The Torchlight (published by the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa), 1936


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The Torchlight (published by the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa), 1936
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The staff of the Torchlight for the time dis-
regards precedent by dedicating this issue, not to a single
individual, but to the entire graduating group of Seniors
of Kappa Phi Kappa. True it is that the life of any or-
ganization is due to the inspirational leadership of its
head; but iow much more true it is to say that the real
vitality of an institution is provided by the mass of
its constituents acting together. So in reiteration we
dedicate this issue to you who byyur outstanding work
individually and collectively, and your excellent coopera-
tion as a group have proved to be a composite group of
leaders in Kappa Phi Kappa and for the cause o education in
general. Your presence in Kappa Phi Kappa is itself indi-
cative of the respect in which you are held by your col-
leagues -- those who know you best and are better able to
judge you.

These last four years of ardent endeavor are at
last about to reach a culminating point in graduation. Your
work in behalf of education has already found partial
expression by reason of your extensive preparation for
a threshold from which you may view a vast sea of oppor-
tunity awaiting you. Your greatest work and your most
challenging responsibility lies ahead; you come now to the
actual testing ground of your several years of preparation
In this new position of newly acquired responsibility and
duty, this staff -- speaking also the sentiment of your
brothers -- wishes each of you the very best of luck and
good fortune for all the time to come.

- The Staff

Pap TORII~l Pae




Published three times a year during the months of
December, February, and May by the Alpha Lambda Chapter
of Kappa Phi Kappa, national professional education


Editor-in-chief ..
Managing Editor ..
Circulation Manager
Make-up Editor. .

Chas. W. Dudley, Jr.
Keith Grigsby
Byron Harless
Dwight M. Allen

We make acknowledgement to Brother James
R. Huffman for the mimeographing
of this issue.



Cover Page .. W.E. Barker .
Dedication The Staff .
Staff Page ... .
Editorial ... The Editor. .
Campus Activities. .. Julian Williams .
President's Message. Russell Miller. .
Report on Election George Bentley. .
Prospects for Kappa Phi Kappa. Edward Nolan. .
Graduate Students. .
New Members ... . .


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With this issue, the Torchlight comes under the
editorship of a new staff which takes this medium to pledge
itself to the continuation of an administration of the pro-
gressive and helpful editorial policy established in the
past. In general, our goal is the attainment of the excel-
lence which has so well marked the work of the preceding
staff; specifically, we shall diligently strive to carry
out the originally intended purpose of the Torchlight by
making it the medium of exchange of thought'~te7en the
alumni and the student members. IT wpods that have become
trite but which nevertheless need continued emphasis, we
call your attention to the fact that this paper as a dy-
namic force can exist only through the continued support
and cooperation of all members of Kappa Phi Kappa. Therefore,
we invite communication from everyone of you; we welcome
your letters and any articles which you may deem of sufficient
interest to warrant the attention of the fraternity as a
whole. Do not fail us in this respect, for on such help and
cooperation depends the success, not only of the Torchlight,
but of the entire Alpha Lambda Chapter.

In this issue we take note of the fact that simul-
taneous with the delivery of this Torchlight, a new corps
of officers takes over the administration of the Alpha
Lambda Chapter. Included herewith is an enlightening
letter of response from our newly-elected president and
also a complete report of the entire election -- both art-
icles should prove of material interest to all members.
We are reminded that the Chapter will miss quite a few of
its senior members through graduation; but we confidently
rely on the ability of the now staff of officers and the
remaining members to carry on in the some splendid, pro-
gressive manner which i Ccs characterized the Alpha Lambda
Chapter from its beginning. Again, we think it not amiss
to lay further stress on the vital importance of cooperation
on the part of every member to insure a better organization.
The year just ahead offers prospects for new accomplishments -
many avenues are open; so may each of you respond nobly in
making this year the most outstanding ih Alpha Lambda history.

