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MTM Call Center... Making connections
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Stoulege or rnarmacy

2011 ASTD Annual Conference
Orlando, FL

The American Society for Training and Devel-
opment (ASTD) held its annual International
Conference and Expo in Orlando in May.
Michele Lawson, UF MTM Call Center Trainer,
attended the 5-day event along with 8000+
attendees more than 70 countries. With over
300 90-minute sessions to choose from, the
educational opportunities were plentiful. This
year's conference focused on eLearning,
mLearning, creative/innovative presenting,
social media, and networking.
Monday's general session guest speaker,
author Marcus Buckingham, presented
"Stand Out: How to Find Your Edge and Win
at Work." Tuesday's general session presen-
tation, "TouchPoints: Transforming Everyday
Interactions into Powerful Leadership
Moments," was presented by Doug Conant,
President and CEO of The Campbell Soup
Company, and Mette Norgaard, expert on
strategic leadership and learning. Conference
closing ceremonies featured John Foley, for-
mer Lead Solo of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels
and Founder of CenterPoint Companies, who
presented "The High-Performance Climb." All
of these great speakers provided motiva-
tional, entertaining and inspiring messages.
Michele is looking forward to implementing
the many training and development tools she
learned in Orlando and plans to attend the
2012 ASTD International Conference and
Expo in Denver, Colorado.

2011 AACP Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX

MTM Call Center Trainer Michele Lawson and
Fellow Sherry Yang will attend the 2011
American Association of Colleges of Phar-
macy (AACP) Annual Meeting in San Antonio,
Texas. Both are guest roundtable speakers,
and Sherry will present a poster titled "The
Use of Technologies to Promote Autonomy in
a Student-Staffed Medication Therapy Man-
agement Call Center." Their roundtables
Michele Lawson
Monday, July 11 6:45 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
"Training/Mentoring/Monitoring for a
student-staffed MTM call center."

Sherry Yang
Tuesday, July 12 6:45 a.m. to 7:45 a.m.
"Innovative use of technologies to promote
student autonomy in a student-staffed
MTM call center."

If you plan to attend AACP's annual meeting,
please join Michele and Sherry at these
roundtable discussions. Yes, these sessions
are early! But bring your coffee and start
the day off right...talking about MTM!

We'd love to know where you've landed
since graduation. Please send an email
to so we
can give a shout out to you in the next
call center newsletter!


Call Center
Celebrates Year 1!

* NAPIEX Challenge

What's a CPLP?

* Helping Gainesville's


On April 19, the faculty and staff of the MTM Call Center held an Open House for all 2010-2011
Geriatrics and Drug Information rotation students. These students were invited to help celebrate
the completion of the call center's
first year and to allow the students
to reconnect with faculty, staff and
fellow rotation students. Along with
reminiscing about their favorite
patients, the students shared with
us their upcoming employment and
residencies. These students were
soon to graduate on May 2nd, and
you can see that they're all smiles! (L-R) Julie Billedo and Michelle Roberts

Sid Patel with Crisis
Intervention Certificate

Front: Javier Deleo Doug Schlavone
Back: Victoria Montoya & Chris Hilty

Michelle Ziegler with Ankur Kotecha David Wang
Crisis Intervention

The clinical knowledge of the MTM rotation students is put to the test with a daily multiple choice question in a
challenge known as the "NAPLEX Question of the Day." The questions are administered electronically via the
interactive CrossTec SchoolVue console and appear in a pop-up window at random during the student's work-
day. Although all 12 rotation students can participate, only the 6 students who are in their second month of
their call center rotation are eligible to compete for the coveted "#1 NAPLEX CHAMPION" trophy. This trophy is
awarded at the end of the month to the student who correctly answers the most questions during the 30-day
period. The activity inspires and motivates the students, while simultaneously preparing them for their upcom-
ing licensing exams.

