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.S Univ. of Flori, NOTES


USDA rnowu
Running a production forecast model
developed and tested in hatcheries.
The National Aquaculture Act of 1980
(P.L. 96-362), signed into law Septem-
ber 26, 1980, offers the information
community a unique opportunity to lend
its resources, talents, and technology
to the development in this decade of a
viable aquaculture industry in the
United States. Declaring aquaculture
to be the .n"titnal interest, the 96th
Congress eMacted legislation to en-
courage it ::d9 lopment.

Aqu Jac t l u:ItU: the controlled cultiva-
tion ai6i 'nd :iAs of aquatic animals and, :-- b the potential for pro-
vidin At tgiB~ and significant bene-
fit:s o i' .aVe segments of the U.S.
ePo i riAWii1)4i1 tatitre can produce sup-
plemeitar- eine for the family farm in
the "f-~t it ih, provide jobs and in-
cre$at4 :'s': 8~ through commercial op-

' ':'"ii~5~,~':F AGRiCULTURE

Philip Dopkowski
Information Systems Division
Technical Information Systems

erations, and on a larger scale, con-
tribute to the reduction of the U.S...
balance of payments deficit and the de-
velopment of healthy export markets.
For consumers it would mean an added
source of low-fat, high quality protein
in the diet.

The first of two reports issued by the
National Academy of Sciences in the j
late 1970's addresses constraints and
opportunities for the development of,
aquaculture in the U.S. and identifies
a number of areas needing support! d4-
rection, or attention.1/The second. re-
port makes specific recommendations -re-
garding the role of the U.S. Department
of Agriculture in aquaculture.2/On the
matter of administrative organization,
the recommendation is made for cre-
ating "...a central data resource...
to collect, collate, and disseminate
data and provide users with one com-
prehensive contact (including library
access) for a two-way flow of informa-
tion" on aquaculture. Noting that ap-
proximately twenty federal agencies are
involved in aquaculture to some degree,
the report includes the recommendation
for the continuation and strengthening
of coordination of federal aquaculture
activities. Another recommendation is
that "a national aquaculture infor-
mation system be established that would
make available programs, poli.c.ies, and
research activities to government and
in the private sector."
(AQUACULTURE, Continued on p. 2)

VOL. 7. NO. APRIL 1981

ISSN: 0095-2699

I -


(AQUACULTURE, Continued from p. 1)

Similarity in the wording of the latter
report and current legislation is ap-
parent. The National Aquaculture Act
of 1980 calls for the development of a
National Aquaculture Development Plan
and additionally requires that "an in-
formation service for the collection,
analysis and dissemination of scien-
tific, technical, legal and economic
information relating to aquaculture"
be established and maintained. Auth-
orization for appropriations for fiscal
years '81, '82, and '83 was made to
the Departments of Agriculture,
Commerce, and Interior to carry out
provisions of the Act. Responsibility
at the national level for the coordina-
tion of federal programs and activities
regarding aquaculture has been assigned
to the interagency aquaculture coordi-
nating group operating as the joint Sub-
committee on Aquaculture of the Federal
Coordinating Council for Science, Engi-
neering, and Technology. The purpose of
this group is to increase the overall
effectiveness and productivity of fed-
eral aquaculture research, transfer and
assistance programs through a variety of
means including the collection, compila-
tion, and dissemination of information
on aquaculture. The coordinating group
is required to report regularly to the
Federal Council on recommendations con-
cerning federal aquaculture policies and

Preparation of a strategy for partici-
pating in a national aquaculture effort
by the information community will be
challenging, and as a national plan
emerges, information managers in the
public and private sectors will need to
define the related roles of the librar-
ies, information services, or programs
they direct. Current aquaculture ef-
fort in Technical Information Systems
(TIS) is aimed at providing support to
the Department as its role in national

USDA Photb
Trout producing facility at Crystal
Springs, IA (Clear brings Trout CoOmp

aquaculture development emerges. Coa
currently, this support is related t:
the provisions of the Act regarding 't
establishment and maintenance of an ;....
aquaculture information service. wti
an operating plan and proposal for fti
location of this service need to be':i
veloped jointly through interagency 94
forts and tied to a National Aquacuii
ture Plan, TIS participation is und&r
way. .:.

In progress is the preparation of a .
published directory of ongoing aquig:i
ture research projects conducted by.'
U.S. Department of Agriculture and
State Land-Grant institutions. Thes&

(AQUACULTURE, Continued on pi

(AQUACULTURE, Continued from p. 2)

projects are currently tagged in the
TIS Current Research Information Sys-
tems (CRIS) data base and are being
made available for direct computer
online access by researchers, aquacul-
turists, and individuals in the public
and private sectors. A coding scheme
specifically for aquaculture projects
in the data base has been designed to
achieve more effective computer re-
trieval. A comprehensive bibliography
of published literature on aquaculture
which is maintained in the TIS AGRICOLA
data base is also being prepared as a
companion to the research directory.

