A constitutional answer to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley's Calm address to the American colonies ..


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A constitutional answer to the Rev. Mr. John Wesley's Calm address to the American colonies ..
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23 p. : ; 19 cm.
Printed 1775.
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Politics and government -- United States -- 1775-1783   ( lcsh )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )

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University of Florida
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1-2t .. F . ..,

i.. .
.. ,, . ... U

of pt a a ssaeEr *sa. ,:.ya 80io
I. --^ -. .".-

lollol"i S
23i, lowewr, th following cliafe, which

parliamentary taxation: And we do give and rant
that the faid General ort or a) ave
S rinle t 4 p. i al fo
,-- Mia. ab~ .a.4 a w.ah i a tes and
\ '" f/, upon the eaate nd pwigI.ItaaB uery
S"the pproflttowa or i tbabitas 4 o (aid pro.
\ ae 'on w -,e.th e :w.w".,w.yrd
and aee for the prteit and p aia of he
':ih iabita,&i. J^rt to A4ch ads as are or
Shall be in force within Wd province, and


SW TV .V O A o

o,.1 h 'ana- t p F '- '

T.'his ,' ... i -ai.' d'.- iw ; -ta I.
SBetV, Mr. J.OHN W- E'.LE.,

.*O 'U '" 6'0. e' ?-'i ". i' It

p r .ai*, i t, m ,' : l.

'vkaA 2 Yaw,,
thi aent.' pamca n ,C cA .. .

-w j *a- bee.. alie.in..,bisabms, u ..M,

ivitf l nua i d f ioi. ,, n--:. i,",.,
.f. '.,,'A a Your

i9ention, cmigrd in -fearch of fuppd "
S* advantages, Wk, if obtained, were to be
(ecured to t(het ly hartere."
But the Clkpifta were a numberof perfws,
rt te 4

From the parent ftist, for above a century, they
received little or Wi6 fifflitWce: their monopo-
lized commerce was, at laif, thought worth pro-
i El6 lon3hif ttncatafi4pip flas,.sMf, jhcmHhth
worth taxation.
You [fa, ". CW r Emir A!g CJoonies are
a kid of Corporations Tublifig by Chariers,:
nothing cin tie more plain -than that the Su--
2. 2ren/w e.?we agkt hL ha1 t arighc to nur
thein." Do yam mean,.- by the Supreme4
Power, the collsre body of King, Lprda, andt
Common? !f7.yi& b yet muft be 'gfnofint,.
IAM Qthikp kos-ne atY' habe power taxinge
TtI VpebpWirnatu i p i swiuli ut*
S e tghir.te,,nmu .ncen ., tI tIorM in
x wpsybilk, ha y twa teamtfehmg s- l that
thw etu torronbt of stl b .iato, ino'(udU ti.Tu is
madlytn gWBdMeatheudoin law.;;
1. Yu,fty% %Fibelbimah4B'wQkarawransnt hbs
ag haveh reeai 1imtbn 64 .. tluIoner e the
|Nj 4fug4Mieasilageu t*tB l waghamtv.az4aVetA:
S. iikrfquptiyeitbt ea4 aaiqmtaw'tcsT kcb

;afrdsiihrati; shiatSiiey s- rnvr nasr
operations; ShiiA isMagMt&by taw4#.;
S,.. -ftatcs


l a MJ 0 de it Iy
_t -byedgmentr ik.tin f y
I .i nooraioams la.uare rtw4uweI rod
lseiq; ohs b epkism~aB.f wt uimay

T" ... a.. i r lb-- et. I a i. -..-bai
'DIyV pKwer 0o tw9Uag moneW Ws ,like
tir( ari& v, eabuifgaifsdeby seefene
Tharec JUaipe, wouM bve uinoamines oE'te

d nefiK lM^.Btif M0raae .b

*,it isin br rI
..U : .' a' .J .lita

C% ABqtu k whin aIfabsq!gep theasdiw#e.d,
'v owly wiUbbm .N,

fiat iqhep iAner mi ulai 4 have prm-
v*aj(ycsEtoeid,tiiB .ftsR.ds ie
* her c&fpuaeb a thaswiami*; thahlhiBishy they
have, therefoe,.rcoiiutecd to be ge qrnedl by imb,
un Whom thdie shaieRoftat jorityftidatl
You sdeukour,. biy .gnerai pdincns boldly
affr d*; tq tepsemavo v;tm cei and very as
uifepabW.i b.?, R.O WIl mBil nnan,". s fasy,"
*LcobftsBJ4 mktharekw4s.big l.Mbn'.kfeMi be-
fore he was born ? Qu s* fe. t a.khnd nay .
e ietA to -the*r lpuwr eie#.tia Aguasdu,' i
';fbkasl s idiSc ua-4ueryplace, as. alikJssre
'bornmthe fubjea. tfpom a.team ptbher.fo
',se hpbi sr*mira rea .gi
9 moethfe )s o6 .sbhMJAotbh*swis. tdeb
?, al. ca fedr,wteo edwii Po t t: all-ife 4
ido, .OiNclrga, W J ia.#mf.. i..eB sy"
cniiaveSi.bas. bitter'paovidL&"or thq pdefoeva-'
joiaa lliwhrty.I Qutecnwfctsthe laaw by

