Meeting minutes for the Flavet III Village Commission, University of Florida, October 7, 1955 (4 pages)


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Meeting minutes for the Flavet III Village Commission, University of Florida, October 7, 1955 (4 pages)
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October 7, 1955

TWe meeting was-called to order by Dephty Mayor Kandrach. The rollwas called
and the following members of the Commission were present:

George Kandrac George Richie A ^
B. T. Jones v Bill Campbell '/..- L.. '.
Jim Freeman Mildred Nowlin
John Flynn u Holt Hinkle r
Bill Cravey V Lenora Lide L-

The Mayor called on Dick Kerrins, Village bookkeeper, who gave a report on
prices of a new cash register. He stated that he had investigated one make,
National Cash Register, and had information on two machines, one $540 and the
other $760. He stated that it was very important that the cash register be the
kind that receipts each purchase, so that a more accurate account can be made
of income from the Village Store.

The Mayor called for committee reports.

Wash House Committee: Mildred Nowlin reporting.

Period covered Sept. 23 October 7. Three meetings were held. A new clerk
for the Wash House was hired, Mrs. Parrott. The duties of the business manager
were revised, since the present business manager had given notice of resignation.
The duties of the # clean-up man to be revised at future meetings.

Safety Committee: Holt Hinkle reporting.

No meeting. He stated that he had tried to contact Dr. Reitz with no success.
He did talk with Dean Wise, who stated that the Police budget had been cut this
year, and possibly emergency measures would be taken to increase the budget. He
suggested that a Proclamation be drawn up by. the Village Government and signed by
the Mayor and Chairman, and present it to him, stating the measures taken to provide
safety in the Village, and our particular need for police protection. This would be
delivered to Dr. Reitz by Wedensday. Mr. Hinkle also talked with Mr. Rodgers of
Housing, to explain reasons for going directly to Dr. Reitz, instead of through
Housing. Mr. Hinkle had a possible solution for the safety problem, and that was
to have part time, paid, deputy police selected from residents in the Village and
paid by the University. Responsible to the University Police Department. He requested
vote of confidence. A unanimous vote was given.

Constitutional Revision Committee: Bill Campbell reporting.

He stated that the changes would be attached to the minutes of the October 7
meeting, for the consideration of the Commission, to be voted on at the October 21

Quasi-Judicial Committee: George Kandrach.

He stated that he had contacted the presidents of the fraternities living on
Fraternity Row, and they all expressed their willingness to try to keep the noise
down among their members.


External Improvements Committee: Bill Campbell reporting.

A resident claimed the car that was to be removed, and promised to have it
moved. Mr. Campbell stated that if it was not moved by Tuesday, he would have it

Jim Freeman told the Commission that the city bus has started making a run
through the Village, and that the street it is routed through is not wide enough
to permit the bus free movement, and that one side of the bus has to run off the
road. He stated this as an example, for he explained that the road is not wide
enough for cars either, and wanted to know if the road might be widened. This
was referred to the External Improvements Committee.

Rec. Hall and Playground: George Richie reporting.

The swings will be fixed when a handy man is hired for the Village. He
reported that George Grune had information concerning the movie area, which was to
the effect that the material would be ready in a month or month and a half. It will
be cut ready for assembly, with one bench assembled as a model. Labor will be
strictly voluntary. Cost to Village, approximately $150.00. A request will be placed
in the paper for workers, and if none show up, each commissioner will be requested to
recruit two or three from his section. Mr. Richie had information concerning chairs
for the Rec. Hall. He had contacted a Mr. Bracken, who is in charge of furniture
repairs. He then contacted Mr. Rodgers in Housing, after talking with Mr. Vermilyea
who stated that he was no longer connected with the Village. Mr. Richie explained
to Mr. Rodgers that it would be good to have the Housing Office explain to the
Commission their policy on helping the Village, and what was their responsibility and
what was ours. They said they would be glad to come to the fist meeting following
each election to explain this policy to the new Commissioners. Concerning the chairs,
Mr. Richie stated that there were 16 easy chairs in the Rec. Hall. Nine could be
repaired, and possibly 7 more. One was beyond repair. He said Mr. Rodgers suggested
that he contact Mr. Bracken. If Mr. Bracken can fix the chairs, the Village will be
charged only for material. If new furniture is needed, the University will buy, and
Village will buy at their cost. A letter is to be drafted to the Housing Office
inviting them to be present at meeting following election.