TIS recently compiled and is maintain-
ning a directory of key contacts in
aquaculture primarily within the States

and the State University Land-Grant
system. It lists over 700 individuals
who conduct or direct aquaculture pro-
grams or activities or who manage
sizeable information resources and
services. The directory will be ex-
panded to include several thousand fish
growers, breeders, and processors in
the private sector and will be used as
a tool for rapid delivery of informa-
tion to aquaculturists throughout the

Identified as one area for special
tracking, State Extension accomplish-
ments in aquaculture at the farm level
are being documented in a TIS computer-
ized online system soon to be made
(AQUACULTURE, Continued on p. 4)

USDA Photo USDA Photo
Pond inventory to validate the Packaging the conmercial product
growth forecast model. Washinton
Dept. of Game Hatchery, Spokane, WA

(AQUACULTURE, Continued from p. 3)
available to the extension community.
To supplement information about current
activities, State Extension ("how to")
publications on aquaculture are being
entered in the TIS AGRICOLA data base
for direct online access.

Central to the TIS effort is the planned
expansion of the TIS collection of aqua-
culture journals, books, and reference
materials, and the use of appropriate
classification/tracking systems for the
identification and retrieval of aquacul-
ture information in its data bases.

Also in progress is the modification of
computer software to allow for rapid
preparation of published bibliographies
and research directories from aquacul-
ture information residing in AGRICOLA
and CRIS. TIS continues to provide
funds toward the support of the ongoing
interagency aquaculture translations
program. A total of 129 transla-
tions of articles on aquaculture have
been prepared. A partial listing was
issued as Supplement 2 to Agricultural
Libraries Information Notes, 5(7/8)
july/August 1979. Later plans include
the preparation of an annotated catalog
of USDA and State aquaculture programs
and activities and its maintenance in a
computer system for public access.

In the Fall of 1979 the U.S. Department
of Agriculture's Aquaculture Work Group,
in a working paper titled, "Aquaculture.
A Program for the Eighties," described
objectives for meeting pressing aquacul-
ture industry needs and identified the
role of USDA in supporting the develop-
ment of aquaculture in the United States.
In an effort to obtain comment and
recomnendtions for use in updating the
plan, copies of the report and the 1980
legislation were sent in February 1981
to key contacts in the aquaculture com-
nunity. Addressees included directors
of the State Land-Grant and affiliated
libraries. It appears timely for the

agricultural information community to .'
alert itself to opportunities for par- .:
ticipation in this national effort. ..

1. Aquaculture in the United States,
Constraints and Opportunities.
Committee on Aquaculture, Board on
Agriculture and Renewable Resourcesj*.:ii;
Commission on Natural Resources,
National Research Council, National"'1ii ;l
Academy of Sciences. Washington,

2. The Role of the U.S. Department i
Agriculture in.Aquacutture. Panel ii
Aquaculture, Board on Agriculture as" i
Renewable Resources, Commission on
Natural Resources Council, Nationa.l
Academy of Sciences. Washington, Dti!Mii!
1979. .

In addition to its basic level datbijlipi|y
workshop, TIS is also planning to1 ~
two advanced level AGRICOLA seminar
These will be intended for profess
librarians or technical information!
specialists with either prior onlin.' .....::
training or substantial prior on:1:n.l!!iiiiq.
experience. The objectives of tte-ilIadi
vanced classes are: to give parttI lll.
pants an advanced level
the use, functions, and content of i.
AGRIOOLA data base; its design strue0
and principal features; its strenoigthi
and weaknesses in relation to other 'lii
agricultural data bases; its scope: i
subject coverage, unique featurfiA;];:I~Elr.
problems. Participants should s. Yl.l.:'
from the seminar with a clear ui dt0i:
standing of how to use AGRICOLA *ffNs
tively, when to choose it ever a~Lnair
data base, and how to formulate :nd:....
execute a complicated search on a ''""
plex subject and do so in an efflft
manner. The first of the worksho'p Jl
be in the Midwest (probably at M ;icNilin
State University) in early sunner;i tke
second at the University of Califrul`a,
Riverside in September. Registraiftl
should call David Hoyt at TIS: p-t e
(301) 344-3937. [

* ;


The 1890 Land-Grant Library Directors'
Association and Tuskegee Institute was
formerly organized in Huntsville,
Alabama at the Agricultural Information
Conference, November 1978. Officers
elected were Barbara Williams (S.C.
State), President; Nicholas Gaymon
(Florida A & M), Secretary and Anne
Kling (Tuskegee Institute), Treasurer.
The first official meeting was held in
Atlanta, Georgia, February 13, 1979 at
which time the purposes, by-laws and
other organizational requirements were
implemented. All presidents and 1890
research directors were informed of the
organization and support was solicited
from them.

The primary purposes of the associa-
tion are: to promote cooperation be-
tween the 1890 land-grant college and
university libraries; to assist the
1890 research directors and staff of
the 1890 research programs, and to
maintain high standards of operation
for the 1890 land-grant college and
university libraries. The first plan
of action was the coordination of in-
formation services in the support of
agriculture and related research at the
1890 land-grant institutions.

The organization has accomplished the
following tasks:

(1) Compiled agricultural and agri-
cultural related serials in the
libraries of the 1890 land-grant
colleges and universities.

(2) Formulated a draft proposal to
establish an information network
for the 1890 land-grant college
libraries and Tuskegee Institute.

(3) Poblished and distributed the
first volume of the Association's
NOs settAer Libline. Vol. 1, no.
:A ugu t 1980- q. Limited dis-
:tr4bF tenr to members of the 1890
L1XaFVy Directors Association.

