Report of the ACURIL IT SIG for ACURIL XLIV (2014)

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Report of the ACURIL IT SIG for ACURIL XLIV (2014)
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dLOC Partner & ACURIL IT Special Interest Group Meeting Documents
Information & Technology (IT), Academic Libraries, & Special Libraries Special Interest Groups (SIG) of ACURIL
Taylor, Laurie N.
Sullivan, Mark V.
Rogers, Judith
Wooldridge, Brooke
Yellapantula, Suchitra
Digital Library of the Caribbean ( dLOC )
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) Conference
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Report of the Information & Technology (IT), Academic Libraries, & Special Libraries Special Interest Groups (SIG) ACURIL XLIV 8 12 June 2014 Nassau, The Bahamas Co Chairs, IT SIG Judith Rogers (University of the Virgin Islands), Laurie Taylor (Univer sity of Florida), and Mark Sullivan /Suchitra Yellapantula (University of Florida) Monday, 9 June 2014 On Monday, 9 June 2014 the IT SIG held the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Full Partner Meeting and Presentations with discussions on Collection Development for digital collectio ns to enhance cultural literacy There were 16 attendees for the meeting with the meeting led and facilitated by IT SIG Co Chair s Judith Rogers Laurie Taylor, and Suchitra Yellapantula Parti cipants learned about dLOC with: R eview of the overall program goals Review of p artnership and membership model s with funding for ongoing sustainable growth Updates on technology Updates on scholarly activities with the new scholar updat e because of the many collaborations on research and teaching ( ) dLOC Award Recipients P artner updates and presentations on new items and projects Question and answer session I n addition to the short updates by all partners, Marie France Guillaume for the Brothers of Christian Instruction ( ) and Bernado Alexis for the National Archives of Haiti ( ) provided in depth presentations on the work at each of th eir institutions. Additionally, they have both shared their presentation slides in dLOC to share with ot hers who were not able to make the meeting. We dnesday, 11 June 2014 The next IT SIG meeting was held on Wednesday, 11 June, from 1 0:30am 11:30a m for a discussion on Libraries, Archives and Museums: Gateways to Information Literacy and Cultural Heritage" led and facilitated by IT SIG Co Chair s Judith Rogers Laurie Taylor, and Suchitra Yellapantula There were 10 attendees for t he meeting. During this meeting, the IT SIG hosted a presentation by Ashley Till f r om the University of the Virgin Islands on Tips for Longevity in the C ontemporary Technological World. Participants also received details on the business of the IT SIG group: Information on the email list for the IT SIG ( acuril ) for ongoing discussion througho ut the year; please email Laurie Taylor ( ) to be added to the email list Discussion of webinars that attendees would like to present and attend, with recommendations for presenters


From 2 2: 3 0 pm, Laurie Taylor presented on dLOC and collaboratively dev eloping data curation literacy for cultural in the Grand Ballroom with all attending ACURILEANS for this major presentat ion session. Other Trainings Based on the dLOC Advanced Topics Training held July 21 August 2, 2013, the ACURIL IT SIG and dLOC collaborated on a series of 4 train ing webinars in fall 2013 on dLOC s Open Source Software All of the trainings were conducted as online webinars, and recordings are available online in dLOC ( ). dLOC's 10 th Birthday In 2014, the ACURIL IT SIG and all ACURILEANS are invited to celebrate the birthday for the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC). The IT SIG thanks all ACURILEANS for their support and participation in the ACURIL IT SIG, which is the birthplace of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC). A poster on dLOC s beginnings with ACURIL was presented, a poster on the Dutch Caribbean D i gital Platform using the dLOC technology shows new initiatives emerging through ACURIL. At ACUR IL XLIV, dLOC celebrates its 10 th birthday and the ACURIL IT SIG shares this birthday celebration with all ACURILEANS. Thanks & Future Announcements The IT SIG thanks all of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Partners for presenting a nd sharing their excellent work. The IT SIG thanks all the presenters and participants for their interest and participation in the meetings of ACURIL XLI V We look forward to presenting webinars throughout the next year, and invite your recommendations for topics and your offers to present in the online format. Respectfully Submitted by: Judith Rogers, Mark Sullivan /Suchitra Yellapantula and Laurie N. Taylor Co Chairs, Information Technology SIG