April Winner May Winner June Winner
Jaela Dahl, Class of 2012 Sara Chmura, Class of 2012 Lauren Reilly, Class of 2012
[February Winner: Peng Zhou, Class of 2011, Picture Not Available]

Staff Member Working on P L Credential I Syn G. gb

Started in 1943, the American Work Product submission in one Last month, MTM Call Center faculty, staff and
Society for Training & Develop- of the following areas: delivery students had the unfortunate task of saying
ment (ASTD) is an association training, designing learning, goodbye to our 2010-2011 residents: Reena
dedicated to workplace learning measuring and evaluating, im- Mistry and Jeffrey Laszczyk. Their year-long
and performance professionals, proving human performance, or Medication Therapy Management and Geriatrics
It is an international company managing the learning function. I Residency with the
with members in more than 100 The Work Product is assessed call center and the
countries, more than 125 U.S. by a blue-ribbon panel of ex- Health Pavilion at Oak
chapters, and more than 20 perts in the field. Hammock concluded
international partners. i e L i f t on June 27. Reena
Michele Lawson, Trainer for the
Certified Professional in Learn- UF's MTM Call Center and ASTD Jeffrey worked
many hours to help
ing and Performance (CPLP) is a member, is in the process of Imany hours to hel
make the call center a
highly regarded credential for completing this credentialing
success during its first year, and their support
any trainer and is only obtained course and expects to finish in
and dedication for the rotation students' success
through ASTD. The CPLP cre- Spring of 2012. As Trainer for a
was immeasurable.
dentialing process takes on student-staffed call center,
average one year to complete. Michele will use the knowledge
SUpon their residency completion, Reena and
Candidates must have three gained from this process tore o ti
t Jeffrey already have jobs waiting for them, in
years experience in training and introduce new learning tech- Mry ad New Jesey resetie. e ih
Maryland and New Jersey respectively. We wish
development and must sit for a niques for students and staff te c success in teir tre pre
them much success in their future professional
national Knowledge Exam. Upon and to implement procedures
successful completion of endeavors and much happiness in their personal
successful completion of the that will improve the rotation
lives. You will be missed!
exam, candidates complete a experience.



Many of our readers have or will have a fam-
ily member who receives an Alzheimer's
diagnosis. Below are tips that can help in the
care giving process for that family member:
PEstablish Routines: Routines can be
very helpful for a person with Alzheimer's.
Having a set bath time, a set time to get
dressed, and set meal times help him/her
know what to expect.
> SteD-bv-Sten Instructions: As you help
with bathing and dressing, tell your loved
one what you are doing and what you're
going to do. This will help reduce confusion
or surprises and provide a calm environment
iActivities/Exercise: Seek out activities/
exercise in which both you and your loved
one can participate together: walking, listen-
ing to music, etc.
NCommunicate ADDroDriatelv: It is im-
portant that you speak to an Alzheimer's
patient in a calm and caring tone of voice.
Using small words and short sentences may
help him/her better understand your mes-
sage. Always try to make eye contact when
speaking to your loved one.

Last month Dr. Anna Hall and Dr. Ryan Rob-
erts from the MTM Call Center participated in
their first drive out with the Home Van. The
Home Van is a nonprofit agency that first
began helping Gainesville's homeless in
2002. In May 2011,
the Home Van
joined forces with
another Gainesville
nonprofit agency,
Citizens for Social
Justice, Inc.
Along with other Dr. Ryan Roberts in
volunteers, Dr. Hall cab of Home Van
and Dr. Roberts distributed vitamins, ibupro-
fen, water, batteries, duct tape, and food to
the needy. The batteries are needed for
flashlights, radios, etc., and the duct tape is
needed to repair old tents and backpacks.
Dr. Hall is Faculty Advisor for Christian Phar-
macists Fellowship International (CPFI) and
sees this as a possible opportunity for UF
students to serve the local community. If
you're interested in participating in a drive
out, please contact Dr. Hall at

I 1

7- -

***** =-* *******

Fellow Sherry Yang at the April AMCP meeting in Minneapolis
with one of her three posters: Disagreements on Medication
Nonadherence Between Prescription Claims and Patient Reports
from Medication Therapy Management Interviews. To view the
other posters Sherry presented at this meeting, go to
www. cop. ufl. edu/mtmcc/publicationsresearch/.



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