S.'; ..'. "
- .. .. ..i:. i: ", .. .::: "
: :iiiiiiiilH: i, Hi i~::i~~i!::,~hii: :i.ii~i,:! i~jj iiiii !'!i!:i i::;5

Barbara Williams Jenkins
President of the 1890 Land-
Grant Libraries Association

(4) Maintained contact for program de-
velopment with the National Agri-
cultural Library/Technical Informa-
tion Systems/USDA.

(5) Maintained contact with the 1890
Land-Grant Research Directors and
Coordinator's Office in Washington,

(6) Established and maintained contact
with the University Affairs Divi-
sion, Office of Civil Rights/USDA.
Representatives have attended meet-

(7) Established contact for inclusion in
the proposed Farm Bill for finan-
cial support to provide agricul-
tural information via computer
technology and other related sources
Representatives of the group testi-
fied before Congresq in March on
funding for the 1890 land-grant

The following persons have attended our
meetings as resource persons:
(1890, Continued on p. 6')

(1890, Continued from p. 5)
Wallace Olsen, Chief
Library Operations
National Agricultural Library
Beltsville, MD

Cornelius McKissick, Liaison Contact
National Agricultural Library
Beltsville, MD

Vivian Moore
Office of University Affairs, USDA
Washington, D.C.

Doris Thompson
Deputy Director
Office of University Affairs, USDA
Washington, D.C.

McKinlay Mayes, Coordinator
Science and Education Administration
Cooperative Research/USDA
Washington, D.C.

The contact and information given to us
by these resource persons have been
most valuable. Two 1890 land-grant
college libraries have been awarded
grants for bibliographic retrieval
services from National Agricultural
Library/Technical Information Systems
of the USDA. Close liaison has been
established with the National Agri-
cultural Library and Mr. Cornelius
McKissick serves as the Liaison be-
tween that library and the 1890 land-
grant libraries. Mr. Wallace Olsen of
NAL served as our former Liaison con-

The 1890 Land-Grant Library and
Tuskegee Institute Directors are:

Birdie Weir, Director
Joseph F. Drake Library
Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical
Normal, AL

Edward J. Fontenette, Director
John Brown Watson Memorial Library
University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Pine Bluff, AK

Daniel Coons, Director
William C. Jason Library
Delaware State College
Dover, DE

Nicholas E. Gaymon, Director
Samuel H. Coleman Memorial Library
Florida Agricultural & Mechanical
University Box 78-A
Tallahassee, FL

Dorothy Haith, Director
Henry Alexander Hunt Memorial Lib. ::
Fort Valley State College
Fort Valley, GA

Donald W. Lyons, Director
Blazer Library
Kentucky State University,.
Frankfort, KY

Georgia W. Brown, Director
Southern University Library
Southern Branch P.O.
Baton Rouge, LA

Jessie C. Smith, Director
Frederick Douglas Library
University of Maryland -
Eastern Shore
Princess Ann, MD

Epsy Yearby Hendricks, Director
Alcorn State University
Lorman, MI

Freddye G. Ashford, Director
Inman E. Page Library
Lincoln University, Box 29
Jefferson City, MD

Myrtle C. Bennett
Director of Library Services
N.C. Agricultural & Technical
State University
Greensboro, NC

Barbara Williams Jenkins
Director, Miller F. Whitaker Library
South Carolina State College
College Avenue
Orangeburg, SC
(1890, Continued on p.12)


Both farmers and the European Economic
Community's 30,000 agricultural advi-
sors and extension workers constantly
need information on market prices, new
products, disease warnings, weather,
feeding standards, new regulations

The question is: how can they gain
rapid and systematic access to infor-
mation affecting their sometimes remote

Videmn didnmlkh simple n operale.

A study has now been started to assess
whether videotex systems can provide a

Its broad aims are to establish:

-whether there is a demand for
videotex-based services, its scale,
price elasticity and expectancy.
-the value of the service to the
extension workers.
-the cost of such a service, and
-the main technical issues which will
need to be overcome.

The contractor, AREGON, will in partic-
ular identify the kind of Information
which farmers need, in order of pri-
ority, and whether this can be made
available best through videotex. Equal-
ly important is the attitude of farmers

and agricultural advisory services to
videotex and the different requirements
of different regions in the Member
Nov./Dec. 1980 Lg


A new agricultural news service was
inaugurated in January.

It is called "Agline," an offshoot of
the Laboratory for Information Science
and Agriculture, a department in the
College of Agricultural Sciences at
Colorado State University.

The new service is designed to inform
the public of agriculture's growing

"Agline" sends monthly packages of
about eight articles to news wire
services, individual newspapers and
farm periodicals, which have the option
of running the stories (and paying for
them) or not.

Initially, the funding is. from private
sources, but ultimately the service
intends to be self-supporting.

"Agline" is looking for stringers, both
writers and photographers, in all parts
of the nation.

