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1 3--

The Solar Energy, Research, Development and Demonstration Act of 1974 of the U.S.
Congress chartered a Solar Energy Information Data Bank (SEIDB). This information
resource was to be established and operated "...for the purpose of collecting,
reviewing, processing, and
disseminating information and -
data in all of the solar energy a. ..
technologies..."--Public Law ',
93-473, Sect. 8. The U.S.
Department of Energy developed
this information service as a SOLAR
component of the Information \ CAIM,"R
Systems Division of the Solar kw P.
Energy Research Institute (SERI),
Golden, Colorado.

SERI later created the National -
Alcohol Fuels Information Center as a sub-specialty of the total SEIDB in direct
response to the requests of the biomass programs offices of the U.S. Department of
Energy. In 1980 Congress passed the Energy Security Act in which responsibility
for alcohol fuel efforts, at a site where production is 15 million gallons or
less, was assigned to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This division of
effort between large and small scale production has been difficult to separate in
some cases; particularly is this true with information and publication services
since the alcohol fuel technologies easily go back and forth across the 15 million
gallon limit.

SERI and its information programs are familiar to many since the activities have
been very visible nationally through publications, information inquiry 800 phone
numbers, and demonstration exhibit programs. The National Alcohol Fuels
Information Center (NAFIC) utilizes the internal structure of the SERI Information
Systems Division and the servicesof the Data Bank as an integrated part of the
total energy operation. Technical Information Systems now has a close working
relationship with the,NAFIC and wishes you to be aware of the information services


National Alcohol Fuels Information Center JUN 2 1981
and the
aF.A.S. Univ. of Florida

Solar Energy Information Data Bank --

Center Mission

The mission of the National Alcohol Fuels Information Center is to operate an
information center and coordinate national alcohol information activities.
Effective operation of the Center will enhance the utilization of biomass
feedstocks for conversion to fuels, by providing timely and accurate responses to
inquiries on alcohol fuels technology and applications. The Information Systems
Division of SERI is responsible for carrying out this mission as an integral-part
of the Solar Energy Information Data Bank.

The products and services of NAFIC are the same as those of the SEIDB but limited
to alconol fuels. They are:

Publication Services providing and
disseminating general
information brochures, directories of
manufacturers and educational
offerings, information locators,
promotional material, bulletins listing
available reports, data compilations,
technical manuals, reference guides,
bibliographies, and a calendar of
Information Audience Analysis
Services identifying solar energy
information users and their needs and
providing the mechanism to deliver
timely information to specific
audiences that need it most.
Information Marketing Services
announcing the availability of
information products and services and
encouraging their use.
Inquiry & Referral Services providing
information requestors with data and
information on all technologies,
utilizing the extensive SEIDB data
base and solar document collection
and the resources of SERI's staff of
researchers and analysts.
On-line Data Bases compiled on
more than fifteen solar-related
subjects, including information on
manufacturers, professionals,
educational offerings, bibliographic
references, and installations. Available
for searching on-line by qualified
organizations. In addition, data is
regularly extracted from these files for
inclusion in information
publications and inquiry responses.
Scientific Computation, Simulation
Modeling and Telecommunications
Services utilizing large-scale
computers installed at SERI and a
national data communications
network. A models library is available
to qualified users.

Solar Energy Information Center
and Library with the world's most
comprehensive collection of
solar-related documents, offering
reference and interlibrary loan service.

Complete Information on

To order SEIDB publications, contact
SERI Document Distrbution Service
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden. Colorado 80401
Telephone 13031 231.1158 IFTS 327- 1158)

Inquiry and Referral Services
Trained SEIDB specialists handle solar-related
inquiries from the general public. including
universities, the private research community.
businesses. homeowners. and others More
extensive technical assistance is offered to
Congress. Federal agencies. DOE solar
contractors, and SEIDB Member Organizations.
Public Inquiries
For inquires relating to residential and
small-scale commercial solar hearing and
cooling, including passwve solar. contact
A. National Solar Heating and Cooling
Information Center
P Box 1607
Rockville. Maryland 20850
Telephone Toll-Free (800) 523-2929
From Pennsylvania (8001 462-4983
From Alaska Hawaii (800) 523-4700
For inquiries relating to photovolraics ~ind
energy. solar trermal power ocean energy
systems, energy conversion of biomass solar
energy storage, and agricultural and industrial
process hear. contact
B. National Solar Inquiry and Referral
Solar Energy Research Institute
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden Colorado 80401
Telephone (303i 231-7303 iFTS 327-7303)

