Document addressed to "Mr. President" from the Gainesville Committee of 71 to End the War in Vietnam


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Document addressed to "Mr. President" from the Gainesville Committee of 71 to End the War in Vietnam
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Gainesville Committee of 71 (To Stop the Vietnam War). 1971
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Dauer, Manning J. ( donor )
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Folder: Gainesville Committee of 71 (To Stop the Vietnam War). 1971


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville

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The Gainesville Committee of 71
To End the War in Vietnam

MR. PRESIDENT: We are concerned citizens of Florida.
The Vietnam War is 26 years old.
We believe it is too old, too destructive,
too dangerous, and too futile.
It is not in the American National Interest.
73% of the American people want the U. S. out
of Vietnam by the end of 1971.*
We ask you, Sir: End the war, on and over the land.
Bring our troops home.
Bring all of our troops home by Spring of 1972.+

MR. PRESIDENT: These are our reasons:

1. Violence has not worked. Military victory is not possible.
There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

US BOMB WW II Indochina N.Y. Times
TONNAGE 1941-45 '05 4 1965-71 ,6,3 3/14/71

2. The human price of the war has been too high. It has cost 45,000 American
lives, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese lives, plus the wounded, the
maimed, the refugees, the bombing, the defoliation, the 'free fire zones,'
the body counts, the Mylai's, the tiger cages, the napalm, the black
markets, the corruption, the drugs.

3. Continuing the war will not free our men held prisoners. Vietnamization
will free no POW's. The Communists have made it clear that they will hold
the prisoners until the U.S. agrees to withdraw all its forces from

4. The war is tearing us apart at home. How many credibility gaps, divided
families, inflations, campus disorders, and deteriorating cities can we
afford to pay for the war in Vietnam.

5. The war is bleeding us economically. It is destroying the land of the
Vietnamese people.

6. The war is diminishing the position of the United States in the world.
The most admired nation is becoming the most hated. Even the Philippines
and Thailand are withdrawing their troops. Who supports the United States
in Vietnam?

7. We don't contain Communism by destroying Vietnam and a people who have
fought the Chinese for a thousand years. The war is making North Vietnam,
once an independent buffer state, increasingly dependent on Communist

8. Cambodia and Laos are only the latest demonstrations that this war can go
unpredictably out of control. The way to get out of the war is not to
spread it but to stop it.

9. The United States is not bound by treaty to fight for the Saigon govern-

10. The Congress of the United States has never declared this& war.
*Gallup Poll, 1/31/71
+"The President has pledged to reduce the number of U.S. combat troops in Indochina but
has indicated that a 'residual force' would remain indefinitely." Congressional
Quarterly, 2/26/71, 445.