For more information, contact Mary
Roberts or Rosemary Menniger, Agline,
301 Aylesworth, Fort Collins, OD
80523. Telephone is (303) 491-5863.
2-27-81. [a


Two patent surveys published
recently by Ihe Commission of
the European Communities
provide valuable indicators of
trends in research and devel-
opmeni in the industrialized
The surveys aim at providing
objective information for pri-
vale industry and the public
sector in making decisions re-
garding technology
They race the evolution of
over 6 million unique patent
applications filed during 1965-
1977 in the EEC. LISA and

The cvmprehensile surrei include a
compilalion ol cusr-ine 'talislilcl dal J
on parent jpplicalion' prn ided hI the
foamrr Insriul Inlernalinnal Jdei BrOe
iels. no. European Parent Office in
Den Haae. Neiheriand'
In the firnr parn if each report. the data
is hroken downn ino domestic patcnm
application (see Table). applicalions
h) nonnresidenis. and country Io
One table reveal., fio example. that
the foreign conrnhuinin of patents i
ererelh high in smaller EEC coun-
Ines. but also in France and talh. and
i- considerable in Ihe Uniled Kingdom.
German% ranks hiehel in 'home
made pateni applications, maintain-
ing a sleadi) itr)-ift) proportion wirh
non-resideni applications
Parts II and III of the suree, pretnt a
sraisMical tetea oD puleni applications
bh sublec. lolhtnine the Iernmaliinal
Palenr Clas.iiicallon crheme


EUR 1575 Evewhie of pad li filing in Japan show a vigss J
Thi, -.rihiical pre'enlalion is repealed melim-ies i the USA. H Grenvi and increase and from 1975 onwads 1
in Pra I. iHf coach unre) making uwe oI H Kronz. Luembourg Oicer for OfHial are nearly equal to mitse of the .E
trh NACE (general nmmenclarurr ail PuNb-iatns of the Eropean Conmunities. and USA together
economic acnLies in the EEC) clas.-. P 1003. Lawmbourm. 190 Mr. 5M:
ficaiiun l.stem. MI that an induir.- ofs t c rific. rtecnic l trhd ec -lh ."
onenied itehnologm s pallem ,s oh- The table shows thai domestic patent cal mnlf ion? Data basesac ;
rained applications reached a peak in he nine INPADOC and PATENT RE
EEC member countries and USA in ISTER, available ovr Easuvert
FIlR 6174 Eroltion of patem 1i 1967 and 1970 respectively, then DIANE. lis Set lil n i :
ii-iris i ree EEC. Bfr Ie10. dropped away sharply. Domestic patents...

Applications filed by nationals and/or residents
140 li-


a -

go. -


1911 go 67 A as 70 F 72 73-7 7.76

Nov./Dec. 1980 [S ::I



Ana Flavia P. Medeiros da Fonseca, head of the Operations and Services Department
of the National Agricultural Library of Brazil (BINAGRI), has been elected pres-
ident of the Comissao Brasileira de Documentacao Agricola (CBDA), a nonprofit
subsidiary of the Federacao Brasileira de Associacoes de Bibllotecarios (FEBAB).
The Commission objectives are to support librarianship and agricultural informa-
tion professionals, promote progress of these professionals through courses,
congresses, seminars and lectures, as well as in supporting the development of
informations systems in the agricultural area. BINAGRI will put into operation
next January a new service, Servico Automatizado de Informacoes Bibiiograficas
Agricolas. (BRAZL, Continued on p. 9)







Tedhakl Inforemtion Systems review tite befm traniatilm re nmde in order to aoM duplication within USDA. We
N reieme copie on depot often far in adace of there lisings in the standard bibographic tools. This column is an
at to selected new receipts at TIS. these item are auible to USDA personnel upn presentation of a loan request
(AD45) with the identification: TRANS. No. along with the citation. Non-USDA person my request
photo.dplatlm at the rate of S2 for each 10 p o fraction thereof pr cittion. TRANS No. MUST be
on the requm. Both types of requests souM be sat to:
Lnamin Divion Technil Information System
National Aricutural Library oBuding
US. Departmen of AgriCmtur
BeIUille, Marylad 20705
The Techaldl Trntion Number.wIl also be cited for those bnatio prepared for the U.S Department of Awricunhre
and the Natial Sciene Foundation unde the P.L 480 prram. Cope of these tranu tions may alo be ordered from
* Mnathm Tramtioa COater, John Oerar Lbrary, 35 Wet 33d Stree. Ccago. IL 60616.

FROLOV, M. V. Role of Electrostatic
Forces in the Mechanism of Paper
Strength: Study of the Effects of
Electric Double Layer Disruption.
Translated from Russian: Bumazhanaia
Promeshennost, 5: 5-7, 1979. Trans.
No. 27004.

OSIDZE, N. G. A New Variety of Fowl
Plague Virus. Translated from
Russian: Veterinariya, (9): 29-31,
1979. Trans. No. 27002.

POKROVSKAYA, V. A. Basic Products and
Their Calculation in Romanov Sheep
Breeding. Translated from Russian:
Ovteevodetve, 2: 12-14, 1978. Trans.
No. 26907. TT 78-53021/3.

TOZHEVSKI, B. The Effect of Alkaline
Cooking Conditions on Resinous
Substances of Pine Wood. Translated
from Russian: Buriahnaia
Promsyshlennost, 1: 23-14, 1980.
Trans. No. 26709.

