Roof Seat Details, General Condition Statements


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Roof Seat Details, General Condition Statements
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Manus Residence Construction Drawings
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Parker, Alfred Browning
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Architecture -- Florida
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North America -- United States -- Florida -- Palm Beach


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e. Air Ch oer: At eab fxture or group of fixtures place an air chamber. Also place air
bm en rimer at ends ef supply lines. Air chamber shall be 20 pipe diameters lng,
but In n eoase ees th 12".
f. Wappig karied Lles: All lims buried in concrete slabs shall be wrapped with 30 pound
ofing lelt ed tied with copper wire at 9" intervals. Paint underground lines with

a. Area drawn shall be equal to Josam series shown on plans.
b. Provide catch basin and disposal well a shown an plans.
a. ThI Cntrator shall connect the building sanitary main to the City Sanitary Sewer.
e shall arrange with the City for thin service and pay all costs.
10. WULAT30:
a. IMulate air odItIicng codensate drain lines with low pressure Fiberglas with
vper harrier.
a. e items specified herein are the types of fixtures to be urnished and installed
oMete with all trimmggs, fittings, unless otherwise specified under the Item.
The medal --hers referred to are thoae of Crams Company, except where specified.
AU eoq-ed piping to be ehrome-platnd.
4 required 1-r0 with Temple Trim, clear lucite handles, else 21x16 (sun tan color)
Srequired (Dath 1) American Standard "Buena" F 381-60 complete with supply
pipes, etc. whitee
I required (emw ad Powder) 1-980 with Temple Trim, clear lucite
handles, sioe Is"x 15" (1 turquoise, 1 sun tan)
Srequired 3-116, regular rim, "Walsan" complete with supports, etc. (1 tur-
quoia, I pink, s am tan)
A required American-Standard "Norwall" F 2000-11 complete with supply pipe
and wall carrier by Zurn Co. (white)
mmT: 1 total
1 required 3-2C7 complete (sun tan)
TUB: 1 total
1 required P 2185-14 complete (white)
4 required 2-360 "Crterim" ammnlmtm with JIrmm Sre.ima V-i .I-o

o. ystem of drainage, catch basin and disposal well.
f. Cnsnection to City Sanitary Seower.
g. Te installation of a complete system for the swimming pool and for the small pool on
t west porch.
h. I sulmtlon.
i. Ouuaralt.
a. All weruJmashp, methods and materials shall be in strict accordance with the latest
require ts of the City of Palm bach.
b. The Cktractar shall pay all ees, inspectUon, etc.,qulired for this work. and shall
umsh satisfactry evidence of compliance with all requirements before final acceptance
f the work.
a. General Requirements: Materials for this contract shall be new materials, free from
dslI.Ie Material shal be of te generally accepted standard of weight and grade or
heavier a oal&ed for herenafter. AU materials shall comply with the latest require-
mnate-ad speticantions of the American Society for Testing Materials when applicable.
b. Cast Is Sel Pipe all cast ron pipe and fittings shall be standard weight cast soil
p and fittings coated with coal tar pitch.
c. Steel Ppeo: AU steel pipe shall be standard weight, mild steel, and shall be galvanized.
d. Lrdan- FiLtings: All drainage fttlng for sanitary waste shall be standard weight,

