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MTM Call Center... Making connections
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College of Pharmacy, University of Florida
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SColege of Pharma I

Inside this Issue:

Put a Face
With the Name!

Staff Spotlight:
Mission to Nicaragua

* Call Center Makes
Magazine Cover

Partnering will
Crisis Center

Off we go on a new adventure: our first issue
of an MTM Call Center newsletter. With the
end of our inaugural year recently con-
cluded, what better way to stay connected
with Call Center rotation students than with
this newsletter. Many of our rotation stu-
dents are entering the workforce after their
May 2nd graduation, and we hope this quar-
terly newsletter provides useful information
which will help them in their future endeav-
In addition, it is our goal that this newsletter
provides an insight into the activities of the
UF-MTM Call Center for those in the aca-
demic and business worlds. As MTM services
greatly expand, so too does the responsibil-
ity of pharmacists and insurers.
We would like to thank all, especially the
students, who helped make our first year a
successful one full of growth, new discover-
ies, and challenges. We look forward to our
second year with great anticipation!

Dr. Hall reviewing patient call procedure
with rotation student Ann Crotts.


As a guest roundtable
speaker, Dr. Heather Hardin
attended the "First Mary-
land Medication Therapy
Management Summit and
Networking Reception" in
Baltimore, Maryland. Titled
"Expanding Medication
Therapy Management Ser-
vices in Maryland and Be-
yond," the summit was
sponsored by the Maryland
Pharmacy Association. The
summit hosted many enti-

ties from the MTM commu-
nity including academic
organizations, independent
MTM entrepreneurs, and
APHA representatives.
The summit focused on
successful MTM models in
various settings and dis-
cussed concerns and goals
for MTM's future. A few of
the presented MTM models
were in academic settings.
They utilized university clin-

ics, affiliated hospital sites,
and contracted community
pharmacists. All of these
models had very solid out-
comes data, both pre and
post MTM, showing the ex-
traordinary successes of
their programs. Many of
these programs announced
expansions of their base
MTM into increased patient
opportunities as their suc-
cesses became evident.
(see "Summit" on page 3)

(L-R) Dr. Heather Hardin, Dr. Anna Hall, Dr. Teresa
Roane, and Training Coordinator Michele Lawson


David M. Angaran, MS, FCCP, FASHP
Director, MTM Call Center Professor
Angaran received his B.S. in Pharmacy
from Drake University and his M.S. in Hos-
pital Pharmacy and Residency from the
University of Wisconsin. He has been a part
of UF's College of Pharmacy for the last 14 years.

Heather Hardin, Pharm.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Hardin
received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree
from the University of Florida in 2005. Prior
to joining the MTM Call Center team in
February 2010, she was a pharmacy man-
ager for Publix.

N Teresa Roane, Pharm.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Roane re-
ceived her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from
the University of Florida in 2006. Before
joining the Call Center in March 2010,
Dr. Roane worked as a clinical pharmacist
at AvMed Health Plans.

SAnna Hall, Pharm.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor Dr. Hall
received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree
from the University of Florida in 2005.
Before joining the MTM Call Center in June
2010, she was Director of Pharmacy at
Select Specialty Hospital.

Michele Lawson, RHIT
Training Coordinator Michele Lawson
worked in the Experiential Office with Dr.
.! Doty for ten years before taking a position
at Select Specialty Hospital as Medical Re-
cords Director. She is happy to be back with
the College of Pharmacy and is enjoying the great work
being done at the Call Center.

Ryan Roberts, Pharm.D.
Staff Pharmacist Dr. Roberts received his
SDoctor of Pharmacy degree from the Univer-
sity of Florida in May 2007, and joined the
MTM Call Center in October, 2010. Previ-
ously, Dr. Roberts worked as a retail
pharmacist for Publix Pharmacy.

Ieffrey Laszczyk Jr., Pharm.D.
Resident Dr. Laszczyk received his Doctor
of Pharmacy degree from the Philadelphia
College of Pharmacy in 2010. He is one of
two residents currently participating in the
inaugural year of the Medication Therapy
Management and Geriatrics residency program.

Reena B. Mistry, Pharm.D.
Resident Dr. Mistry received her Doctor of
Pharmacy degree from Philadelphia College
of Pharmacy in 2010. Prior to her participa-
tion in the MTM and Geriatrics residency
program, Dr. Mistry worked at Rite Aid and
Virtua West Jersey Hospital in Voorhees, New Jersey.

Tsu-Hsuan (Sherry) Yang, Pharm.D.
Fellow Dr. Yang received her Doctor of
Pharmacy degree from the University of
North Carolina Eshelman School of Phar-
macy in 2010. Dr. Yang works with the MTM
Call Center and the UF Pharmaceutical Out-
comes and Policy Department designing/conducting MTM
Derek M. Hall, CPhT, RPhT.
Technician Derek Hall has held numerous
positions in pharmacy practice settings:
Retail, both chain and independent; Com-
pounding; Institutional Pharmacy; Health
Plan Management; and Pharmacy Benefits
Management experience. Derek plans to continue to ex-
pand his knowledge-base and to attend pharmacy school.

