Typescript of article, "Students Further Journalistic Relations: University of Florida Journalists Visit Cuban Papers…" ...


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Typescript of article, "Students Further Journalistic Relations: University of Florida Journalists Visit Cuban Papers…" March 1929 (2 pages)
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Cuba, Trip to by Journalism Students
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Mixed Material
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Folder: Cuba, Trip to by Journalism Students


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville

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^, a sMnMa ToTaaT Jo~t~RA XISTIO asRTiOS
Univwrity 0f ~ wAAa Joura1irit Visit Ofabae Pape
**w stady aan Gooswill Puposes .

The befhng ~4 a maene t to tf rher the earit relationships
exntig en Cuban nma~ W en a dth at e~Se ba been
evidenced as a reult at the V eadM gAi tour to Co tf a "t0l0
nation of jour. l a SdJtts fa the t nitef ty of F orlt uander
the direeroon of tProfesasor a r J. E*ig, heat of the department of
The tour believeA to have been the fifrt of it partBiouar kind
in history, was sponsored by the nruwpapors thbmugh the Asselated
Dailies of R]loiV14
Naturtty the towr haA as am" at its purpose a n obs.mtion of
the editorist z oD eaR.* o i itpap. aVsits to the plants of the
Havana Poeta Diavit de Ua~1 ,i, a Patl, Ex Mtdo and
Hera4de .4* Cuba, revw0ala *iitA 4if etieV vWry W mi3ar to those tof
A wrieta neweatapaera, The ahaneal equipment wu iaeran n Ievery ra*
p6t,* In so ftr as iA a p and oher editorial matter are oonees8ri,
tha newrapapers of Cba are beoemin v ry nsah Amrloan ied, It seeme
particularly fittlig that the editji*al airletrs a the Cuban nI*Ws
papra were knawn offie aUy as DiwetWep of Iniifortion, instead of
The editorial offie e, though not lavishly euipped, were son-
struated mire artiatt l and exe=pstw lvly than the beat Amileran of-
fles Dignity, the delitat setntii ntality and courtesy eo the Cuban,
and a g~dta ne esprit of the profession, sharaeteriued the editorial
re*e. T
The profet*ainl spirit was particularly in *vi~Ese. It is salA
that if tfur AMVew1an get togehter they *2lt p a pr0si~anto v~ia pV*
ident, searteary an t~rsur 0 egi.I Qmani0 howrero afe* ~neh aen
qmphasis on profeaaisena organitsatiloa than Ame t sanz. The nmwaspapo
men are organioed, ThIe Rika Rpoaltears' asooelation has a very *i.
pensive, s neTIntIWry buiXdj M ons tratc 4 a marble, anl the member
make the olub their homoa It a completed recently at a Cot of
several hundrd thowaand 4oll a0, after 8 yPars olf effortV
Tho Cuban nswspapWr men p~in to WRgeAi~S a sohsel of JoUVrnali
at the University of HaImt nezt yea3 After that tima, all newspaper
men will be oc*aspllet t hold Xcaenses before they an praotile, and
in order to obtain the li sn ses very rigid saholX3tio and professional
vwquiremants will have to be met.
But by far the most far*reathing and important benefit derived
from the tour was a better underatanding tf the spirit of Cuba*
Carrying letter of gooLfwila from DP. L* S, Row*, Dirtor*lQ erl0
of the Pana*marit n Untinj GQvefnor Carlton of nFlrida VU 8. Senator
D. U. Floetehr and P&ak Tr ir U and President John J. Tigert of the
University f F~oridsU to GeOzipA Mahado, President of Cubat and Dr.
AVerhoff, President of the University of Huana, the delegation was
met at the port by Senoer Rtaf~ l Martines Ybor of the Cuban State d*-
partment, and was officially entertained during the six-*ay visit by
Senor Ybor, Senor Lazo, secretary of the Havana Reporters' assoolationo

a2ssa st3a~tts twfrth1e jona3Ij$le 3*tat*oan

senor Jose nCWiaii sense Raan OQ3fate Prealdent of the NationaX
Presa assooai ons* rose iaXros Diwt.w Of La- .%a ". and
Wo Toeit ofU thb*e NaUnm art I~p, thae e io `Dmrib the *at vii
and espeaia.ly at the bfagaqt etendeibl by t tar of
19 Htvace nowap.rae the GibS Otwted thmfselt o to the utmost
to extend to :the Ovmtor owetesla too =n=or to 9ntionw