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Report on historical sites in Alachua County, Florida, created by the Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) (43 pages)
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1. Battle of Ga..e.-
villAy First

2. Battle ot Gainee-
vile, Seead

.3 Battle of San Felasee

4. Ballar Trail, Old

5. Cottomnood Plantan on x

6. Devils Mill Hopper

7# Fort Gilliland
8, Gallovs Pand

9. Halle Plantation, The

10. Kenapaha Sitak Whipping
of Indiana of

1* King Payneu't Baa

12. Mioanopy Military

13. Mioanopy' Well and

14. Mlsotgomeiy Masacre

15, Neoman* Fort x

16. NeuavnsniUle

17. Santa Fe Mis.aio

18. San Francisco, Misaeon

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Nato Phenome*








VSall e, anad

Spanish Mission

Spanish Mission

Can State

Oan. State



First U* 8,



First U. So


Seeand Spa.
Second Spa*


Seoond Spa*

Second Spa*

First Spa.

First Spa.

3fl3AM (t~1' CIT rPT

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u.n.... -x ART=- Inll

19, Slqt P ?a

20o WSi Road, 01d

21a Indiam M tniD
Sortheu Alhas

22 In4dian MoudoB, earW

Nat* Phoemasna




Not stated

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C2eatd Deeaber 29, 1 by Act of the Territorial Comoil
fit part of Dwna ounty (1 22 ts tI rt Mounty set va at
kmaviulXe*s Sinae then the following parent eoanties of the
State have ban oested fhelly or in part fr m Alsehu's original
terrtowaryt o3mbia, Hillsbour gh, o Barm Mario owip Levy, Ma'nf,
Bmdfort, Saker, DeSoto Oitrus~ Pasot Sarsota Charlotte, Union
and Gilobrist Xts name is of Inian origin mat "graa or
ARmts frms the prairieAp natfsal feature of this section of the
It we p art teaversed ty bIemando de Soeo o his marsh frca
Tampa Bay to the Hifesiedl ppIl 1539-4 A hund54 d year later the
Spemiard hba built five nisaens in this district, eoaneoting thma
with '8t AugrutAne by a road over ihieh thqe drw supplies for the
yriBan and peopU of that toja. During the war between Spain aad
la 1l Captain dohn Bamrnwl tith an expedition fram
Sath OCaroliao atteeked and destroyed thee msiaionue laid vaste
the feld4 nd drove all the Indiana not killed or captured to the
"heltar of St. Augustine Thus Alaohua was left desolate for forty
years until the eaming of the Greeks under Chief Seoffee, Them
later beseae kote as the Swaioes (Seoeders or Ruwa ayv)# and the
presence of thesa people wa noted in the province br WiUia= Bartrmt
whea he ta veiled through Florida in 1774,
Kilita7r aotivitite again oowC rd in Alashua in 1812 at the
tiae of the invasion of Florida br the Patriots" and of the eoolalled
'ERpublio of nforidal*" olal amiael MInan of Georgia with his
volqnteer fought a battle with the Indinan under Chief King Payne
near present eunant' Lakek in hioh the lndian leader wa amortly
In 1817 F, M Ardando obtained his noted land grant of tWeartp
four square ailesa is title to it wes ownfired by the United States
after the Oahange of FlagsA in 1a21.
During the Saiaole IndiTan War of 213548423 the aouthoer partacn
of the conty waa devastated tr the Stdisea a wuder Oeeola, Meoac py
atd other ehiota* Fighting took plae around Mieanopy, Newnanaoilln
and tifeernt plaea in the conty
Bere wa one of the oentera of the aeoesiona Woment in the
State prior to 1861. Madisoe Stark PeOry, a sitisen of Alaohua, was
elected Governor of Florida in 18564 ae was a leader in this movweant
John 0s PClot and James B Da Iins, Alaohnuat delegates to the Seoea*
sion Cnventiont c e o nd at allahall8*e, Januay 3, 1861 both voted
for Iumdiate seoeasion+

14P1M91~ ~WIII1TP


Thw wse bub little fighting in ta s o@ tr awiJg tmh
prelod of Confederste Statehood ati 18 64, During that year
two raia wrw ada of n GoaillsU, The tfirt vas on February
U1, A1864 hb O UaMtferate umdr Ca4pts4 a W* Es Obambers fought
In the Putlie Squ. areith Union troops led ty Col. QOW V# arys,
and ultimately drove thea out f towmn The tor important aw
gewmnt oeurreTd at Gaije~vill* c August 170 1964. A teLou
Ist =amen t fra JackDonvill* under Caoli Huarris oonied both
Sta*. sd* Gatmovin ,* OCapItUa J Jt Diai6od Vthe Marion of
trto1Aw with but oen hndud ad i fittaty a, attaakilg an do..
ftetag a ameh uperior former and dwre it out, ki~htl or
e4ptLurag Uall isept Cooel ;s vatnd about ten of hims man
immediately aft t tr lon of the War# intesting historlo
ativitiAS tooc plaoe at the Hail Plan.tate, near Oainesille and
at 0Cottonwoods* a Duv~Ad TulA P3latation n ar Arehea.
A naber of 1adian Mo~ude ns tual phbanrmma and geologic~
foxmatins ai st is tfehis ounty

First Battle atof Qaaewllre
February 15, 1864



Gaian*elle, Florida

AppaIentl7y MNniopal or County






Historical MlWta7ry
Oaftederate Statehood ean the WUa
Betwme the States, 186S65
Sit is eowerd yr Al ohua County
Coart lru


FollouQ ig the fourth Federal oeupatiao of
Jaskaenville an February 7th, 18%64 Coloal
Gy V. Henry of the Light BDigas, Fortieth
Masfh iusettf Infan t eaor Uitly fr
that plue as far as 4k Oitrt On hiLs r
turn, dot~l1 of aoUwtd men under Captain
G. MawTbil, lsrt 8antadozm for GaianoVllh
an & fiaMA apeatif# Sarriving the aCS the
4th The Firat Battle of Gainmevluo took
plaft betmwm that date and the return oc
Ifrdanll ms the 17the The FPeOral wver attaebo
ed bj tvo ompadiesm of the Seoad Florida Cavalm
r7 under Captain Jo J4 Dkidel The tnioaists
had barroad4ed a portioa of the street near the
present oowthoue vith oottmo bales and wer
thus enabled to repulse the attasok The loss
Va not oomsiderablet emo side *olding that
the easWalties vere sufered by te *neow
Prop#a r valued at $1,000,000 van captured by
the raide s The deisave defeat at Olustee
followed ao Februaqy 20, 1864*


SITSBe irrt Battle of QaeMiv le (0 atinU d)
herusy 15, 18*64
RBEARS It ite I mnwtood that the anet Aite at
this kiamih is not maxtu .Thae is a
Owmfdterate NMamsnt the aortheat eOncw
of the Publie squaw grested ty the 0U. Do C.
ia honor eo the 0omaftdate doed of Alaseh
oun*i Autboritieus ited differ as to he
date, p me plair g it ca the X416 other oa
th 16th. While the evrt does not mot high
in State or Natool history, it takes a OIo
qpidAous pls lw I local amoals. Buobhla in
his History of A1SehmA OounMt, give the
battle proalant mimti*t Xt has been suggesB
ed, theweter that anW markiig Or S Maunti
of the pot gt m appro aprately be aeeaiea hed
br local organietianes
Pflodaa Its History Anid It It m amuYe by Qorge
RI. ?a nike (~a rw ed. -a.shool). JaolkscurVle
pXwiard Daw (1904), pp* 238, 239.
Hiat oif Jaoeoaville, Florida a Viaciitey,
by To, h edWak Dv P~lished by the lorida
Riotoerele 8oeity (1925), p. 133.
The Civil War and R0eeatruaction n Florida, by
WUilU.m at ai De aie w kfeek Colmhtbia UniTver t,
Laom"wa, Qreea & 0ampan (19I) po 284.
Otff, Rde. s ebll* slo 1 ve 35# pt, 1 pp. 32, 33,
296, 297.
iristo of Alashua County, t B Mhols, see ohapte
head d 8eed Battl) of Qai*~rm il

