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Open Journal Systems (OJS) from the UF Libraries
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As part of the commitment to increasing open access to research, the UF Libraries are using Open Journal Systems (OJS) to support academic journals for UF faculty. This is a new service, in initial testing and development in summer 2011. This document covers basic internal documentation about OJS and the process to create a new OJS journal through the UF Libraries.

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1 | Page 27 July 2011 About Open Journal Systems (OJS) from the UF Libraries As part of the commitment to increasing open access to research, the UF Libraries are using Open Journal Systems (OJS) to provide online hosting for academic journals for UF faculty. The OJS system has a highly configurable system for editorial workflows with features including: Online author submission Blind, double blind, or open peer review processes Online management of copyediting, layout, and proofreading Delegation of editorial responsibilities according to journal sections Management of publication schedule and ongoing journal archiving Customizable presentation features Multilingual interface supporting 10 languages Support for a variety of reader tools, such as RSS feeds and share buttons How to Launch a Journal on OJS To request a journal using OJS through the UF Libraries, UF faculty, staff or students should contact the Subject Specialist Librarian or Library Liaison with this information: 1. Name of your journal 2. Name for the URL for your journal This will be in the form of: Liaisons are listed by subject area on the LIbraries homepage, under "Finding Help": ffdir/SubjectSpecialist.aspx Alternately, please contact Laurie Taylor ( ; 352 273 2902) or Christine Ross ( ; 352 273 2710) who are part of the service team and will assist you and your Liaison in this process. After the initial set up has been done, the remainder of this document includes details on steps to customize an OJS journal. Support for the entire process is provided by the service team.


2 | Page 27 July 2011 OJS Journal Setup As part of the journal creation process, the UF Libraries will enroll editor as the Journal Manager for the journal. With that role, the editor can then complete the setup process. 1. Log in to your journal with the User Name and Password provided to you. 2. Select the Journal Manager role 3. In Journal Management, under Management Pages, select Setup There will be five steps to complete the setup: 1. DETAILS 2. POLICIES 3. SUBMISSIONS 4. MANAGEMENT 5. THE LOOK


3 | Page 27 July 2011 1. DETAILS 1.1 General Information Journal initials and abbreviation can be the same If no ISSN currently exists, the UF Libraries can assist in creating this and it can be added at a later time 1.2 Principal Contact Generally, the principal contact is the Editor of your journal This can be modified after setup 1.3 Technical Support Contact Technical contact: UF Digital Collections;; 352 273 2900 1.4 Email Identification 1.5 Publisher List organization or department as publisher 1.6 Sponsoring Organizations In addition to listing scholarly associations, university departments, and others, we ask that you acknowledge the UF Libraries in this section 1.7 Sources of Support List agencies and organizations that provide financial or in kind support 1.8 Search Engine Indexing This space allows you to enter a brief description of the journal and keywords to assist search engines and users in finding the journal. Save and Continue


4 | Page 27 July 2011 2. POLICIES 2.1 Focus and Scope of Journal This statement will appear in “About.” It may include the goals and purpose of the journal. 2.2 Peer Review Review Policy Review Guidelines Review Process Review Options 2.3 Privacy Statement Use the default statement or create your own 2.4 Editor Decision It is recommended to contact all authors, if possible, when notifications are sent 2.5 Add Item to Appear in “About the Journal” Complete if desired 2.6 Journal Archiving The UF Libraries handle the journal archiving so nothing additional should be added in this section. 2.7 Potential Reviewer Database Add to the Select Reviewer page a link to a relevant literature database that can be searched for potential reviewers and is open to editors without subscription. Save and Continue


5 | Page 27 July 2011 3. SUBMISSIONS 3.1 Author Guidelines Set out for authors the bibliographic and formatting standards used for items submitted to the journal (e.g., Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 5th edition, 2001). It is often helpful to provide examples of the common citation formats for journals and books to be used in submissions. Also identify the types of appropriate Supplementary Files (e.g., data sets, research instruments, etc.) which authors should be encouraged to upload, in addition to their submission, to enhance readers' engagement with their work. Submission Preparation Checklist: On making a submission to the journal, authors are first asked to check each item on the Submission Preparation Checklist as completed, before proceeding. The checklist also appears in the Author Guidelines, under About the Journal. The list can be edited below, but all items on the list will require a checkmark before authors can proceed with their submission. 3.2 Copyright Notice The Copyright Notice entered below will appear in About the Journal and in each published item's metadata. While it is up to the journal to determine the nature of its copyright agreement with authors, the Public Knowledge Project recommends the use of the Creative Commons license. To that end, it provides sample Copyright Notice wording that can be cut and pasted into the space below for journals that (a) offer open access, (b) offer delayed open access, or (c) do not offer open access. 3.3 Competing Interests 3.4 For Authors to Index Their Work 3.5 Register Journal for Indexing (Metadata Harvesting) The Libraries handle this and no further actions are needed. 3.6 Notification of Author Submission Save and Continue


6 | Page 27 July 2011 4. MANAGEMENT 4.1 Access and Security Settings User Registration It is recommended that users be allowed to register themselves as readers and authors because this supports journal workflows. For reviewers, registration should support the journals workflows. Logging and Auditing It is recommended to check both of the selections for a good record of submission actions and emails 4.2 Publication Scheduling Journal items can be published collectively, as part of an issue with its own Table of Contents. Alternatively, individual items can be published as soon as they are ready, by adding them to the "current" volume's Table of Contents. Provide readers, in About the Journal, with a statement about the system this journal will use and its expected frequency of publication. 4.3 Identification of Journal Content DOIs; select as desired 4.4 Announcements Announcements may be published to inform readers of journal news and events. Published announcements will appear on the Announcements page. 4.5 Copyeditors 4.6 Layout Editors 4.7 Proofreaders Select your preferences and then use the default statements or create your own. Save and Continue


7 | Page 27 July 2011 5. THE LOOK The UF Libraries are available to assist with the design of the journal. 5.1 Journal Homepage Header Add image or title text only to homepage 5.2 Journal Homepage Content By default, the homepage consists of navigation links. Additional homepage content can be appended by using one or all of the following options, which will appear in the order shown. Note that the current issue is always accessible through the Current link in the navigation bar. 5.3 Journal Page Header 5.4 Journal Page Footer 5.5 Navigation Bar 5.6 Journal Layout 5.7 Information 5.8 Lists Save


8 | Page 27 July 2011 For more information and instructions: Open Journal Systems: A Complete Guide to Online Publishing, OJS Software Guide ; /content.php?pid=38188&sid=288681 Journals User Documentation; IUScholarWorks OJS Journal : OJS_Journal_Setup.pdf