The principal NAFIC objective is to respond in a timely, efficient and accurate
manner to information needs expressed by the public, government agencies at all
levels, and by groups having an interest in alcohol fuels. A long term but
equally important objective is to become the clearinghouse for information on the
financing, licensing, production, distribution, and performance of biomass-derived
alcohol fuels conversion systems. A secondary objective is to demonstrate the
effectiveness of conducting a highly visible, urgently needed, applications
oriented information program by utilizing the resources of several SERI functional
and applications branches in a matrix management mode. Two of the primary
services, publications and data bases, are summarized here in greater detail.
Most publications are available free of charge in single copies from SERI or major
items in multiple copies from GPO. The data bases are presently undergoing a
transfer to a new computer facility except for the energy modeling programs.
Online access for anyone associated with alcohol fuel work will be possible in
October and training classes are being planned.

How to Obtain Products and Services of the Solar Energy Information Data Bank

For inquiries relating to alcohol fuels. including
gasohol and ethanol, contact
C. National Alcohol Fuels Information
Solar Energy Research Institute
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden. Colorado 80401
Telephone Toll-Free 1800) 525 5555
From Colorado (800) 332-8339
Federal Agencies, DOE Solar Contractors,
SEIDB Member Organizations
For inquiries relating to all solar technologies.
D. Solar Energy Information Center
Solar Energy Research Institute
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden Colorado 80401
Telephone 1303) 231-1415
(FTS 327-1415)

Data Bases
To request a search of any SEIDB solar data
Public Requests
Contact the National Solar Inquiry and Referral
Service (See listing B above)
Requests from Federal Agencies, DOE Solar
Contractors, and SEIDB Member
Contact the Solar Energy Information Center (See
listing D above)

On-Line Access
SEIDB Solar Data Bases are available on-line to
Federal and state agencies, to DOE contractors.
and to university and other not-for-profil
organizations involved in the development and
promotion of solar energy Training in the use of

SEIDB s data base management system is
required before access can be granted To
arrange on-line access and training. contact
E. Network Coordinator
Solar Energy Research Institute
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden Colorado 80401
Telephone (3031 231-1032
(FTS 327-10321

Solar Models
The SEIDB Solar Models Library is available for
on-line use by Federal and state agencies, by
DOE contractors, and by university or
not-for-profit organizations involved in the
development and promotion of solar energy
Users are required to have working experience or
training in use of solar models To arrange
access, contact the SEIDB Network Coordinator
(See listing E above)

Library Services
SEIDB's Solar Energy Information Center and
Library are open to the public Monday Fnday
from 8 am to 5 p m Library materials may be
checked out only through interlibrary loan
To arrange interlibrary loan of specific
documents contact-
Solar Energy Information Center
(see listing D above)

Reference Services are available to Federal
agencies, DOE solar contractors, and SEIDB
member organizations only Contact the Solar
Energy Information Center (See listing D above)

Public Inquiries in regard to reference and other
bibliographic services should be addressed to the
Inquiry and Referral Services listed above (See
listings B and Cl

SEIDB Membership
Organizations or agencies seeking an affiliation
with SEIDB should contact the SEIDB Network
Coordinator ISee listing E above

For Local Assistance on solar energy
projects contact the Regional Solar Energy
Center which serves your state

1. Western Solar Utilization Network
Pioneer Park Building
715 SW Morrison
Portland. Oregon 97205
Telephone (503) 241.1222