---~U -_ .._.. ~--YY

lahihm I .. -omtt



Second Battle of GQainerswll Angut 17, 1864*
siatrwlle ~le r rvaeant lot opposite sit
of %he O l4 b el Boie

No intfomrtion




Hitorieal Military
Conteeate Statehood, War Betwen the Statea, 186%365

Lasge vacant lot Ooreitg alast entire square
(site of BevillUe ote ) ea South Oa Street
Character of present ooo0pa0 a is not kna~i

The First Battle of Gainesrille (Feb. 1644, 1S4)
wa a amaor edlralsh, rating rae a raid The
Second Battle of Gaineaville (Augs 17 ,4 like*
vias, es part of a rwidig pewatioen but assmad
a oore Gsmnie obhaxrter, bg reason both of the
larger uabers owr eg and of the easualtiee se
taMinad Colanal xw L* BWaris* leading a 7Fedeal
etail of about 400 ae frot Baldwin through Stars*
to Gainewilli, wa s engaged tgr Captain J# J Dikiod n,
with about 200 eavalirg in a seastemd fight start
Sag at the depot, moving up Cak Stweet to Univwltqy
Avyns around the Cowrt House Squanr' and fianSXal
o end near a vaeat lot opposite the Berille House
ith 5000 negro troop in reserve 12 miles alry,
The bate resulted in an utter rot of the Federal$p
ansa it is aid4, aved Eat FrPrIAa fta further
ivasiou Ttheir easulaties vre eight killed, five
founded, almost 200 prisonersw and about 125 easaped.
The Ooafederate los was ane dled and five vouadde
Authorities differ idly with respect to the oasuaol
ties. To reaeh a fairly accurate sumary under this
head a thorough researehb meg original sources,
and a sifting of other material dealing with the
jeet would seem neBaseer0 Xt as the most atga
enifaAnt and important battle taking place in Alaohua
Gonty during the War, and the suggestiQ has ben
made that the marking of the site might properly
be made a matter for the State.

Seawcd Battle of Gaaeiavillt, Axunet 17, 1864


The oCivi War and ReImsatrm ~ n in F lorida,
ty Wiliam Watio Davirt, aNe Xork, OdColma
University LogaMap Owan & Co*S Ag#A, (1913), p. 3005
Biatory of fLosida (R aIk), edited tb F P*
InsLrg Atlanta) So* Riot. Asa, (1902). Vol. 14
P, 279*
idto-ry of Alaohua Cosowty, yorida, by Buohols,
Chapter n The So Battle of Gait nawille
iOtorXy of Plorid b U G,% OutlerI Chioago-
New xYork, Lwas Pb Co, (193), Vol. 1 p* 135
Diaisan aia His Ma, bt Mary E, DiCklisan. Louit.
vill*, QCom es tow nal (1890 p 87 et eq.
QOffl al seeords, Var of the Rsbeliep, S 1 ,
yV 35s pti Is ppP 4L m440.*
Biatror of PloriAda* George R* Fairbatnk
(ed rev# Edy-shoolh) Jaeckaowill, Drawv 0aCopa
(1904), po 242*

A1.hbua CnSaG.

SITUi Fighting in viataity atof Nvnamville,
or the Battle of Sai Faelao UHalia m
LOAXIOs BSetwea Gain* ville and A1aahva


GLASSIFICATIONs Hiatorial Militay Spaiah Misiftn
PERIODs A ioan Tw artowial 1822Wa 5
First Spanish O**V&+4=# 15654763
COWDiTCIsa Not statid
SCWRIPORSt In Septumbert 1836, during th Florida War
(S13i 842), OalonZ John Warren with a fore
of 100 mounted v4aluterws 71 oitisas, U& 8,
regulars and a hoA.tser fought a two hour'
battle with a large bo4 of Indiana at Smn
Felaseo BHamo* Re had beun statiuad at
Fort G4l*lantd a the Pioolata or Bellawy Road,
k- ar W3Ji w *Wa1tle, amd, ea0ainM of the
approach of etb SatXIl as sanied ou t to amt
ther putting the to flight. The oaiualS
tia avr not giva& I Si iateU is dead signitf*
cnt, Atki by, reasC of the wdnmish sketOhel, btt
because t dirt ratte i to oe of t he broe
of the M W* war *w Col0nel John Warm) also
to the poseMibill1 that the soen* of the battle -
one FOlaso BHsta k* -a m have been the site of
an Old Spanish aiblaas Alashu Comnty is kawon
to be in the path of the chain of 24 miaions
that re said to have been erected between St.
Augustine sad Pensacola in the sevententh century*
IEMAWKS The b&bli toushes only in part n the Battle
of San rlu o ao the material cited relates
chieOy to OCola aJohn J arrwa and to Spanish nialr
alas geaaneally and in Alahs County, Caolone
Warr of Jacksoarily wu pase y awtioned
for brawvry and good ooednft in the battles of the

AlAtmb" C-. anat

aSITs rhtin in vicinity of seOnSVlle, (cont'd)
or the Battle of mSan 1Paioo HBamo*
RElMBSUs Withiacooohee ad Wahoo Siwap, in ona of
vhioh he s inwwjurd, ad, in the second
of vhioh his horse wo shot fr a under hima
The actual Site of the battle is not known*
Mark F Bod, writag of Mis.aon Sits In
Floridaa aseerto *the story of the missoa
s*tle nts established ty Franotisse fathmle
in northern Florida subseque~t to 163) Atil
arwits tU11iag It cannot be a equately tdlA
until the Spanish archives oare caefully sob-
4d3 The site, it loaot4d desaaeres parking,
But if aketehing it loads to a thorough re-
mearch by government ageoWr or otherwise, into
Spanish atisale in Alaohvw Oount and Florida,
the effort nill have proved its worth*
Memoar of Florida (Reriok), edited lgr P.
nFaing, AtlanU) 3o, Hiet. AMs& (1902) Vol. 1#
=p. 60, 1W4, I80s 181, 183, 1*9, 1900
Tr1ritory of lorida, bt Jofn I" Ui1liaI Naw
York, A. T# Qoodrich (1837), pp 219, 253, 2556
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Fairbenka (3rd rzw*-ehool)* Jacksonvilloe Drw Go*
(1904), p. 202.
rlorida Wor biy John T. Sprau, Nw York AD.
Applstcn & to; (noke)pt o- 163, 6, 165*
kori.da, A Chide to ,it -a uhawo Stat*, 9y the
federal writew Prtojett (Aarm n nGuide Saries),
1939 pp 53, 3 36) 4306# 512*
oi Histoeaml Quarter ",,y Vol 17, Not 4 -
Mlt4ifi Sites in 4Flor!ida ( a) by a* F. Bard
Fort Mitlanmd, Its Waigin d tistoty, by Alfred
Jaokom Ban The rolli s Proes Winter Park,
nrorid& (1936) pp, A4* 75 (ap of 1840 Mat H wy
4 Blake *-- Qbong San Feolaso

The SBllta Trail


tan Stwse of Ml rotse a villa e in the
sotheaster port of the oumny





trali Hihwys and MAltsiay oeadr.
Aaerisn TMritrial (182 a45)