Recreation Committee: Lenora Lide reporting.

A meeting was held October 6th. Committee were set up to handle the following:

Publicity George Grune, Chairman
Talent Show George Richie
Ticket Sales Bill Cravey
Baby Sitting Flavettes

The Christmas dance has been changed from the basement of the gym to the Service
Center. Tickets for the dance will cost $1.00 per couple. Any money left over from
ticket sales, after paying cost of dance will be used for future Village Social
functions. A free weiner roast for the entire Village will be held October 7 at 5:30
in the area next to the Rec. Hall for the purpose of announcing candidates running in
the election in November, and also to publicize the dance.

Treasurer's Report: B. T. Jones reporting.

There is still $1000 available for Village expenditures. The books go to the
State Auditor next week. Dean Beaty was contacted concerning the $1000 loan fund.
He recommended that we write a letter to him stating what we wanted to do with Loan


Fund. The Secretary was instructed to write a letter to Dean Beaty and tell him
that we want the Loan Fund to be permanent Loan Fund sponsored by this Village,
with possibility of recall either the balance and the notes or just the balance
with 0 days notice, if it is ever necessary.. Otherwise, will remain permanent
fund of the Village and not return to the University.

Old Business:

B. T. Jones moved that we investigate Cash Registers that would give customers
receipts and get best price for machine that would do this, and same that does not
give receipt, but does give sales, and bring two comparative prices on several makes
of machines in for a final selection by the Commission. Bill Campbell seconded the
motion and it was carried.

George Richie motioned that upon having a question presented to the floor, each
commissioner shall have one opportunity to express himself one time, and then question
will be called for, and a vote taken. Bill Campbell seconded the motion and it carried.

Lenora Lide made a motion that $200 be appropriated for the Recreation Committee.
$50.00 would be used to sponsor a free weiner roast for the Village. The other $150.00
would be used to cover costs of Christmas Dance should ticket sales not be sufficient.
Seconded by George Richie and carried.

George Richie requested permission to have T.V. in Rec. Hall fixed. Permission

Jim Freeman gave an estimate for asphalt roofing for Wash House of 450 sq. ft.
Two prices, one $325 and one $309, depending upon type roofing used were given. These
estimates came from the Helzel Company. Mildred Nowlin motioned that we give Mr.
Freeman permission to work out deal to have roof repaired through Housing. Bill
Cravey seconded the motion and it was carried.

Bill Cravey stated that signs stating "Reserved Parking" to be hung beneath
Flavet Village III signs at four entrances to Village, will not be painted until
paid for.

Mildred Nowlin made a motion that Bill Cravey find out estimated price, and get
together with Mayor and if the price is reasonable, go ahead and have signs paid
for. BiT. Jones seconded the motion and it was carried.

It was made known that the Student Government will pay $100.00 for baby sitting
for the footballgames if someone will find a place to take care of children.

In regard to the matter of sand boxes for the Village, Bill Campbell motioned
that in view of the little interest, the matter should be dropped. George Richie
seconded the motion, and it was carried.
New Business:
George Grune requested reimbursement of 400f for having signed painted for
Village. Also sign for bench on Stadium Drive which cost $1.00. B. T. Jones
made a motion that he be paid. Jim Freeman seconded the motion and it was carried.

John Flynn told the Commission that he had investigated the possibility of
having a film developing service for the Wash House. The Wash House Committee was
requested to investigate possibility of this service and to get estimates from several


Lenora Lide made a motion that she be allowed to purchase a book to keep a record
of the minutes for permanent filing. B. T. Jones seconded the motion and it was

Mildred Nowlin requested approval of the new clerk for Wash House, Mrs. Glenda
Parrott, Bldg. 214. B. T. Jones motioned that she be approved. JMbaFlynn seconded
the motion and it was carried.

Business Manager duties read and approved.

Jim Freeman motioned that report of recommendations be accepted as read with
amendment by B. T. Jones that a few minor changes will be made Mildred Nowlin
seconded the motion and it was carried. -tZ ej

George Grune requested permission to renovate sign to be donated for Village
and placed near North East entrance.

It was stated that Mrs. Crosby has offered assistance of Flavettes for election

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Lenora Lide, Secretary