e. Malleable I Fitt:ing AU maodble iron fittings shall be standard weight, galvanized.
f. C-rr p and Fittings: Copper pipe shall be standard rd hard copper pipe, type 1.
MIS for espper pipe sull be either cast bronze or wrougt oopper with recesses to
re hve pp and mam a perot smooth waterway. Fittings shall be sweat type, of
stndrd welgt. Pipe hall conform to Federal Speciication WW-T-70?; fittings with
ftabl tseo flfotesm WW-P-4l, composition "B".
g. Pie h- ;t: Pfipe deb s u and sll waste lines shall have bodies of standard pipe
ease h i O Imt frru e nulr ing thihneas to that required for pipe and fittings
of i same metal. Removable cleamaut plg shall be of brass with screw threads and
*i oMlid n"t ltoe than 1/4 above pipe hub. Mlug shall have raised umts except
Where fush with wall or floor In which case it shall have a recessed socket. Wall clean-
u shallU e provided with covers similar to Iobes e Zurn Z-1305-1 cleanouts.
h. Mh ENlB- : Shal be chremlmti plated, and shall have met screw, spring, or ter
device to hld them securely in place.
I. l-pre ~p'pert : All hangrs shall be malleable or wrought iron section ring hangers
with adusrs equal to Crae ftlSl-F. All horizoRtal soil, waste and drainage in
Bu- shaUb he s pperte firmly. Vertical lines shall be adsqyaely supported from
ac fler slab. AU service piping shall be supported 10' apart for pipes larger than
1-1/2" and apart r 1-1/2" and smaller. SoUil piping shall be supported 5' apart.
Cpper fi shall he soperlted O' part.
J. P P ueewsv: IFur ah ad set pf2 -- galvanized Iron sleeves in floor before pouring
f ls sadn waSlls for al plumbing pipes passing through them.
a. AllU tt o1 r--n)etbId shaU be moad permanently, and he watertight.
b. mU s Nall eWithe o a lvalIed malleable Iran or brass gund Joint uions in all
served Lses at enh pieo ef oquipmeat tht must be removed from t time to tme for
seityIo, ubH as shoek valves, etc.
e. NPuadft Vats at Reef: AU sell pipe vent flashings sally be lead sheet. Turn lead over
toe rs fmt ffor isallin.
4. Rmis- Ito andd To e e lts: Connections of wall hangrs, pipe supports or fixture
l IwYsmamay, som oru onsrOte shall be made with an expansion bolt or togglo
heit. Ie wodeam pip wul he permulted.
e. CMt ron Pip: Jels ti hub-and-spigot cast-iron pipe shall be firmly packed with
-d a or h p- d caul- d with tlad at least 1" deep.
f. Cq r Pip: ede r jil t oipper pipe shall he made with solder and flux, as
rom~nd eby d maor.
g. Thm-d- Pipe: After ng I before threadng. all pipe shall be reamed and and shall
ew Ire removed. AU screw )dt shall be moad with graphite and oil or with an
-m Jp ompmd applied to male threads only.
a. All aps -s l he elf-Ieanlng.
h. Trp Rsumod: b fixtre sheUl be separately trapped less otherwise specifically
defto eor eaUled or.
0. Pl O CloNsS-: -emds sahaU be placed in an accessible position to readily red the
tot O e 'rsy $Ot ad oe to directing in the horizantal line of the sanitary system.
Ct--to.- bl he #U pipe ls*e.
a. In rsal, all herteal sal and waste line shalll he laid to 1/8" perfect grade,
aU bsrtaao l w nestl e U be laid to a miaum grade back to the stacks, and all ls s eUb he m a direct and free freha b ds as possible.
b. Noeal: AU -mmIery se d waste pot shaUll be cast iroa l pipe and fittings,
eP 6 1aNmte arn ms y he eOther standard weght galvanied steel of type "K"
PPeWr with OetK irm n ldtep NfIt or wroeqt copper drainage fittings. AU sale
t shal hbe Wp "IK" opper exept theO e belw sla on fill which shall be cast Irm.
WaO pag -may he eiter east iron or galvanized tel pipe.
a. Pod r ture and service anud pay all cot i nvolved.
b. Wtrs blyY: AllU water ppl shlU he gawlanied steel piping assembled to malleable
o- fisii t however, opper pipe sad fitt may be euhbettuted for all interior piping
prnIH t c opper an nd plp aled pr e nee u in t same system. Ay oan-
newtum hetwen copper and steel lines or eq-l- t shall he made with insulating bush-
to- urlto e or maien to prevent flew of electrial current.
e. VMve: Oto Valvee 2"* and smaller shaUl he nm-rilsu stem, brone gate valve,
*sem i rod, Cr-e 410 or aprved equln. Gote Valves 2-l/2" and largr shal be iron
-^ kIra mm-tod, n-rls stem. either sread ends or fl-d, Crane ft or
u or lpun4 l uie Chee Valvems 22" ad smaller shall be brne, screwed aendsi,
Cr- e 4 el disr d uee 94-1/2) or approved equal.
ChL k vle -1/l" ad larl r shall be Irm bed brane mnted, screwed or fl-a d
eue, Cm r 72 or 73 or a proved equal. (Laather disc use 372-1/2 or 373-1/2.)
All valvve a a l b mnfaurr's ae, steam rating and water rating cast on
I of tie valve. Inll valves to Isolate each odd or riser. Valves for use
h opper iuhal haIve solder-Joint ends wherever posUible. Valves lmted unt-
sebU ldI shL haIve valve ban wth cover.
d. ae rn: wherever r pipe lines pss through finishes, floors, walls or oeUlla,
-l cmmI-m mum.