Bo evidawsoa all a bteratea br moa weent
highway d a tret soastrutitM and iaprusavarmnt

the Bellam Road or Trail, ftrm 8t, Augustne to
Paaaoola 1aows f in g seral way, the route of
the Old Spanish Trail ftf the first ma~tOad point
to Fort San Lids vwet of Ta1Uah e.a Called4 ty
its historian Tha first anwiean font ia Miirda,
it va the ahief artoW of tnrvl betWmn $at %oida
and the West ftwo 186 to the year of oeIpletiM
to t arly 50'*, ilnm ths Plank Rafd vas i orporated,
The Taprovumat erglaatdi ia an Aot of OgOsMi
ppropqrxat g $2,000 for the vwok and reeiv td its
XaM fro John B lu, a wealthy planter o openp d
the metiu east of t b O ol Biver with save
labor. The wvetn part we laid out by Captain
Da"i.l I. Bwurby with the labor of regular MaW troops,
wurP instrustiowe of the Quart;smters DeparStB nt.
The m, tor anstitauLag the sits aotabod is a the
aai street of Mk4lr~ and other pertias are absearb
od in modrn bighwlys. O rtin other s attShes alr
stremId to nature, and alight vestiges reai ne Th
boundary line betweaR Clay and Putanm ounties fo)*k
laow the old Belaimy Trail, whiah is hre ignored
bl sorn xeant road oanetmiotiua
The B la5rJ Trail is one of three great historic
roads of Flrida the 034 Spaniah Trail aad The
X*a BHighway being the others, The Spanish Trail
is sso'ted by an imposing and ual3e signpe
mamuent with plaqou at St. Auguste and the Kimg's
Bighvqay likedmuA has it appropriate msarkimn onae
being in HBauinIg Park, Jaakeeyille. The SeBllan


Urr~ ~....Oiur

SXI a ths BIU gr1 TnUl (COatina)
Tiagl should wmtiv adtsuate uarid u at the
sIte in qwetioe, ana t othebw cmotes here vestl
goe of the read mgy be idmitt ed. Ay portion of
the Trail meur population enter aight yied to,
foreattsmial stai sush as bridle or walikeW path,
or be eovmrted into wildlife refuge
Forid Historiial Societ Quarterly, Oat* 1935)
Ja 19361 Veo 14 pp* 7 10623 9W ) Artales
I*y Mak FE BScp, *stitd Th Fn rst Amerlean Road
ina rorita -Paps reataig to the suruq and
OastrUcsto of the Auguatiae Rigb
aw# in two parts# vith aspas
Floida, A Guido to tbe Sout.ermost State (Am.Aerio
GlAde Siorle) 1939, pp. 353& 439, 512 adw pocket

Mora~tr of Florida (Rewiok), itted bF. PO. flaaig
Aanta, So, Histo So*o (1902), Yl 1 pp 153,
157; Vo. 2 pp. 164,-W, 1047X
Duval'r Q mpilatia Lawv of Florida, p. 287.
The Florida T iwsf .Usae May 18 1939.
Bistory of Daal CountO P* D, Gold (1928), p* 114

Highways of Fuorida, boda2t empaild tWa Walter HO
MHDousald Staf Road DeparWet (about 1936), pp, 9.11.

Alashma, 111. .-faater


CotteoUood PlanUtait of SBeate
DwUay Lo 41*a
Oneshalf alae north ot ArO~b
U, D.* C
OtGairnille nyieda






MeuseB Madaox & Set M r. K. Vnafbl.,
a L at Arqhr zd th anud De C o t
QGaiLaailre ?Ieorida
HiEtorie Plantatte

First U 8 S tatehood and a Capfdmerate
Statehood, 1845865
6o rates of houer n aiu. Site (4n4mo)
ajrkedta ed beaig maintained lay th Us D, 0,
Sronundig ara is reported sitalle for
park or rereatSlual purposes

At the old Cottomcod Plan=tatt, am of the
noarids l m hams tof Sntor David L.
Xuise the offia al *bogga and tweawe train
of the Cta ederate Staote of Amorisj, vas abus
doAed ly the Coaedwats in charge of it# yV
23, 1865U The triaa oeiatSnt g of oas tew
muae vagan ad ase abulanie weakhed Coettomod
ehile the Senator we a w fro hearo Hwe the
aftiers in barge first loaned of the captur
of Jettermon Davia, ~the a bief, twalve days be*
tfo sa The gold vu disposed of and the PrOAeM
deutt. 4tagge and papB were buried ina a o
*table on the plantest
MrW. H IMadoxg of ArehIr, in 1W90 tranirbed
talk with an saeatar of MVr ula*, wherein abe
piEtures the house and life of the planttiman
"It wss a two stoy bouase,1 he states, westha*
boarded and gable type roosf It faoed the eastu
had a ohluan at the north mad with a fire plaee
up satsi and also me down stairas


Illnatnu.. .. .Ltaa~a

AllhMI t

SITE Cottovood Plantation of Sanatr (Cotd4)
David Lo YIl"
BramaKS4 Theoe was a haUl ruling full legtbh of the
building up stairs as vel as dos statir,
The mai boy of the house apsisted of
eight ,a fwant poreh dow stairs fatU
ing eas The northvat roa wes the dtisag
roi* There we a kitoben built off frea
this roma with an qopm vpaoe between thU
kitoheA and the dining roaC* The house we
pnated white and had Cgroen bhttew at the
vindws, CA the vet and north of the house,
she &ayse "wvea the nigger* quarter, Ther"
wre two long liras of *bantisa, ahe does not
know how wayN '

light Inato Oblivion, by A*, HRaanma Ch. VI.
Aluahm Cmoy File ato the State Plawning
Board 306 Jeotk Blandinf, Ja#kBonvill#, Flotida.

SaMs Dwevls Mill M qlapp
LOCATXIOl Vie;Caity at GalDt&tile, Florid
1OWEI Reported to I JunAWor Chamber of Ocamer of
QaUi"vMill0 Floridat idho hasw pressed an
ultnat. an tati n to p erve as a natuwl
b-utcr SpotU
AnmfiD s GoAa rsvinle Florida

CLASSIfiATIOlP at1 al Phommanm
PERIODs Prehistovio
CO MDITIOI Apparwety good*
aSCRIPTIO The best deosript~ii of tUis ourioaity, rpbapo
is in the Florida "id* (Ametrisa Ouide oioas)
citd below, and weds as follow; "ThiP s t ao ntl
cIke othts in the vicinity, s orerat d ly the
saotio of a uni degsound stream. that weVkeMM
the liatstone vaabs ruatu~ sad Wauaid a cN"rvfe
The dals foe a tiinnall lhpe depr'esdioa rlping
to a depth of approea tately 100 I fet. Fourten
nal3l springs asoa.e does th* e Uides telling a
pool and drandtag, thr-th u~a ndeground outlet
Vio ,tey tfnsl d~ogvood# and magnol M grow in
profua-ont the r~i of the sink i swrronned vith
den stands of hard$wood*
MWARMB8 This aatr l vandew was called by a traveler (Webb)
at 1885 the Dwil4s Waspot, He stated The ploe
Is vloted t plea ure parties'. This regiw in
vistern Alohk Countys = was described br Jobn Lee
W llr nm about 18371 4 and befoe that by WiUUlm
BSrtm (1793), whoe lively description of what
is believed to be this aarTvl (and vbioh he ealls
the GQrat Sink), is quoted in Outlers Floridas
citedd below Nortwa in 1892I gwe this picture,
in parts 'Ote elde at theo (which bh stated
uas 150 ft de are o d with I1 .wb iant Tvege
Utioa and tfittW' Pwtne befk Stras the raI,
dg down into a pool at the bottom of the

lsahm ~R. Clam*

m i .... ..- -MAmmtU

SITB DWeil' Mill Hopper (QOataatmd)
happrw, vhoae level ha not OanhgdI atwially
aino the ont Wse bottled," Without doubt
this Drnl's M Hoppar is vusqi amg Asite
involving natural pbhmasa, s thb mst should
be adA of it, frh a ru tatrwtiSal ad touiaS4
point of viw* It rakes with btUt or national
wvcwidw avd is not mwely loeal, tf its appeaUl

