Florida NOW By-Laws, 1973-1974


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Florida NOW By-Laws, 1973-1974
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Folder: Florida NOW Bylaws (Includes a copy of the National NOW bylaws). 1973-1986


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I. PURPOSE: The purpose of Florida NOW shall be to further the
purposes and policies of NOW in the state of Florida and to:

1) Establish a vehicle for coordinated state action;

2) Foster understanding and exchange of information and ideas

among NOW members in the state of Florida;

3) Assist the growth of membership and new chapters in the state.

II. MEMBERSHIP: The membership of Florida NOW shall include all

National members of NOW residing in the state of Floridaf

1) Members of Florida NOW Chapters, duly chartered by National NOW

2) Members of Convening Chapters within the state which have

applied for a provisional charter

3) Members of Convening Groups within the state w-ich have an

officially recognized Convenor, but which have not yet applied for

a provisional charter.

4) Members-at-large residing in the state but not affiliated

with any Florida Chapter, Convening Chapter, or Convening Group.

III STRUCTURE: The structure of Florida NOW shall consist of :

1) The elected officers.

a) The State Chairone

b) The State Coordinator

c) The State Treasurer

d) The State Legislative Coordinator

e) The State Secretary


2) The State Council, which shall consist ot:

a) The five elected State Officers

b) One delegate elected from each Chapter and Convening


c) One elected delegate to represent unaffiliated members

at-large in the State.

IV. STATE CONFERENCE: A State Conference of all Florida NOW members

shall make policy to carry out the Purpose of Florida NOW.

1) The State Conference shall meet no less than once every

18 months. The State Council shall fix the exact date

and place of the Conference and give the chapters and

members-at-large at least 90 days notice thereof.

2) The State Conference shall elect State Officers. A caucus

of unaffiliated members-at-large shall be called at the

Conference to elect their delegate to State Council.

3) Policy set by the State Conference shall pertain only to

Florida NOW members and shall be consistent with policy

of National NOW where such policy is stated.

4) A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of all NOW

members registered at the Conference. Voting and discussion

in plenary sessions shall be limited 'to duly registered NOW


V. STATE COUNCIL: The State Council shall serve to implement policy L.

set at the State Conference and facilitate action between


1) The Council shall meet at least once every six monthA

at the call fo the State Chairone or no less than 20% of the

chapters delegated to the Council. Members of the Council shall

be notified of the time; place, and date of the meetings at least

three weeks in advance.

2) A quorum of the Council shall consist of at least three (3)

state officers and six (6) chapter delegates. Meetings of the

Council shall be open to all NOW members, with discussion by

observers at the pleasure of the Chair. The council shall be

governed by a 2/3 majority rather than a simple majority.

3) The State Officers shall be voting members of the Council,

except the Chairone who will vote only in case of a tie.

4) The Council shall function according to the following


a) The Council shall not duplicate the functions of the Chapters.

b) The Council may recommend, but all program action is

taken by the Chapters.

c) Chapter policy is made within the Chapters.

d) The Council shall serve the Chapters.


1) Election: The State Officers shall be elected at the State

Conference to serve between conferences. They may serve no more

than two consecutive terms. They shall be elected from a slate

ot candidates (a) proposed by the Nominating Committee plus (B)

those nominated from the floor of the Conference. They shall be

elected by a majority of duly registered attendees present and

voting. They shall take office at the end of the State Conference

in which they were elected.

Ohly members of NOW in good standing for six (b) months may

be nominated to hold state office.

2) Duties of the Officers:

a) The State Chairone shall be the titular head of

Florida NOW; shall preside at the State Conference and

call and preside at meetings of the State Council; shall be

the official spokesperson for the Chapters and Members in

circumstances not inconsistent with these guidelines. The

State Chairone may appoint a general counsel, parliamentarian

and such state coordinators, task forces, or committees as

are necessary to fulfull the Purpose.

b) The State Coordinator shall serve as the official State

contact person and liason between Florida NOW and REgional

and National Directors and Officers; shall assist the

Regional Director in the formation of new chapters; shall

keep track of the status of Chapters and members in the

State; shall facilitate the exchange of information


2) Duties of the Officers (Cont'd)

b)through the publication of a State Newsletter..The State

Coordinator and other such assistants as are necessary to

carry out the designated responsibilities of this office.

c) The State Treasurer shall receive and disburse all

funds held by Florida NOW; shall prepare an annual budget

of such funds to be approved by the State Council and

voted upon at the Conference; shall issue annual financial

statements to the membership and interim financial statements

to the Council at its regular meetings; and shall submit

records for audit on an annual basis.

d) The State Legislative Coordinator shall serve the Council

and Conference in an advisory capacity to recommend legislative

policy and priorities; shall.serve as liaison with NOW's National

Legislative Office; and shall perform such other activities

as will facilitate coordinated action of the Chapters and

members in achieving National and State legislative goals.

With the approval of the Council, the legislative coordinator

may serve as official NOW lobbyist or may appoint or hire

one or more official NOW lobbyists.

e) The State Secretary shall see that a record is made of

the official business of the Conference and Council meetings,

and that this record is disseminated to the Chapters and

Members-at-large within one month of the Conference or

Meeting; shall maintain a roster of Council members.

3) Vacancies: When a vacancy in a State office occurs between

Conferences, the State Council shall elect a replacement to serve

until the next State Conference..


1) A nominating Committee to propose candidates for the

elected officers and coordiantors shall be elected from among the

chapter delegates to the Council. Nominations shall be

solicited from among the Chapters and Members-at-large. The

Chapters and Members-at-large shall be informed in writing

of the slate recommended by the Nominating Committee together

with a resume ot each proposed candidate's qualifications for

office not less than 30 days prior to the State Conference.

2) Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the

State Conference, provided that the consent of the nominees

shall have first been obtained, and a resume of the nominee's

qualifications for the office shall have been prepared and

circulated among the voting members of the Conference prior

to the election.


State Officers may be removed from office by a 2/3 written vote of all

Council members, after notice and opportunity for hearing, if

the Council determines that the actions of such individuals are

contrary to the purposes of NOW or injurious to the Chapters and

members of Florida NOW.


At State Conference at which these guidelines are adopted, State dues

may be set by a majority vote of the State Conference. Thereafter,

the Council shall recommend and the State Conference shall approve

the method or mentods of financing the operation of Florida NOW.


Robert's Rules of Order


These by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of those present and

voting at a STate Conference provided that at least eight weeks

prior to the conference such amendment shall have been submitted

in writing to theCouncil which shall be responsible for notifying the

members at least four (4) weeks prior to the Conference.


These temporary by=;aws shall be in effect until such time as

permanent by-laws shall have been adopted by a majority vote by

mail ballot of Florida NOW members, but no longer than two (2)

years after the date ot their first adoption.