2. Mid-American Solar Energy Complex
8140 26th Avenue South
Bloomington Minnesota 55420
Telephone (612) 853-0400

3. Southern Solar Energy Center
61 Perimeter Park
Atlanta. Georgia 30341
Telephone 1404) 458-8765

4. Northeast Solar Energy Center
470 Atlantic Avenue
Boston. Massachusetts 02110
Telephone 1617) 292-9250

^ ~ ~ ^ ^ r

I ^ '


Directories from
SEIDB data bases.
Reading Lists and
produced by the
Information Cen-
Information Locators,
Reference Guides on
selected subjects, to
assist policynakers
and other profes-

Guides and Manuals
covering specific
technologies such
as production of
alcohol fuels.
Fuel From Farms:
A Guide to Small-
Scale Ethanol
Production was
distributed to
200,000 farmers
and business people
during 1980.

General Awareness
literature. Questions
and answers on tech-
nologies, and where-
to-turn for books,
films, and other
sources of information

Data Bases

International Contacts
International Projects
International Agreements

Information/Data Locator
Wind Products

Agriculture and NAFIC

The USDA, particular the Science and Education Administration, has become very
active with the alcohol fuels program of the Congress because of the 1980
legislation. As a result, funds are being passed from the Department of Energy to
USDA for the small-scale fuels works, including funds to support the information
activities of NAFIC with TIS as the monitor. Additional funds are going to
land-grant universities and others, as well as to SERI, for demonstration
projects, research, and technology transfer. Cormnents are welcomed from those in
field locations as well as regional and national offices on the types of
information services needed during the next six months.

Several significant publications are in the preparation stage, including a loose-
leaf reference manual of 15 chapters on alcohol fuels; agreement has been reached
with the SEIDB for access to the online data bases for land-grant universities and
others in the agricultural community concerned with alcohol fuels; training
schedules will be set near October when the files are accessible. The staff of
the SERI Information Systems Division has specialists in alcohol fuel technology
as well as editors, communication specialists, librarians and technical
information specialists. Presentations of an hour or less have been established
and can be made by the NAFIC or Information Systems Division personnel.
(NAFIC, Con. on p. 5)

(NAFIC, Con. from p. 4)
future data base use concerning TIS
supported program activities, please
contact the NAFIC liaison to TIS:

Peter Mourning
Information Systems Division
Solar Energy Research Institute
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 231-7301; FTS 327-7301

If you wish to submit suggestions on
specialty files, products, or services
to be considered for TIS support at
NAFIC, please contact:

Wallace C. Olsen
Technical Information Systems
Room 111, National Agricultural
Library Building
Beltsville, MD 20705
(301) 344-3834; FTS 344-3834L&

Online Assistance for 1890 Libraries

In April 1981 Technical Information
Systems, SEA/USDA awarded grants of
$1,500 each to three 1890 land-grant
libraries to assist them in introduc-
ing AGRICOLA online to agricultural-
ists and advanced students at their
institutions. This offer was made to
the 1890 land-grant and Tuskegee
Institute library directors at their
meeting in September 1980.

The three libraries receiving the
grants are: Alabama A & M University;
University of Maryland, Eastern Shore;
and Southern University in Lousiana.
Of the seventeen 1890 land-grant
libraries including Tuskegee Institute,
six had online bibliographic services,
and with the awarding of these grants,
the total becomes nine. MS


The availability of $5,803,000 for USDA-DOE grants for research on energy
and alcohol fuels was announced in the April 7 Federal Register (pp.
20971-6). Grant Application Kits are available from Grants Administrative
Management Office, Attn: Proposal Services Unit, Science and Education
Administration, USDA, Suite 103, Rosslyn Cormonwealth Building, 1300 Wilson
Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209 (telephone 703-235-2638).

USDA-SEA funds will be for two areas of research: alcohol and industrial
hydrocarbons research ($485,000), and energy research ($1,843,000) under
the Cooperative Research Special Research Grant's program. The alcohols
program will cover research on the evaluation, production, handling,
treatment, and conversion of biomass resources for manufacture of ethyl
alcohol. The energy program seeks ways to substitute energy from agri-
cultural sources for petroleum-based energy and to gain net energy self-
sufficiency in ag and forestry production and other rural activities. The
four specific areas will be: fermentation; combustion, pyrolysis, and
gasification; solar and wind energy; and biomass varietal screening.