- f The Editor

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Achievements of Kappa Phi Kappa Members
During the Current Year

Walter E. Barker, immediate past president, Pete
Tully, James Bryant, and Bill Chambers were elected to Blue
Key, leadership fraternity, for outstanding leadership and

Victor C. Grandoff and Patterson B. Land were
elected to Phi Kappa Phi,honorary scholastic society, for
outstamning achievement in academic work.

Kappa Delta Pi has honored four Kappa Phi Kappans
with election to membership. They are: Edward Nolan,
George Bentley, Russell Miller, and Charles McGlon. George
was elected president of that organization for the term

Dean James W. Norman, co-founder of Alpha Lambda
Chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa, and Dean of the College of
Education, was elected district governor of Kiwanis Inter-

Two young historians have come into prominence
recently. George Bentley was awarded the Haisley-Lynch
medal for his essay in American History. Russell Miller
received the James Miller Leake medal, also for an essay in
American History.

Los Picaros recently initiated into membership
Charles A. McGlon and Julian L. Williams.

J. Keith Grigsby was elected to the Executive
Council for the term 1936-37 in the spring election of the
student body. His political ability is further attested to
by his recent appointment to the chairmanship of the Demo-
cratic League.

Julian L. Williams was elected as representative
of the College of Education on the Honor Court for the term

George Anderson was elected secretary-treasurer
of the Student Athletic Council without opposition. George
also received a letter for boxing, being one of the Gator's
best fighters.

-- Julian L. Williams

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Paxe 1h




May 21, 1936

Dear Brothers:

"The purpose of Kappa Phi Kappa is to promote
the cause of education and to encourage men of recognized
ability to engage in a study of its principles problems, and
possibilities. The fraternity has the further purpose of
fostering, among its members, social intercourse, scholastic
achievements, educational ideals, and a professional spirit."

This quotation is undoubtedly familiar to us all;
but how many of us know what it really means, and what steps
are being attempted in carrying out utis program? My en-
deavor as president of Kappa Phi Kappa will be to stress
the practical accomplishment of this splendid program out -
lined for us.

There is no need to enumerate all of the past
accomplishments of the fraternity -- suffice to say that they
are numerous, and most of them familiar to us all. And in
enumerating same of the things which the fraternity plans to
accomplish in the future we appreciate the foundatior~hich you
of the alumni have laid for us.

Despite the sharp decrease in campus membership
anticipated next year, it is the sincere hope of the frater*
nity that a good many, if not all of the following points
in what we consider a progressive and practical program
may be carried outt A large and efficient delegation of
Alpha Lambda men at the National Convention in Birmingham
next fall; practical and constructive projects to be carried
out by pledges; the maintenance of the scholarship idea pro*
mulgated by one of our members; consideration of the founding
of a state graduate or alumni chapter of Kappa Phi Kappa;
and, possibly, the establishment of a campus Champter with
local requirements only.

Many of these plans, a few of these plans, or none
of these plans may find approval in the Chapter. The fate
of these projects depends not only on those of us here on the
campus, but also on you out in the field. So let's work
cooperatively for a bigger and better Alpha Lambda Chapter
of Kappa Phi Kappa.
Fraternally yours,

Ruaell E r,


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Paee 5

Report on Recent Kappa Phi Kappa Election

George R. Bentley

Capable leadership is an essential factor in
the success of any organization. The Alpha Lambda Chapter
of Kappa Phi Kappa has always remembered this when electing
officers; and has, consequently, always chosen outstand-
ing men in the Society and in the College for its leaders.
The Chapter looks with pride upon the achievements of
Brother Walter E. Barker and his fellow officers whose terms
of office in the Chapter have recently expired.

Moreover, we members of Alpha Lambda Chapter an-
ticipate great success for the Chapter under the leadership
of the brothers elected to office during the meeting of
April 26, 1956. The president chosen by the Chaptter
at that time is Brother Russell E. Miller of Babson Park,
one of the standing juniors in the College of Education
and a chapter leader in every sense of the term. The new
president has served as recording secretary of the Chapter;
he has contributed willingly and ably to every project of
the Chapter, and he has worked diligently on the last several
numbers of the Torchlight.

