Selected references on industrial locations


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Selected references on industrial locations
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Bureau of Economic
and Business i.esearch
University of Florida

Development Division


Attached is a selected list of publications dealing with problems and
factors of industrial location. It has been prepared as a reference
list for State Planning and Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce,
civic organizations, established or prospective businessmen, and
others interested in the principles underlying factory location.
Those engaged in assembling information on an area's industrial advan-
tages or in the appraisal of local factors affecting the selection
of a plant location may find it helpful.

The lisH includes both governmental and non-governmental publications
and cites a number of books and pamphlets which are out of print but
which are still useful. These may generally be consulted, however,
in the larger public libraries.

April 28, 1947'

Washington, D. C.






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I, Federal Government Publications
The publications in this section may be obtained from the
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office,
Washington 25, D. C., at the indicated prices.

Industrial Location and National Resources. National
HeEources Planning Board. Dec., 1942. '1.50

Relative Efficiency of Large, Medium-sized and Small
Business. Monograph 13, TNEC (Temporary National
Economic Committee). 4.50

Structure of Industry. Monograph 27, TNEC (Temporary
National Economic Committee), 759 p. $1.00

Heavy Industry: Graphic Guide to Decentralization and
Some Simple Facts on Reconversion. 1944. 7 p., separate
map & chart, Catalog No. 79-1 Sen. Doc. 75, $.25

Marketing Laws Survey Series. Catalog No. FW4.36
Vol. V 1942, 244 p. il. Interstate Trade Barriers,
outline of studies Federaal Works Agency. $.75

Structure of American Economy. National Resources
Planning Board. Pt. 1 Basic characteristics.
1939. 396 pp. il, 43N21/12:2Ec7/Pt.l. 31.00
(Stock exhausted). Available at public libraries
in larger cities,

Financial Statistics of State and Local Governments.
Census Bureau, DeptT.ol' Commere, C-39. $.Ub & W -10

Technical News Bulletin of National Bureau of Standards,
(Monthly) Cat. C 13:13. Department of Commerce.
Subscription price $.50 per year.

The Geographic Distributi6n of Manufacturing Facilities
Expansion. July,,1940 May, 1944. War Production
Board, Program and Statistics Bureau, Facilities
Branch, June 1, 1945. (Civilian Production Adminis-
tration). (Free)

- 1 -

An Outline for Making Surveys. Economic Series No. 34.
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, U. S.. Dept,.
of Commerce. 3.10

A Guide for Local Industrial Promotions Economic Series
To,. 47. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, U, S.
Department of Commerce. (Free)

List of Available Publications. Us S. Department of
Commerce. (Free)

Census Bureau Publications. Bureau of the Census,
U. S. Department of Commerce. -(Free)

List. of Selected Publications. Bureau of Foreign and
Domestic Commerce, U. S. Department of Commerce.

Directory of Trade and Ptofessional Associations.
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, U. S. Dept.
of Commerce. $.70

Check List for the Introduction of New Consumer Products.
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 1945, U. S,
department of Cornerce. $.10

Basic Industrial Location Factors. Bureau of Foreign and
Domestic -Cowerce, Area Development Division, U. S.
Department of Commerce. (Free)

II. State Government Publicatiohs
The publications in this section may be obtained from the
state agencies indicated below.

New Factories in California Commun'ities. Pamphlet No. 11.
SJuly, 1946, California State Reconstruction and
S.... Reemployment Commission, 631 J Street, Sacramento 14,
California. (Free). .

-2 -

Economic Studies pf Maryland. Maryland State Planning
Commission, Baltimore, Md. 1939, j,25
Part I, The Survey
Part II, A Base Pattern of the Industry and.
Agriculture of Maryland-
Part III, Observation of Industrial Changes in
the Base Pattern
Part IV, Diagnosis of Causes Contributing to
and Effects Resulting from Changes Observed
in Part III. 351 pp. nimeo.

III. Non-Governmental Publications
The references cited in this section may be obtained
.from the publishers, as indicated.