Riatory of Florida tWr H G CttAlw, ChQioaggeNe
eYork The LeA Pub. Go# (19243), 1,4 pp* 3243.
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Te Federal Writew. PrGet (Amri deoan n id SeiaL )
p. 5,4.
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Anna Mara Fl~ d, ia's Oatse (193), p. 162.
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X~Yk w. S, Webb & 0o* t885), p. 24.
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3rd )w* d) lo u* Iri ai C *

Territor y of Florida, 1r Jobh L"ee Wmia s. i Nw
Ta@ij A. T*, God0 e h (18<7) pp* U148449

' ~L.. ..-. A-'-w~~r



Fort msuaIne1

MA NeatiElle



Histatoo L 7

Amriean Territoral 182W1s45$



a8uRIPTIO= s


On Septmber 3, 1836, acr B iunisa KI*
PinOe aseted a vagma of an pplia
and ammunition to tanaOvill* satx
toroed the garrison at Port Qlalod.
Qolonel Warr of Milar Pli esr a foram
1eft Fort llAn d end fought the battUl
of Sen Ftlawo hbaook mn BSptaber 17th#
Further rewrmaseh ill be weassMc y to establish
the xmet lortiaa cditu anmod owewuhip aa
this little k3iown srt ito, *Aioh, ut *a.
prosbailit ty u e a of the in sal flsuameat
teBporary fmorts eimnted durigW the ladian settl
iti.o* If properTy eBthetteatd it may prwe
Lipasrtant in amnetSiag other wrato and sites
in this vicinity*


Territorial Flasoda, John Lee WtlluS (1837),
P1 253*
=eaolr5 of n oria (RetWk), Franoit P. rlemIag
(1902), Vol. 1, p. 1 ,9


A'q AAA,4

1A.1 ,l.

~~iaa ..._ q-lSbr

GAllow PoM

Onb.half B il bm Als olh
nMrs DBohm of Orlando, nlotrd



Aimrlemn TriteswtU, 10821645


meas nTPXOl

SLXa* DUlt tht firLt She"fat oa lMe^
County (m) emeawt* wo ptisonms
hei, bhotnsag tban ro the Amb at a'n ok
tew on the bnkr at dt pwd ihi he b w
saloe bao ktnowm by the nam of Gallao Pale

RBAMRKSt Omanow ates the priitlve *qlpat and prow
secure of eaGty Tstsoieal

BRport of ms4r Js Do sa46SdfA, l n AUlbUr
County gau of the State P30ats ig s414
306 JWke Building, leoakmdUlX FIAlori





The a4il PlataticnA The O4d 2g l How nu
or Uhite Houw
About 20 aie northwest of QGinrtl
oan State Highwy U

Prwvatea a Mr,. Ri

GSinesirMlle, Flori14





Hiarboro Uomes and Plantatat
pited States Stat hood 184~ 1
CGtafederate Statehood, Ig6=6 5

loowr house yer7 dilapidated ad partly tora
d-ua anly tvo roma aow a m rining
0Q4 plantatCna establihed about 1~ 90 Jboh
Hdl as a hmstaed a aa taot of rgirlmly
1200 aores* The house ms built ofa log of
aomouI ait tWbm pWAtS b head Il a
labowr RtarkaBle ftor Ste es a5ts4la Reftge
of Judah P. BeaJa, 6Sgewtary O Sta"te or taB
aOfnteraorU K ileo on hi flight to foreip
tountates lan 1865* And part of the Jfttrwsa
Davis baggage twaia as oaptwued hereo t the
Federalsa, uade inxlastwUot~ e s the coaaa
iag Offler at Jeakeoa ilU Sa. rmies at
BBjawins flight are sUil in .adstam in
Gaineteillo and in the Sadtheonisn nlstit$aonua
Wad6ngtam, D. C. There il a Mbig matnal ltB
tmo la on this propswrty, about a mile fm
the house* An Wi amastXey on the plantation
my be msm*
A aotat~n in the fMie sited below stateut
There are three Haile PlantAtia in Alaehat
County, but tLis is the oaginaXl hoaosta*d, and the
one of aost historical vtlmeu'


Ucak~cr_.._.~. _. ~c~p~

SITe The ailell Plantahtia The (ld Leg oUse (0Q=t04)
or White House
REMAREKS Another Kmanapha,' iS deaSribed (AS the
ame file) by Jamae De QGlnt, Profeasor of
visto7r and Politieal Saieme at the Univarsity
of Florida* He witiesa "I rouenad that the
state take steps to protect frtw fir, if not
also require, lamapahaW PFlaatioa now in
poasesion of Mrse Evans (Maude Sle, ixr.
villea Floridas Houe is o the road
Gainemsvile to Arhar is an original antubaElli
house in the plain, roa bfeSotabloe meaner, low
0a-pi roatp Aid* oal 0 j01sabc*** Atbh maah haxM
o A.M .+.* Oumer s asawrlove the old place, but
I believe msuh places shoud be State property ,
They are a definite part of the oulture of the
State and the O(0 South, and represent a Spirtual
as well as tourist asset to the State1
So important seems this landiar that wa quote ftm
the historAi-aitesp-esareoreatio esofeSI of the
govera ent publioatia listed below as follow
"Old leg CabinO a a dIlapat*e nrat plantaticm
hone, and Indian mound as dharaeter tlo in their
vy as an old castle along the bhieS ****, wy be
an invaluable natural asset, a real as a hundred
square miles of forest, and more eomplete3 irreIpo
rable when lopt,0 The location of the third Haile
plantation is not know at this times Bowmever a
thorough research and reeCooon eashse as to all
aeems definitely advisable# to deteaine vtbih of
the three is most worthy of aquirmonte restoratioe
(ift eoeusary), and marAdngM
Plight Into Oblivionu by A Jo HIatnn Ri oPealm
Joha eo Publishing Capcqy (1938)Q Obh VI.
Aloahma Count File of the State Plantig Board&
306 Jenks Building, Ja*ksUnville Florida.
nap of Alaohfan Coumty, prepared by Florida StatS
Road Departeant AR cooperation Ath the Us 8
feparteunt of Agriesltwral Brneam of Publio Haada
(1936) *
Rereatioanal e of Leand in the United States8
Part XI of the Report n Land Plaxiu (lor 29)4
by the Nat19 Park Serviee, U. S. Govrt Prtg Offioe
Washington (19A38) Seo* 1,9 pP* 49, 53.



