Poultry and egg situation


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Poultry and egg situation
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February 1945


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AJG'l 'tT U,

tv i ,J



"W chicken



Hens aD d. -P u Ile ts on
farms DeQ. 31

I I I t I I I I L I I A I I
1925 1930 19 1,5' .1940.


tv-U& farpers'- intentions reppred about February 1, 1945 a d
ur6hasez of baby chicks, compared with 1944. Egg
thspeobi4bly will continue above lost year, and with am pl J
t,' th"atJM'number of' chi cken raised in 1445 wi I I decr,,aik'
4,'&ft ppast relationships, this may result in a slight Jecr
'1`041,fets on f ar-n s At, t he end Of compared with becem

r .. A gt& 13- 10, 0. s'

Zb. -

&I fel ft 4" 194- 8. 90S. ti 4884

f or Makt fg. ;b o -3 .8O Ua U 4 301 4 1*

I ovTrt mu,1b. 1939-41 9273. 401 0,k I
iv er~t pa Pie I, Cent 193-4a 1 s 1. t
IL 1.I r% Niwa%.pa p a 1 00 Z b.n 1926-48 L431 ,i
At er Moud'", .prP-M .:0 1b et 19at-443 4.a 1s to9 .
revy Aer poa.. C tn 1934-4 mg 12. SET W IO

.o. .. Mi 9b.Osa 1934-44 33.8, 3B.2 7,
I Mi C .e 1b 1214-63 5.0I th.7 4 &
40"r poan .81 f 114. M 1981-42 29.z 22. 3.5 A
.g . ... Mi 1. do. 1OW943 j10 188'a 1 W,693!
o doeng . & Klam do. 1984-40 187 12: 44. I&
t ~ pres .0 404 Li. 19144 a ae AIL4 13 1Ia.
perd pon A. ant low.48 18 4.71s 124.4 9.
Pait .rc pi 4 C ..S ant 1934,43 16.8 1ISO 19.51
26caaeo 7 poim 1 10 #9 IS 1 4b. An 2W,43 81 8. .
11 1 h, 13-48 405 96 1.

Party, pric e powir ati Centa 1939-49 10.& t9.4 24.0 2-
Percentg of pari-ty W a Idexn 128&32"s 6. 110,. 138.5 4 11
closto 1( 96at --30 e Ala)Inex no, 1934-43" its. 116. no187.1,', t
a1 fadslmer Inddn N l (4 11 Zjm o rt AI jg
-atsaa 14= par dozen Cente 3 19284-43 270 2. 141 1 7 .9 16
bevykee6 per posed C .one 1929-43 19D1 M1.96 2: .
atro ctnem % per ps doe C .Ogt 1929-4: 21,B 1.1 268.9 2.

or sta,, 2-0 ee s co p ers
pe pound . Caexst 1024-42' 18 9 47.6 117. s $7.
rossem 1-6 Fros n ai e scpearte ocs qi et
for P eaound l. .... :...cs 18-2 24 2 71 o, 3'
ehfowls.s No8-6be po ad Derebe L 934 vrg. Sadrs 4pudDcme 94
tarietis s Om e igt o utd
muotationgs. ......... A .d 199 $ X15 lg 162 1Sc ,704
aade ggd iI o. o -t 17 s I- II, 21





6I- I

1011L iti-iii
f le ., -g b
, t'

e"emt,,,Pewer b aby,,'l
,itend to grow 8,perte#&,

"the awran-t marletlig'

r_elow thqpe of the L'9444
Comm cl Al hgtrc
,%,tdtl:er prochxckng-tril

jeW, t i t, 4A a

,blttchlngs, of, 43,j

"al, bAtching for,fa= flp'al,-i' 'ej:.,
t --he 'r 4t V4 A:,trr*e*
v Jr

For -the fir Str timel in 5 YaPxv> 't he

m th,t, o f tha ipievious` Jaimary.", n

kjd:d&t j op -7 percent maller nw' e' s aLli fa#S
p -
't he rAte 61 1 v Prices re cp ived `b y, fr, eTALfvrr"A
o zen, At Cif
'41.0 -cent a er. d IQ -pe, rce Y"
i-most itO o:r, e ggl!,,,
hole8aI0_:an& rrata 1-prices 6 gr Eim

llr* 'at bl?,.ne ar ceililig]evella* Per' 6,ppita e gg,, "lip 6Q

re c6rd ratee tri eL # by WFA for '1 41 1
Vr, e Smalle'r than., iii the.' ddiT espo i g
mle, inventory vea&b of, pbu,t Orr
on .tatihs_ J9