Alfred Weber's Theory of Location of Industries.
Carl J. Fredrich. 1929. University of Chicago
SChicago, Illinois. $3.00


Southern Industry and Reinal Development. By. Harriet
SL. Herring, Univeralty o rorth Carolina Press,
.Chapel Hill, N. C. 1940. 105 pp. $1.00

Plant Location. By .CGrald W. Holmes. McGraw-Hill Book
Company, 330 U. 42hd Street, New York 18, N. Y.
(Note Out of print, but available at public libraries
in larger industrial cities.)

. Industrial Management. By Re H. Lansburgh and W. RH
Spriegol. .3rd ed. 1940. John Wile & Sons, Inc., typu.)
Industrial Districts of the Chicago Region and their
Infltonces. on Plant Location. 1933. Journal of Business
of the University bf Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

Distribution Efficiency Applied to Plant Location.
Philadelphia Business Progress Association, Phila., Pa.
1931. 35 pp.

4 Significance of Location upon Production Costs. By
J. L, Warner, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Transactions, June, 1936, pp. 193-220. 50 8. 41st St.,
New York 17, N. Y,




S11 )

Is Industry Decentralizing? A Statistical Study of
' Locational Changes in Nanufacturing Employment,
1 1899-1933. 'By Daniel B. Cioamer. Wharton School,
SUniversity of Pennsylvania, Phila., Pa. 105 pp.

Tha Changing Pattern of Industrial Location.
By F. G. Tryon, Daniel Be Creamer, Herman Brunck.
S pp. 300-392, 1936. (See "Migration and Economic
Opportunity"). Wharton School, University of
Pennsylvania, Phila., Pa. $5,00

Industrial Location and the Housing Market. Annals
of the American Academy of Political and Social
Sciemncs, pp. 138-144, March, 1937. 3457 Walnut St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.

America Reborn: A Plan for the Decentralization of
Industry. By Ralph L. Woods. 376 pp. 1937.
Longmans-Green & Co., Inc., 55'Fifth Ave., Now York,
No Y. 43.00

Outline for a Hastur Community Survey. Chamber of
Commerce of the United States, '.Washington, D. C.
53 pp. mimeo; (Free)

Want'n Frctory?.By Dale Kramer. Survey Graphic,
pp. '43-8-441 nugust, 1940. Survey associates, Inc.,
112 E. 19th Street, I.c.w York 3, N. Ye

How to Attract Industries Efforts in Paterson, N. J.
By'- H. S, Swan. .Banking,.Pcbb, 1939. American
Bankers Assoioftion; 23 g. 46th St., Iew York 16, N.Y.

Streamlining a City to .Attract Industry..- By H. S. Swan,
S -15p- RPark Ro..-ew.-Yorkc Y, P 25- pp.. $.25

How to Promote Community and Industrial Development.
7. By:Frederick H. MoDonald. 1938. Harper and Bros.,
S--49 East 55Trd Street, Thw York,- I;--Y. -e3.00

Industrial Development for a Community. Metropolitan
.Lif. Insurrxce Company, Now York, ..1n Y. (Free)
i v



* ^

Growth of American Manufacturing .'ros: A Comparative
Analysis with Special Emphasis on Trends in the Pittsburgh
DistrietE CBy eon E, MoLaughlin. Bureau ofnsusiness
Research Bulletin No. 7. 360 pp. 1938. University
of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa, 35.00

)tdaJ Bsonomics of American Industry. McGraw-Hill Book Co.,
330 West 42nd Street, New York,'N. Y. $3.00

So You're Going to Move, March, 1942, issue of Journal
of Accountancy. Pmerican Institute Publishing Co.,
13 East 41st Street, Now York 17, N. Y.

Strategic Factors in Plant Location. Jan., 1942, issue
of Harvard Business Review. Graduate School of Business
Administration, Morgan Hall, Soldiers Field Station,
Boston 63, Massachusetts

They Like Small Towne. March, 1945, issue of Nationts
Businassi Chamber of Commerce of the United States,
Washington, D. C.

Regional Industrial Trends and the Pacific Northwest.
) By Pul J. Haver, national Canferenoe on Planning;
Proceedings. American Society of Planning Officials,
Chicage, Illinois, pp. 89-166, 1940. 3$2.0

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