Whipping of Indiana at Kanapaha

Snspaha Sisk, vioiat7y of
Gainerville, Florida




American Territorials 182i4945


The site of tVhis piosed has beens of
by various iaes iL Spraguo# Desnmaals
Pond or Hitkcory Hloej Coaen wneaw th
Hog's Town Settle~Wnt' and at prBwsnt as
Pieram's Lakep silnei it is reported filled
with vatser


M1SCRIPTZ~e In Ototber of 18353 six TIiens caught off
their reseration stealing eatti w*
whipped hero and their Afles taken aW
fr thea bV Major Lo*Ar ly Williams and his
patrol The part was atteasld tb other
ndians and the firv rvetum~r Oae Zladia
was Iilled and another wounded; oe white man
morteall wecfauMd This w s oe of the irritat.
ing incidents preeding the oatbeek of the
Seminole Indian War*g T ggg ms in ***
oordance ~ith Territarial Law*

Authorities differ as to th date of this affairs
oN placing it on Ju=e 196 1835. The looaioa
is asiA to be as follows Tes adite southwest
of Gainesille oourthouse square to a blaak and
white danger e?4 with red lights then e efroe
to a railroad south of the highway folouwag a
dirt rod straight head six al or to Vhos
the road fctfak The left head MCD lads o
and o e half a*H to the arS



Illaahrrs .. ..~. Ga~dmett

Historical Milita"y

Ala"an .. .......1ant
SITEs Whipping of Indiani at Kmap"ho (Ca0t4A)
darrida War, bCr John To Sprattg i, NOW oarc
Applet=n (1848) p 87*
Burgess BbarH( (lC36)C Oh&, A
Florida, Its Histoiy And Its RBoMtpA v by Geeag
R. Fairboska (3rd rw *4t ashoo)* JakIe ap.
vUe1, Drw (39W04 po X95e
The Story of Wdly # WT# To Ch N Sew Tora)
Aa, Hist. Soo# (1938 o'e, 1, pp. 291, 294*
Setional Hap of Florid4, the fwlda Stt
spartment Of AgriaSte 4938)C

Alahun .QAmUan


Kig Paypm a Hoa ( iaiae cMr)



North part of Miowaa Florida, State Highrw 2
at Rochelle Road jatiotan.

In private hand



HiUtorio Hems
Second Spanish Ooaupadtio (178$~M2)

Slight vestiges remain mounmds seltseyidant

When the War of 1812 opened, that setion of the
Spanish territory of Florida called Alarhua wm in
poseessian of a band of Saminaole undr Ki1g Prpam*
He seeded the great ehief, Seooffee, tho, ti 1750
led several hundred tribemw frte Geoxgia to settle
near the present Mi~anoy Thry ere friends of the
Brittah enemes of the Ameriusas and SpaAthb4 %ea
of the principal episodes of this period was the
Patriot Revolution or Inastea designed to foreatall
Oooupation of the Spanish Qoloaar of Florida bl the
Britiah as a base of operation against the United
States. An outstanding feature of the Invloes vws
the ill.fated eiedition of Colona Dean oiel a
against these naraiIer in whieh Kig Payne Sho s-
historians aver, wa iaamted n a white bv h at set
his death, about Oot, 4 1#812 Aoooiute of the affair
created a sensation throughout the country, COoaeea
Newnan was proolaiaed a hero, and one of the nata*rt
ph M*a** (Payne^ Prairie) of Alaohua was named
for King Pqayne
The authorities eited relate c y to the history ot KMa
Payne and to the Nemuan espeditici and battle Nothbing
therein eontaiaed refers to the Kina Paae hme,
1hioh, evdently, rest entirely in traditllon
It in said that the aite is distinguiabed ly a!2ar
A~ ih are stppoaed to be the reasint af Elg Payae s
original roak howea


Alha .... ...I..d

SIMT* Rig Payne HoBa (cnutinumo)
History of Florida, ty Goge ,a" Fir babik
(3rd rev, Ed.Sohoiol) JaTleoatiXU. Drew (1904W
ch. ZX IIJ pp w18 94
Florida War, Iar Johna T Spra*ue Xw TQorik
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The Story of Florida r o, T# CaO Nrw to)t
Aan HisUt Sm** (1938) VoU -*, Mhap, 28 Vo*2 4
pp* 218-219
History of Florida, ty H, Go, OCutl CMbOg#o
Nev Torkj The Lou e Pub. Co. (1903) Val 1 Oht Ifl
The Florida Historical 8acsi*ty qtarwtw Ty ViU X4
pp. 135-155) ArU~ol entitleds *VnitWf St
Troopa in Spanish East Floriday, 2181 3i3 t7 To
Frseriak Davis,
Florida, A Quide to the Southerost Stata, try t
Federal Writers' Project (Aaerloan Guide Sorie)y
1939, p. 524.
History of JaokOatnvlle and Vioinity, ly T. FreGdela k
Davise St. Augutisti The ReTord Go. (1925) p,0 p*
listed by The Florida Hiet. Soakt.t, pp 29.*3
Trritory of Florida, by John Lee Wllitaa*
1Nw York* Goodrl0 h W37), p. 213*
Iep of Florida, ly J. Lee Wiuli4sa New S oar
Groane & Mokomat (1837)*
Memadir of Florida (Rerloi)# edited by F* PO
nlamig., Atlata; S*o Hist4 Aso*a (1902),T Vlg 1
ppo 120-M21*



UWPZ4m ;

MtsI ogs VwO and Tv
Vietaity of Nicanaoep Ploida
jist atth of the toums Stat highway #2
Not givml W a& )qw to D# A* Re

PitotMeil 3 0al
AMertm TerritaflA, 18234845
No inftowti= aepaat it qppews to be
&a atumi spring, Utifl fldat g

Woll and W"a us" as ao sens plawo b
Ueb Iansa alw o as a tneding point by a
M. Sdwardas &ith the adi&tem. BigseaW
appfis to be slang*y elenpdax.


(PleasM we *seteho)

1Vt*a~u.._.. ...._..8~irr

Alaahim ~ ._. a~~



Mitanosy MiitarS Post Man Battl




aesuad Spanr h 0etOpatio 1784L2M
Amiteaa twritornl, 182lJ M



tXaeopyf," e ys lMg, 'ws the ~*i At
Swaia le C1aptal, T~he Sito of the proswnt
village of Miote r we id nUfod with the
Int n fer t 1750 to the lo2s of the Plorid
War I 1S42. The s real hundred Sainlaes
wudw Seotfftee settled in the violat@y ihdteh
wae ruled sy povwfar l osheta, the last belog
Mteaiope calledd Pood 0Qor sad LegitiMate
head of the nattal), aftw idaa the toaw v
-am'0 Ezarly in the Sainols War, Mieowpy
besme an Itportant post. gardvionod tW v, Ba
troops emtiassed ar SxU throaghom th W.#w
ad two ooupanies of the 4t#h i~ater wten
tat ameod thet at the Med of hbostlitr i.
Three. of thu maor battles of the War wm
wn6 at or near Mioanopy, and thre hosa of
that st ggtle re brevtte for gallatry
and good eonduat or for distiangihed a rralie
in thase affuirsl )fat Jliuas eilBaman
aiusadd at the Battl oft Mioanoo, Jume 90
18 Lt, UW 8, 6 itAInd led in the Battle of
Wh arn Ma l wajor Bneras X, Prwa ina the
Batti of Fort Dawe, not hfr May, Augfst 11
1836. Feor amlsetu fron lenopry aW aatiual Maesasor ms perwpetrtedn There Is
nuthori+t tor the tatoeamt that th* road bo*
veea Miloanopy and mWiohta l sld all" #
wes the Iost fequented in flogdA prweef of
the standing of this Vilage and post in the
than priaitive road qOtem, and as a stratgkie
poaUt in vartfee*

Alaahni s... .mmfr
aItr MLeaopy M.Utar Peat and Battle (Oatlma4)
ZIBICIPTION O4 Fort Def se i is amtimne as part
of the post or oantaeut r o Mieanopy
and at m tnes the village as the suet
of Alaeha Counaty
RUIARSSg Few plaees in Florida it is believed, have
a richer beamgk od of SQd ain and Indian
hitoary than mb a ~ o "0hid rrmioap" xortott
Wr, "w tmax Mr of the L adian wae
vieh invroled the wtho Stat*o~ It vae Ohie
ianpmg, whao rired thoe first vitl in the
a r w a h. W e f .7d1 tfrIlUaa.A It d0.
s*em asxkngu as a ante b~stori M ite,
typical of the SIalae War#y Vwob the
Feodral egovammt aded in proaing to a

