"F.P.A. Ladies Auxiliary History 1915-1973" (typescript history of the Florida State Pharmaceutical Association Ladies A...


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"F.P.A. Ladies Auxiliary History 1915-1973" (typescript history of the Florida State Pharmaceutical Association Ladies Auxiliary)
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F.P.A Ladies Auxiliary History

Did you ever go on a Treasure Hunt? A clue here, a clue there, a

hint, and even some very,very,nice people giving you a big assist,

brought you to an exciting spot that you wanted to share with everyone!

That's more or less the way this history of our Auxiliary has been


Special thanks are dtte Dr. L. G. Gramling,"Mr. Florida Pharmaceutical

History," for sharing so generously his material and knowledge as he

researched).the history of pharmacy in Florida. Mrs. C. G. (Carrie Lou)

Hamilton was the last Historian of the Auxiliary on record to have a

history printed. Our great appreciation to her for preserving the

years from 1915 1953. This, together with other material was placed

in the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History at the University of Florida

by Mrs. Lydia Foote and Mrs. John Dickenson in 1958. We are indebted

to them for preBervjkg these papers. Mrs. Odessa Mooney, Administrative

Assistant to the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, has been most generous

in making the Auxiliary files at the College available at our convenience.

The staff of the library was most interested and cooperative. Finally,

thanks to our President Mrs. H. F. (Betty) Bevis for deciding that this

be undertaken during her administration.

1915 1953
In June 1915 the State Pharmaceutical Association was holding its

annual convention at Atlantic Beach, Florida. At this time a group of

women present had the happy.idea of forming a Ladies' Auxiliary to the

State Pharmaceutical Association, not only to make the convention more

interesting socially, but they had a vision of a real work the women

could do when they drew up a few By-Laws and elected officers for the next

year. Mrs. F. A. Snow of Tampa was elected the first President. Other

officers were: Mrs. M. M. Taylor of Tampa and Mrs. W. R. Jones of Jackson-

In 1916 the convention was held in Tamps, with Mrs. M. M. Taylor as

President. We realized that young men in Florida who desired a Pharma-

ceutical Education had to go outside the state to obtain it and many

lacked the funds to do so.

A committee was appointed to look into various Pharmacy schools and

ascertain the cost of such courses.

We decided to save our dues for a loan fund in order to assist some

worthy young man attain his ambition.

In 1917 we met in Jacksonville. Mrs. John Dickinson was elected

President. In 1918 we met in Tampa. Few could attend. War clouds

hung heavily over us; our cherished dream was laid aside temporarily;

our small savings invested in War Savings Stamps that we might help in

some small way. Those were dark days for us all; so few attended this

1918 convention. At its close it was voted to return to Tampa in 1919.

Mrs. Dickinson was elected for a third term. The spirit of the 1919

convention was much changed. Peace had been declared and it now remained
for our country to return to normalcy. At this time our membership dues

were raised from 25 cents to one dollar a year, in order to increase our

loan fund more rapidly.

In 1920 we met in Jacksonville. Mrs. Jewett was President. At this

meeting a motion was made by Mrs. W. G. Allen to set aside the sum of

One Hundred and Fifty Dollars yearly as a Loan Fund to assist some young

man acquire a Pharmacy education. The idea of a school of Pharmacy at the

University of Florida had taken root in the Association, and the following

three years it gained momentum.

In 1923, through the efforts of the State Pharmaceutical Association,

the legislature appropriated funds to establish the School of Pharmacy,

and the Association raised Five Thousand dollars for equipment. Prof.

Townes Leigh, A.M., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry was made Director;
( phA V-in cA e)
Prof. Wm. J. Husa, AaM., Ph.D., Professor of Pharmac g and Prof.
Albert W. Sweet, A.M., Ph.D., Professor oflharmocology, members of the


Mrs. Leon Hale was elected to head the Ladies' Auxiliary for 1923,

and she immediately laid plans to raise money for a Reference Library.

Letters were written to all druggists in the state and circulated by

the Traveling Men's Auxiliary. With the One Hundred and Eight Dollars

which was collected, the first books for the School of Pharmacy were

purchased. A complete record of all donations is in the file of the

Auxiliary today, and credit is due Leon Hale, Mr. Cox and Mr.. Baird

of Groover-Stewart; Mrx. Chas. Johnson, Mr. 0. G. Turner, Mrs Walter

Allen,Jr., and Mr. R. J. Sales of Tampa Crug Co., for making the collec-

tion of this fund possible. Gifts of valuable books were also donated

through the Library Committee, among them the complete files of the

Proceedings of the Amerioan Pharmaceutical Association, donated by Mr.

and Mrs. Isaac Levy.

In 1924 Mrs. Hale was re-elected President At Daytona Beach. She

personally wrote to all pharmaceutical publications, telling them of the

work which was being undertaken and asking their support and cooperation.

As a result the School of Pharmacy received a year's subscription from

each publication, and with these magazines the Auxiliary established the

Round Table, renewing them each year since that time.