1ighest cm record, I e i. n'g' sikWd, o ni r'b' tlTat""O I r I a$

%phi dkene bn:farms, on bir",, was 89 pitrL-p t -,q
Turkey numberfivwere shght qaillion b, q
y below-tlW

but the nmberof breeder ienel.:,Oh ',hpnd -was at a record

6 P'ereent above Jamar 944'

T 4t


Im m i

C6 J, 9

le .....
loop V

BACKROUD.-Egg prices during,194',140 s
rose under th~e imZpetUs Of' strogg wattj*4, A-
Thi s was ref 04tq in'a iZe44i Of
raised enac year, a,44 the, 94 aidLIin fiickens r
in 1943 was a record number. Hoverer, in 19 44
cause of burdensome egg'supplies aad r5jatively
egg prizes., the number of chickens ra44vd wat oas1
fifth less than in -93.As a' result the aae
hens,,oxd pulletia on forms Jamuary .1, 19,45 was 9,
cent lesetthan op Janukary 1,19.
tarmers, intend to Purchase Fewer Baby'
Chicks in 19 hain19

Based oln reports from crop correspondents, farmers intend t
approximately, 4 perce At fewer bahj chicks in 1945 than in 1944.
pronounced are the declines in the West gorth Centrpa and Rlodky,
regions, where a 10 percent decrease in rut~ihAses is ibaicatecl.
North Centrril area reports that a declineO of 9 percent in puychati
chicks 'All take place. In these'three areas, extensive p~i ce
activities were, In. operation during 1944.

-On the other hand, farme~rv intend to increase baby ch-kce psiydh
in those areas where the demand for eggs in '1544 was relatively ztrd
and where at. present it appears that requirements will be .dIX4
the Pacific Coast, the South Atlantic, and Middle Atlanticreis.7
those regions increases- of 6. 7, inct 10,percent., reqpectiveLy, -re Ind
The Tew England area indicated a decrease of 6 -percentjin chidks to bt#
bought, while. the East. South Central. and'Ifest South 10entrnl regions'
showed a decline of 4 percent in intentions to purchase- tince the in-11'
tentions report is as of Vebrunry 1, actual -purchases Vill veary, fro'' t11
intentions depending on developments during the hatching season.

Factors affecting. actual purchases 'are the prices of eggs and_ fee&
as they affect the egg-feel price ratio, the chicken-feed price ratio,
and some psychologically factors which cannot be measured. Although the
poultry products-feed price relationships Will probably continue to be
favorable for increasing the rnaiber of chickens raised, offsetting facttrfi
will probably be the marketing difficulties, especially transportation,
iand. the relatively low prices received by farmers for eggs'durin'& thke
early part of 1944% Thus, it 'appears that the intentions might be tanketL
as a good indication of the number of chicks to be purchased in. 1945,

Becamse of f arif hatchings, yearly changes in the number of chickens
raised vary from the number of those purchased. Thp propor..tion, of chit"A
%hatched by commercial hatcheries has been increasing., In 154,3,,84 per-
cent of the chitks hatched came from commer-cial hatcheries. -This compaftes
with 34 percent in 1934.

4 I
1 mN
iiiaAr roii6r
ofi k@ C"iwih
m,', '
n br E Nl6k'ztpizd.

I ..r eV............. h e t O i s
m 0H
ZO 0
W 9 10i



n,4 -12- 'J3,61-,Ly


tq* bg,

vi.th A Pio, i, ve redilcft'o,II 1,i qgk, Vr,
t -,i, M&,vith 'civilian donziiTp.tiot,** V,
-Ajlot, ye4r, `wnditions ;re f rtvdratl a zo thwik
tyride't fvr 6&-o thm in 14,44-
-tpolici6z in tif fe,t thl s, t