Histolr, e ~ndMad by aI G~ COutael, hieao g
rXw Yo1r. The LaM e P*. Co. (1923), rVla 1,
P0 330
Hstor7 of Florida, byr aGeo Re Fai* rans
(Ed a~r a eaho 0. JakWeanvrlsw Drw Co
oida war, IV John TO S pag TNw Doot
Appleton (1848), PPv 114226 49# 52p 80, 84, 90,
95 9r, 'eI XW.).
194, 2a9, 249, &Or, 380, 3 07, ;10<, Ms9, 330,
4? ~455p 4^ 4^S, $1*
4ri 5vda, A 5t14 too The SaoUthermost Stat y th
fredear VWriterw Project ( Aarioan Guide See),
452, 52$v
MU s norida (Pat 1a) t Wanton So Web New
Z & Wo 8a Webb & Co. (U0 4) P, 27.
nb f naoridat bYy Charlas L* NBrtc (3r d *d
rwr.) Naw late, Lmpoan, oQne & Go0 (1892), p.
eap of Forida, by yJ Lee WifUams. ew Xort,
Grrw & X earoan (1837).
Territeoy of Florida tby John Lee Willimaw New
lTak, A. T. Qoodrieh (137)p pp. 2209 221, 243, 246,
247, 252*
rPlhda Forts Establiaoed Prior to 1860, anogarua,
in Jaokntville (Flordda) Publio Liberasr Of. laebhui
ounm aeotios AlasI Of, History of Alaha CountMV
(iorida) by Buohls,
Hiatory f nForida (Rerik), edited by F P. Pet1inga
Atlantag 8o, S1at1 Asahi (1402), Vole 2, p. 325.

sITB Soas ~ at Motgeaa Mabaarmm
LOCATICOS Vitd ati of Mioanopy, Florida


PERtIOD Amerian Territovrial, 1822a 845
COMDITIOIr Aioal floridA amea.t erme.t ipot of
mammta o cannot be loomt-d
OaleR PTIcE Oan DOeember 280 1840, a party eaortiag .Mme
D* Maontgemery, frz MioanOpy to Westhooyt&
ea4.tis of L+t. Walter Shwosn Lt, Hopeao,
Sergeant Majo Car ll an tmb p vate ao the
7th lantty7, were attaskd aboout for miles
frm Mioaanowg tr a large part of Imdianam
led ty Rall *bTassemage, The aabuah oounreA
at a point OW res the huamoak of Lake Loedith
sklrted.the road. At Muaruts Point Lt RHopsa
retu3red for help. When he nrtumrd with it
OTVy number or the party had baI killed,
swalpd aM matilatU d the affair we a emntrib-
utiag uause of a tne wesolutioa on the part of
the government to bring the Seminae nd Xian War
(1i354m 2) to a cto"e. It esad two year

BSABRK3t Hianopy is a historiea pot of high rank.
Wafo"boota, too has a p*st vWirty of rea -aberanoem
The rMsAMrao, therofoar vhbih oocIrrWe betwea
the a points (both are showna o demn aps)
vas in vainrated territory. The whdoe regima
light wll be studied as the aete of a proposed
8tate owr Count park or wroraWtion area In uw
vrent#, t heroinm and amorit-iee diplay in
this affair, it emas, abould be aimaort tr
a durable mcaOment oat mark

AW&>*^ Ammlue

rsXTS sm of M ont gKoei.r 1 ue7 r (.aAi )
1iorld. Uarq b Jobhn T# Sprgei. Imw ?%k
D# Applton= & 0o* (1848), pp. 247, 250, 59
AaM garaelUy for frtqmcnt mmntio of Atlmaopw
The Stm8 of Florida bl W, T*, OuhQ* -rao*k#
The t4 Bito sof. (1938), VoTe I# pw 308.
Florida A GuOid to The Southzanwst State
Iy tbhe *trs. Write ProjOSt (Adrlaan d&te
Sgwt*)g 1939#, p 383, &a pooket map inside
bko oerawo

Aladr m ... 1 .. ...... ..... gn l

RVionanS ?ort
Vicinity of Wljad'r Florida


D* A R.



ietorieal MWilitey

Scoad Spanish OCe6paatio 17834821X
Site analoesd bt baeWd vire fteans No u*i
taoatioa given as" to mar raWMi4aM# bUt latter
doubtC u*, Sit e Maeds 4eemn g tpI neglect



*In 1812, there orcred what is kanow in history
as the Patriot Revoluton in Floridap" tih was
designed to forestall any attnpt of the Britah
to use Spantah territory as a base of operation.*
Perhaps the most senastional episode of the inv.
sion br the Amerlean foreea a the expedition of
Colanel Daiel Nvman of Georgia against the Saim
mnes of the AlaSh aa d Aitriot,* Lvirng the St.
Joahns o Septqabesr 18142, he and his troops
tsabering about ?17 muarehed Util on the moaaiog
of the fourth day ey nOounteed a body of
ZXdians uIner XJng Pynm and ~Bogas* In the
battle that f~olowd Payne aAd Y4 InUlas vre
killed. During the night that oSUowed Neuoan
erected a log and earth breastvork to protest his
force against the rIndans threateling the campS
Here the Aaerious were beasige about one week,
during nwoh of whieh thy were obliged to subsist
on horse maat After leaving the fort. Nwnevan
asn Saffered easgr f+naly lreaedhiSg
Camp New Hpe on t~he Sf, ao The apaign
covered in all about 18 d~ays
The site may be reached via State Wighwa g U14 ad
is about on=-half mile north of ite junotton with
the Windoa road, near the hcms of NMr A, J* Feaster+
the D, A. R, has ama eated the spot# but it is not
stated that a highway arker has been ermted* A
reonncisma e of the locality is suggeos~ d and it
no marker is showm, the atdision may be supplied l
the proper authority,


A.ihpnm .11fmmLr,


eIoan' Fort

Flori4da Its HjltOry a0 It$ cani ,
Qo0g9 L. Fairbaks (34 riv.r dh
Jaokaosille* Drew (1904), h. 27.
nl4orda ift1ioral SoOl&tr QBarwS Vol.. Z
P 335-s5, article anttetsd *Aited States
T 6oop to Spi 8pe h i t F .rida, 8ILn3a s
tr To r edlo k Davis

History of
wev Toerc

Florida, Eb 0G, CUatotry Qdo
The s Pub. Go (192, Vol. 1, Ohb 3.