Grain Dust Abstracts. Fang S. Lai.
(U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Bibliographies and Literature of
Agriculture, No. 12). Washington,
D.C., Science and Education Admin-
istration. April 1981. 28 p. 61
citations with abstracts. Order from:
Publications Division, Office of
Governmental and Public Affairs, U.S.
Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
20250. Free.

References IN: Pearl Millet. Kenneth
0. Rachie and J.V. Majmudar. Univer-
sity Park, The Pennsylvania State
University Press. 1980. p. 265-307.
Approx. 1352 citations. This book is
considered the first comprehensive
review of literature on pearl millet.
(NAL call no.: SB191.P4R32).

Structure of U.S. Agriculture Bibli-
ography. Ronald C. Wimberly and
Charles N. Bebee. (U.S. Department of
Agriculture. Bibliographies and
Literature of Agriculture, No. 16).
Washington, D.C., Science and Education
Administration. March 1981. 514 p.
Approx. 2000 citations. Order from:
Publications Division, Office of Gov-
ernmental and Public Affairs, U.S.
Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
20250. Free.

Clearances have been given to USDA
authors to compile or publish the
titles listed below. These titles
have not been published as yet and,
therefore, are not available for
distribution. Upon publication, they
will be cited in the "New Bibliog-
raphies' or "New Publications of Note"
column of this publication.

A Bibliography of Rhubarb and Rheum
Species. Dale E. Marshall. For
information contact: Compiler,

USDA, SEA, AR/North Central Region,
Fruit and Vegetable Harvesting, 208
Agricultural Engineering Building,
Michigan State University, East
Lansing, Michigan 48824.

A Bibliography for Thermocouple
Psychrometers: 1934-1980. Ray W.
Brown. For information contact:
Compiler, Forestry Sciences Laboratory,
Intermountain Forest and Range Exper-
iment Station, 860 North 12th East,
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Black Turpentine and Imps Engraver
Beetles: Annotated Bibliography. J.L.
Foltz and R.C. Wilkinson. For informa-
tion contact: Linda Korb, Southern
Forest Experiment Station Library,
Postal Services Building, Room T-10210,
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Louisiana 20113.

Detention/Retention for the Control of
Quantity and Quality of Stormnater
Runoff: Statement-of-the-Art. Richard
H. McCuen, Stuart G. Walesh, and Walter
J. Rawls. For information contact:
Walter J. Rawls, Hydrology Laboratory
AR, SEA, USDA, Building 005, Room 137,
BARC-West, Beltsville, Maryland 20705.

Impacts of Backcountry Recreation:
Management and Rehabilitation--An
Annotated Bibliography. David N. Cole
and Edward G.S. Schreiner. For infor-
mation contact: Thomas M. Baugh, Re-
search Information Group, Intermountain
Forest and Range Experiment Station, 507
25th Street, Ogden, Utah 84401.

The Southern Pine Beetle: An Annotated
Bibliography. D.L. Kulhavy. For in-
formation contact: Linda Korb, Southern
Forest Experiment Station Library,
Postal Services Building, Room T-10210,
701 Loyola Avenue, New Orleans Louisiana
20113. Up


Community Facilities and Services:
Recent U.S. Government Printing Office
Select List Publications for 1979-1980.
Daniel S. Kuennen, comp. (Georgetown,
DE, Delaware Cooperative Extension
Service, 1981). 155 p. Free. Order
from University Substation, R.D. 2, Box
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Guide. (Washington, D.C.) U.S. Dept.
of Energy, Office of Energy Information
Services, 1980. 138 p. Free. Order
from Energy Information Administration,
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Energy Information Referral Directory.
Fourth Quarter 1980. Washington, D.C.
U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Infor-
mation Services, National Energy In-
formation Center (1981). 171 p. Free.
Order from Energy Information
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Order from ASAE, P.O. Box 410, St.
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Nutritional Energetics of Domestic
Animals & Glossary of Energy Terms. 2d
ed. rev. Washington, D.C., National
Academy Press, 1981. 61 p. $4.75.
Order from the Press, 2101
Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington,
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Opportunities in Times of Crisis.
Proceedings of annual meeting of Amer-
ican Society of Agricultural Consult-
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$20.00. Order from the Society, 8301
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Circulation. NewYork, Plenum Press.
irr. 1980- QP102.58

