How to Calibrate the CopiBook ( September 2011 )


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How to Calibrate the CopiBook ( September 2011 )
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CopiBook Calibration 2011-09-14 WED This document assumes familiarity with CopiBook use. Materials cleaning solution dust brush large white sheet, as big as the book cradle smaller black sheet the Kodak grey scale target sample page with lots of text and some images (this document will do fine) level with a 45-degree bubble Prep Turn on the lights to let them warm up In the meantime, restart the machine, Use the level to adjust the an gle of the lights to 45 degrees, and position them at equal distances from the machine, and Clean the top and bottom surfaces of the gl ass and dust off the book cradle below. Focus Adjustment Once the machine has started up, click on to access to the “scanner configuration” menu. In the “Lighting” tab, select “Deactivated”: Move over to the "B alance/Focus" tab. Place the sample page on the book cradle, and check that it is raised to the glass plate level. Click on the “Autofocus” button wait for that to finish, then click the green check mark.


Black and White Balance Place the white sheet on the book cradle and th en the black sheet part ially over it, like so: Click the CopiBook configuration button, then click the White Balance button and wait until the end of the calibration process. Then do this one step a second time. Then click the green check ma rk then the red x. Lighting Correction Go back to the project selection window. Click on the Admini stration button Select the Lighting tab. Place just the large whit e sheet on the book cradle (not th e black sheet too), and raise it to the glass level. Type in the word “lighting” as the label for the lighting correction. Click on the button and take care to cast no shadow on the white sheet during calibration. Wait for that to finish. The lighting correction must now be applied in the current project. Click the green check mark a couple of times until you can select a project, and then click on this icon: In the Lighting tab, select your lighting correction label: “lighting”. Black and White Balance (Redux) Once the light correction is applied, go back and do the Black and Whit e balance again, just once. Testing Shoot the Kodak gray scale target on top of the la rge white sheet. Inform the imaging supervisor to move the ti ff file for that target to the calibration verification folder and to inspect that image with the Photoshop ‘info’ tool (F8).