By-laws of the Beta Zeta chapter of the Phi Delta Delta Legal Fraternity (5 pages)


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By-laws of the Beta Zeta chapter of the Phi Delta Delta Legal Fraternity (5 pages)
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Constitution and By-Laws of the Fraternity

Section 1.

In addition to the Constitution and By-Laws of Phi Delta Delta Legal
Fraternity (International), 3- 2 --- Chapter shall subscribe to
Chapter By-Laws as hereinafter set forth:


Section 1. Rights and Privileges of Members.

The members of the Chapter shall have such rights and privileges with
respect to chapter affairs as with respect to international affairs under the
By-Laws of the Fraternity; provided, however, that active, associate, and
affiliated members, being in good standing internationally must also pay chap-
ter dues or assessments as hereinafter provided.

Section 2. Members on the Inactive List.

The members of the Chapter who have paid international dues but not
chapter dues or assessments shall be placed on the chapter inactive list pur-
suant to By-Law IV, Section 5, of these By-Laws; shall not be entitled to
y vote at any meeting of the Chapter on chapter matters; serve on any standing
committee; or represent the chapter in any local chapter capacity; but all
such members shall be entitled nevertheless, to receive all notices and com-
munications relating to chapter affairs, attend all meetings and functions
and otherwise participate in all activities of the Chapter.



Section 1. Election.

f (a) All officers shall be elected by a majority of the voting mem-
V1 bers, at a regular meeting held on or about April fifteenth of each year.
Five days' notice shall be given of the election of officers to be held at
such meeting.

(b) Recommendations for officers shall be made by a nominating com-
mittee compose.g-f three (3) members and appointed by the High Priestess at
the regular meeting preceding the meeting at which election of officers
shall be held. Nominations may a1oe-be made from the floor.-c-/-'--- ~'-
I- *.- ,./ ^ / >< .. -,
"*.-/ '.,* r"^' ,f **-^ *'- '' '-/"h- v'-^-'-'-^^ ""/I y ^. '^ /: .

Section 2. Oath of Office.

Each newly elected officer shall take the oath of office prescribed
in the By-Laws of the Fraternity, at the first regular meeting next succeed-
ing the meeting at which she was elected, and shall thereupon assume the
duties of her office.

Section 3. Tenure of Office.

The newly elected officers shall serve for a term of;o years or
S until their successors are elected and qualified, except as otherwise pro-
vided heroin.

Section 4. Vacancies.

A vacancy in any office may be filled for the remainder of the un-
expired term by a special election at a special meeting duly called upon
five days' notice for that purpose, or at the next regular meeting, upon
five days' notice of the election to be held at such meeting, except a
vacancy in the office of High Priestess in which case the Priestess shall
immediately assume the duties of High Priestess.



Section 1. Priestess to Collect and Disburse Chapter Funds.

The Priestess, in addition to the duties assigned her in the By-Laws
of the Fraternity, shall collect the chapter funds (whether dues, assessments
Sor fees); shall deposit chapter funds in a bank chosen by the chapter; and
shall disburse them in accordance with the directions of the Chapter.

Section 2. Fees

In addition to the international initiation fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00)
and international dues for the current year due at the time of initiation,
collected by the Priestess and forwarded by her to the Treasurer in accordance
with the provisions of Fraternity By-Law I Section 3 (a), there may be a
chapter initiation fee of. 0 Dollars ($/t0) to be paid by each prospective
member prior to her initiation, and may if the chapter so desires be credited
to her after initiation on payment of chapter dues for the current fiscal
year if any local dues are payable under those by-laws.

Section 3. Dues.

(a) Each member of the Chapter, except honorary members, shall pay
to the priestess international dues of Five Dollars ($5.00) to be forwarded
to the Treasuror, which dues shall be duo and payable on the first (1st) day
of October of each year, and shall become delinquent on January first (1st)

(b) Each member of the chapter, except Honorary Members, may pay
annual chapter dues at the discretion of the chapter in an amount to be
determined by the chapter, or may pay such assessment as may be levied by
the chapter from time to time in lieu of annual chapter dues; provided, hew--
-evea, i~ the chapter ~e et-4dueae such dues shall become due and payable

on the first (lst) of f each yeri and shall become delinquent oil
January first- (4-t) thereafter.

Section 4. Assessments.
Assessments in lieu of chapter dues may be levied by a resolution duly
adopted at any meeting. Special assessments, in addition to chapter dues, may
also be levied from time to time on a majority vote of the chapter.

Section 5. Status of Members Delinquent in Payment of Chapter Dues and
The members of the Chapter who have paid international dues but have
not paid their Chapter dues and assessments at the end of any fiscal year shall
be declared delinquent and shall be placed upon the Chapter Inactive List.
Members on such list who, hye paid their international dues may resume their
former status upon p-aymont of Chaptordues or assessments feothe-currWnt
f-isefl -year.

