Letter to William G. Carleton from George A. Smathers, March 5, 1940 (2 pages)


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Letter to William G. Carleton from George A. Smathers, March 5, 1940 (2 pages)
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Smathers, George A. 1939-1956
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Smathers, George A. (George Armistead), 1913-2007
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FRANK SMATHERS, .R. March 5, 1940

Mr. Bill Carleton
c/o University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Dear Bill:

Thanks a million for your letter.

The reason that I wanted to know about your ideas on
the third term question was briefly this: I went to
Washington about three weeks ago, to present a case
before the Federal Communications Commission. During
the week that I was up there I had a lot of contact
with Senator Pepper as well as various other New Deal
Senators. Every time we would go to lunch, Pepper
would, in a nice way, suggest that I run as a delegate
for the national convention. I never committed myself
one way or the other.

During the proceedings before the Federal Communica-
tions Commission, there arose an occasion on which the
influence of Senator Pepper was very helpful and bene-
ficial. After he had exerted his influence enthusias-
tically for me he then began to stay after me more and
more about running for a delegate as he wanted a man
who he could depend on to be for a third term. I
told him at the time that I wasn't sure whether or not
I was for a third term. However, I would think it over
and if I didn't run I would get someone to run who
would be properly lined up.

When I returned to Miami, Sheriff Coleman who is
Pepper's right hand man here in Dade County at the
present time, got in contact with me as well as with
Hayes Wood, another Pepper man, who is the tax collector
at the present time. Again we went over the question
of who we could get to run for a delegate who would be
properly lined up. Each one intimated that they thought
I owed it to the little group to run as a delegate and
be actively for a third term. Each had told me that
their respective and joint organizations would elect
me without much trouble.

Mr. Carleton March 5, 1940

Naturally, I was somewhat flattered by all this atten-
tion and toyed with the idea of running, although I
was still unable to make up my mind whether or not it
would be a good or bad thing to have Roosevelt for a
third term. I have been an ardent disciple and reader
of Raymond Clapper for many years and had the oppor-
tunity of hearing him speak in Miami about a week and a
half ago. His ideas about the third term were almost
identical with yours and after listening to him I began
to feel quite certain that I wouldn't run lined up
for a third term, but I wanted to get your reaction
before I definitely made up my mind one way or the
other. Hence my letter to you, requesting an expression
from you which you so amply and clearly gave me and for
which I am grateful.

Just before your letter came, my uncle, the Senator
from New Jersey, came down and upon his arrival he was
very insistent that I run. However, he left yesterday
afternoon and after my Dad, myself and your letter had
thoroughly given him a going-over, he was satisfied
that it was a dangerous issue in this State, where
there is only one active party.

The gubernatorial candidates seem to be in about the
same position in which they all started, that is
Whitehair and Holland are well out in front, with all
the rest bunched in a third position, probably Paty
and Fraser heading up the second group.
Rosemary and I are going to rent a little house for
this summer and next year and we'll have an extra room
for you any time you can come down.
With best regards and again thanking you for your letter,
I remain
Sincerely yours,


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