). W. McLaury, Albany.Atlanta, Ga. Ga. 32 754 13 3 1 W.M.MaeKellar. 1. F. Bahnsen, A tlanta.Baltimore, Md .Md. 36 617 81 5 1 T. A. Ladson. R. C. Reed, Baltimore.Birmingham, Ala. Ala. 48 620 21 2 1 R. E. Jackson. C. A. Cary, Auburn.Bismarek, N. Dak. N. Pak. 58 933 20 3 2 H1. 11. Cohenour. W. F. Crewe, Bismarck.Mass. 6 194 9 4 E .E. A. Crossman. L. 11. Howard, Boston.Me. 88 898 21 3 Boyden Bearce, Augusta.Boston, Mass.It I 7 90 30 1 .. ..S. Pollard, Providence.Conn. 10 99 1 1 J. M. Whittelsey, Hartiord.N. 1. 8 165 2 1 .do. A. L. Felker, Concord.Charleston W. Va. W. Va. 19 294 26 3 3 Geo. W. Neff. J. H. Stewart, Charleston.Chicago, i. Ill. 65 947 32 11 3 J. J. Lintner. A. T. icters, Springfield.Columbia, S. C. S. C. 16 233 8 3 2 W. K. Lewis. R. 0. Feeley, Clcmson Clge.Columbus, Ohio. Ohio. 182 1,273 120 6 10 Leo E. Davis. T. A. Burnett, Columbus.Denver, Co.Colo. 7 139 2 1 .W. E. Howe. C. G. Lamb, Penver.,Wyo. 1 17 . 1. .do. B. F. Davis, Cheyenne.Des Moines, Iowa. Iowa. 38 750 19 4 2 F. 11. Thompson. R. D. Wall, Des Moines.Parrisburg, Pa. Pa. 89 824 33 8 4 P. E. Quinn. C. J. Marshall Hlarrisburg.Helena, Mont. Mont. 105 1, 169 23 3 3 R. Snvder. W. J. Butler, helena.Indianapolis, d. Ind. 44 870 20 7 5 J. E. Gibson. L. E. Northrup, Indianapolis.Kv. 43 646 14 4 5 .do. S. F. Musseho an, Frankfort.Jackson, MiMis.Miss. 120 1,665 3 7 1 J. A. Barger. E. M. Ranck, Agrie'l Cige.Jefferson City, Mo. Mo. 8 423 14 1 1 Ralph Graham. 1 D. F. Luckey, Jefferson City.Lansing, Mich. Mich. 44 776 12 5 3 T. S. Rich. 11. H. Ilalladay, Lansing.incoln, Ncbr. Nebr. 35 589 56 2 3 S. E. Cosford. W. T. Spencer, Lincoln.Madison, Wis. Wis. 110 2,455 47 9 .J. S. Healy.C. P. Norgord, Malison.Montpelier, Vt. Vt. 47 959 95 6 5 A. J. )e Fosset .E. S. Brigham, Montpelier.ashville, Tenn. Term. 36 575 6 4 3 Robert Jay. M. Jacob, Nashville.ew Orleans, La. La. 93 1,359 72 2 .R. W. Tuck. E. P. Flower, Baton Rouge.Oklahoma, Okla. Okla 18 502 41 2 1 W. C. 1)rake, jr. J. A. Whitchurst, Oklahoma.pierre, S. 1)ak. S. llak. 62 709 28 2 2 J. 0. Wilson. A. F. Beaumont, Pierre.( re. .33 531 14 5 1 S. B. Foster. W. H. Lytle, Salem.Portland, Orog. XWash. 1St 2,133 82 2 3 .do. E. F. Benson, Olympia.Va. 108 1,585 21 8 2 R. E. Brookbank. J. G. Ferneyhough, Rich-Richmond, Va. mond.1N. C. 65 577 8 6 2 .d. Wm. Moore, Raleigh.3t. Paul, Minn. Min. 125 2,667 96 14 5 W. J. Fretz. C. E. Cotton, St. Paul.jUtah. 25 326 18 3 2 F. E. Murray. R. W. Iloggan, Salt LakeBalt Lake City, I City.Utah. Idaho. 13 245 2 3 .o. J. B. Adams, Boise.Nov. 3 0 350 13 1 1 .do. Edw. Records, Reno.C'aFlaliassce, Fla. Fla. 46 775 46 5 2 J. G. Fish. J. W. )eMilley, Tallahassee.Topeka, Kans. Kans. 27 1,016 34 3 2 11. M. Graofe.J. H. Mercer, Topeka.NN. J 10 259 51 2 1 W. G. Middleton. J. 11. McNeil, Trenton.Trentcu, N. J. .3 25 1 . .do. H. P. Eves, Wilmington.Washington, D. C. 1). C .91 260 4 2 .J. A .Kiernan . . ..10. Mis c .19 63 2 1 .Totalon,. ..2 17 2 , 42 ...i.Total.I---1.2,73,11141158 ..


