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v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )


In Yiddish.
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1 Yahrgang, no. 11; 30 Kislev; 11 Dekabr; 24 Grudzien (=24th December, 1908)

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University of Florida
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oclc - 22449311
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* zx w TN

N 11.

- !nj.
---- --- -c~l--~rr .
-* ":'* ^~

"!'"'"~'* ''?r
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*-_ -". i ",','"

S:: .*- :'- *. ..*H ; :- ,,*:

S-3L .h -F.- II9

*9*54 ic-j

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--=--, ,,r ....... b .. ... -0

1;------ 'S.'


a ii~
,' ,.. ., I
.- ". / ,

*. ;.. ...
"i '* *
S..-.... .. ..,., '"".- -.- .,
,, .. :, .

-* Y *-" ^.-' iS
'.*., .,"
" '.,,- -, ,------------- ';'
,...,S 3

- ii

**? 3-_~


- 12 '- 10 .mL


ksavT c2; ,nys Lsca iairy pa ni pS ,loos1"L:s"pS i'1 :Pc jTi'; ?= IMP ice

A S' L1 DITi ^ / p i:.. K

n .r l ,n i -.I'-;-D'n w"'mp =T' 14 i
&4yi ~'y*i ac^ -r- sy

:-;:sc .1 .n '*r7*yfpi ic ,t 'fl; 9 '3
. Tf:l;D1'.01 .N (t4'1) n3npc "ps rp

r.' p p-s :'-1iy5'3 1'n8 Dyi'x1 '15'
L.r3z:3 pnr ; ;'pnr, 1i IL-' ; 1v'7p
;-.ID ; 1} v m'.D3 nn IN :.' ; i':, sp
ccI,3 a?' ; I :p;" e 1:1 c '2 i'

Ie ;**fl'? IrCoC ;p v'tina lD% rLyr:pm

12Io.Va Im

7 3'rin

. p-nk!i n, .9%99'i-p=M' Y! Myr)W 3
. -;:E'p .0 1VTL'.r; VL"''5tpD1!n
, p'u: ph\ LD:1? .:inyir:t' ,flrn;n p',N:;l

* cd1tr 'l4- ., I ulay) yaVryr "3l is I
. ybw-*-^ (11't:t.*1 -cpI ? ) c ';;'"i Dy'f
. ti:H': .r I ':) w-u3ni3 :1p ;
,*ny:zyDo"'i .c .N (It12&fl-) m" 1 ."xri
, ;m-' ,K ,pi-rny ,u M .' 'yr .*7 ";1'p.r- .TYi,
.]'C,5y=D' 1v"u ]1n D1-- i

ic; ]'nI 1 2p; :N3 4 nr -

ri'L-.cir ; 1rT K ap ;' ]:Z' .1 jc'Ini
y ]:N c:y-e ; :':

8 Z1J7

.;^==?a .11 .07$@ 'N! pK8 LDC.3p
. piir .n y1y' -11' l "3--:L.31p n"j K
.cD:ip Pli plun ,'nc / ymnivt )VyL :pz;N-i1

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*C,1"g .1 .8 (cznt' -:- ] ^ P"'3
2?tyo yftL"'y %:D'-'i
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a*a brc '3 :ny -i'3 i D-wi #Y"-I'N R

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IN.-rLeK *pC1' 5D::c i EnNo o

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1-ft-_ ;' : y w *<. Cr'l '- i,
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;1iyNt?';:: c::ry.i V';'1:3i *'r -,
" ElN- ;.N :~~ ; :e;':f 9 3I n ;'r E, N

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.LI::',p ,nitc9n .9: 7 p ;n z reiy2n 4 i .".'
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. 'i:^ iy 1' v^ iD??11"'^ a y y ^ '"D

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S' 75 eCp
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pyop44, 3
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,83 in'-1 1908 2,,', 1 m 11

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X. 11

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IyVnL oyriyl ?p'I" C1 3 011n 1y lC;rS VC-I NrS
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w071mr: Is, -iyt IYo o t's r 15,i Do
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1u-irLr y I'N .p:kib6 54,000 orp 11'?3 n=ut n'wi
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