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v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )


In Yiddish.
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1 Yahrgang, no. 9; 16 Kislev; 27 Oktyabr (=error, should be Noyabr); 10 Grudzien (=10 December, 1908)

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 22449311
lccn - sn 90037220
lcc - PN3035 .T43
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;. '-'SXp 12 xtYnxs *'sjp 10 r"ns
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?M-- T;=------~5 -- I -i

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:;,'y\ r; .t .

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.i -- -. '
: I : : l+ r II I+) I+ p "+ :" .. ..
... .l l .l
.~ ~~~~~ .." ,.. +- =++.,.+

. 3~ ;IM N .-



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: 1 -'13 i.-9 :1 :*-3Wx

'9?9! 9?.\7'W", ~ 9'*fl
.-p* c rail::* : tr n L'r' ^11' 3f 2'm "1i II
*n. I : zmTi tye' piZ' T 2t T '

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* |i: L- Iz t"n .IN V

. r 'ln .-l W:3 )-.,'- ) 0 I'1 1 I
.* t':3l;f n '.1 n. .INC N-I-) i"; r':n ,'n p II

. e Ir.? -.: #*i lp,' .

-1;6 2 pn Dn P81 8 ':" *1




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Y. 'min1 P* ^11 1 Ia j 5H 103HP23F FYYP'I Y V tKl j
_xw5 nvi pm ly v m n a~annvv r3 PN P lybEl iti"I ny" Ya I'mP 'l~

I n ff pt p I)IN '11 -ONVIVW11 JIM MWIP minno'l Jim 10011P Ila
JIM~ y lx V' ;.31 I JY P M1 P I IY11Y OVII Fr i'Elm yly5 IYDMD : i py Evl O i -tl t
-. P rP' -ID *iPLVbR B 1r5'Ii'iIyw Inv Jim
FY ,1 11'D JP 1Y1iv3 0Vl1 Il
-. S'D Y25 FYn; r fl .itiV m5 ~j i't 'v"x Irnp,12 -"m till u5Y'.7

-r flyF ,nr ~fI :9sv P~6ar j? ~ 'IDYDYP Ff pi~~'OI' *~ Pa~Pr
I~n~~wo Y1 t. I1 n 71'I9:,'m
Y2 VY e)Y Ili ni"13 F "I 'ktZN -m JIM I w In
'13P. 14" pyr ypll at v.YM5H.I I Ut 1'''n5 MIY5 VFY',H p\mn lo m aalpi

,y 1Ppnt~n at n ,y l'` pba FJY'IC j DP1Pi r ,IDLC~ .ttS~~P.~p j ppg ~~E1 YYty~~
PllsMD,53,3 M "I'VY5 t yll t63j? 11---)2ErtO~) u '-7 JIM vp~lts b r S 'ylls "I. P11 Pnn')10 10031 P
1P~~~~ ~JIN~ 95~1 nl ~PIil I lV1 IP 11 UIR illYNB
linaljpnn'llp jyHxoon :.pVmon '-T Jim jr i gy-l I'? vnl

S-QP I 1,VIY5 -lin-, I 6 p n

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rx ylyll Iynyn 11y~ ~ )5rz2 ,r?1311 ar~bpfn ~ ~ ~ ,aty%5p n ~H

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- DYMY.121 ;TIT TIM 71VoFVy 11-118 Y Vla'D OR I 1LP p1Di I IY Z

-. I~F B.' .0 T" wrn B.zIH3. ,t rT'I'PBC.~ .) *'B p~FS ,.,~~d ,. n1P ~zIN ~no~ ,~'p
I. ll I'

IYO58 ,.0 J3im' *flAv Jim i .3 XIY'M -

by '10t155 ril ,,nInt" ljxnw~)~Da IYD Ili' 4 -I'm"I 52 v01 n1 :I n "I
lvsmpwh pat j_ 3 V3 *uP 40-j_' a im1-4 Nmrc 60-or rin-2 i' n Div t i-m'Ivn 'atuw 1/ :o-~, 'D1 18:
r~~Y ~ lilt 0-14110, 111) VX-1I13 '11~ e--p.~nrVJ DD~D v, 71 VM8? 331

IT3-);11h ln IPU V101 10 lP 20 11" O DOI, wpvu IV-IV X T1m l'"
___ 1YDYFEDt j- ia lit DD46k l a ownp 1-i

SPe~a~rqi ,,TeaTepIb-Be.m'' Reda-cya ,,Te"ter-eIt lel InDV,
BRapiiaea, llo'rr. zf. 119. WarVza1a, Skrzrnca pzM.1191
in' 1Zh rWW"F Ml 1PO'qb1* x JPB, IM Pptl~i

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, .'P 10 N1'1=1 g'm'tr x

S.' 60 Ec"i yc-2 :Y0n ?
, 0 4 a ,
3, 81) t1 rt-'u id 3 ,
20 up:.D I'5
-p 75 Lpt i j'f" 1 (

.-ir' ph.- i 1908 s s 10 ,t )M p -127ni b ,'1M'sy -9W

~.j -1 y908J ,11 .s" N27 9



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S' s E5 3;1 1 1p iity 1 pi -I'U.n N m
1-y ST 171 I .I' n'r' .rf:.',, I D? pi lo nl D1;1)
iy1 1a $K p] '12ii n D171 7t'72173; 72 2t41
yii^"^-:': !< tynalaia'. T't *L.yn n ni-p "iyji,'3-;
L:; y. ,NI C DI' ,"t tl$ L 'a y7-11'ii
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