Study of Proteins and Their Amino-Acid
Composition in Sunflower Seed and Oil
Cake. Translated from Russian:
Akademiya Nauk Moldavskoy SSR.
Ivvestiya. Seriya Biologicheskikh i
Khimicheskikh Nauk, (1): 21-28, 1978.
Trans. No. 27010. [

(BRAZIL, Continued from p. 8 )

The new service foresees retrospective retrieval for bibliographic references,
through users profiles, built by means of descriptors or words extracted from the
document. The information to be retrieved belongs to the national and interna-
tional data bases, including AGRIS International System for Agricultural
Sciences and Technology. The National Agricultural Library, central body of the
National System for Agricultural Information and Documentation (SNIDA), AGRIS'
National Center in Brazil, operates an SDI Service, called BIP/AGRI, based on the
AGRIS tapes. This service has reached approximately 3,000 users in the agricul-
tural sector with great success. Beginning in 1981 BIP/AGRI will charge an util-
ization annuity for being totally operational. This service provides highly rel-
evant bibliographic information concerning subjects of interest to its users on a
monthly basis. This software called SIRI, makes available information through
subject, object and geographical codes; through free terminology and users access
language. Profiles can be established for information retrieval in all the fields
of AGRIS Input Sheet. S



The first WORLD FOOD DAY will be October 16, 1981 the anniversary of the founding
of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The 147 member
nations of FAO established WORLD FOOD DAY because they felt the need to alert
public opinion to the gravity of the world food situation now and the dangers in
the years to come. WORLD FOOD DAY should have a special importance to people
living in Canada and the United States. These two countries alone hold more than
40% of world grain reserves and account for about two-thirds of world grain
exports and two-thirds of all food aid. The abundance of North American
agriculture is the world's last line of defense against famine.

WORLD FOOD DAY provides an opportunity to restudy North America's role in the
global food picture.

As 1981 began, the world food situation was deteriorating. Global grain reserves
had fallen for the second straight year. Very large areas of Africa remained
parched by drought. Hunger problems of refugees continued in several countries.
While we can't accurately predict this year's weather, there is real danger that
the first WORLD FOOD DAY on October 16 will come at a time of deepening crisis.
Yet even if harvests this year are bountiful, huge numbers of people will still go
hungry. WORLD FOOD DAY observances can be an important way not only to show
humanitarian concern but to consider new steps North Americans can take in the war
against hunger.

For more information on WORLD FOOD DAY plans and activities please write:

In the U.S.

World Food Day Coordinator
Sir John Carling Bldg., Room 949
930 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario KIA 0C5

World Food Day
FAD Liaison Office for North America
1776 F Street, Northwest
Washington, D.C. 20437

In Canada-




d i:

16 OCTOBER 1981


cultural Energy; Selected Papers
Abstracts from the 1980 National
gy Symposium, September 29-October
1980. St. Joseph, MO, American
E1ety of Agricultural Engineers,
61. 3 vols. $39.50 to ASAE mem-
rs; $49.50 non-members. Order from
,2950 Niles Road, P.O. Box 410,
, Joseph, MD 49085.

nood Crops: Shrub and Tree Species
SEnergy Production. Panel on Fire-
*od Crops, Advisory Committee on Tech-
blogy Innovation, Board on Science and
technology for International Develop-
pnt; Commission on International Re-
)tions. 'Washington D.C. National
search Council (Board on Science and
pchnology for International Develop-
ilnt), 1980. 248 p. Free; supply
limited. Available from board, 2101
institution Ave., N.W., Washington,
4C. 20418.

etharvest Food Losses in Sri Lanka.
'port of a Workshop Held 11-16 Feb-
avry 1980. National Science Council
(Sri Lanka, 1980; 70 p. Free.
a lable from Board on Science and
hnology for International Develop-
nt, 2101 Constitution Ave., N.W.,
shington, D.C. 20418.

teiples of Toxicological Inter-
"ons Associated with Multiple
I ca Exposures. Panel on Evalu-
in of Hazards Associated with Mari-
Personnel Exposed to Multiple
go Vapors. National Academy Press,
0; 204 p. Free. Supply limited.
liablee from Board on Toxicology and
ronmental Health Hazards, 2101
Ltitution Ave., N.W., Washington,

Reflections of America. Conmemorating
the Statistical Abstract Centennial.
Washington, D.C., U.S. Department of
Commerce, Bureau of the Census, 1981.
212 p. $6.50. Order from Superintend-
ent of Documents, U.S. Government
Printing Office, Washington, D.C.
20402. Paperback. S/N 003-024-02921-9.

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Toxicology, Committee on Food Protec-
tion, Food and Nutrition Board; Division
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$1.65. Order from press, 2101
Constitution Ave., Washington, D.C.

Soil, Water, Air Sciences Directory.
(Washington, D.C.). U.S. Dept. of
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from Publications Requests and
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Township Funding Opportunities--Federal
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(1890, Continued from p. 6)
Evelyn P. Fancher, Director
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Catherine V. Bland, Director
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Virginia State College
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Anne G. King, Director
Hollis Burke Frissell Library
Tuskegee Institute
Tuskegee, AL gp

: S


Annotated Bibliography of the
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Siebenaler, and F. G. Newell. New
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32 p. 621 citations. (Agricultural
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from Southeastern Fruit and Tree Nut
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(Cooperative Extension Service,
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Order from: Publisher, College Park,
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A Bibliography on Ticks and Tick-Borne
Diseases in the Countries of the
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223 citations. IN: The Veterinary
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Publications on Energy for Farm and Home
af the State Cooperative Extension Ser-
Ovies and the Science ind Education
Administration. Washington, D.C., SEA
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1981. 146 p. Approx. 755 annotated
titles. Order from: SEA Publications,
Room 6009, South Building, USDA,
Washington, D.C. 20250. Free.

