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A Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture of the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Commerce has completed
translations of significant foreign literature pertaining to aquaculture. This interagency effort is an attempt
to assist with the development of aquaculture in the United States. The translations were commercially
done after a choice of the items to be translated was made by the Subcommittee. Persons working in
this subject area with a need to have articles translated may contact Dr. Billy M. Teels, Soil Conservation
Service, Rm. 6142, So. Agri. Bg., Washington, D.C. 20250 (301447-4121) to learn the criteria for having
translations made. Or, an article for translation may be submitted directly to Dr. Teels for consideration
by the Joint Subcommittee.

This list represents translations done in the past two years; it was distributed previously in a different
format to a limited number of aquaculture scientists. No attempt has been made to verify the bibliographic
informationn supplied by the translator, such as the correct journal, report or conference title. Therefore,
the original sources are often poorly identified.

These translations are available free of charge in a single copy to land-grant and cooperating institution
peuulnnel upon request. This list or a photocopy of it may be used with the desired items clearly
circled; please include a return-addressed mailing label for the fastest service. USDA personnel should submit
a loan request (AD-245). All requests, on request forms or letterhead, must clearly identify the TRANS.
No. along with the citation.

Others' May request photoduplication of the translations at the rate of $2.00 for each ten pages or fraction
thereof per citation. Again, the TRANS. No. MUST be on the request. All requests
should be submitted to:
Lending Branch, TIS/SEA
National Agricultural Library Bldg., USDA -- ----- ----
Beltsville, MD 20705 z. H;j:M LIB ARY

Advanetsi in Research on the Causative Agent of Ent ritis JAiGrass Carp.
Translated fato Chinese: Aota Hydrobiologica S nica. 6(2): 245-246, 197 .
T.A N to, M 45411. '. S UniiJ. c. Florida:'
Si.. 2 .1' "
A ulture t.sing. Thermal Effluents. Translated from Japanese: Minato Shirbun.
i1 t9001;1, Juily 2, 1977. TRANS. No. 23900.

...D, H. Note on the Ovogenesis of the Peneidae Penaeus Kerathurus.
S sil. ted fronf French: Report Coin. Int. Mer. Medit. 20(3):263, 1971.
S,:ii t Re 24151.

iii~iiiii i,:,"= ,~ ;,::,!, ,,
: .:. :":iiii: :i!i.. :l~ :iii.: ".: :" i. i: : "i' 'I "

CECCALDI, H.J. General Aspects of Shrimp Farming. Translated from French:
Edut. Rev. CGPM. 52:97-105. TRANS. No. 24093.

CECCALDI, H.J. Evolution of Hemolymph Proteins of" the Penaeus Kerathurus Female
During Vitellogenesis. Translated from French: Comptes Rendus des Seances
de La Societe de Biologie et Sea F-tZiaes.164(2):2572-2575. TRANS. No. 241
CECCALDI, H. J. et al. Comparison of Caroteno Lipoproteic Compositions in Amine
Acids Derived from the Ovaries of Three Marine Crusteans and one Mollusk.
Translated from French: Comptes Rendus des Seances de La Societe de Biotoi '
et See Filiales. 161. (5):1111-1113, 1967. TRANS. No. 24313.

CUZON, G. and D. COGNIC. Influence of Heat Shocks,on the Sloughing Rate of
Shrimps Penaeus Kerathurus. Translated from French: Comptes Rendue Seances P
de la Societe de Biologie et See Filiales. 164(6):1275-1280, 1970.
TRANS. No. 24083.

CUZON, G. and H. J. CECCALDI. Evolution of Hemolymph Proteins in Penaeus
Kerathurus During Starvation. Translated from French: Tethys. 3(2): 247-250,
1971-72. TRANS. No. 24307.

DEVEZE, L.. and Y. FAUVEL. Red Tide in Pond Ingril (Herault) A Bacterial
Phenomenon. Translated from French. 10: 365-374. TRANS. No. 24294.