The officers chosen to serve with President Mills
are as follows:

Vice-President *. Julian L. Williams
Treasurer ., George R. Bentley
Recording Sect'y George Anderson
(Crystal River)
Corresponding Sect'y Edward F. Nolan
Faculty Adviser. Dr. J. Hooper Wise

It may be noticed that we have this year elected
a vice-president instead of a first vice-president and a
second vice-president. The change was made by an amend-
ment to our constitution whereby the two former offices
were combined into the present one. The same amendment
provides that the vice-president shall act as pledge guide
and as librarian, besides taking the place of the president
when necessary. It is readily seen that Brother Williams
has a responsible office.

Once again, let us express our appreciation to
our former leaders, and pledge our support to President
Miller and his colleagues in their administration of the
affairs of our Chapter.

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A Future Outlook for Kappa Phi Kappa

Edward F. Nolan

The Alpha Lambda Chapter will be seriously
handicapped next year through the loss of many graduating
seniors this sc:mstr. T.hough tne membership will be small,
it will be most e:eorget:_c :r:d a:n-eratd ir. the d-vp.ncement
of the Ch.p"'.or,,

Al. "azy, pans are being for gr.-r.ter effic-
iency and ..c:-di:.o~tron .,.r Tlhe f'aterrity. Uoc.n The recem-
mendat-jor. -:) ';:. }n:o'n:t;.ve Co';n.l the oc,:.r;.. c 't,, has been
"revi~rd''r", e.'ai offices i-r!:: b.en cc:.;jinred. The
resuL. h...3 bcn .r :1;1:..llar body of'~,ss .. it m-ore con-
cent rccc. authority President R.E. Miller heading
this group it is hoped that much will be accomplished next

If a plan before the Chapter be adopted, greater
attendance may be expected at its meetings. It has been
suggested that regulations concerning absences be made
stricter. It is not anticipated that such rules will place
a burden upon anyone but that greater interest in fraternity
matters will be developed as a result of them.

The Torchlight also has a bright year before it.
In the capable tnLds of the now editor it cannot fail to
improve withh each issue and to become a better organ for
the expression of fraternity sentiment and thought.

New Members

John L. Southwell of the class of '37 is a native
of Arabi, Georgie.. He is a graduate of Blountstown High School,
Blountstown, Florida. He entered the University of Florida in
February, 1932, as a candidate for the B.A.E6 degree. Because
he has to work his way through, John is late in graduating.
He will finish in February.

'-iver Emerson "Pete" Tully of this year's
graduating class was only recently initiated, after being
pledge for'about a year. Ranking high in the qualities of
leadership, scholarship, and service, "Pete" was honored by
election to Flo:rida Blue Key Society, As an undergraduate
he has served the College of Education on the Executive Council.
He is the past pres dent of Peabody Club and was president during
the present year of Theta Chi social fraternity. An exceptional
R.O.T.C. student, he was elected to membership in the"Sabres".
"Pete" is a native of Tallahassee where he attended Leon High School,

(More thumb-nail sketches appear on Pages 10 and 11)

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Graduating Seniors of Kappa Phi Kappa

BARKER, WALTER Et B.A.E.: "B" student; member of Kappa
Delta Pi; Peabody l6ub; Florida Blue Key; rep-
resentative on Honor Court and Executive Council;
advanced R.O.T.C.; President of Kappa Phi Kappa;
holder of County Teacher's Scholarship; certified
to teach English, French, and mathematics.

BENSON, HERBERT Je. B.S.B.A.; now working on M.A.; "B"-
average; certified to teach commercial subjects.

BENSON, ROBERT R.t B.A.E.; "B-" student; certified in
history; social studies, HP1, English. Taught
English, history, and physical education at C.C.C.
in summer of 1954. Has been active on campus as a
member of the band,

BLOIS, WILLIAM F., Jr.: B.A.E.; "B-" average; member of
Peabody Club, Theta Kappa Nu social fraternity,
Florida Players, Order of the Palms; Editor of
Florida Review; holder of Teacher's Scholarship;
certified in English and Frenchi

FLETCHER, MAURICE: B.A.E.; "B-" student; holder of
Teacher's Scholarship; certified to teach history,
social sciences, chemistry, biology, physics,
general science, and English. Active on business
staff of one campus publication.

