Affidavit report by John Bonyne relating to Capt. W.A. Brown and Morse Brown, Cross City, Florida, and alleged peonage, ...


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Affidavit report by John Bonyne relating to Capt. W.A. Brown and Morse Brown, Cross City, Florida, and alleged peonage, November 11, 1921 (4 pages)
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Affidavits from investigators re: Brown case. 1921
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Folder: Affidavits from investigators re: Brown case. 1921


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1ailleh, la. 11/14/21 11/11/2 John Bonyne
CAPT. W. A. BROWN ( formerly reported A. W. Brown)
MORSE BROWN Peonage Matter

At Trenton. lsa.

Agent interviewed LIZZIE BUSH a ool) who is at this time

working as ook at Mrs Tyson's Hotel, Trenton, Fla., and who mate the

foil wi n statement:

That about two years ago Capt. W. A. Brown oame to her and

asked her to go out to work for him as oook for his TuIrpentine hands;

that he has 200 hands and that he would give her $20.00 per week.

Thinking that she oould make good wages at this place she ;ent to

the Turpentine Ca4p; that the day she reached camp, Capt. Brown gave

her $20.00 and told hwe that she oould get anything she needed right

there on his plaoe; that she would not have to go elsewhere to spend

any money at all; that he had everything she needed right other( at the

camp; that she saw then that she was trapped and could not get away;

that she told Mr. Brown that she wanted to pay him his $20.00 back and

leave; that Capt. Brown told her that no negro oould leave the camp

unless he said so; that she might stay a year or a life time, according

to his will. That Capt. Brown told her that she had to cook for

four or five men, Lnd also wash for them and that she would get $BQ50

per week from each man.

That during th& time she was there the people were beaten

every hour in the day and kept in the stockade so they oould not get

away; that the way she got away was that three negro men were ready

t eae th plac; _that they out through the barb wire fence back
Wash. Jax, U.S.Attorney
*., ..-" ORIGINAL.

oe tIh stoeka&e; that these negro aon told her they were going to

esoap and that she wrote a letter and gave it to them to mail to
Mr. HOWARD, Tanpa, Fla., where she used to oook; that baok of this
teeokade is a lame about a mile wide and that a goo aswiamer oan swin

this lake and eaoape; that if a gool looking woman eooes on the plaoe
or of the hands will toll Capt. Brown that he wants this woman; that

Oapt, Brown il 11 order the husband of this woman to the stookae and
this woman has to live with this aa in a ahanty, regardless of her
wishes in the matter; that if she reftaes to do it Capt. Brewa will
give her fifty lashes; that if the man gets tired of the woman
Capt, Brown will than allow the husband to leave the stookle nad she

may them live wit her husband; that the tipping squad are guarded
by a feremaa; that eash nairo foreman has from 5 to 7 men in his

sqaat; that the guard carries a pistol and not of the time a double
barrel shot gun; that each guard is responsible for the aduber of ame
he takes oat and there is no ohanoa for them to get away. That
Capt, Brown has a gambling hoase an his plaoe and makes the negroes
gamble whether they want or not; that they gamble fro 12 noon
Saturday until Monday morning at 6 o'elook; that if the mn do not want
to gamble Oapt. Broew will throw them a hand fall of aonay and tll
hem to gamble that it doesn't make any difference whether they f
player not they have to payforit. That the reason sa e of them/do
not ant to gamble is that they wat to pay Capt. Brown what they
owe aim that no one known what they get a monh or per tree; that
Brown gives the negroes all the monqe they want to spead at any time;
that about a year ago he used to 1st some of the men go up to a little

teat nearby but would send a guard with them; if there were ten in


ko jarlt he won a send a Mkito g ari sa alao sa nsgr guarA at that
ab one -ela eseaps; that they allowed to be away ftea 18 noon to
S: 2.1. at dwhih tine they hal to retara to CampI
IAssuio Bash farther stated that aboat a milX from the oamp
is a eatery belonging to Capt. Brma; that if a nergxe ies a
nataral oeath there he is tried sal a tonlb atone played over hin
statiag his nar and adreses, to length of tim b heas been there;
bat it aayoe shoelA dlie from whipping he is b tit in the sar
easteryt, but his hbart is played along side of the gma that on
this borld i writteTl, his party has received so Many lashes and
was whippet for eeaoping from this camp without Oapt. Brown knowing"
or weoed to that effect.* hat this eenteory is oshes to every new
aoeber of the camp so they will know that if they ran away they will
got the same.
That at the entmane to Brown' fara there a two mse
on gaarit well armeat that atring the entire time she has been the3o
she as never amown ayWbody tAo get away by any other way than by
switaing the lake; that if it had not been for Mr. Rowar at Tampa
she probably woal have beon leat; tat Brown eautitowd her when
she left hat if she ado any remarks about this easp that the Sheri"
oula get her anA he woall get the opportunity of working her.
That if aone received a letter, Brown wcti open it art read it
sal if Mr. Brown &itat like he contents of this letter ha wealA
whip the person receiving suh letter; that iftanyone has a letter to
be maileo they have to turn it over to Oapt. Brouw, who addreseoo it,
san mails it; that os e ss not know why Oapt. Bewa addreases all
letters leaving has eamp. Agent exhibited a pistak e od ae

iO WOODLOOK, and asked LIZZIE BUSH if she recognized this pioaure;
st he knows this woman well; that she was in the oamp with her

and that she knows that Capt. Brown beat her pretty moh because she

was getting old and oould not do the wozk like some of the younger

one s