Development of Techniques to Increase the Abalone Stocks in the Field.
Translated from Japanese: Annual Report, Kanagaua. Perfectural Fisheries
Experimental Station. No. 220(238) 1976. TRANS. No. 24289.

DAH-SHU, L. The Method of Cultivation of Grass Carp, Black Carp, Silver Carp
and Big Head Carp. Translated from Chinese. Academica Sinica, 1957. 90 p. .: iii.
SH 167.C3L44.

FLASSCH,.J.P. and E. WOITELLIER. Abalone Farming(Haliotis Tuberculata L.)
Translated from French: Scientific Department of the Oceanolopical Center .~Mi"
Brittany. Issue No. 546. TRANS. No. 24252. .. i

FONTENELE, 0. and A. J. N. DA SILVA. Simplification of the Artificial Incubtbati'|
Floating Fish Eggs. Translated from Portuguese: Boletin Tecnicoj.DNOCS .ii.:!
Fortaleza. 33(1), January/June 1975. TRANS. No. 24473. .

FRANK, W. Histological Investigations in Case of Carassius Carassius Auratur ti
(Pisces, Teleostei) Following a Severe Attack of Trichodina Domerguei
Wallengreen, 1897 (Protozoa, Euciliata). Translated from German:
Zeitsihrift fur Parasitenkunde. 21: 446-456, 1962. TRANS. No. .510.

FRANK, W. Unusual Incidents of Death Caused by Amoebiasis in Case of Hatteria
(Spehnodon punctatus), Young Green Turtles (Chelonia mydas) and a Spurious
Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caretta). Translated from German: Satlarmdra
12 (2): 94-102, 1976. TRANS. No. 24390.



GUARY, J.C. et. al. Seasonal Variations in the Composition of Fatty Acids of Penaeus
Japonicus (Crustacea Decapoda). Translated from French: Marine Biology.
29: 335-341. TRANS. No. 24253.

HATAI, K. Studies on the Fate of Intravascularly Injected Bacteria in Fish,
Changes in Number of Cells of Aeromonas Liquifaciens in the Blood, Liver
and Kidneys of the Eel. Translated from Japanese: Gyobyo Kenkyu.
7(1): 26-33, 1972. TRANS. No. 24251.

HATAI, K. Studies on the Fate of Intravascularly Injected Bacteria in Fish-Il.
Changes in Number and Composition of Leucocytes in the Blood of the Eel
Accompanying Changes in Aeromonas Bacteria. Translated from Japanese:
Gyobyo Kenkyu. 7(1): 34-43, 1972. TRANS. No.24398.

HATAI, K. and S. EGUSA. Members of the Genus Saprolegnia, Associated with Fish
Diseases, a Review. Translated from Japanese: Gyobyo Kenkyu.
No. 11(l):45-56, 1976. TRANS. No. 24438.

HO, K. Research on Artificial Reproduction of Eels. (Anguilla japonica). Luh-kang
Branch, Taiwan Provincial Fishery Research Institute. 17 p. Translated from
Chinese. TRANS. No. 24310.

INOUE, M. Abalone Fry Release and its Effectiveness. Managawa Prefecture
Fisheries Experiment Station. 32 p. Translated from Japanese. TRANS. No. 24270.

JENG, S.S. Recent Status of Cultured Shellfishes in Taiwan and the
Phenomenon of Mass Morality. Translated from Chinese: JCRR Fisheries Series.
No. 18: 3-6. 1975. TRANS. No.

KARITANI, S.; S. Nakamura, and C. Matsudiara. The Scotochromogens-Yellow-High
Teipfrature Type of Mycobacteria Isolated from Crassostrea. Translated from
Japanese: Gyobyo Kenkyu. 4(1): 11-18, 1969. TRANS. No. 24397.

KLAPPER, H. Artificial Deep-Water Aeration and its Influence on the Metabolism
of a River Dam Rich in Nutrients. Translated from German: Limnologica:
2(10):607-616, 1976. TRANS. No. 24535.

KO, T.C. Preliminary Report on American Eel (Anguilla Rostrata) Culture
Experiment. 12 p. Translated from Chinese. TRANS. No. 24293..

