Constitution and By-Laws of the Florida Probation Association, April 14, 1924


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Constitution and By-Laws of the Florida Probation Association, April 14, 1924
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Florida Probation Association
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of the


Article I

The nam of this organisaties shall be the florida Probation Assooiatieon


The objeetr ef this Asoooiation aret

tlb elated an develop probation work in the courts of the state of Florida
by increasing public* interest enad support, through oenfores ea seuring legis-
lation snA in other rys.

To prombt goo4 steadards ia probation, parole aad related work and to
further all othed effective treatment and prevention of delinqueny.

Article lXX


This organization shall beome affiliated with the Plorida State Confer-
oean of Soeal M aLdt.assist ia the premtion of the objects of that Or-

This organization shall be affiliated with the National Probation Asseia-
tioe as an orgaisation member. It shall operate with the National Probation
Assoeiatien in th tension and e***ps natim of probation work throughout the

Article IT


All persons interested in the obj ts ef the Association may be eleet*d by
the oeeutiwv Comaittee a ativ members upon payment of their annual dues.

Article V


The aftlcresi e the Assoiation shall consist fe a President, Vie Prsident,
and SeretaryuTreasurer. The officers hall be eleted by a majority of the
members present at the annual meeting if the Assoiatione They shall serve one
year or until their suoeaesors are elected and qualified.

ArAtie VI


There shall be an executive Oeumittee insisting of the officers, State
Secretary of the Stienal Probation Assooatite and three ether persons
appointed by the President each year. The President of the Asseeiation shall
be chairman of the Teeoutiv Comaittoe. The Comittee may till a vaaney
orrourring amon the officers of members of the Coomittee until the aext annual
meeting of the Assoeiation at which tim a suooessor shall be duly elected for
the unexpired tim.o Three members of the Comeittee shall constitute a quorum
for transaction of business.

Article VII


Other corittes as authorize by th Assootatic or the oeeoutive Coaitt
from time t ttim shall be appointed by the Presidento Their duties shall be
a direot~e by the Assosiation or the Prsident.

Article VIII

The annual meting o the Asr iieation shall be hold *eoh year at the sam
tim and plaS as the norida State Osafereae ofS Soial Work, or on suoh day
as my be dteinlimd by the ftxoutive Coemitte.* Speail metings shallb hold
when called or des4igated by the President. Tena am trs shall constitute a
querm ef the Asslation Three members shall omstitute a quoenr of the
Kxeutiveo Comittoe

Article IX


Uah omber of the Assoilation shall pay annual duos of on dollar ($1.00)
whihk shall besoen payable to the Treasurer at th ti of th tie annual meting*
An additional annual payasnt of two dollars (2.O00) may be made through the
Treasurer to entitle a ober of this Assoaiatiun to native membership in the
National ion r on Assooiation. The Treasurer shall notify all members whose
dues ar in areas sad after six moths their membership shall be forfeited.

Article X

This Constitution my be ameade by a two-thirds vote of the members presea
at any regular meeting of the Assooiation

As approved and adopted 4-14-246