GRANDOFF, VICTOR C.: B.A.E.; "B" student; member of Phi
Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Los Picaros; certified
to teach Spanish, French, English, and elementary
subjects. Has been active in literary and language

HAIMOWITZ, HERBERT: B.S.B.A.; "B-" student; certified at
end of summer to teach commercial subjects.

HUFAFEN, J.R.: L.I.; "B" student; student assistant in
education; certified to teach social studies,
commercial subjects, and elementary work. Served
three years as principal of McCall School. Has
been active in athletics as a boxer.

HUNT, JAMES B.; B.A.E.; "B" and "C" student; held county
Teacher's Scholarship; student assistant in tests
and measurements; vice-president of Kappa Phi Kappa;
certified to teach English, social studies, history.
His unit, "The Foreigner in America", published in
a bulletin by The International Relations Committee
of the National Council of Teachers of English.

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KILBY, JOHN D.. B.S.E. (Florida, 1934); M.S. (1936); "B-"
student; member of Phi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi;
assistant in general natural science; graduate
assistant in biology; held'couty teachers scholar-
ship; certified in zoology, botany, mathematics,
general science; elementary subjects.

KITCHENS, BOZE HI, B.A.E*(Florida, 1935); M.A. (1936);
"A" and "B" student; holder of University of
Florida Graduate Scholarship, 1936; member of Kappa
Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Los Picaros; certified
to teach English and Spanish.

LAND, PATTERSON B.: B.A.E.; "B plus" student; member of
Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi;
student assistant-in mathematics; certified to
teach mathematics, English, botany, chemistry,
physics, general science; received lette-r in wrest-

LOCKLIN, BURTON L.: B.A.E.; "B2 average; held teachers
scholarship; certified to teach history, English,
civics, sociology, speech psychology, and
elementary siubjccts.

LUCAS, ROBERT: B.A.E.; "B plus" student; member of Glee
Club; Kappa Delta Pi; to be certified in mathematics,
biology, physics, chemistry, and general science.

MoGLON, CHARLES A.: B.A.E.: "B" student; member of Kappa
Delti?,.Los Ploaros; Florida Players; student assis-
tant in C-3; English; certified in English, Spanish,
Speech, biology, and elementary subjects,
MORRISON, MATIHE E.: B.A.E.: "A" and "B" student; to be
certified in general science, biology, sociology,
mathematics, and elementary subjocts."

SHEELY, LORAN L.: B.A.E.: "B" student; to be certified to
teach social studies, English, and elementary
subjects. Secretary to assistant dean of the 01l-
lege of Education.

TULLY, GLOVER EL: B.S.E.: "C plus"'average; to be certified
in social studies; English, and general science.
Member off executive Council of Study Body; Florida
Blue Key; President of Theta Chi Social Fraternity;
R.O.T.C. student.

VICKERY, RAYMOND F: BA.E.i "B" student; treasurer of'Kappa
Phi Kappa; Peabody Club; certified in English,
Social Studies, and commercial subjects.

WINTON, MELBORNE L., B.S.E.; plus" student; holder of
teachers scholarship. To be certified in physics,
chemistry, mathematics, biology, general science.

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Page 10 TORCHLIGHT PPage 10

New Members
Kappa Phi Kappa feels hat it has in these twelve
men a fine representation of the college, and, judging from
their good records, they will function as very efficient
members of the organization, and will be a credit to it.