Section 1. Date, Time and Place of Meetings.
I I ,(a) Regular meetings of this Chapter shall be held on the '~ "7
.-- ; ." / ^ .1/ "' ,... 1 .. at- "av "-and-plaeo
as the High Priestess or the Program Committoo may designate. 0-V o

(b) Special meetings of the Chapter may be called by the High Priestess tz ,
at any time, upon her own initiative or upon the request of five (5) members of
the Chapter, and shall be held on such day and at such time and place as the
High Priestess may in her discretion designate.
Section 2. Notice of Meetings.
Notice of the date, hour and place at which each regular or special
meeting is to be held shall be. i,41l to each membernot less than five and'
not more than ton days in.advance ofthe -dayon-which~said meeting is scheduled
to take place. Notice of the purpose for which each special meeting is called
shall be included in the notice of such meeting, but it shall not be necessary
to include in the notice of any regular meeting any notice as to the business
to be transacted threat except in such cases as may be otherwise specifically
provided in those By-Laws.
Section 3. Quorum.
A majority of the members internationally and locally in good standing
and therefore entitled to vote, shall constitute a quorum. In the absence of
a quorum, no business of the Chapter may be transacted at any meeting.

Section 4. Procedure.

(a) Meetings shall be opened with the Invocation by the Chaplain, or
in her absence by a member designated by the High Priestess.
(b) Order of Business.
(1) Reading of the minutes by the Registrar.
(2) Presentation of the Treasurer's Report by the Priestess.
(3) Reports of Committees.
(4) Unfinished Business.
(5) Reading of Confidential Bulletin of the Executive
Committee, by the High Priestess.
(6) New Business.

(c) At the conclusion of the business to be transacted at any meet-
ing, the Social Committee, or such person as said Committee may designate,
or the High Priestess, or such person as she may designate, shall take charge
of the remainder of the meeting.

(d) Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robortts Rules of
Order Revised.


Section 1. Sta3d4ing Committees.

The following standing committees shall be appointed .by the High
Priestess to seroe throughout her term of offices-+...-1 'V s- --.- -,- -A

(a) A Program Committee, consisting of at least jtrecLmemberSj
draw up a program of chapter activities for the year and to distribute
copies thereof before the-end -of-the month-of-- .. ---.i--eaeh-years,
members of the Chapter, the national officers, other chapters of the
Fraternity, and all other persons or organizations which it is believed
would be interested therein.


(b) A Social Committee, eonsisting-of at least three-memibe- e, to
execute the chapter program, extend the hospitality of the Chapter to visit-
ing members of the Fraternity, and to take charge of or assist at such other
functions and social activities as the High Priestess may designate.

(c) A Membership Committee, consisting--of-at least-.thee-members, to
investigate and suggest prospective members to the Chapter and to keep in
constant touch with such prospective members until they shall have been voted
upon by the Chapter or dropped from the prospective members list by the vote
of the Chapter or upon their own request, or termination of their law studies.

Section 2. Special Committees.

Special committees may be appointed from time to time by the High
Priestess, to consist of such number of members, and to perform such duties
as she may in her discretion designate.


Prospective Members

Section 1. Election to Membership.

The unanimous vote of the voting members of the Chapter shall be re-
quired for election to membership. Voting shall be by ballot and a negative
vote shall preclude another presentation of that candidate for membership for
a period of one year thereafter.

Section 2. Invitation to Membership and Acceptance.

Formal invitation to membership shall be extended a prospective mem-
ber who shall have fulfilled the international requirmnts for membership,
by sending her an official Bid. The time for the issuance of the invitation,
and the acceptance or rejection thereof, shall conform to the rules and
recommendations of the Pan Hellenic Legal Council and to regulations of the
Law School in which the Chapter is established.

d -._


Section 3. Pledging.

Within a reasonable time after the acceptance of the invitation to
membership, a prospective member shall be pledged at a Pledge Service, shall
sign the Chapter Pledge Book and shall receive a pledge pin, which shall be
worn until her initiation.

Section 4. Initiation.

A prospective member who has been pledged and who has passed the pre-
scribed pre-initiatory examination, shall be initiated into the Fraternity
within a reasonable time thereafter.

Section 5. Revocation of Pledge. /

(a) A pledge may be revoked by the Chapter upon a Ihr-ee-fomrthe vote
by ballot of the voting members of the Chapter at any time before initiation
if good cause is shown, or by the pledgee at her own request. An opportunity
for explanation or defense shall be afforded the pledgee.

(b) Absence of a pledgee from school for the period of one semester
shall, unless special arrangements be made, vacate the pledge, and the pledge
period shall in no case exceed one year. A pledge unredeemed at the end of
one year shall be deemed expired. One whose pledge is vacated or expires
shall be given notice thereof, and shall not be initiated except through re-
pledging as though there had been no previous pledge whatsoever.



Section 1l

These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of all the voting
members of the Chapter at a regular meeting or at a special meeting called
for the purpose, notice of such proposed amendment or amendments having been
given days in advance of the meeting at which said proposed amendment or
amendments shall be voted upon.