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Typescript for a Homecoming performance entitled "Announcement" regarding a fictional College of Law course, University of Florida John Marshall Bar Association (5 pages)
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Law students -- Florida -- History
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville

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By tiit of the faulty of the CGelo g of Let a a ar s o.
has ben added to the wwi rr~es I ilU be sled as I 69~,.0t
ad titled, *tI Omntrats, Trs and cOraM f aridisiaris ad
slidsI Jms or a m be nre d to I its shert Ute, Lrl'- TtoM .p.- B4
4 *' "-JeaM. it will tbe an a O OMIs at the & a of the apex and will
be ope to a selet ftw students enoy. Its objetive, bltefly, wll
be to synthesis. Tm class will bto eqs ed to woik sat tr te mnd
f tme semester hat it is tha's lbasn prsthessised. p efiin will
be isuled in the arts of to a Ime L- pClsnrl s-perate vUils,
-itic fietim*, during rapmePnts against pV1611 pe etoPying
quashtiag, sportatin, eatffing ad e sIIrMs -lme.z at Ibis
wiu be ampsed to be an catti osurs and stdts will be aqpeted
to have watered Lovrne o Mask kte, iar's oditi of Kbttl4sm ona
E idensa, ds on Zleo m 8.0., nd the Jeass* 08assi, oPm TW1O lr
ond and Walk With Me Over the Wlatrs.o
Oraes for thin sus will be bsed in part an elasrer m attMdm
aad perfmens to be eampaUd fa U wls etallUM be se red
an a sealsof frt 1 to 20I, mbeU r will then be ialtplied by th
s*tadntse law aptitade seero and th pedmst thM divided by te nuter
of sh-ai taiu s aU the of thi M lep d materials g his lor I
ambert timS o, !ni isM the LMs. Tho nsmUins figure will M nt
bt assigned a ltter grdi at the dimeotion of the intraote. his grade
will thMn ount 131 l8/W the's of the final grade.
Students an rged to ome in and talk about their grades because talk
is obep and professor get .leni
It is the purpose of this acting to demotrate hmo a class in this
nw course will ifntion. Pnrait us to introduo the instructor and the
four members of the lass. First of all, w have Profbssor

we havo shomea r a tauat s ruep nrmatli aot ta norida w idmt a
bedy. fy we Imseow sielM r m west f oarida P. i a
law sevsi eaitrf I. M. aguIr, alwgl s puru p edl 1. G. AnglmM, a dsiM
kra nade.

PrsefMrs I will m saUl theo w Mr. smle3nr
Sbberllftys ais obem, ksh
hPrfasor Mr. reestu es7
i0nta~ n (Ilas*)i Xd.
Pr5oes-mos Kr. Mas se
laer (entammtasr i )s Right hne sir Ca I ask you a qsuatia a
the first e
Protaw (sto Vwe.) Wh you dirty --- Nt nw plae.
fthfesmr Mr Anglst
Angles PRsnnt Whatol the opewr today Taeoh?
Preteo ori Todiw we ta l up m ipeaM lqmitwr
5bMfll s C0i miNT Sl f-4kwAu. %ttl~A4 4 4L ^"i / /
Sagr triumphh matly)( bmm thing peksa ftr itself
Pwo sewrs W h w loed ywt 1 msem (pUatifaIy) he thing spauk
fr itself.
Snriwl s What ting s that, suh?
PretfoMe (pmplm3nd)s Thas a pod qmmtin What thing, Mr. pootmtno
rteotetes op. sit. supm loquiter.
PfrtaeMrs Wh yes, ysr, maotly.
PhrofoMer TWaOs tS first ease Mr. a0r.
Mr. Xagers (h8ipl2y) T4o Sir 9 ar w.8 The O l CMMMsr g adhini GO.
round on pae 8 of the uaterlals 88 Se"2d 603. Decided in 1906.