The following bibliographies were pub-
lished in 1980 as part of the series
Aktuelle Literaturinformationen aus dem
Obstbau of the Universitatsbibliothek
der Technischen Universitat Berlin.
Order from Universitatsbibliothek der
Technischen Universitat Berlin, Abt.
Publikationen, Strasse des 17. Juni
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33 p. Approx. 295 citations. (Series,
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Bibliographie des Internationalen
Aprikosen-Schrifttums: Bibliography of
the International Literature on Apricots
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Blattdungung im Obstbau: Foliar Nutri-
tion in Orchard (1965-1979). Annemarie
Karnatz and Peter Simon. 37 p. Approx.
325 citations. (Series, no. 99). lS


No. 1:
No. 2:
No. 3:
No. 4:

Culinary Herbs. 2 p.
Fragrance Plants. 2 p.
Dye Plants. 2 p.
Old Roses. 2 p.

Request from: Reference Branch
NAL Bldg., Room 302
Beltsville, MD 20705 IS


The bibliographies in this series are
primarily computerized online or batch
iblingraphies emanating fram searches
performed by the TIS Reference Staff
in response to customer requests.
Searches are selected for inclusion
based on the currency of the topic,
interest among clientele relative
length I pproaiately 156 citations or
more and probable value to a larger
audience. All titles in this series
will be listed for six months.
Rewisions or updates will be re-
numbered and reannounced. Only one
copy of a title will be sent; however,
requesters may make copies, lI
request a copy oF a Quick Bibliography
send the title, series number, and a
return addressed label to:
Reference Branch
Technical Information Systems, SEA,
WAL Bldg., Room 302
Beltswile, MN 20705

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Iuterplatting, 1976M-uly 1980. 324
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Jayae T. MacLean. October 1980.

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tioes frme AGRIGLA. Search by Jayme
T. MacLean. October 1980.

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Couposting of Organie actee, 1977-80.
224 citations from AGRIXILA. Search
by Jayme T. MacLeam. October 1950.

mL-411-BL.-80-35. Vegetation
angemant, 1974-80. 132 citations
from ACRIC0LA. Search by Phyllis
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Promising New Crop, 1976-1980. 170
citations froi AGRIIL.A. Search by
Jayne T. MacLeam. Jamoary 1980.

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Jayse T. MacLean. January 190.


NML--BIBL.-81-03. Gwieeag, 1970- I
February 191. 194 citations frrm
AGRICOLA. Search by jerry Rafats. ll
March 1911. 1

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in Sogbem., 1975-1980. 130 cite-
tins from RIOOLA. Search by Jayip
T. Idceam. Iarch 1981.

NAL--1L.--1.06. AletZZpathy: 2h
Arsfuaz Effects of Chamieal PNsdMe.
by One plant Upa Another, 1978-159WU9
71 citations fram ARI A. Search..::
by Henry Gilbert. March 19i8.


If yu have net already dome so, therE'!
is still time to register for the aMi
11-15. 1981 AGRI(CLA, CRIS, Cn.S basislli
level workshop. The workshop will Ibe
held at Western Illimeis University. i
Maemb, Illinois. The workshop will
emphasize oeline access to the CRIS
and AGRIOLA data bases, as well as Iwt
preoisisi of CALS (current aiaremess
literature) service. The smimar Is
designed for me or begimming searchmft
and will cover smch basic topics as I
--lime systems access, Booleam legii
search strategy fonmlatieo, and
efficient searching techiqnes Iu CR011
and AGRIQILA. There will be mple
ands--em tim for all participants l
involved. Persoes wishing to register
should call David Hoyt, Leader for
Training and Edicatlom, TIS: phame
(301) 344-337. For persoes arrlvllg i
by airplane, local travel arrangFamatSh
to Macumb cam be made by call elg 0ml1
MIaVeam at ksterm Illimeis: pha m
(309) 298-2411. If you camot attend
the May workshop, the met basic Ievel
class will be offered ia Aagust, the
24th to 25th, at the University of
Temmessee. D .
.. ===

June 14-19: American Society for
Photobiology. 9th Annual Scientific
Meeting. Williamsburg, Va. Contact:
Richard J. Burk, Jr., 4720 Montgomery
Lane, Suite 506, Bethesda, MD 20014.

June 15-18: Inter-American Meeting of
Agricultural Librarians and Documen-
talists, 6th Meeting. Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic. Contact: Dr.
Ruben Nunez C., Presidente Comite
Organizador, Departmento de Informa-
tiones, Estadisticas y Computos,
Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura,
Centro de los Heroes, Santo Domingo,
Republican Dominicana.

June 15-24: XIV International
Grassland Congress. University of
Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Contact:
John E. Baylor, Agricultural Science
Center, University of Kentucky,
Lexington, KY 40546.

June 18-22: American Association of
Nurseryman. Cincinnati, Ohio. Con-
tact: Robert F. Lederer, 230 Southern
Building, Washington, D.C. 20005.

.June 21-26: International Symposium
on Flavins and Flavoproteins. 7th.
Ann Arbor, Mich. Contact: Vincent
Massey, Dept. of Biological Chemistry,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,
Mi 48109.