1919.] SERVICE AND REGULATORY ANNOUNCEMENTS. 81PUBLICATIONS IN JULY.[The bureau keeps no mailing list for sntiia I to iniviin4I , VpOyes, butpublicntions anre snt in hulk to officers in charge (1r di trihlui;! I"nmkmb'r of theirforces. The number of copies sent varhiwilh th 1u1ict orl nuni of l! pihaltionand the number and class of employoo>. Oficisrs il will 11,-1, thwir jlt.'!Igmclnt ;11nddistribute publications to lesi advantage. So far as pc',pIbl addIti na ups illiofurnished on request.]Dupartminent Bulletin 777. Fatlenillg Steers l S1,"r it'l ure ill IheSouth. By W. F. WVNld, fIiierly in Animiil Ilsl nxlr, ,Ir(of Animlloi JInulstrY ; lbnl 'I". Gray, f()e' pinl1 af ina lminiladry,AL.atiina PlyiecnIt Institut' and E. .Ly, Piilretr ; MIiS>)i ExpirVI-ment Station. Pp. 24, Iig. 1.B. A. 1. Orle 2G3. Regulations Gkveningthe Inter.ifte M/olemlt of LiveStock. Etfoetive J uly 1, 1V19. Su persuades IP. A. 1. Order 241-5. Pp. 37.Amemudinwnt 1 to I. A I. L Order 20:. EfYective July 15, 1919. Revokespara graph 2, soctio'n 1, I 'aula tion G. P. JAmnidment 3 to B. A. 1. Order 2I-2. QuArmntining Brunswick (autify, N. C.,Oil alcC0lnt of splenetic, southern, or Tcxais4 Iver iln Ctte. Efftative JuIy15, 191). P. 1.Aiimin(iment 4 to B. A. I. (rdr Qu2.tinliOliilg Cimlumbus Cmunt y , N.on account cdf Spleietic, smitheri, or Texas lover ini cottle. Elfcative A11u111stl1, 109. P1. 1.ORGANIZATION OF THE BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY.Chicf: JOHN B. iolLEc.Assistant Chief: 1. 11. RAWL.Chi( icCrk: CHfA 111 t C. CAiao0Lm.L(Iitor: ). .Bnum-r.Anlimal Hu1mb(Ind y I i ,s ioll: GEoMIE M. RIM1MEL, chief.Biochcimic Dcin:M. DnecifDRiry q Diri iu/: .H. It, w, eiif.Fiell itnspcclifm Dirision: A. AV. Mi Lli, lief.3lit Insper!ion 1iiion: It I'. P.ST Omm , chief.M!is/Clma11o( Dirision : A. M. FAilINITON, chief.Palihololical 1i Visi(onl: JoHl-N S. UUCKEEY, Uctin1 chief.Quarantine Diiiol: RICITaRD W. 11e1MAN, chief.Tik E'radicatiion Iiri rsion:I R. A. RAMSAY, chief.T1ulcrt/osa; Eradiica1tion Dirision: J. A. KIERNAN, chief.Zoological DiVision: B. II. R\NSom, chief.L'rperimnt SNIation: E. C. SCHROEDERl. Superintenlde'nlt.Division of HJog-Cholcra Control: IU. G. HOUCK, of Firus-scruio Control: I). 1. S mnini, acting, in chlarge.Office of Accounts: A. C. )Avrs, acting, ill clirtiare.Appointmnct Scctioi: GEoGE IH. RUSsELL, ill chrge.


Spend wisely, save sanely, invest safely.Have a personal share in the future.Save-Make war on waste.Saving is personal efficiency.THeR IS POWERbAE AND SUCCNYou are your best asset. Capitalize yourself.Wise buying makes wages count more.Saving is the quickest road to opportunity--For a peaceful nation.For a peaceful family.ADDITIONAL COPIESOF THIS PUBLICATION MAY BE PROCURED FROMTHE SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTSGOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICEWASHINGTON, D. C.AT5 CENTS PER COPYSUBSCRIPTION PRICE, 50 CENTS PER YEARVWASHIINGTON : GOVERN MEANT PRINTING OFFICE: 1919


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