Cyrus E. Anderson of the class of '34 was only
recently initiated after being pledged for two years. Since
his graduation "Cy" has been teaching commercial subjects and
social studies in Andrew Jackson High School in Jacksonville,
and has been unable to be present at any of the several sub-
sequent initiations. Ho is an all-round fellow, genial, and
witty. While an undergraduate he was president of Peabody
Club, and in that office he helped to formulate a platform
for the club. He /also helped to win the Intersociety Debate
Cup for Peabody Club. His active interest in athletics has
led him to his present extra-curricular position of business
manager of the Jackson Athletic Association. "Cy" received
most of his earlier education in Macksonville, and is a gradu-
ate of Robert E. Lee High School.

Dwight Moody Allen of the class of '37 is a native
of Dallas, Texas. He received his high school education in
Gulfport and Long Beach, Mississippi; He entered the UniQ
versity of Florida in February, 1934, as a candidate for
the B.A.E. degree. His activity in Baptist Student work is
to be noted. He lives in Gainesville with his parents.

John Thomas Allen of the class of 138 is also
a native of Dallas, Texas. He is a younger brother of Dwight
Moody. He received his high school education in Long Beach,
Mississippi. Ho entered the University of Florida in
September, 1934, as a candidate for the B.A.E. degree.
He was the winner of the Frcshman Declamation Contest in
1955. fe is also active in Baptist Student work. He makes
his home with his parents in Gainosville.

Garner B. Anchors, Jr.,of the class of 134 is
doing graduate work at the University of Florida. A
native of Niceville, Florida, he received all except the
last year of his education in his home town. In 1929 he
was graduated from Robert E. Lee Nigh School in Jackson-
ville, and the following fall he entered the University of
Florida as a candidate for the B.S. degree. As an under-
graduate Garner was active in Alpha Phi Omega, national
honorary scout fraternity, in the Y.M.C.A., and the Farr
Literary Society. He is associated with his father in the
construction business in Gainesville.

Page 11 TORCHLIGHT Page 11

Herbert J. Benson is doing graduate work,'having
entered the Univorsity of Florida in September, 1936, as a
candidate for the M.A. degree. A native of Duluth, Minnesota,
he received his earlier education in his hometown. He is
a graduate of Duluth Central High School. He holds the B.S.
degree in Business from the University of Minnesota. He is
a "B minus" student and is certified to teach commercial
subjects. He resides in Orlando.

Charles VT. Dudley, Jr., of the class of 'p8, is
a native of Jacksonvillh. He is a graduate of the Robert
E. Lee High School. Ho ent-red the University of Florida in
September, 193l., as a candidate for the B-A.E. degree. He is
the present editor of the TorchligA.t. ?ic home address is

Joseph Keith Grigsby of the class of '38 is a
nativeof Sullivan, Illinois. Hc is a graduate of the Sullivan
Township High School. He attended the University of Illinois
for one year (1926-27). He entered the University of Florida
in June, 1954, as a candidate for the B.A.E. degree. He is
a member of Delta Siga. Phi social fraternity. He has
served on the Summer Term Honor Court and on the Executive
Council He is secretary-treasurer of Peabody Club. He
is also chairman of the Democratic League. His present home
address is Orlando.

Byron B. Harless of the class of t38, is a
native of Victoria, Virginia. He is a graduate of New
Smyrna High School. He entered the University of Florida in
September, 1954, as a candidate for the B.A.E. degree. He
was high point man in the Indpendent League in Intramurals
for this year. He makes his home in Ginesville with his parents.

Robert J. Lucas of the class of '36 is a native
of Santa Claus, Indiania. He attended Vero Beach High
School, Vero Beach, Florida for three years. He is a graduate
of Jefferson High School, Lafayette, Indiana. He attended
Purdue University for three years (1932 -35). He entered the
University of Florida in September, 1955, as a candidate for
the B.A.E. degree. He is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and has had
several committee appointments for that organization as
well as for Kappa Phi Kappa. He is active in church work.
His home address is Miami.

Burton L. Locklin of the class of 536 is a
native of Milton, Florida. He is a graduate of Baker County
High School. Holder of a County Teacher Scholarship; he
entered the University of Florida in September, 1932, as a
candidate for the B.A.E. degree. He has served as a member of
the Honor Court from the College of Education. At present he
resides in Gaihesville.