Survey of Contemporary Toxicology.
York, Wi ley. irr. 1980-


RA1211.S9 (A

Aquaculture Translations

Requests for copies of aquaculture
translations from the list pub-
lished in ALIN (vol. 7, no. 4),
April, 1981, will be held and
processed in batches once a month.
We hope in this way to avoid
limiting the number of transla-
tions supplied or the number of
pages copied per reque!tor.

3 1262 08138 7333

July 13-17: Conference on Food
Microbiology. Society for Applied
Microbiology. Bristol, U.K. Contact:
R.W.A. Park, Microbiology Dept.
University of Reading, London Road,
Reading, England RGI SAQ.

July 26-30: Aiewvcan Society of AnitzL
Science. North Carolina State Univer-
sity Raleigh, N.C. Contact: David C.
England, Oregon State University,
Animal Science Department, Corvallis,
OR 97330

August 2-5: Soil Conservation Society
of America, 36th Anrual Meeting.
Spokane, Washington, D.C. Contact:
SCSA, 7515 Northeast Ankeny Road,
Ankeny, Iowa 50021.

August 2-6: American Phytopathological
Society. New Orleans, La. Contact:
R. J. Tarleton, APS, 3340 Pilot Knob
Rd., St. Paul, MN 55121.

August 11-13: Cereals, A Renemable
Resource: Theory and Practice. An
International Symposium. Copenhagen,
Denmark. Contact: Mrs. Ruth Nelson,
American Association of Cereal
Chemists, 3340 Pilot Knob Road, St.
Paul, MN 55121. (612) 454-7250.

August 16-21: International Congress
on Nutrition. XI San Diego, Calif.
Contact: Admninistrative Secretariat,
XII. Int'l. Congress on Nutrition, 1629
K St., N.W., Suite 706, Washington,
D.C. 20006.

September 6-17: XVII IUFRO
(Internatinal Union of Forestry
Research Organizations) World
Congress. Kyoto, Japan. Contact:
Secretariat, XVII IUFRO World Congress,
P.O. Box 16, Tsukuba Norin
Kenkyudanchi-nai, Ibaraki 305, Japan.

October 25-30: American Society for
Information Science, 44th Annuda
Meeting. Washington, D.C. Contact:
Carol Wassenman, ASIS '81 Public
Relations Committee, 1010 16th Street,
N.W., Washington, D.C.

November 15-18: Research for Snnmt
Farms. Beltsville Agricultural Researe
Center, Science and Education
Administration, U.S. Dept. of
Agriculture, Beltsville, MD. Contact:
Special Symposium Office, Room 230,
Bldg., 003, BARC-West, USDA, Beltsville
MD 20705. (301) 344-3087.

December 8-10: Fifth International
Online Information Nbeting. Lond.o,
England. Contact: Organising
Secretary, Online Information Meetings,
Online Review, Learned Information,
Besselsleigh Road, Abingdon, (kford OK
13 6LG, England. Tel: 0B65-730275.
Telex: 837704.

February 2-6, 1982: Interationl :
Conference on Cheistry and World rmed
Supplies-The ea Fraontier (CUMRSP?
II). Manila, Philippines. Contact.:
Joyce Torio, OCHERAM II Coordinati'g
Office, International Food Policy
Research Institute, 1776 Massachusetts
Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 201036. i

NOTES provides a channel of cmmmnisa-
tion to technical information speciJal-
lists, librarians, extension workers
researchers, and scientists on agrisl-
tural information activities. It Is:
published monthly by the U.S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture, Science and
Education Administration, Technical
Information Systems, National Agrimal-
tural Library Building, Beltsville,
MD 20705. Leila Moran, Editor. 1llW