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By M. Rupert Cutler, Assistant Secretary
of Agriculture for Conservation, Research,
and Education, before the SEA/Cooperative
Research Workshop for Cooperating State
Research Administrators, Washington, D.C.
May 8, 1978. Editor's Note: The
following are excerpts.
The main purpose of this conference is to help you become
better acquainted with the Science and Education
Administration and with procedures related to federally-
funded State Research programs.
You represent some 60 percent of the publicly-supported
agriculture and forestry research effort of the country.
The Contribution your research units make to our State-
Federal cooperative research effort is very important.
There have been a number of important and far-reaching
developments during the past year or so that will continue
to have major impact on all of us in this area of
responsibility for some time to come.
First, we've had a number of excellent efforts to
delineate research needs in various subject-matter fields.
Current efforts began with the Kansas City Food Research
Needs conference in 1975. Then the home economists
spent a year developing their research needs and priorities.

The foresters have just completed a series of regional and
national conferences for the same purpose. The foresters
were especially successful in getting users of forestry
research involved with them in identifying research needs.

There are similar stirring in other discipline areas-
soil and water conservation, and communications, for
example. And I'm sure a number of these also will
result in clarifying research needs and priorities for the
years ahead.


I feel these conferences and efforts are an indication
of some of the growing excitement and foment
going on in research right now. We're doing some
of the most comprehensive joint planning ever.
I'm sure all this effort will pay off for research
and for our country in the long run.

Our State-Federal partnership works well. We're
doing some things now that will improve it
even further. We need your help to make it
even better.

The constant question is: How can we best arrange
things to assure that this partnership is a two-way
process--that the partnership realizes its potential
for our society--and that we make the very best
and most productive use of the resources we
share among us?

We must make sure our partnership is serving the
people of this country in the best way possible.
I'm known for my interest in and commitment
to environmental improvement. Having the best
human environment possible is extremely

But I also realize-as you do--that the farmer must
make a living. This is one of the dilemmas-one of the
challenges-that face you and me. How do we resolve
these two sometimes opposing necessities? How do
we orient our research so that it takes both into
account as much as possible?

I certainly recognize that the farmer has necessarily
always been an environmentalist. It is our job to
make him both a better environmentalist and a
better farmer over the long haul.
(continued on page 2)


VOL 4, NO. 7, JULY 1978

(continued from page 1)
Our need in forestry has some of the same aspects. How
can we make the forests of our nation produce the way
they should and still maintain the quality of our
environment? Again, those of us responsible for research
cannot dodge this question as a major challenge.

One thing the Department has not worked at hard enough
over the past years has been its responsibilities for
diffusing new knowledge and ideas. We plan to change
this. This will be particularly true in the area of natural
resource information; we simply do not have the
information diffusion system in this area that we do for
commercial agriculture. We must develop it.

We are serious about getting feedback from users,
consumers, the research community, and others about
and for our programs. We had our first meeting of the
new Joint Council on Food and Agricultural Sciences
the end of April. This is just one step of many we will
be taking to this end.

We're serious about maintaining and improving the State-
Federal partnership. In SEA, for example, our plans are
to bring many State people in on temporary assignments
to help us. SEA/Cooperative Research has had a long
history of doing this. We want to expand that kind of
interaction. We plan to see that over a third of the SEA
staff in the areas of program planning, evaluation, and
impact will be State people on these assignments.
Our intent at the Federal level is to strengthen and
support the partnership concept. We definitely want to
continue and to strengthen the ability of the states to
contribute to this partnership. At the same time, we
are hoping to strengthen not just the universities and
particularly the land-grant universities. We are trying
to involve as much talent and effort from wherever it
may come in helping agriculture and forestry.
Another thing that our reorganization is doing is giving
us the opportunity of making more of such services as
the Current Research Information System (CRIS), the
AGRICOLA bibliographic service, and the Current
Literature Awareness Service. While the first two of
these have been available to State people before, the
latter has not. And we hope that as a package, these
three services will provide much that will help research
scientists and administrators, we well as users.

I hope we also will be able to develop more extensively
such information networks as WESTFORNET, being
developed by the Forest Service and its university
partners in the western half of the country.

You, your scientists, and your information staffs have a
great responsibility to see that what we learn from
research is diffused to those who can use it. The
research job is not done until this takes place.
It is easier for a State research administrator to duck
this responsibility-because he or she can always say
"that's Extension's job." But that's a copout! It is
your job to see that it is done, however it may be
carried out or whoever does it.

Speaking of Extension reminds me of teaching. We in
USDA have for the first time a role in support of
agricultural teaching in higher education as a result of
the Farm Bill of 1977 and Title XIV. We're working
right now on spelling out exactly what that means-and
how we and your universities can work best in this area.

