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v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )


In Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
1 Yahrgang, no. 13; 14 Tevet; 25 Dekabr; 7 Stycen (=7th January, 1909) (journal has 1908 in error)
Numbering Peculiarities:
Tsveyṭer yahrgang, no. 1-8-9, also numbered 14-21-22.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 22449311
lccn - sn 90037220
lcc - PN3035 .T43
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Full Text
* '- 120 ly 10

. 1i "17 SI

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~i; tyr
19,LR~i~ :1

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,N .DN; l r l L i 3 '1 ~ n a x
:-- *-.'L: 'cll 31; "iT i rfii ^ ,i.yuD i^
--~~- ------ ~' ^Seiy^_

! -~VI:

: *T013 \''^: ':; 10 0' N'T*Pi.4
*--- .- I -- JI." C

,pe:NT =*;- --.< '"'l : C.S-l
-.-*.: -; Z:- :N.:.Cu : :T:(i)
^'~N zs:C ^TX :V' ;:'U 7';
,^ .^ 1- V L

I -i; **' *; ;;*
*;i r = .'' .' :~ ^E i;" :-!-' :; ":i ^*'1;: .'<';

:* t: N ".: IT^--.* ] .
S: i;yr" .C .t \ I In I *Nl 1>S fil 1
, c*:x' .- .**':*:: ":'. I;"", .*-; *"*'C "|' '"'
""1C.5.*n *< '~* :r 1"'"-''^

VP~F1 c~~



' i t 0, -7 = -'-z l i t 41I N l i x ,z 150 8 vW z I Ytp x I m l i n I N r

z a S'v "]li lit ~a~r N x156l11n1v t ps townywir tmrp n ltxnivli a 15 vyto -1,4a1

:1YIa~ jrV:11v"1 Ta r 1117 lit x~ l~~


tl~ prv 3 ~pri'125% la IV -qwp
;1-lcm ,3 l 11 D'z m pm tpv,; 1 p 3 inPr

tnvz pp' I'mp, C In np p5

* ~~B~yo rn p .Ip Tn ~

.L 41I 4 *ln (;-1V ..:D' -.l )y

*e r'i:-.Tpwi t O3Vr'
* c ~ *k~ *'3 k3041

1w;7 11 Ir lo 'I:d Ipp, :5#:1, 1"Irno ngb
;13c ;fY~ Vn2" P ., 1 3 'r-1nH 13'il~

3D 3py
Ip ;e5~ DIL'VLl *V!CI 3HIt ~Di
r~~v~d ; ly ~Y 3 3 *~n 3o rP'I'E


n vnztr .; 1 'L~ .,I


s~ .1 5m jig

P41.0v3 1 ;n Ji ? ,! 'N5~ n v)'j
mmv,11. !VN abmp 9v-lxi 14ru p.n
c~ra ~lwo ,jO rm Iviv pj7 Y

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*1 ~Cip *n~ r P~~ 153?K- C"a~ke
js~yn 3 ,llll1lK r -Irn pop~N
vgn M* m 11zo (3-P (L)."'- y Im UV!, 1

'd=2 WIDN ; (wnaww pg mv!! 112Y ) ws~ov
*Dy ,k4 (t-w.,Y) 1YV:~5 ps't
.5~ j~~ a'tr~?;'r

;ps 11 VPjttss n !C y va q'i P JI
* t5rVa! TZ~B i (L!~Xll 13H ~!!Y P~ ~;Ii

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I, *N (61'~!)~5.2 ? *7~ *j7F CISH D
* o!c~ ,o
0!0 ~p In p 'in ji p rp'
* ~I'slp .1 131

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.rr *i"IN Izy 8')Zw

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Df*11 vlL, v~A tin p1i*t
* mv a' (sw e MM t) I 9v 1 4 F
*j~!~t ,Y1"5 -v1 F (js) 15.3'i: tp,: l:s5

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.Tpsc~ij~r~r~,N I;n 'I vi Co~Yto -N ';

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I 2 ,, 2e l, /
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S 1 ,, s13 ,, 1/4
J *'" 10 ly1 ro'y-.':;"

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, -40 6 y S ,
, 30 tcp' eb jut 3,
, 20 p. 1B N
S'p 75 'u ;* 1l7 )
. cro 0 '/s'n *^'^^

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.. Inw1 1908g ].3 7, 25 "A Olaln NE 13




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r'DoCD1 C' "' N T 1',, .ecL" n1 1'3r~CDoI p1 'TW 7l7H
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V-1erip -l3DSoDvi'r ,ytD3rmw y nL'1 pN .]'-IT' 3'Ec:e
,I3'IpIN DO8< Ti'DP In "inM-r) -TN znlc,;' :1t
I Is J' i ] l 'm ... JD :'D 'D ,lr wT" l i''-.S
17,1 ptN r?,l7 1 NI' j-', TFr iH l YWEC' I.fn-

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y;:DN y 1 E:D-19 11, I ;ive ': t-rTm4 .1

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I .i'lMN .i PN 2112 1L's n 12T 120


p .I1. .. r. Ds :r no

Wiy47 p;n K D0l-.: -I3. l 11b 3 153 7v 8*pt
.yiysyp Te*w '100.' in psi ]a y f8 -'Noi p
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I1- 1 4 -1 3110 52 1L i'217

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