Report of the ACURIL IT SIG, ACURIL XLII – 2012

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Report of the ACURIL IT SIG, ACURIL XLII – 2012
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dLOC Partner & ACURIL IT Special Interest Group Meeting Documents
Information & Technology (IT), Academic Libraries, & Special Libraries Special Interest Groups (SIG) of ACURIL
Taylor, Laurie N.
Sullivan, Mark V.
Rogers, Judith
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Pétion-ville, Haiti
Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) Conference
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Report of the Information & Technology (IT) Academic Libraries & Special Libraries Special Interest Group s (SIG) ACURIL X L I I 4 8 June 2012 P ÂŽ tion ville, Haiti Co Chairs IT SIG Laurie Taylor (University of Florida), Mark Sullivan (University of Flo rida), and Judith Rogers (Univ ersity of the Virgin Islands) Thursday, 7 June 2012 On Thursday 7 June 2012 the IT SIG sponsored a presentation on Digitization of Large Historic Slides of Public Works in Haiti from the National Archives" by Jean Wilfr id Bertrand, Director ( National Archives of Haiti), Bernado Alexis, Head of Digitization (National Archives of Haiti), and Fenton Charles, Digital Technician (National Archives of Haiti) and Fr. Andre Even Ernest (Brothers of Christian Instruction), Marie Cerette Lubin (Brothers of Christian Instruction), and Marie France Guillome (Brothers of Christian Instruction). There we re 34 attendees for the meeting Participants learned about the excellent and innovative work being done by the presenters, about digi tization, and about building a digitization program Friday, 8 June 2012 The next IT SIG meeting wa s held on Friday, 8 June from 10:45am 12noon. Participants received details on the business of the IT SIG group : U pdates shared from all attendees on their current work W ebinars that attendees would like to present W ebinars that attendees would like to attend, with r ecommendations for presenters I nformation on a new email list that is being created for the IT SIG for ongoing discussion throughout the y ear There were 15 attendees for the meeting. The IT SIG thanks the National Archives of Haiti and the Brothers of Christian Instruction for sharing news of their excellent work and for their excellent presentation s. The IT SIG also thanks Brooke Wooldri d ge, Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC) Director for facilitating the presentation meeting. The IT SIG thanks all the presenters and participants for their interest and participation in the meetings of ACURIL XL II We look forward to presenting webin ars throughout the next year, and invite your recommendations for topics and your offers to present in the online format. Respectfully Submitted by: Laurie Taylor, Mark Sullivan, and Judith V. Rogers Co Chair s I nformation T echnology SIG