Meeting minutes of the Executive Board of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Florida State Pharmaceutical Association, May 22, 1974


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Meeting minutes of the Executive Board of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Florida State Pharmaceutical Association, May 22, 1974
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May 22, 1974

'hD second business meeting of the FPA Ladies Auxiliary met at noon,
May 22, 1974 in the Party Room of the Hyatt House, Miami Beach. Th9
:;aetins was called to order by President Jonie Maschek.

The invocation was given by Marie Obsharsky. A birthday gift to our
president was presented by Janet Hodge from the membership. This was
followed by the TMA prize drawing.

The president introduced the past presidents of the Auxiliary who were
honored at this luncheo, 'and also the special guests.

-ho minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The President gave her report telling of the activities of the past
yar. She visited all auxiliaries and attended all other meetings
in lion with the office in spite of fuel shortage, plane delays, and
cohor minor mishaps.

-roort of the College of Pharmacy was given by Acting Dean Max
L-.'uberger. He thanked the auxiliary for all of its support. He
told of a new building in the Health Center that-is of great benefit
to'th:a College of Pharmacy. I Dean Finger is now Acting Vice-President
"or Health Affairs at the University of Florida. New faculty has been
_ddid to the staff. A pilot project is providing pharmaceutical ser-
vices to Sunland Health Center with two new personnel in this area.
ahe Drug Information and Resource Center continues to grow. He closed
y r minding us that this is the year of the Gaborl

r .r:. ct of the School of Pharmacy, FAMU, was given by Acting Dean
7.*Lt Scarborough. He stated that this has been a good year with
Ladies Auxiliary and thanked the group for the awards and loans
to students. Four new faculty members have been added this year.
student body has grown from 200 to 270. Funding was released by
:.3 federal government which has greatly aided.; 56 students will.'be
-.iLted this summer. He thanked the Auxiliary for the part they
hrve done in aiding the School. i

-he By-Laws changes received the second reading and passed. The
c-gss are: Article III, Section 4: Change date for dues to March 1.
..-*le IV, Section 2: Insert "with the exception of the treasurer
;:'o -ay serve 3 consecutive years." Article VI: Election of the
,3.zizatln Committee at the mid-year Board meeting.

solutionss Chairman Jude Fertic read resolutions for all who contri-
buted to the success of this convention.

Xmorials Chairman Janet Hodge presented the following:
Broward George Dimon
Central Johnny Lipthrott
Russell Jones
Dade Fran Segal
Angela Hartley
Duval O'Neal Johnson
Eillsborough- Julius Blake

Public Relations Chairman Jeannine Browning reported that the winner
of the scrapbook contest is Pinellas Auxiliary.;

Dominating Committee Chairman Marie Obsharsky presented the following
Jonie Maschek President
Judy Fertic President-Elect
Juanite Clark- Vice-President
ary Williams- Recording Secretary
Elvia Cimino Corresponding Secretary
Beth Presnell- Treasurer
Vivlenne Johnson moved hat the slate be accepted as presented.
Seconded by Jane Davies. The motion carried.

President-Elect Bernardl Cimino, FPA, installed the officers using
prescriptions to fit the offices.

President Maschek made the following appointments: Parliamentarian,
I.'arie Obsharsky. Poisop Prevention, Pat Powers. Legislation, Betty
Bevis. Historian, Mary Ethel Bitting. Public Relations, Jeannine

.n Executive Board meeting was called for 2:30 in the President's

Letter of appreciation was read from Monteen Johnson for her Honorary
Life Membership.

Poison Prevention Chairman Pat Powers give her report. She told of
her and Betty Bevis making a. video tape of "Remember Little Jill"
which is property of the Auxiliary and available to those who would
li':a to use it. Also she has ready for printing a coloring book about
Little Jill which will soon be available to all auxiliaries who are
active in poison prevention.i

hes meeting and convention were adjourned.


Mrs. Weil Bitting
Acting Secretary

May 22, 1974

President Jonie Maschsk called thefirst board meeting of 1974-7,5 to
order at 2:35 P.M., Nay 22, 1974o It was held at the Byatt House, Miami
Beach, Florida inr the President's suite,

The Lord's Prayer was prayed

Minutes were not read as they were not available.

Pres, Nasahek will ask Corresponding Secretary to order stationary
with now officers names,
A disousaibn of aepemse accounts was held. The Corresponding Secretary
and the Recording Secretary will continue to receive $30.00. Betty Bevis
moved that $30.00 be give to the Treasurer. Judy Fertie seconded the motion.
Motion- carried. Vivienne Johnson oved that the President receive $800.00
for travel expenses and that a record of expenses be kept so adjustments
ean be made neut year. It was seconded by Jeannine Browning. Motion carried.

Betty Bevis asked President Mlsoheks approval to have Treasurer pay
for printing of year books.

The Awards

will be decided as follow
Gold Merit: Dade
Hbrd Jones: Daval
Phar-Mias: Hillsborough

All local treasurers iat send dues to- State Treasurer by March lst
due to change ifU By-laws Betty Beis will print revisions of the By-laws
and will send same to Recording Secretary, to be sent to local presidents
and executive board members

The Treasurers Report will be sent with minutes.

The Mid-Tear Board Meeting will be held in Orlando. Date and plaoe
to be maanaoued later,

Meeting adjourned 3:25 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,

Josed Maslk Mary R Willia
Jdyv Fertir Recording Secretary
Joanita Clark
ELvia ciminu
Both Presnell
Beverly Banerband
Beatrioe Senko
Helen Lmberger
Mrso Mark Sullivan
Jeandne Browning
Marie Obaharsky
Viviemne Johnsonr
Betty Bevis
Margaret Ackerin
Millibe eisler
Grace Mall
Mary Williaas