Letter to William G. Carleton from Earl Faircloth, president of the Young Democratic Club of Leon County, October 13, 1952 (2 pages)

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Letter to William G. Carleton from Earl Faircloth, president of the Young Democratic Club of Leon County, October 13, 1952 (2 pages)
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Faircloth, Earl. 1952
Faircloth, Earl, 1920-
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Faircloth, Earl. 1952


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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee

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ounfg 1emOCt tit Club of Leon County

Room 426 Centennial Building
Tallahassee, Florida

MYRA ARNOLD, October 13, 1952

Honorable William G. Carleton
Department of Political Science
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Dear Bill:

Before you receive this you will have received my telegram which I
sent immediately upon receipt of yours. We are planning to have the
meeting on the 23rd. Although you said act:jally it didn't make too
much difference, you did say you thoughtthe 23rd would be somewhat

I presently expect that the International Relations Club of Leon County
will sponsor the address. There are a good many interested people here
in international relations and feel with you that that is the key issue
in this campaign and are, therefore, very much interested in having your
enlightening speech. As I told you before, the meeting will be held at
the Duval Hotel, and we'll have from two hundred to two hundred fifty
people there. I'll send you further information as our preparations
progress. Claude is elated that you are going to be able to come.

I imagine you've heard by now about the incident that occurred in Tampa
Saturday afternoon, but I just wanted you to know some of the minor and
"juicier" details. The Volunteers for Stevenson of Hillsborough County,
headed by C. J. Hardee, Jr., did all of the work to put on that rally.
They had absolutely no cooperation out-of most of the people who ulti-
mately got on the platform. Just how Doyle Carlton was selected to pre-
side I don't know, but he was the man in general charge of the occasion.
Before Stevenson got there, most of the local politicians were on the
platform with Ferris Bryant leading the entourage, and it was one crowded
platform. Governor Carlton had a list of people which he said was "given
to him" and he began his introductions. He came down to Smathers' name
and said: "I'm happy to present the distinguished Junior Senator from
Florida, Honorable George Smathers." Immediately a chorus of boos and
hisses broke out, and George didn't even rise. He sat there on Steven-
son's left while the boos mounted to a great crescendo, and the redness

Affiliated with
The Young Democratic Clubs of Florida and The Young Democratic Clubs of America

Honorable William G. Carleton

of his face and ears could be detected from up in the stands where I was.
His "ovation" must have lasted half a minute or more. Actually, as much
as I disapprove of George, I felt really sorry for him because that was
the most humiliating moment I've ever seen a political figure endure.

When order was restored, Carlton proceeded with his introductions and
introduced everyone--committeemen, committeewomen, county officials, etc.
--and then there might have been others on the platform who were not intro-
duced but pointedly Claude was omitted. Then Carlton said: "That con-
cludes the introduction of platform guests today." The cry then arose:
"Pepper Pepper!" Carlton let that subside a minute and again said:
"That concludes the introduction of guests." When the Pepper cry started
over again, he finally said: 'Well, I'd rather hear you than me," and
for the third time started to proceed with the program. That time the
cry was really great, and finally, without looking around as though he'd
just discovered Claude, he simply said: "Senator Claude Pepper," and
the crowd was really more than generous to him.

We learned later that the occurrence was not lost on Stevenson and par-
ticularly his sisters who were with him. Even today, two days later, I
find that a lot of Pepper supporters who had sought cover have been
coming out.

I just related this to you because I knew you would be interested.

Bill, we're certainly looking forward to having you here on the 23rd.

Kindest regards, and

Always your friend,

Ear Faircloth, President
Young Democratic Club of Leon County

CC-Miami and Washington offices


October 13, 1952

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