Now that the School of Pharmacy was a reality and definite lines of

work were established, the Aukiliaty has grown more enthusiastic with

each succeeding year of its existence. We have been, and shall continue

to be, the means of assisting many young men and women in a profession

of which they are proud, because a group of women with unity of purpose

were willing to give freely of their time, money, and effort in order to

reach their goal. Space will not permit us to recall the fine work of the

many officers and members, but we pause to mention the outstanding service

of Mrs. Isaac Levy who for many years served so efficiently as Treasurer

of the Auxiliary. The complete history has been kept up to date and is
in the custody of the Historian.


1953 1973

In the past twenty years conventions have taken us to Jacksonville,
Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Bal Harbour, Hollywood Beach, Clearwater, Orlando,

Miami Beach, Daytona Beach, and here we are at Walt Disney World, just

outside of Orlando. In all of these locations, and between conventions,

there have been fellowship, fun, and many fine accomplishments. The

goals of the founders have continued: education, scholarship, and the

best for the profession of Pharmacy.

Student loans and financial assistance have been continuous. From

the original $150.00 in 1919 for a student loan, it has grown and in

1967 when Dr. Perry A. Foote gave his final report before retiring, he

said, $32,635.00 have been lent students to date by the Auxiliary."

That figure is now over $40,000,00. This is a great tributeeto the
ladies who have worked throughout the years and a real satisfaction to

see the fruits of a labor of love.

The Round Table has been another on-going project of the Auxiliary.

No exact date has been found for the start of this, but is was soon after

1923. The purpose of this undertaking was to provide library materials

for the School of Pharmacy. Originally the ladies donated$108.00 for the

purchase of books and journals and then the $35.00 each year which gaw

to $50.00 each year to aid with the library. This continued until 1968
when it became available for the College to purchase books when needed and

send the Auxiliary the bill.

There were other assists to the University by the Auxiliary that pop

up in the minutes of these years. At one time s9t $125.00 was given
for the Annual Chctbmnas Pary. Later $125.00 was given for the Senior

Banquet. Money was given to the College of Pharmacy. In 1969 Dean K.

Finger spies of plans for Summer Workshops for high school students to

interest them in pharmacy, and the Auxiliary helped with this program.

Three annual awards are now given by our organization. In 1965, to
mark our 50th Anniversary, the Gold Merit Award was started. This goes


to an outstanding senior at the College of Pharmacy. The recipient

receives a plaque and a check for $300.00. The Phar-Miss Award was

first presented in 1969 and goes to the outstanding woman pharmacy

student. With it are a p3alqte and check for $250.00. In 1971 the

Hurd M. Jones Award was begun, going to the outstanding pharmacy student

at A & M. This also carries a plaque and a checkfr1,y 3,f~

In 1966 the FPALA Official Emblem was designed by Mrs. Hinton F.

(Betty) Bevis and adopted. In 1967 the emblem was made into a flag.

Let the designer tell you in her own words the meaning of our emblem.

"The clasped hands signify the friendship and social aspect of our


The hands supporting the Mortar and Pestle mean just that the

support we give our husbands in the practice of their profession.

The hand with the Torch and the Page of Text reproducing a portion

of our by-laws depict the emphasis we place on our Scholarship and

student loan activities."

The Ladies Auxiliary is very closely tied to the history of pharmacy

education for Floridians. The first loan fund was established before

there was any pharmacy education in Florida, and was used to send a

deserving student out of state. In 1923 the School of Pharmacy was

founded at the University of Florida. Then the ladies turned to assist-

ing students in the state. Later the School rose to the status of College

of Pharmacy and now is housed in a wing of the J. Hillis Miller Health

Center a big step forward. In 1965 it was decided that all records

of the Auxiliary over five years old be placed in a file at the College.

The ones available are there now.

The T.M.A. has always given a big assist to the Auxiliary in many ways,

not the least being entertainment and lots of prizes at conventions. Our

history would not be complete without recognizing this great group.

The ten local Auxiliaries: Alachua, Broward, Central Florida, Columbia,

Dade. Duval. Hillsborough, Leon, Pinellas, and Tri-County (Marion, Citrus,


Levy), have made history themselves in ways too numerous to mention.

Both independently and in conjunction with the State Auxiliary their

accomplishments merit our attention.

We've changed our name and our By-Laws as needed. From the Women's

Auxiliary of the Florida State PharmaceuticAL Association, we are now

the Ladies (no Less ) Auxiliary of the Florida Pharmaceutical Association.

The first honorary life membership was awarded in 1969 to the late Miss

Clare Bowen of Tallahassee, the 12th president of our Aixiliary. The

last report is that 25% of the College of Pharmacy student body is female.

That would startle our founders.

This could go on and on with interesting and amusing bits and pieces,

but haven't you already felt the impact of this organization over the

past fifty eight years as this refreshes your memory of our history?

So we leave off here for the next historian to continu-t It surely


ASSOCIATIONI Our dues this year to State are $4.00, sixteen times as much
as when we were founded, but that's a great bargain when you think of

what we are doing.