Letter from William G. Carleton to George A. Smathers, February 26, 1940 (3 pages)


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Letter from William G. Carleton to George A. Smathers, February 26, 1940 (3 pages)
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Smathers, George A. 1939-1956
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Carleton, William G. (William Graves), 1903-1982
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.. 'Feb. 26, 1940
V Mr George :.Sm- theree' .
Attorney at law. .: .
-First ,attonal Benk Building
Miami, Florida '
eer George;: .. .
After giving~ much,` thought to the question of what you
should speak on before :the New Jersey Ear Associrtion,
SI hhave come .to.the oonolusion .thrt one of your best
..bets is: to diseuas the recent.proposals to establish
S in this country e n administrative court to take appeals
from our. over growing ,body of adminietretlVe.boards,
burenuei~,' oommisa~onse, This subject, while containing
enough importoen leegel aspect to .interest n group of
lawyers as'. la'Ilexible' nou h nd non-technioal
enough :to .alloiwyou oonsldorable litorpry ooope end.
oratortorice .i cen X.t .may be thqt you will not care
to take cexbtly. .his subject, but I believe that some
phaoe of: the. development of administrative low or,
procedure would be apprproprte end relatively eoyy to
h an dl .p ,..... .. ,..
Ay: .kno, th:Amerloan d ar 'Assooietion hbo speciel
comm. tttee ,-orklng"on: the question of ndmini.tretivo
S" :ppealsa,:,nd;.,f-.yo4.,choose this subjoot or rolr ted
'one :you YWould want. to famliarize yourselfwlth the
w work this: ommitteo.has already done.

getion.' in in.iltrati Law by Louis L. Jeffe inthe
IHarvard Law Review, J3' 1939, volume LII, pege I'01.
The. June' 1'9 iosue is. nuambr eight. !-nother good
article will be found in 84 University of Pennsylvrnio
SLaw Review f 1936, pege 966. Thio is by' Coldwell rmd
is entitled A Federal;Admniantrative Court. .tll
another 'ood article will be found in 36 Viohignn Law
Review, 1938, page 533. This is by Stoson and is
entitled Administrative Tribunels -- Organization end
As you probably know the.,Oeorge Washington Law Review
virtually specializes on questions of Fdministrptive
Ilw. There are several fine orticlos in recent numbers.
In volume seven, number three, 19p', prpe 304 you will
find en article entitled Control of P.irniniatrative
Responsibility by McGuire. .grin, in the same volume,
but in number six issue, 1939, you will find on pege
703 on article by Clyde B. Aitchison entitled Reforming
The Administrative Process. another article in the

s mrc volume, pege,726, that looks worthwhile, although
I did not'read it,.ia one by Sears called The Morgen
Case and Admin1 strotive Procedure, In still the seme
volume, on: pge 74,. i another article by Caldwell
on Comments on Procedure of Federal Administrative
Tritunals, ::.'.. .:,: : "
T rit nal. / .'^' ^ .; ., ,.- ,.* .. .
As you pro ly know, there is still pending before
S Congress ae ill introduced by the lete Senator Loeen,
called the Logn Billl, which provides for the estr:b-
lishment of- a federal, administrative court. If you
want toloo1 et the bill' you will find it under .enste
S.ill .3787,. 74th'lOongiress,- 2nd. evasion, 11934, Also,
the President I BComitssion on nAdministrative Manege-
mont, .1937,' hss c6nsiderable to say on this sutjeot.
You could. get thl.- by -:writingt to Claude Pepper or your
uncle.-. ..

S ..There :is leang ceae on this subject, which is
b::':,:;,:: kitgroud l, e.nd _l:oh probtbnrtly makes: Imperrtive
S .~:,:'i om ~ ;:o:-Ti' eriitretive court in the
S '.: dvance sAeet -the iLted States Supreme Court which
o "-,'cfm. ou t;n '.n-Qry or,: early February. The name of
:- co ase is .FederalComaMunlcrtions Commission versus
'-:': Potisvllle ~Bro~acstng.. Company. The decilnon is
'..:.written ,~by Freakfurter .end even old Mclleynolds con-
. .... ;J ,.curred .: 1 th', ,/:.i --. ; : '

.I boelieve'thet:thhis: bjeot will hpve enough oubotance
.in itt..to .dea:the respect of your auditors, tut at
the same t.imea:.~;sreilient enough to ellow you to wax
.eloquent :.You might develop the idea that the growth
Sof government `ai& ts" intervention in coonom io Affnirs
S:s bound to coAtinue,:no matter whioh party is in power,
:end thet the great question of our generation is how
we rmay increese:he authority of government without in
the end finding o.urs lves with an authoriterien govern-
ment. tou might ipolit out thot one of the wcys to
reconcile more government and liberty -- one of the
ways we might inoreese t'o V authority of government withoctt
at the same time producing n government which relrrimntz?
all of us, -- is to establish adequate courts to take
dfl(dniotretive appeals. In other words, you oufht to
,levclop the theme that in the next decade the roconcil-
letion between freedom end roeimuntltion, individual
liberty end authority, must be worked out in our

i- ^ "" : "i:** ," ': *

adminlstrstive :ouarts,:. In this wey you 'ill come to
grips filth the greatest question 'of our genorelton. -
how may .government ,intervene in economlo ectivitles,,
S and still keep .from. becoming a Levn the n St te? In.
o their words, 1.athere.no escape from Stntism? You
see th.it thls subject would allow some scope for
eloquonce. .:. '

This subject has' n odditionil advPntae,. It will
not emboreoss your uncle in New Jersey. In foot, it
will lbe,: 'thlnkiIn line with his liberal stand in
the sen te ... : -
I' it may .e thty6zt' doYu -o nt cre to tqko a legol subject.
I find that:ae little talk I heve on bo* the,..one perty
system .operbtes- in ,a:r uthern State is very popular
.with northern eu ien eads. However, I think :that in
tlking.before: a.S r Asscole-tion that you should pice
elegal subject or :o're very closely related thereto.
:You t will-l .ind :merous ait ton i the articles I
h.ave :uggeted .....
.b I
I have delayed a'nswering this'long 'because of the
S pressure of: engagements. In the .last four weeks I
Shave 'made:flive.Jaeokson. Day dinner addresses u nd
numerous. ther.t:itlks7, end speeches, in addition to
trying to kcep- up i:.th. nmywork here.
My regards' to your folks ind to ,Rose Mary. I still
heve please t memories'i nyviilt during the Holidr.ys.
Give my reagerdsa o o:llIZ)xln.
..* .' .: y Z-..:1.: f.. ;**. ."^ ..
SY ours,

SBill rleton
*.1,.I '.- :-