1 required RCA Whirlpool Imperial Model FU-70 (white)
I required RCA Whirlpool DI-35 CM
a. The Contractor shall inform himself fully regarding the peculiarities and limitations
of the space available for the installation of all materials under contract. He shall
see that all of his equipment, such as valves, traps, cleanouts and other such
apparatus shall be readily accessible. The foregoing shall also apply in general to
any part of the system which may be necessary to be reached for maintenance or
operation of the system.
b. If blddrs consider it necessary they shall visit the site prior to bidding, familiariz-
ing themselves with all Job conditions.
The Contractor shall be responsible for the actions of his employees and for compliance
with all laws and ordinances governing his work, establish elevations, etc., in strict
accordace with the plans; to be responsible for the accuracy in the layout, and give his
personal supervision to the work. Hs shall have a competent representative on the Job
site when required, who shall be satisfactory to the Architect. He shall lay out his lines
of piping, sleeves, etc., In accordance with the drawings, and in ample time so that all
chases and other openings in walls which may be built in advance to avoid cutting. He shall,
at the completion of the Job, leave all enamelware and plated piping clean and bright. He
shall at all times take proper precautions to protect his work from damage and disfigurement.
Wherever any work done under this contract has to pierce any waterproofing, this work
shall be sealed and made absolutely watertight to the satisfaction of the Architect.
Contractor shall cut all openings, chases and trenches required for the introduction of his
work and equipment in the building, doing all ackfilling, repairing of floors, walls, etc.,
damaged by such cutting. All work dome under this heading shall conform in every respect
to the finish and quality of workmanship and materials done and used respectively in the
16. SUBMK)IN FOR APPROVAL: See General Conditions
Before placing orders for equipment, the Contractor shall submit to the Architect a complete
list of major items of equipment be proposes to use, complete enough in detail for checking.
If any item is not approved, the Architect reserves the right to direct the Contractor to
supply an acceptable Item, and such direction shall not form a basis for a claim by the con-
tractor for extra compensation.
This Contractor shall guarantee his workmanship and materials free from defect for a
period of one year from date of acceptance and shall repair or replace any such defects
which become evident during this period at no cost to the Owner.


The furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment and in performing all work in connection
with the Installation and placing in opl ration a complete automatic air conditioning system
as shown an the plane and herein specified. The system shall consist of:
a. Self-contained air conditioning units, with reverse cycle.
b. Cooling tower.
c. Condenser water pump.
d. Piping.
e. Detwork & Grilles.
f. Insulation.
g. Controls.
h. Motors and Starters.
i. Guarantee.
a. All materials for this contract shall be new and free from defects.
b. Self-contained air oandtionilng mwits shall consist of fan section, centrifugal fan, fan
motor with ovrland protection, d4ustable fan drive, compressor motors wound for
220 volt, 3 phase, 8 cycle current with mametic acroms the lin starters, replace-
ab filters, evaporator o0ls, expansion valves and strainers, water cooled oea-
desaers, drain pea and insulation, high and low pressure controllers for the com-
pressors all istallsd in an insulated caing. Provide factory lanstalled reverse cycle
awd supplemsmary electric strip heaters for each unit. Unit nurfacture is Trane HW.
c. Cooling tower shall oa00it of fau. fan motor and drive, open basin distribution, basin,
auto fleet valve and ovrflow. Entire casing inside and ut shall be bmnderized. Select
mwr for oandItins shown at se IFWB. Tower shall be Marley Permatower.
d. Cdernsr water pump shall be bronze fitted. single staq, single suction with Stadard
Nems motor minted an Isolation pad, 1150 RPM Allis Chalmers, Aurora or Peerless
wtth weamrpred motor.
0. Dispoal w6U-furnis a disposal well down to the saline level for cooling tower overflow.
f. Ppng shall be stadrd weight Iron with galvanized malleable iron screwed fittings,
serewd valves eqal to Crane 410. All pipe hangrs shall be equal to Crane #21-F.
Pa dsit rgrmod piping with 2 cots of Asphaltum.
g. I~stw-ek and Grilles: AU sheet metal hall be plvanized iron constructed and braced
in a aerdnm wth w standrds eutled in Chapter 21 on "Air Duct Design" in tbhe 199 edition
dof tLhe ASAE Guide. AU sheet metal shall be tight and free of rattles. Horizontal ducts
shaL be iug at Instervals not exceeding eight feet. Furnish dampers and splitters an
shown, and 12" a 12" MUor acess panels Inder dampers. Each sheet of metal shll
bhe factory laeled wth g-e of meitl.
ftdewaU diffusers shall be of tbhe frmway adjustable type, with removable frames
or cores. Grilles shall have Integral opposed blade, hey operated volume control,
deflect behind sply take elff wtth cores and framnu of aluminum, Barber-Colhmb
Co. Msvol, Titus -7 with I11l frame or Tutte Bailey T7 with 48 fram.
CeUling diffusers shaU be surface type, integral volm control, deflect at
neck, alumiaum, Srber-Cdlman or Agtair QB.
RA prtles shall be alumirnm ftied fin upward and volume control.
All grilles shall be applied with felt or rubber gaskets cemented to the back face
and holding screws shell net be over twelve inches on centers around the perimeter.
h. Insulation: Insulate aU supply and return ductwork with one inch (1') thceass emI-
rigid Flberglas applied In strict acordace with the manufacture's reeammendations
using sheet met screws ad tin cap. All joints and ends shll be properly vapor sealed
sealed rusig matlc, ten b 4" strips of 'lasfab" firmly imbedded I the mastic.
InMolte Inside ofl all sply mad return dectwork for the first 15' from the malt
with W0 Ultrsllte with vinyl coating.