Just a few other statements about reorganization:

1. We're going to improve the interactions among
the various groups that are joining hands in SEA. We
want stronger interaction between Extension and
Federal research. We want stronger interaction between
the Federal side and the State side. We want more
interaction and cooperation among the states.

2. We want to improve our capacity to evaluate and
analyze the needs of agriculture and rural life so that
research and Extension can better mobilize to meet
those needs.

3. We want to be sure that the public gets a larger
voice in our decisions, so that we can improve our

4. We are working out our new role in aquaculture-
a field that could be very important to the future of
our country.

5. We are looking for ways that agriculture can
contribute to the energy field.

(continued on pae 3)


Legislation under consideration or reports of the most pertinent agricultural legislation before the U.S. Congress are available at
Federal depository libraries where they may be used; larger public libraries also have sets available. USDA personnel should con-
tact their D.C. Headquarters office for access to bills.

H.R. 5032. Tariff Bill. Passed House on July 18, 1977;
reported by Senate Finance Committee May 2. 1978
(S. Rept. 95-777); amended and passed the Senate
May 5, 1978 to include additional beef imports. House
Ways and Means Committee held hearings May 22.

-I.R. 11504 (and S. 2146). Agricultural Credit Act of
1978. House and Senate Conferees due to meet soon.
Amends the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development
Act, which includes authority for making and insuring
loaps to farmers, ranchers, and others.

H.R. 12222. International Development Assistance
Act of 1978. Incorporates features from proposed
Humphrey bill and eliminates some restrictions of the
old Foreign Assistance Act. Directs President to
establish the International Development Cooperation
Administration with primary responsibility within the
U.S. government for co-ordination of international
development-related activities. Passed by House
May 15.

H.R. 12433 (and S. 3084). Housing and Community
Development Amendments of 1978. Include various
changes in the rural housing programs. House and
Senate Committees have reported (H.Rept. 95-1161,
May 15, 1978; S. Rept. 95-871, May 15, 1978) and
are expected to pass respective bills which will then
go to conference.

S. 2990 (and H.R. 12486). Sugar Stabilization Act of
1978 Implement the International Sugar Agreement
and effect changes in domestic sugar price support
program. House Agriculture Committee held hearings
May 23; Senate Finance Committee held hearings on
May I I. Bills establish domestic price support levels
for sugar at about 17 cents a pound. USDA has argued
that this would be inflationary. The Administration
submitted its own draft sugar bill to the speaker of the
House May 24; it provides a lower price support level
for sugar.


(continued from page 2)

6. We are examining basic and applied human
nutrition knowledge and research to see how we can
make more major contributions there.

7. Finally, we are working with many other agencies
and groups to see that our views and needs are taken into
account in some of the vital decisions being made today
about agriculture. One example only-we have been
working on agreements with the Environmental
Protection Agency where we reach mutuallyagreeable
understandings and actions to protect both the public
and the farmer.

We're now into the second century of the State
experiment stations. The first 100 years saw some great
things come out of research for our nation and the
world. The challenge to you-and to me--is to see what
we can do to make our research programs of this second
century really meet the challenges of today and mean
something vital and important for all of us ... and the


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'continued from page 4)
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Technical Information Systems reviews titles before translations
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Lending Division, Technical Information Systems
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Professor F.W. Lancaster, University of Illinois Graduate
School of Library Science, has been awarded the
Ralph R. Shaw Award for 1978 for "an outstanding
contribution to library literature." This was announced
by Dr. Richard Vorwerk, Governor's State University,
Park Forest, IL, who is chairperson of the award

The award, in recognition of Lancaster's The Measurement
and Evaluation of Library Services (Information Resources
Press, 1977), was presented at the annual conference of
the American Library Association in June. Scarecrow
Press sponsors the award in memory of Ralph Shaw
founder of the Press. Shaw was director of the National
Agricultural Library (formerly USDA Library) 1942-1954.


I3I 1I1i 1 I 11 8 I 8 51i IW311 IIIII
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OF AMERICA. Denver, Colorado, Hilton Hotel. Theme:
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University of Canterbury, Private Bag, Christchurch 1, j
New Zealand.

Marymount College, Arlington, VA. Contact: Beverly
Grafel, Director of Development, Box 8174, University :
Station, Grand Forks, N.Dakota.

September 17-21: 3rd SYMPOSIUM ON WEED
CONTROL, C.N.RA., Dakar, Senegal. Contact: J.R.
Guillou, Dept. de Malherbologie, C.N.R.A., Route de
St-Cyr, 78000 Versailles, France.

Canada. Contact: Raymond Tarleton, Exec VP, 4
3340 Pilot Knob Rd., St. Paul, MN 55121.

NOTES is published monthly by the U.S. Departnme
of Agriculture, Science and Education Administra-
tion, Technical Information Systems, National Agri-
cultural Library Building, Beltsville, MD 20705.
Leila Moran, Editor.

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