By-laws of the Rho chapter of the Phi Delta Delta Legal Fraternity (4 pages)


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By-laws of the Rho chapter of the Phi Delta Delta Legal Fraternity (4 pages)
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BT-LAWS BItioChapter
cualifloations same as national
(a) No student shall be eligiv. a
Sble who has not obtained a
grade of C or better for 14
hoars of law in the regular
semester or 12 hours in the
summer term*
(b) All qualified students shall
be voted on by members of the
chapter by secret ballot,
(o) If there are two or more
dissenting votes, the candidate
is rejected. If there is only
one dissenting vote, the persc
dissenting will be asked to
give the reason for such dis-
senting vote. No personal re-
asoa is sufficient to disquali-
fy a candidate. Reason for bar-
ring a candidate should be
that which may lead to disbar-
aent if and when such person
were to practise law.
(d) If the person ousting the
dissenting vote has only a per-
sonal reason or a reason con-
sidared insufficient by major-
( ity vote of the chapter, or if
i .he refuses to divulge the re-
I-son upon swearing the chapter


to secrecy, the one dissenting
vote may be overriden upon me-
tion and vote by a majority
of the chapter.
-, (a) Invitations to membership
shall be issued to all selaeod
persons within one month af-
ter said pervom become qualihfl

II. Duties of Officers:
A. High Priestess
1. Hl h Priestess shall see
that the Constitution end by-
laws of the fraternity are en-
forced; oall special meetings
and notify nme:b*ers thereof by
a notice on the bulletin board;
mke aill appointments; and keep
a per~pment notebook and file.
2. r.P. shall check on all
records with the registrar
after eich yearly election of
officers end see thrt they rre
3. H.P. shell perform all
duties not covered by oonstitu-
tion or by-laws or may appoint
a member to do so, as the dutbe
B. Priestess
1. Priestess shall decide all
parliamentary and conatitutionm
questions; and keep a file of
indiviurd'l metnber's dues; and


a record of receipts and disbuar
ments. Roberts' Rules of Order
shall be used.
C. Registrar
1. Registrar shall record all
proceedings of speloal and regu-
Saeetings in a permanent note-
ik; she shall keep e roll of me
meborship. However, it shall not
be necessary to read minutes of
special meetings at r- ular meet-
iags, unless a member so desires.
She shall revise the by-laws once
a year with aid of an assistant
appointed by the H.P.; and she
shall keep A permanent notebook.
X. Registrar with the H.P. ahall
ehaok on all records after each
yearly election of officers and
see that they are complete,
D. Chancellor
1. Shall act as business & sdver
tising aneger; shall keep a copy
fa all items submitted for publi-
oeation; shall olip and turn over
to Registrar for sorPpbook said
published items;
2. Shall be respassible for a--
ing that Phi Delta Delta is repre-
sented in TH7 Sf TMIOLF eah year,
3. Shall send to the editor of
,fiternity ae azine on or before
*,jt of October, December, Feb-

ruary, and April of each year news
of the chapter and its amabers
and articles far publication.
4. Shall send articles to the ap-
propriate University official for
publication in home town newspapers
$. Chaplain
1. Shall say the fraternity invo-
cation at all regular meetings and
social functions.
2. Shall conduct the pre-initia-
tory instrueticea of all pledges;
give and correct examination there-
on; and send same to the Province.
Dire tor.
7. Social chairman
1. Social Chairman shall be in
charge of ll social functions and
make all contacts with the men's
legal fraternities on the campus to
cooperate in any social funetifmt
to be effectuated in conjunction
with same. She shell take eobrge
of all plans for initiations
and ocrry them into effect with the
aid of an assistant if she desires
one, to be appointed by H.P. She
hall keep initiation equipment.

III. Record and Files
A. H.P. shall keep a notebook con-
taiingi the following:


(1) Membership list; (E) Copy
of by-laws; (3) Copy of Conetitu-
tion (4) Business of each meet.
in (tentative);
B. Priestess shall keep a file
of individual member's dues; and
With her other records a copy of
'e Constitution and chapter By-

C. Registrar shall keep a book
containing minutes end roll; a
aerapbook; all oorrespondenee per
training to her officeL copy of
Constitution and oh-ppter by-laws.
D, Each officer shall elso keep
a copy of her Outies in her note-
book or file and have a copy of
the Constitution and chapter By-

IV. Meetings
Regular mnetinga shall be the
first Wednesday of each month at
1(s0 P.M.

V. Dues & Fines
A. Chapter dues shall be $1.00
a month.
B. Dues shall be payable at eedh
monthlyy meeting.
C. There shall be a 10f fine far
Ssh day dues are late.
SThere shall be a 50V fine fer
a l nexeused absence.

E. There shall be a 10 fine
each ti:e a member is late.
7. There shall be a 10 fine
for eeah day chapter or national
dues are late.
G. Any r ember may be excused by
contacting H.P. before auoh sett
ing and H.P. may in her discretion
excuse such person. It excused, no
fine Will be imposed,
H. Any member absent from regu-
lar meetings without an excuse
from H.,. two times in succession
will be subject to an additional
fine voted on by chapter at $1.00.
I. Special assessments shall be
voted on aPs they arise.

A. Chapter pledge fee is $2.00
B. Chapter Initiation fee is
VII. Elections, Tenure, & Vaean-
A. Officers shall be elected an-
nually at the April meeting and
shall be installed at the May met
B. Voting shall by by secret bal-
lot and a majority vote shall con-
stitute a choice of officers.
C. If members attending during

summer sessions vote to continue
active, those offices which are
vacant because the officers are
not attending sum6rr shoool shall
be filled by appointment by H.P.
Such officers shall be termed
fliers s pro ter.
J. All vacancies in office duahb
regular term shall be filled by
election, to continue in office
wntil next regular election.
`, If an officer elected in Aptri
fails to return the following Sopt
the office shall be filled by election
tion at first meeting of chapter
in Fall.
Y. Tach officer shall instruct
her suooessor in office as soon
as possible after such election.

VIII By-Laws
By-laws shall be revised onoe a
year, tentative revision to be
mnde by registrar with eid of an
assistant, to be presented for
any change and approval by the
second regular meeting of each
year, starting with rall session.

rX Sumer Seasions
Rho Chapter may be native dur-
\S Umer Session if there are
~ least five members attending.


X. Propraam
A. At eROh regular meeting a Bawk
ber sha 1 g ive a report from a la1
Journal, social chairman to desig-
nate the person ez oh month.
B. Special programs shall be ar-
ranged for Founders' Day, Nov. 11.
C. Social chairman may 9vy montb-
ly program when she so desires.

XI. Patron and Patronesses
Persons of hiph standing in the
community who are interested in
the legal profession in general
and in Phi Delta Delte speoifiedly
are qualified to become patrons or
pvtronesses of Phi Delta Delta,

XII. Questions not covered by
Constitutions and By-Laws:
All questions not covered by
Constitution or By-laws shall be
voted on by the chapter as the
situations arise.