Si4te mdeld tha e mg4 b&
0)11111 aud keazeri eggs Auting
price!S paid -fdr -dxid egg In tA' the
tont factors effecting farm egg p2rices. Re-
ism6d'which rev':ts(d dried whole egg aei g 1141
3e, Vils revision rostlt'e4''YL
'h Juna,, t o, 1ev, 'potit'id'-,
lcnis "r r ma'ah &,hroug i -1, "OKI'
b*A*d,,At, is 6ftimst,6& _thft diqled- e'e4 mftuf
or 32 cents'.6 &0,zen', f Or,'09& AAA'
odltate thttt' this -would reEvit
6,iaritso pet' d6zen -In tho fjuiKli'productiau Sp
ipr t'1944, farte G received AV F&atAge of I
11 I I 1 I I 7-

P0111try Rm6ln F*r Short,
of Demand

Market ingg' 01`poitry MeAtr'WA,,akpi-kne te,490,
mcathg and, will. be taterfolly I
decline' In n=berk of chictens'r.aige4,A 1944
more, the raie of: culling probably 0,1, *ziol, Im as gr',64
as in e4riy9,44* Higher egg 7d
the 3b6r 'of.pullets 4 ? an:t i't 6 Or i,
ber of Pia,16t ,Ot-bflnyi xf A*
26 Percent less thEm a yeai ago ml the'grOalim
The demand:f or poultry Teat WI-11 cpu4kru, FAr
I meht calls for. A lepat 66 t 0, 2O milio'
lent for We canwil poultr: program. "ParthertoTs, p
the -,Qomrt'Oimaster: Oorp under WFO llq M'Ttr4ked 4 1PIM,
per, wa6k dur g J' y. I n'addition,, the m
gWoket at in, terrttori-es not covered b7,,M, 490" %;

14 W'


vmol t
1 op


, I

Yt tthixd
g~ve-r vkl|
ik4o S' I h
iiiiiiii@,ru ry I ho,h
i." iiiiiiiiiii
rFootcf 4-ig'%a
r6 n n
-h 't :
4. ol* p- t
ag cs VIt 'ae' Jndr
An~dPpbi2-ay'l 1 3 -39 aY'age i9)1`+
ivrmn aifm:n
r/ b hodni a- g

ft 631,L
*vMlo V1, e4 Z
'S 'we I, p*4,t

16 1 7
It, 4,


ha,ic -and, 7,0 44,t


lew ries, of "lao fetd,

b Aftl cul tilT al :$Oon*Mjr,%
an4 Egg Situatioh %iil Par% lhrthVr'tlw
and new -iorice mtlos.

Because of higher tri cte,4 'reaefva
m,*71yanuary 1945 (revised
I pwrce4t-abo7e the 10-year avbrs;Tq,. -ho"*mpi,,AOO
''Of' 49
om December, 'whel
to Ja*Ary.,

1tvaVU ps "Oul try.
Onlr b, L,-Ait f eat

lie aggreeate value o f chlkenslon
Janxiary 1, 1'q45 .5616,0no',nno, 9 porctnt bA10L*,,'
-j4. 'T"fiq
i bil't'd1herwi o e tbo hie-h0t, on reow aftrlrI
Aea wn s $1.11, centt baaw i)',e J,mti

ttR4 q
p-tat 21

t v

21 3 ,
i1, -b

.. iHIIIIlfll~ll~lllllllll~llli
S-- 3 1262 08004 0777
... "" .i ..

l u,. P:.1- r l: .:". ., ." .. ::: .' .....
4; .: /... T.: h: :


1 .:: '. ... .. '. ." ,' .: Y.:j=..' "L'4 :*"4 ".. "::.:... 1.",

'. .. j .... ,,.......

-fr~fiq4 AAg

N.eg Adnetion 4C) L. fs
.9 'd
,, .'. .ir em en t s.. an. ue: e ing,. .. .,
lng pt2ZpoBses Abtnat 8pecS bthk tfa

44 gns wnate Iat se
...:. I : .. : : .. .m :
"a'". :I

wased us a of trona eggs$ by by

Y4, H
i. '.. ." '. '" ". .':"".

".. ..' ,
4" 1 Jvv
f ,.g i: ". '. .. ... 'V 4 :. "":g .; ."

F. A" -

1* A
.'it ;... :, i .... !; 4" it

",,4 ."' "..'', I. Ir N4

K. '- 7 I
: ." : : ': :ii,
I. .., 4. ,jjrj ;
il~ ;'It : ".."" '" .e ... .. 1

P ." :
~~ ~~~. :; ..E:'" .:L