Five photographs of St. Johns River, Lake Dexter, the Ocklawaha River and the St. Johns Lock (taken or collected by the ...


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Five photographs of St. Johns River, Lake Dexter, the Ocklawaha River and the St. Johns Lock (taken or collected by the Florida Defenders of the Environment, circa 1945-1963)
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Accession I - Correspondence and General Files
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Florida Defenders of the Environment
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Box: 10
Folder: Photos (limited number: CFBC locks, Ocklawaha River)


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida

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University of Florida
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THIS PICTURE is a scene of a shore-line on the St.Johns river
about 1945, and before the spraying of any water hyacinth. It
was a beautiful sight in the Spring of the year, and an attra-
ction for any one to see with a love for Nature. Water Hyacinth
along a shore line protects trees from washing waves destroying
their roots and causing bank erosion, and mudy water "POLLUTION".
The roots of hyacinth live on chemicals in the water; When
grown hyacinth are removed to shore by means of a harvesting
machine they act becomes an aid purify waters. When allowed to
rot in the water they become water polluters, and no benefit
to life. Growing Green Water Hyacinth are an asset to provide
life for fish and fowl. They provide food for bug life, which
is food for fish and birds. They provide cover for protection of
little fish, very necessary for their growth.

If we expect to provide and protect our Natural Resources, we
must have the law of Extermination & Eradication of Water Hyacinh
repealed. When excess growth of drifting water hyacinth occur,
the proper procedure is to remove them by the use of a Harvester
machine, removing them to the banks by a barge, where they can
do no harm/polluting our streams after their growth of maturity.

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Shore-line of Lace Dexter, the St. Johns river Iae in

1963- after U.S., tngine4 r3 u134 lyacinxth 4ray 2-t4

to Exterminate the plant life. Hyacinth are protection

to tree roots and all other plant life, they live of

water pollution, and when harvested and placed on shore

they are an aid to water purification.

Houseboat Noah's Ark,
Palatka, Fla,,






How can we with a clear conscience DESTSTROY THESE BEAUTIFUL
Engineers are doing just this, and making we the people like
it, believe it or not.

Where and who are the true loving Americans, that will stand
up and fight to preserve life for the future generations?
How many people are enjoying outdoor streams and waters in
comparison to commercial transportation, which the U.S.Corps of
Engineers represent; About one thousand to one. How long
before these valuable resources can be replaced in an an Agency
dedicated to Conservation, and preserved for future mankind?

It is scenes like this that will promote Florida Outdoors and
develop a life for the individual, that is clean and law
abiding. Why do we have to destroy these assets, that can
never return?

THE ANSWER, Harvest aquatic plant life removing it to shore,
Save and beautify our Natural Shore-Line on our Waterwasy,


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The St.J2 ns Lo.k, near 6 o chaver Camp.

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Cler o the Oc awaha river, ma' in -
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