KUNISAKI, N., H. Matsuura and M. Hayashi. A Food-Hygienical Study on the
Formation of N-Nitrosodimethylamine from Trimethylamine-N-Oxide and Nitrate.
Translated from Japanese: Bulletin, Japanese Society of Scientific *
Fisheries. 43(11): 1287-1292, 1977.. TRANS. No.24084.

KUSADA, R. et al. Studies on the Serous Ascites of Cultured Eel-II. On the
Blood Properties of the Disease. Translated from Japanese: Gyobyo Kenkyu.
vol. 7 (1)44-502'1972. TRANS. No. 24385.


S .... .. .. .

LAUBIER-BONICHON, A., and L. LAUBIER. Controlled Reproduction of the Shrimp
Penaeus Japonicus. Translated from French: Contribution No. 4214, the
Scientific Department, Oceanologic Center of Brittany. 12 p. 1976.
TRANS. No. 24268.

LE BORGNE, Y. The SATMAR Hatchery-Nursery and the Actual Possibilities for
Producing Bivalve Mollusk Spat. Translation from French: Actes de Colloqume I
du CNEXO. 4:353-360, 1977. TRANS. No. 24304.

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French: La Peehe Maritime, June 20, 1978: 333-337. TRANS. No. 24537.

LE PENNEC, M., and D. PRIEUR. Larval Development of Mytilus edulis (L) in
the Presence of Antibiotics. Part I. Determination of Effectiveness
and Non-Toxic Concentrations of Four Antibiotics: Aureomycin, Erythromycin,
Chloramphenicol, and Sulfarmerazine. Translated from French: 9ev. Int. Oaea zft
Med. 28: 167-180. 1972. TRANS. No. 24309.

LERCHE, W. Research About the Development and Propagation of the Genus
Dunaliella. Translated from German: Kaiser-WiZhenl Institute for
Biology. 34: 236-268. TRANS. No. 24149.

Improvement in the Industrial Eel Production by Means of a Dry Mixed Fodder
for the First Stage. Translated from German: Zeitschrift fur die
Binnenfischerei DDR. 24(8): 236-239. 1977. TRANS. No. 24453.

LIRA, E.R., and A.B. BA SILVA. Economic and Biological Studies Concerning
Intensive Fishculture of the Hybrid, Tilapia Nilotica and Tilapia.
Translated from Portuguese: Botatin Tecnico, DIOCS, Fortdteaa. 33(2)
July/December 1975. TRANS. No. 24387.

LUCAS, A., and D. PRIEUR. Bacteria Control of Bivalve Larval Cultures.
Translated from French: Conference on Aquaculture, Breat, October 1973 :
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Marine Mollusks. Translated from French: Laboratorie de Zoologie,
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Marine Aquaculture Data Book. Translated from Japanese. I. Abalone Section.
TRANS. No. 24435. Compiled under the Direction of Inshore Fishing Grounds
Development and Planning Office, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives*
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of'the Eel. Translated from Japanese: Suisan Zoshoku Sosho 4. 157 p.

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Translated from Japanese. TRANS. No. 24273.

So-Called Abnormal Egg-Mass of Japanese Oyster, Crassostrea Gigas. (Thurnberg)-
Translated from Japanese: Bulletin, Hiroshima Fisheries Experimental
Station. No. 8, March 1977. TRANS. NO. 24256.

MELO, H.A.R DE and J.J.S. CURGEL. Toxicity of Bayluscide for Fresh Water Fish
and Mollusks. Translated from Portuguese: Boletin Teonico, DNOCS,
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Translated from Japanese: Mariculture Series 5. Japan Fisheries Resources
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Translated from Japanese: Gyobyo Kenkyu. 10(1):84-89.
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Observations on the Maturation and Reproduction of a Peneid Shrimp in Captivity
in a Tropical Medium. Translated from Frepch. Presented at Aquaculture
Workshop, ICES, May 1.0-13, Brest, France. 1976?, 34 p.