Sagr (Onratimia)
seheariag deaiod Jamin LO0, lw7. owrtiwri denied in
77 Sup. Ot. aportwr O, parallel citation 368 U.S. .
Prhsees'e (iapatiently) ~ Lot as haw the ftas, Mr. yeetwoms.
Footrnote (somwhat despraly)s Bfo we pt to the soedid ft sai
I wader it yno wevld en to somm- t on a lesl snesepb
whlh has as its point of dsepuarhte the satoen that m
uan smate ab titio, as to spoek, ftma tiag.
PsfsMes (stroeha shin ditstaly)s Wll, neor what do yea mm by
JaMiS e hat do ng men tr $tMSe, Mr. snolsl
rsellys Wals nw, sub, it 'pes lak ah would baw to know uSat yo*
na o by *"an*'
Proteioa (ruftled) What do as ..,...., I awan I, mea by *wasam, Mr. aNglesT
AaalMs Storry sit I don't dig th dietien. No seay sales.
Profesers nwr about you, Mr. Bager
Bager (worrld) Is it in the assipmot? Whish ean? It doesunt oem
to be in mw outlimn of namt wel*eks ptinal eotaide rueaing
Protfeort (eoldly) Mr. Sainbell, by asnem I memia *"n. New, hb at
does "ustise* omt?
SarbUy Wll nro, soh, yo* t ce that lay, that fliwr of Sreth'm
m nbseld, tOe a that blian4eldsd. Shes atminda there
holding' up these here seal and it Usem li)k ........e
Professors Lt m have the basis fasts, Mr. Footaebe.
Foosetaeoe (having boon dsperately trying to read seNe)s Plai~tiffs awd
detandmt. hore was a trial. Oh, yesa an appeal, hold, rewrsed.
Pwfossoi r (oldy). What was reversed
Footnotess to deoisain of the court below
Proftmser (bitingly) And what was that?
Foetaotess (groping) Ia ell nw, that part lb a little bsesuem. I eight

rFetates (onstti"04)

sa that e ral years ago the Law evir ran an artiaL
overly l Judicial obse The author made the point that .....
Prefessers Never mina Neat seea, Mr* Agles.
Anglest Well, it eons that this rwp, toerwit the Pliatifft,
gs to his noutb pee au dtell hiS a seou-etandall aiet
parshaUon a lve p*tsa from defudant, to giv to his
lady fair, slo she was su d to hiM ist when -me tl

ter th amours, she wa the t est. The naet hentur ble eort
said, Mans this I an ism11N After reseath of tie very

dpiest the Jadge aoes up with a real gone ratio deenodi

H1 said, *Df iNon Carat ta which aet that the girl
ridUtly didn't hab to tako notice of plaintiff s teir ality.
Prefeasw Beow would yes oheraeterisn this holding, Mr. Angleas
Angles SqMare, sir, ry squan.
Prftessert (hile Eager is waving hand in air)t Mr. Sabelly, will yes
ta d the oase of Mlton v. Krasui as it bears on Fenn v.
Gulivwe and set them both up agsint Jones v. The Mt.$Sina
Outing G0mb?
ager (aside ptalantly) a Oh, dan ith luki Darn, darn, damr I so bI
wanted to epas the slmlomss oft Jtustie OCardeso's i
SuabelU Well, now, wh, if sh rightly tller the pragralations of

the their judges it seos lsk to a that +that thers due p
staff has worked a kinds eastppl Weal arbe not e opp -

but more like ree judio ta no, I guas you'd say a sort
a ageny approach to -

Footnotes (sigigng softly) s Oh, we belong to a Mutua Admiration Socie
My editor and me
Professor (irritably) What's the matter with you, Mr. Foetnetes.

Ireotmatws Sor.yl It'* q Up ir.
Anglets Ma thwm, La Rvierw b asn ~ ors( Tbsyrwe p~it leading
the Ten omnMb te s tr grmlateal erws
P'rofisr(glasing at watdh) It seemw t tM i has M abet rm oet
an this sto)latit g alass dis osion (Just then are hebr
thU strains frti tie Tniritr bells of the f mi ar
9Suswa Rirw. Whnrwpon the clenu and prefsear gather
around and sing.)