Macoirp of Florida
Float Atlanta

Birtoay (18934933) Dasqhtwsm of The Amerioan
Bewluaon of Florida, oaqm ed tar CasPottt
on Putblioaant Jaokiw le Douglas Ptg Qe04
(1933)s p* 2s7*

Map of Florida, by J. Lee Wu iaams.*
Greece & MaGovrsU (1837)*

Now orks

(RUAL), edited bFr P*
So* HiRts Am*U (1902), Vol. 1,



About ~m arl morth of th pmeeat
towm of AlohUa

Var~cru private ownr






ialutorcal Villages ad BaUtesu
Second Spanisb OcoUpatbo, 17849821
AaerLoan Territorial,

Not stated

Neweanvilte" eys Flnudag, '"w an i*
portant advma post of the white fronrtwr
då the early dqay of *ttlSmont.*
*Ninaanvillneo Cash avers, "In the early
days, was the conty seat of AlAohua. and
the mosntipOrti tom in usentrL Roida)
aad it oaatJmed a s umh, with a brid bteak
t*o about 30 yeam-s A ooamtporu oitsun
of the t alitye anuto "hemm ad i o wam the
eosmnty ait ao Aaohtn County Vhe the county
eatondd tfrca the Gow ga Ilne to Tap*,
SaBed for Col, Danil Reuoao whoe m xpeditaln
agatnst the Sminltes in Setaber 1812, a
a atiotal ammseUt the L O ted
betwea this date and tth date of eaple ati
of the Bel2ay Road in 18f26, Tre3 ftra
Jaeckesville to T -alle*ha for awy yar*
ws by way of Gaerr's Ferr and Iaunnwrille
Idath was a post on the sta ge eaoh line
.onaavirrsto was a pla3 of imaprtanoe dtina
Inag th Seinole War (1835a.4a4), had a
Aaokad4o a fort$ a laad offa'e omad a log
fourthousem The historian of Alsohim Oounlt
asuwts that the building of the Bellany Road
asde NuBmnau ead that the *e*iang of the
dilwsayy caused its deeline and final death
It is matioed by writers of the 80sl and 904'
e saying "the oldest tomwn a"e Nemnan s ille
* and ioanofpy"

~_ ~ ~~~__...~..~artb~g

Alhm ..Q tr
SITa Nmvnauvlle, (Continued
DISCRIPTIONs Reset mps anit refrweae to it and reports
aex that only an old oasetery Wrsins an the
original site, Newuannrille, like ad StU
Joseph, is one of the ghost towam of Florids,
R MB&SRS The land around NieMUttn e uw easid to be
the meot paoturesque in the oomrtsr The altsg
tho~e ore, would wmr to be appropriately eanv .
amorated In the creation of a mlr pak or
iaproned ~ape matkd y tatblt or mannuent,
Restoreti4 of the leg curthouso would prow
serve in the best posIbl i mwner the greatest
hiatorieal ~n xftim of I34 N~nanwile
a frantier county seat, aad pet,
Handbook of Floridaa t Charale L, Sortca
(3rd ed. r *r.V. Noev YrO LCoPagmns, Greews &
0 Webbo r;irda (Part 1), #b U Mnt o bbA Xe
Yoi,#* W So Webb & OaqjW (1885), pp 24# 27*
F1P*da, A Guide to The Seatheraost Sat, ty
the Federal Writeor Project (amerloan OGide
Se.ri.), 1939# p 523) Notes This relates to
Alaohua (tou, Jwhh, profited fra the deoliae
and death of NewvanWrille.
Flatlda Its Hizatoy and Its Ramanoe, #y fGeorge
R, Fairbanks (3rd orw, ed, School)* Jacakiarille;
Drwm capau (1904), pp 184, 18
The Florida istorSoal 01So4et Quarterly, Voul
Ir, article Vr T, Frederick Davis entitled *United
States Troope in Spaniah East Florida,"
TerritLor of Florida. by J Lee I.llan*me. New
Yo*lk A* To Goodrigh ( 1837, ps 203a
History of Florda (ReatQ), edited by F. P1. F wi
ing. Atlsntaj So* 1ist Asr (1902), Voel.
p& 1893 Vy4 2, p. 325e
ristoy of Dual Count, P by P D, Gold, p 114
Trial Plant a Jasckoaille (Florida) newspapers
Noaheber 30a 44, original in posessiao of heir
of the late Lo N, BO Bigelow, Jackaonville,

A1*ha -. .Q anit.

SITMe eimnarrille (oontlnuad)

Florida Historioal Sotty Quartewly Vol*
Ut4 articles entled "The first aberioan
Read in Flortd4 Paperx MSlat7a to The
uTorey anXd oawrtrutio of the PsLausoo U
St. Augpsatine HighW14Y'9 Of oespeglia3y ap
habovig NewmanuriUti
Map of Florida bty J, Lee WUlias. low Yor*c,
OGine & MQotwMan (=7) *
History of FImorida by W T, o Cah* New YoXks
akE HiEt. Soaoety 11938), Tol. 2g oh. 20
Rito17r of Floridas by H 0o, Oautler Qkdtago o
New XoSrk Lmis Pub, Qo (192), Voa. 1, P. 1U3
Sectional Map of riodas, 1ua ly DWpartbum
of Agriculture (1938) C f* for the hiatorioal
date on Fowmati= of Countise a&d Changes in
Their Bowndarleb ly Zeams
Alashui County file of the State Plaaibg
Baxcd, 306 J:sca BDldlHng, Jacomntvlle,* f*.
earpandesp eao of orh, J* D#, )eFaddn, Alsobaft


Mtanhmi t ... a. .rl.aate

SITEs Indian 2ound (2), visnaity of icSanopy
AREAS Nt Rotated
TPE W SITE* Iadian Mounds
LOCAIZONs Near the hietorke ate and ren4wls of
Kaig PayntBs atne haw east of Suate
HigNwa #0 between Mianooq and Roelle.
WReB Skeported to be Mrs WKker
8BTXI sot Stateds A0JIAQZ* Met srtated
S3CRXIPTIOB Two large ~Lm4a i obI s are rport*d to edst
at or near the sate and raiaLn of King Paypet
satne house or hae of the period of the War at
XS12 14 itag Pay" w killAd na a battle with
Colonel Dandel Namnu troops in that year,
Two I*Man gravea, aleU are l 4id to be in thin
Iu. axll ae v*iqh is omprised In the RoaOe E,
Qamt grant. and owed lay a Mrs Wickerp hbo
lvee ca the property#
00DITIs Not stated
W2AREKS The authorities, aLtod below, except an, relate
only to Indians and Indan nCme da generally i
florida and in the Alaohna region # LIterature
dealing with the present AlaMa tounmty seem
to make no referece to IndIan mounde within it
Uitns, but there is reasac to believe, based a
the bjtoined bibliograpVhy that the sitess iv
dioated in this sketch mq eoantain informative
material to be added to the stoek of kaoledge
relating to Florida's past* Oaah, the vel4ZU nus
hieto~ria states in a chapter a the earlier
inhPk tan.-t *Onae cannot be too dogmatio in =sow
Iag statements oeoaexM ng the Indians of Floriia,
There is mAch work r eainin for the pick and
ahOrel of the arhaeolrgist,"

Witheet's otes, unpuIblshed msanurript of State
Planinag Board4 306 Jenks Building, Jackaonyilloe
seac. 1 pe xV*


aBtsm Nlan mounda (2) vicini ty olt oioBAE p (Cmt* BIBLIUGRAPfX ARD MAP REBSIiS

Biatory of Florids ly H QGO OCutler* Chicago <
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The Story of Florida, by WU To Cahe Noev tYoe
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the Fedeatl Writra# Projeot (Ameritan GQuda
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R. Fafrbsmk. (3rA r Qdplemhool), JTowc*l.Um

aDrw aoupdrom r Ltter of Mrs J D
Mahiropos l of M RiA Utka ed by s P oun F-*
Py6araigo Atlantat The So* flit*t A=4* (1902)0
VOl or pp#, 54^ 5
Aladbum COlmy ylU of The Stete Planniag Brdp
306 Jhoks Buildimg. Jao mlc ootGorle r* ooz76spcaxdl a
and 80mwm v ate Zt ni Of. Lettari of Mrs* J D*
Authropolcgy of lorida t o' A# HyriCilolea sonian
Iistitutitim. D4mad, Frida, The Floria State
Biatorioal sooiet (192a) 4 pp?57 A t sq.