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the Japanese Eel Augilla Japonica (I); On the Increase of Body Weight in the
Female During the Course of Experiments. Translated from Japanese:
Bulletin, Shisuoka Prefectural Fish Experimental Station (9): 27-37.
TRANS. No. 24094.

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from Japanese: Seto Inland Fisheries Aquaculture Society Corporation.
No. 123. 1974. TRANS. No. 24434.

PERESTENKO, L.P. News Concerning the Taxonomy of Nonvascular Plants: Rhodophyt;
of the Far Eastern Seas of the USSR. Translated from Russian: Novosti
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Pharmaceutical Treatment on Myxobacterial Gill Rot and White Head-Mouth Disease
of Grass Carp. Translated from Chinese: Acta Hydrobiologia Sinica.
6(2): 243-244, 1977. TRANS. No. 24290.

Recent Status of Cultured Shellfishes in Taiwan and the Phenomenon of Mass
Mortality. Translated from Chinese: Joint Comnission of Rural Reconstrufft.' '
Taipei, Taiwan, China. JCRR Fisheries Series. No. 18:3-6. TRANS. No. 24474, :.

RHEINHEIMER, G. Microbiological Investigations in Rivers. I. Fluorescent
Microscopical Analysis of the Bacterial Flora in Several Rivers of North Ge
Translated from German: Arch. Hydrobrol. 81(1): 106-118. TRANS. No. 24291,

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Flagellates. Translated from German. Leiden, 19--. Botanical Institute.
210-258 p. TRANS. No. 24269.

RYCKAERT, M. Effect of Ablation of the Eyesta
on the Development of the Gonads of Palaemo
from French: Comptes Rendus des Seances de
sea Filiates. 168:1364-1368, 1974. TRANS.

RYCKAERT, M. Shifts in the Soluable Proteins
Edulis (Crustacea Decapoda) During Embryoge
Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de
168(4-5):561, 1974. TRANS. No. 24148.


Studies on Blue King Crab Resour
from Japanese: Bulletin of the
39(10): 1031-1037, 1973. TRA

SEKI, T. and H. KANNO. Synchronized Control of
Discus Hannai Ino, Haliotidae, Gastropoda.
Suisan Kenkyujo Kenkyu Hokoku. 38:143-153,

ilks in Long and Short Photophase
n Serratus Pennant. Translated
la Societe de Biologic et .
No. 24147.

of the Eggs of Processa Edqlir
nesis. Translated from French:
Biologie et Ses Filiales.

ces in the Western Bering Sea.
Japanese Society of Scientific
NS. No. 24388.

Ehrly Life in the Abalone, Halitoiar,:
Translated from Japanese: Tohokuku:
1977. TRANS. No. 24080.

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SHIMBUN, M. Aquaculture Using Thermal .Effluentsp Success on Commercial Basis.
Translated from Japanese: Minato Shimbun. No. 90001:1, July 2, 1977.
TRANS. No..23900.

SHIMMA, Y., and H. SHIMMA. Utilization of Petroleum Yeast in Fish Feed IV. :
Plasma Cholesterhl Content and Fatty Acid Composition of Erythrocytes .
of Rainbow Troute. Translated from.Japanese: Bulletin of Freshwater
Fisheries Research Laboratory. 24(1): 47-56. TRANS. No. 24141.

SHINMA, Y. Utilization of Petroleum Yeast in Fish Feed-III. Long-tern Feeding'
on Rainbow Trout at 9.5"c and 17"c. Translated from Japanese: Buet i .. "
of Freshwater Fisheries Research Laboratory. 45-57, 1976. TRANS. No., 24095. ;|


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Translated from Japanese: Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific
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and Lipids of Rainbow Trout Fingerlings Reared in Small Crawls. Translated
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SILVA, A.. B. da. Preliminary Observations Regarding the Consorted Culture of Hybrid
Fish from Tilopia Hornorum (Male) and Tilopia Nilotica (Female) with Mirror
Carp, Cyprinus Carpio Vr. Specularis in a Breeder. Translated from Portuguese:
Boletin Teonico, DNOCS, Forteleza. 33(1)-, January/June 1975. TRANS. No. 24386.