I. Autmatc Control System: The Automatic Caontrol system shall consist of an
electric control system urlished by this Contractor with all wiring by the electrical
contractor under the supervelsin of this Contractor.
This Contractor hall furnish all motors, starters, relays and all necessary
eolpmaent to the electrical contractor along with an approved wiring diagram for his
nstaUlltion. This provision does not relieve the Air Conditioning Contractor from
prime responsibility for the proper fmctioning of such equipment.
The condenser water pump shall be wired so that it will operate when any comn-
pressor operates. Provide a pressure switch in the condenser water line so that the
compressors cannot operate in event of condenser water pump failure.
There shaU be an Immersion type aquastat installed in th cooling tower basin
to turn off the fan when the condnsng water temperature is sufficiently low. The
compressor starting circuit shall be wired through the compressor high-low pressure
controller and oil pressure controUer.
There shall be a recyoltng relay wired into the circuits to prevent operation of
the system in the event of power failure.
Refer to Wiring Diagram for other control wiring.
j Fau: Provide exhaust fans as shown an the drawings.
k. Motors and Starters: All motors 3/4 hp and larger shall be wound for 220 volt,
3 phase, 60 cycle and be of American manufacture.
Provide motor starters from 3/4 hp throng 10 ip with magnetic across-the-llne
equal to Allen Bradley Bulletin 709, Form 2, NEMA Type I.
Motors below 3/4 hp shall be wound for 110 volt, single phase and be equipped
with "on-off" switches with thermal overload protection equal to Alien Bradey Balletin
600, Form 52.
a. All work performed under this contract shall be accomplished by experienced person-
nel in accordance with recommended practices of ASH & AE and those of the manu-
facturer of the equipment and materials involved. There shall be strict adherence
to the code requirements of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, the City, and
other governmental bodies having Jurisdiction. This Contractor shall arrange with
other trades for the orderly progression of the work and will be held liable for the
work performed by such sub-contractors. All work shall be done in a neat and
workmanlike manner and the premises shall be left clean and free from debris.
b. Fees, Taxes, Permits, Etc.: The Contractor shall obtain and pay for all insur-
mane, fees, permits, association dues, royalties, imposts and taxes of whatever
-- I.. .L-It -- 1.. 4 tl-&A- "_ w L-12 I-- --- e2 &._.._ -- .




Before placing orders for equipment the Contractor shall submit to the Architect a
complete list of major items of equipment to be used, complete enough in detail for
checking. If any item is not approved, the Architect reserves the right to direct the
Contractor to supply an acceptable item, and such direction shall not form a basis for
a claim by the Contractor for extra compensation.
a. Condensate drains and drain insulation.
b. Cold water make-up to cooling tower.
c. Electric wiring.


a. Finish Hardware:
(1) There shall be included in each proposal base bid an allowance of Three
Thousand Dollars (UO00. 0) for finish hardware.
(2) The Contractor shall include ai his proposal base bid, all necessary labor,
materials and miscellaneous handling cost, which will not be deductible from
allowance, for complete installation of finish hardware.
(3) The finish hardware allowance inciuba all finish hardware for exterior and
interior doors, including garage doors. It does not include operating case-
ment hardware, thresholds, weatberstripping, kitchen cabinet hardware or
any other hardware items nat defined above. These items shall be furnished
by General Contractor. Kitchen cabinet hardware shall be Stanley 333 or 334
pivot hinges, magnetic latches and wood pulls to match cabinets.

tmu6TOR4 el. TIO O 4M As mWrueas ~V MMAL CONTS&L W 6& 0 Hfot# .f..


Landscaping will not be a part of the general contract. The grades will be brought
to within 4 Inches of the finish grades as indicated on the drawings.


Bids will be due at 3:30 P.M. Monday, October 17th, 1960, at the AdministraUve
Offices of Ba .ar International. Mr. Kenneth Skinner of the Architect's office
will be present to open the bids.