June 19: USDA Agency Field Libraries
Meeting. Atlanta, Ga. Contact:
Leila Moran, Educational Resources
Div., TIS/SEA/USDA, NAL Bldg.,
Beltsville, MD 20760. Telephone:
(301) 344-3837.

July 13-17: Conference on Food
Microbiology. Society for Applied
Microbiology. Bristol, U.K. Contact:
R.W.A. Park, Microbiology Dept.
University of Reading, London Road,
Reading, England RG1 5AQ.

July 26-30: American Society of Animal
Science. North Carolina State
University, Raleigh, N.C. Contact:
David C. England, Oregon State
University, Animal Science Department,
Corvallis, OR 97330.

August 2-5: Soil Conservation Society
of America, 36th Annual Meeting.
Spokane, Washington, D.C. Contact:
SCSA, 7515 Northeast Ankeny Road,
Ankeny, Iowa 50021.

August 2-6: American Phytopathological
Society. New Orleans, La. Contact:
R. J. Tarleton, APS, 3340 Pilot Knob
Rd., St. Paul, MN 55121.

August 11-13: Cereals, A Renewable
Resource: Theory and Practice. An
International Symposium. Copenhagen,
Denmark. Contact: Mrs. Ruth Nelson,
American Association of Cereal Chemists,
3340 Pilot Knob Road, St. Paul, MN
55121. (612) 454-7250.

August 16-21: International Congress
on Nutrition. XII. San Diego, Calif.
Contact: Administrative Secretariat,
XII. Int'l. Congress on Nutrition, 1629
K St., N.W., Suite 706, Washington,
D.C. 20006.

October 25-30: American Society for
Information Science, 44th Annual
Meeting. Washington, D.C. Contact:
Carol Wasserman, ASIS '81 Public
Relations Committee, 1010 16th Street,
N.W., Washington, D.C. G[

NOTES provides a channel of communica-
tion to technical information special.
ists, librarians, extension workers,
researchers, and scientists on agricul-
tural information activities. It is
published monthly by the U.S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture, Science and
Education Administration, Technical
Information Systems, National Agricul-
tural Library Building, Beltsville,
MD 20705. Leila Moran, Editor. U&



The Joint Subcoamittee on Aquaculture of the U.S. Government has sponsored "I
translations of significant foreign literature pertaining to aquaculture. Thi's
interagency effort is an attempt to assist with the development of aquaculture SI
the United States. The translations were commercially done after a choice of 1..
items to be translated was made by the Subcommittee. Persons working in this '
subject area with a need to have articles translated may contact Dr. Hilly NM.
Teels, Soil Conservation Service, Re. 6142, So. Agri. Bg., Washington, D.C. 2. 0l
(202-447-4121) to learn the criteria for having translations made. Or, an artkJ
for translation may be submitted directly to Dr. Teels for consideration by tie '
Joint Subcommittee. "Il

This list represents translations done in the past two years, and supplements aSiii
earlier list distributed July/August 1979. to attempt has been made to verify t1A
bibliographic information supplied by the translator, such as the correct j mrfio
report, or conference title. Therefore, the original sources are often poorly 2

These translations are available free of charge in a single copy to land-granmt
cooperating institution personnel upon request. This list or a photocopy of it I
may be used with the desired items clearly circled; please include a return- .
addressed mailing label for the fastest service. USDA personnel should submit Ai
loan request (AD-245). All requests, on request forms or letterhead, must clemtrJ
identify the TRANS. Ho. along with the citation.

Others may request photoduplication of the translations at the rate of $2.00 fow
each ten pages or fraction thereof per citation. Again, the TRAMS. MD._____
MUST be on the request. All requests should be submitted to: :

Lending Branch, TIS/SEA
National Agricultural Library Bldg., USDA
Beltsville, MD 20705

Abakimov, V.A. A review of the life pattern of the Baltic Aaadrmoms Lamrrey
Translated from Rassiam: aoprWoy Ikt-ioZlgi. TRANS. No. 26795.

Abaknov, V. A. Taxeomay mnd ecology of the Far Eastern Breek lamprey froe the
Amr Basin. Translated from Russiam: Vfproy I ktiologii, 15. T1NRM. NM. 27fI

Bellini, Lareta. Stady of mylases in the dewelopmmt of Artmia salima Leacb.
Translated from Italia: Rendi#unti. 23,303-307, 1957. 171TM. MN. 26799.

Besse, Gilbert. Study of mearer miral control of orarian mtratiem and
parturient sloaghing of Percellie dilatats Brandt. Translated frea Freosk:
Comaptes Remdue Heb Daudahies des Seanmes do I'Aaadmiel dws SCientes, 266, SerIt
D, 917-919, 196. TRANS. No. 27087.

Caacellieri, Sandre. The altaliam Wkl of eel farmimn. Translated from Italia
Italian Fishfaming and Idteypashology aRseia, 24(1), J a.-Feb.-arch 1919.
TRANS. No. 27092.

Chen, Ling-Yang. Isolation of Aeromonas hydrophila from a tall rot disease of
cultured black porgy in Taiwan. Translated from Chinese. 11 p. NAL call no.

Chien, Chau-Heng. The histopathology of branchiomycosis in eels in Taiwan.
Translated from Chinese. 2 p. NAL call no. SH351.E4C5.