STARUSHENKO, L. I. The Results of Acclimatizing the Far Eastern Mullet Mugil
So-Iuy in the Black Sea. Translated from Russian: Rybnoye
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Carp. (Cyprinus carpio) Translated from German: Zeitschrift fur die
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Studies on the Gill Disease of Grass Cap(Ctenopharyugodon Idellus): Isolation of
Bacterial Pathogens. Translated from Japanese: Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica.
5(3): 315-334, 1975. TRANS. No. 24440.

SUASTEGUI, J.M.M. Experiments with Cultures of Photosynthesizing Flagellates.
Translated from Spanish: Minutes of Second Symposium of the Latin American
AquaulZture Society, Mexico, D.F., Nov. 13-15, 1978. TRANS. No. 24536.

SUGIMOTO, Y. et al. Induced Maturation of Female Japanese Eels (Angialla Japonica)
By Administration of Salmon Pitiutaries with Notes on Changes of Oil Droplets
in Eggs of Matured Eels. Translated from Japanese: Bulletin of the Faculty
of Fisheries, Hokkaido University. 27(3/4); 107-120. TRANS. No. 24097.

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from Japanese: Tokai Suikenkyu Hokoku. No. 65, February 1971.
TRANS. No. 24068.

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in Alaska Pollack Muscle During Frozen Storage-II. Translated from Japanese:
Bulletin, Hokkaido Regional Fish Research Laboratory. 30:90-97, 1965.
TRANS. No. 24088.

TAKUNAGA, T. Studies on the Development of Diamethylamine and Formal34iyd -i
Alaska Pollack Muscle During Frozen Storage. Translated from Japan .'..,:
Bulletin,Hokkaido Reg. Fish. Res. Inst. 29: 108-122, 1964. TRANS. ,. M

TOMIOKA, K., J. OGUSHI and K. ENDO. Studies on the Dimethylanine in Foodp
Enzymic Formation of the Dimethylamine from Trimethylamine Oxide. Tr-aS
from Japanese: Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisharite:" j
40(10): 1,021-1,026, 1974. TRANS. No. 24082.

UCHIDA, I. Growth of the Loggerhead Turtle. Translated from Japanese.
of the Japanese Society of Scientific Fisheries. 33 (6): 497-506. T3i4
No. 23901.

UKI, N. Oxygen Consumption of the Abalone Haliotis Discus Hannai, in Relu
to Body Sixe and Temperature. Translated from Japanese: BuLletin,
Tohoku Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory. No, 35, December 1975.
TRANS. No. 24096.

UKI, N., and S. KIKUCHI. On the Effects of the Irradiated Sea Water with
Ultraviolet Rays on Inducing Spawning of the Scallop Patinopecten :
Yessoensis (JAY). Translated from Japanese: Bulletin, Tohoku Regional I
Fisheries Research Laboratory. No. 35, December 1975. TRANS. No. 24087. .
WADA, K. Growth of Japanese Pearl Oyster Larvae Fed with Three Species -Of:: :,
Micro-Algae. Translated from Japanese: Kokuritsu ShWinu Kenloyao.bkic
17: 2075-2083, 1973. TRANS. No. 24391.

WORMHOUDT, A. Van. Activity of Digestive Enzymes During Vitellogenesis t':a
Serrates. Translated from French: Comptes Rendue des Seances de a1 9Nu6t
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and the Production of Formaldehyde in the Prawn Treated with Sodium i
Bisulfite. Translated from Japanese: Bulletin of Wte Japanese Sosnwij _
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YANO, I., and Y. OGAWA. Effects of Light, Temperature, and Hydrostatic
on Vertical Distribution of Abalone Larve (Haliotis Gigantea). T.ra.l.
from Japanese: Bulletin, Tokai Regional Fisheries Research LabWotolW
No. 91, October 1977. TRANS. No. 24089.

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