l n M .. ....-
SIToE Indian oundse, northern Alachua
mBaS Not stated
TIPS C SU Indian imoands
LOCATIOJ a At Barber Ldes and elsewhere north=
part of Alaohm CoUnty
OWAERs Not known
alas 1 nkrowan A AOM Uamm
SCRMIPTQZi An Indian Mound at Ba*b Lake, Other
mounm d in the nort~erx seeton of AlU@hu
e unWty are reported, but loattia m
tnot gtaene
00mITZIB sNot repote
BMARK8t The authorities oited below, except one, relate
oly two IndiSans axd Indian mowzde genxexUS
iAn Iorta and in the Alaeohua regonS* LiteatuM
4mlng with the prew~ t Alcts e Ounty ease
to make no reterewee to Xidain aexnds wSthin its
i jlts, but there is reason to believe based an
the subjoined bibUlograph that the sites iw
dieated in this lketoh ay contain informatve
material to be added to the stock of knowrledge
relating to Florida's pait, Cash, the wellAnoi
hi torianl states in a chapter on the earnest
inhabitants *On~ eammot be too ogeatio in I an e
iag statAemnts ooSerOdMg the Indians of Florida.
there is uneh work rawaing for the piek and
aborel of the arehaeologiset
Withee's Notes putblished mausript of State
Plsaning Board, J6 nake Buiing, Jacksoville,
See, Is p+ XVI


lanknL.u nmratn
SITE; 7mIndian romds (2), #viciity of Hioaniop (O4abtd)

Bifstoy of Floridaf Vy He Go CUtleas ChiCago *
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306 JTeks Buildingx Jackeonyille Correapondeoce
and eouree material Of* Letters of M~fr J D.
Anthropology of Maorit d y A, Hfa*dioh Saifthaoniaa
Instituirttn DeLa.4 FLnd, gy The Florida Steta
Historical Society (1922)a. COf pp' 57 et sqi


SIT$E M&losM of Sea nadlSo

LOcATIOI Appormftea ca the site at

PVDAP R .r t 3peth OpagEtsi 1565474
OVT To bW 1tSae ted
aoRPIOaNI O Lwba t a spmbi at Spanih a51at *estbs6h*d
tar FuraiMn ft rsaw after 16A33 betwsm St# Auwust3a
a Apalashe (rou gL U, toe Tallh8as Vegi4)4
ViiAted tr BisWh A wo at Cuba is 1674,75*
Thee aisauls orm thoer site, a" mamriale to
the se"l, fheom eM ialtlhness of thee early
agauit of the OChuraa
s5ARKSs Diffwerenas w iat as to the Uoatoa, A oitlsa of
Alaohu Counmty places it nuwr Fort Barl, Dr*
xaie 4e, aen thor of the wo* c ite, rile te
t as a"bOne stabtid
nrlia Hi tft rloa Qutrtwly, Vol. 17, of Qa wrlil
1939 25p *2 rSt ioa St I in i71
Mpalbeif oni Is Pin F s oeampiled Iy WPA
Wrxltofr ProJct (1940), ap aot 1683.

AAl"ni -- 11 -laonate


About adgt al* north f OtaLH
"ino*, TiftOl






SpezaDh Misoae
fPrat Speatih Oaeaqp&a 1564763
So atLgpes ae odd to iremnl




Qe of a anobe of Spniadh biat1eams .r
taU3mushd Iy rnmeSia n friars ettw 633
betmwem St.o AtguetjimJ d Apit* (roughly
the Teahlihase re 4 dO1led by Gaol4er,
it vraitong aldop of 0Ctba "bh* p4eOpOX
lmiai.s at lthisl provincet (0TenuuS it ito weit*
*4 iLth having givue its Ba to the Smat Fe Rive
mod Liekt Deagvoyd by Jsam Moose or OCarel na La
Diffxeraem a t t o to He loa*tio A tUweM ot
Alahoae County pSlas it In "mighbsoaoo. of Droacew
an Seita Ie averw,' taliE L to Bsato o wOlhih side
it the north, it wold be in Bradfard Cour, a
that rivor is th4 county liAe Cohi*B'1 amp Cof 216
(fl his SNotNlee of ?1orWSda piefto S, 1 T aorth of this trta* D0r. r Bcfrt author oa
*tho oA it.4d state it is about Aight mles north
atof 0 iaesiUe
Florid Hitarcial Qurterly, Vol* 17, lt 40
&prU4 19390 pp 255# 290 'HIO"
n5& 1 ly Ma tio Bqtd*
oriFS A t to The So-themset States Vt
h oe teraul Writrw' Pnrogjst (Amereloa Guide ,
19p3 pp 386 4369, s*


AM&UK __ -O,,iah

Saoo Fe mleaLa

stEg Pnd

About 5 miU saartw at of igh SpriDags nMas
laturai BVi1dg
Wro an0d Hl*i LOMte Zaungbo
Probably Alaans



R- ems

ultsrel pOhmr-mu of bhitoto intlast
JAs debas4OWd

A laftp pMod vith preeipito xo o eek ledge*
y hug ve oak trwe hanogig with
8panie uosr s*o alla*d btunaa atapgeoseb aboxt
1824 plameg ovwr the d4atvity, the haorws wo
drowned# Site wat fr* ova wod bty 8taon DgolU ft
tfirt shoeif of AA oha CouDty, The prenat onWr
ito his maddauAghtwp
Pow rMadersra oft smt. oaod h da4ye rmmi*. The
tavwmn ha. aloBst disppesW4, th oashses thuw
vra$ acr not to be Wnam seedpt in uaumB I hb"
oay attfAtive at bri +A* "thoeb raamntl tiab
to the attenroe of c $oatepw4rsi, ao has hiatori
vlr amd snliifaifte.


:" ,art ow #. Do M "nadde, a Alaa Cotunty
fti of the Stak ptaming Bcardo 306 aStkas Bldge,
JtaoWnvillo nl"OidAi

F .rE -W -1 ,4ItWHMW


Old lw ir oad


Lk* 0 Cty to MOd aono (na Camp
tp thme to 014Old wmanarill
nar the present Alabhamr




Tralls Wa*t Higayr
Ter'dtoarl1 182B4W4




Pat said to beo oand for or arkatd ly
Sttet FowStry Serviet

An earl. road ut about 1826 frte Lake City
(thn Aigator) to 014 Loa (the oitprth of a
nlittas7 OWp raw cmp o0Lo)r ad th*ena to.
wtrd C04 Ne u ar ille, roaming tho Santa Pe
River or Natural Bridgos aslog pa of 024 Spanish
Trail od ftaoing a jMnUticU with tea 014 BUllVW
Tran at e a natural @avity oatlm d thse *D"ilts
Walh PotW* Travul frwn Jaokaawille and Alligator.
Called *Mir' besausa it patrllesd an historto
telograph liaIM
Ptai doeantation is 3lmakg, but th site to vwaohs
ed for t1 a good aitdise of A1aebua Countr'y Part of
the rglan travyeaed Is plotureagq and tflla within
the 600 aera OqLme State Fofwet wad Camp, This resd
samOets northern part Ot 0oamty vith tba Fora t atd

a 1port of a* 3. J Do HOreaddRea I
ft1A at the State Plraniag BoaWr,
Jalk4arict llll tirdal*
Usitoxy of Owal Comirnt bt P D,

Alaohwa coun
306 JZak BuldIfg

Gold, p. 1U4

alhm flauy



SITBs QMd ire Road (Oant1.asW)

wropial Plant (amrpQper), Jeakaaovilloe
E S turdyt sovabw 310, i 491
original in poe&suiaaR of hir atof the
2aU 1U E. BigeLlov Jaakasmvlle, loaida
Webb'* florida4 wt uanton S wVbba Now larkl
Wo So VWbb & Co. (o188Z) p 40
sw Sctioa Ma of the Euateen S ather
Portion of the F ioomed tW hrt a
Dep~tasit at the Xo Sourtberna r Co.
(188 )*