DeQuatrefages, M. A. Investigation of the vitality of spermatozoids of certain
Sfresh-water fish. Translated from French: Ann. Sci. Naturalist, 19, 341-369.
TRANS. No. 27091.

Fautrez-Firlefyn, N. Proteins, lipids, and glucides in the egg of Artemia salina.
Translated from French: Publication of Belgian National Center of Research about
Normal and Pathological Growth and Differentiation, Laboratory of Human Anatomy
and Comp. Anatomy, University of Gand. 33 p. TRANS. No. 27083.

Food industry dictionary. Translated from Japanese: Shokuhin Sangyo Jiten, 8 p.
1972. TRANS. No. 27090.

Genetics and breeding of aquatic creatures. Translated from Japanese: Japanese
Fisheries Society, Fisheries series no. 26. 246 p. NAL call no. QL638.99.G4.

Gownot, Anne Monique. Vitamins in crustaceans. Translated from French: Annales
de la Nutrition et de I'Alimentation, 22(3) 1968. TRANS. No. 26804.

Hartmann, Jhurgen. Changes in fish due to eutrophication of lakes. Translated
from German: Schweiz z. Hydrol., 39(2): 243-254, 1977. TRANS. No. 25283.

Ichthyopathology (Ikhtiopatologiya). Translated from the Russian. 300 p., 1977.
NAL call no. SH171.14.

Inoue, M. & Kanasugi, S. Technical development of the intermediate culture of
seed abalones of small size. Translated from Japanese: Fishery Experimental
SLaboratory of Kanagawa Prefecture (#246) [Investigation Report, especially
requested by the Government in 19761, 31 p. TRANS. No. 27094.

Johansson, Nils. Anesthetics for fish. Translated from Swedish. 16 p., 1980.
TRANS. No. 26797.

Koganezawa, Akimitsu. Ecological study of the production of seeds of the Pacific
oyster, Grassostrea gigas. Translated from Japanese: Bulletin of the Japan Sea
Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory, 29: 1-88, 1978. TRANS. No. 25282.

Liu, Chen-1. The pathological study on gill diseases of eel. Translated from
Chinese. 18 p. NAL call no. SH351.E4L5.

Lo, Chu-Fang. The coracidium of the cestode Tyocephalum in hard clams, meretrix
Housing. Translated from Chinese. 11 p. NAL call no. SH373.L6.

L i:

Lumre, F. Breeding and intensive farming of the shrimp Penaens kerathkrms
(Forskael, 1775) from egg to post-larva. Translated from Italian: BulZetin of
HydrobioloZgica Fisheries, 26 (1-2), 209-236, 1971 TRANS. Nb. 26800.

Maruyama, Tamezo. Effects of water depth in met-cages the growth and body
shape of Tilapia mossambica. Translated from Japanese: Bull.of (the) F wBalaW :
Fisheries Researhe Laboratory, 26(1): 11-19, 1976. TRANS. No. 25235.

Murata, MAamor. A newly discovered squid drift netting method. Translated fra
Japanese: okkaido Regional Fisheries Besearch oBo, No. 20, 1979. TRANS. Nb. ':

Ogino, Ch. Protein nutrition in fish I The utilization of dietary protein by
young carp. Translated from Japanese: BulZstin of the Japanese Society of
Scientific Fisheries, 36(3): 250-254. 11 p. TRANS. Nb. 27093.

Palacios, Marcela Olgnin. Biological study of the brown shrimp Penaens
californiensis Holmes. Translated from Spanish: iztioZ Research Institute of ;
asking Biology, Maico, 331-356, 1980. TRANS. No. 26805. 1

Regnault, ML Protein needs in growing sand shrimp Crangon crangoe (L).
Translated from French: Ann. Mktr. AlZi., 28, 523-537, 1974. TRANS. No. 26103.S:;i!

Sakai, Daiko K. The causative factor of Aeroamas salmonicida fnrnrclosis in
salmondis: estracellular protease. Translated from Chinese. 36 p. NAL call m : i:

Sakurai, Matohire. The fish and fishing industry of Kushiro. Translated from
Japanese: Ku siro Series Mo. 13, Kuskiro City Publication, Chafter II Fish Sen
in the Fishing Inditry. 13 p. TRANS. Nb. 27088.

Schlotfeldt, H. j. Infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN) of salmoenides. Part I:
Etiology, Epizoootlogy and Control. Translated from Genrm: Journa for alt
Areas of Veterinary Medicine., 34(8), 539-546, 1979. TRNS. No. 27084.

Schlofeldt. H. J. Infectious pancreatic necrosis (IPN) of salmnids. Part II:
Laboratory Diagnosis. Translated from Germa: ouramn for All Alres of
Veterinary medicine., 34(9), 599-605, 1979. TRANS. No. 27085.

Vladimir, Potmesil. Technical lysime in rainbow treat nutrition. Translated frSi
Czech: Biot. Che. yet., 14(20): 421-426, (sic); 14(5-6): 421-427, 1978. TRMENS.
No. 25256.



2 .. ....iii .iiii.. "
; Hii

p li
I '1lEl 1111
": .. ::l~iii iit[
". jHm.'m t
::IIi i
H.I 'i~ii
;iN j~ii i

A ::.:.

: 2 "';ii

"..m .

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