Jessica Cordovano CPht, RPhT.
Technician Jessica Cordovano is currently
enrolled at Santa Fe College and is working
on her pre-requisites for pharmacy school.
Before joining the MTM Call Center, Jessica
spent six years with Publix Pharmacy.

A Valerie Stewart
Secretary Valerie provides secretarial and
administrative duties for the Call Center
faculty and staff. A native and life-long resi-
dent of Georgia, Valerie relocated with her
family to Gainesville in 2010. She has been
a member of the Call Center team since January 2011.

Natasha King, PharmD.
Staff Pharmacist Dr. King received her
Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Univer-
sity of Florida in 2005. Prior to working at
the UF-MTM Call Center, Dr. King worked as
a retail pharmacist for Publix Pharmacy.

("Summit" continued from page 1)
Another model presented was an
independent MTM entrepreneur.
She spoke about the excitement
/ ~ in creating MTM, but also focused
During the week of March 13-20, I had the opportunity to organize and partici- on the reality of barriers and
pate in a medical mission trip to Leon, Nicaragua. This was my third medical hurdles experienced during the
trip to Central America and my second to Nicaragua. This has become an an- inception of the business. The
nual event, and we are currently working to develop a program that sends presentation highlighted the im-
teams to Leon three to four times per year. We work with a local organization portance and time commitment
in Leon, and are continuing to build a relationship that will allow us to expand needed to create relationships
the current programs that they already offer. These programs include: medical with every entity touched by an
clinics, feeding programs, and the development of soccer teams to pull at-risk MTM business: physician groups,
teens off the streets, employers, insurers, pharmacists,
and patients.
This year a 14-person team comprised of pharmacists, nurses, and pharmacy and patients.
students from NOVA Southeastern University treated over 1,000 patients in APHA representatives spoke on
five days in various places in and around Leon, including a landfill that is home Health Care Reform and its im-
to 200 families. We also visited hospitals, a prison, distributed clothes, and pact on MTM. It was noted that
participated in the aforementioned feeding program that is responsible for pro- the entire pharmacy community
viding a daily meal to over 10,000 hungry children every month. Nicaragua is has the responsibility of insuring
the poorest nation in Central America, and many of its residents lack even the the future of MTM. We must ad-
most basic daily needs, including electricity and clean water, vocate for our continued role in
the health care realm; if not,
The opportunity to serve and provide valuable medical services and medica- the health care realm; if not,
tions is something I look forward to doing from the time I leave Nicaragua to
the moment the plane lands upon my return. For me, these trips are life- "The ultimate objective of MTM
changing events and serve to re-center both my personal and professional research must prove that it
increases quality and access,
lives. I truly believe that these trips are a must for everyone, especially for while decreasing costs."
service-minded pharmacists/pharmacy students looking for a different perspec-
tive and the opportunity to use their knowledge to serve a truly needy popula-
tion. If anyone has any interest in participating in future trips, please contact others will step up and take our
me at rroberts( place or rule out our positions
completely. It is imperative that
we continue to publish outcomes
data on the successes of MTM. It
was made very clear that acade-
mia has the responsibility for this
research. The ultimate objective
of MTM research must prove that
it "increases quality and access,
The UF-MTM Call Center received the great honor of making the while decreasing costs." Here at
cover of the February 2011 issue of "Pharmacy Today." Along with the UF-MTM Call Center, we con-
the cover photographs, the magazine features an article discussing tinue to add to this outcomes
the Call Center's student training, operations, and MTM counseling, research.
Several of the students on rotation were featured in the article, This was the first summit of its
providing them with great exposure and a fun experience. A copy of kind, and perhaps the UF-MTM
the February issue can be found on "Pharmacy Today's" website: Call Center could be co-sponsor in
www.pharmacytoday.orgnext year's summit. This would
Also on this same website, you can listen to the podcast provided by be an exciting endeavor and
Dr. Anna Hall and Michele Lawson. would give the Call Center a more
national presence in the MTM

The MTM Call Center and the Alachua vention counseling to all residents of
County Crisis Center have teamed up to Alachua County. In addition, they provide
Upcominar Events provide crisis training for students who face-to-face counseling, have available a
April 19are on rotation with the Call Center. Dur- 24-hour emergency mobile outreach
ini the student's first week of rotation and team. and offer training on a variety of

MTM Call Center
Open House for
2010/ 2011 Geriatrics
and Drug Information
rotation students

May 2
UF PharmD

orientation, Alachua County Crisis Center
Training Coordinator Ali Martinez, Ed.S.,
LMFT, presents a 2+ hour training ses-
sion. Students are trained on identifying
potential suicide risks, empathy, and call
The Alachua County Crisis Center offers
24-hr/day phone crisis and suicide inter-

topics throughout the community. For
more information about the Crisis Center's
range of services, please contact them at
352-264-6785 or their website:

Contact Us

UF-MTM Call Center
2124 NE Waldo Road
Suite 2250
Gainesville, FL 32609

Phone: 352-273-9045
Fax: 352-273-9658

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