WA i brought am Jn IAtAtouss Of COIMCasA-o ;
*%NwumutIsbik &U4teteAasaw,"' fayjtebs-h

may,.iN e2hoiEtk:alSewIs, EThey debfare
to hase aipw ipqsaie teentwawnical law for ge-
eamal baecths; (rwltrizdakiUwicg dergates s a
bill is brought .ma ale JousS of CoMMONS s,

Ba, l thdthifi alik laSp-
tdErd 5- ndt
,* .,rea St-Sd. 'r -
ef'itt AH uihmovehmf t"t b *ailro

iso f < ge i stOt& I ip-
f Ioth ct4wife thl, o l f tihk :
taw ..f.lpt a t ey i
l ey pethapi t*y<'f ; s thy
Am& aws 4the 1A i (tqt h sti Britiifot

ivh du#4F~a1ciai itMe it, rDHN
Mile* iltar^ mauitt le a illht' asi nflke,
)Varined I theA frpplise tue fem Mi) be wilb-
* ln till thattfelht is grabbed i fi the dodL.

i tUjlTt e of

N8 .md Uplp ical tE .4buo d their bsa-
bi f .~t~o~d a ,teit n M4 f 1, fir th ind,

T5. 1ual ,Iart of. the b*tr ftit W fa ~ th
di*K *W o frniA g kit idei bbfnastuae 6itT,
mi.dS gniexe peo 4k franohifEts. fbhode ther~e-
S" A 4. tfn,

at .' tw

.. ,, l .. a3...... ..,_....
"top ,lW 4"lllL/B,11 o At*t
-i. g,-(shyr p i i 9C,:+i dibnay
That paMpp i p pa xaF (roak *M

, fu irew l W -I iaies. origaj itWmed&

-. ORA lri .nq .!

i e ^ ftti 4f fo.-

hAMs te4 n aufaswnu Lu
sn ag s'qsqggiaL dtd n Msei 9s4nlW
Diajiag, pines. *P #hfWtggaputusdiuJmhufl

re t 4. pet' nMius wam a iwna a, he

Ifttei ^1-i*?' j 'S9

pqpdo ldr w4* w"

d1 44pt AipbUAuu rb -boo

itj (*aboea) thsos*etw sapd
clie And property w may beNnpertj

ie ( .hop n d ad atbe fh, et idie;
fee ixwpc of tberig iouf

uigbu ~ ~ Me o4 WaFle u- .0Cl i v o iez
~4cnpath aIupdk awmue knsuw ygn*
. bilts qitA p r. k'tmdpmbe osutrifhr
i^^ l it (r, a lo^,b~pt|MtiB (s

tti-tof wQas#tU, 9 y' s etcita s it t whtw
ie a, liey w nd pripeirys dhey rj0m wrke;

A- M 4 e y ine a ridg h o tae n right oA

04 A m en a.t Agit bsmabts

eba ldw K gi4 Ia bSwi and str ie i wai
-Wr-, o Ig th" right, !eoneAboke to T-
40 Aws a a. twotral rligh to Ifa an*s
is right, only in certain fliulated cirueam-
m R t r by d of the 'whbo whuref rfib
.J he it irnoccat,,h i 1a
i lo^^~t wfich r~h)i fr A ad Mnin

oi >)
SA its n bat tendtd'sft linch r ffltei wn ii
hahi atetf Sal e( tt Olie alO4
F 6t i tW Sri if'tetft Mf .
ary fay, ll i$th S wotM7 f' atn* f

1*P deter nin j
mof exifits-# aultogr tWl 'ftnle&ietyA
!<e-dislM IP itlpd^ pybd4r-
famfr t^if r fIm rae ifrw (t1idn rt' ithMoeiord.E < I lia
pemra primtaplej 'in &/44%fHoi4hii m timn4
in its primarily intended incorrupt fliate, 'it /a
i Aifaeie'nBfiedrib#;Asbr~f~ehe^ is itAk T o,,

i~ ~ wsrcIw^Vm -a^kiG h tie
laigm t of n i 'wsTI in 2ai. .
< ~~Stclifdu^ aiem sprincijf OF It e 6G -

Piyjdhi obfcuft theWgasr adv^entitiotts jpop -*ahif
p Chkh4e t Ier *_ I '
'You tiytct" the CGl flor,
l ** it~d fot 4ffer : c gt& c-re-
fqiatkhawlwdti PSrli nftS r tPlroff
jb :qnuarsl-dFfta&. But ,ho' ile~e of
: v~i^-iwsetralngadepA^itpf hdet..
ccss dOemefa m'ree l t 4t" red so-
a riiw daw4S % o*t yI f ltdb po to1 the
pedI4 bkiimtfhcaaAegfefp't ft&oufthC
St e n.tt U ThereL

Ct f'

to irin nenan .

o ianfe, s. ,i

d.r e t,, hid.,,,n.
Ce. r ig ; W b .

b rvaaR e no Go ce
i t 91 a vs..h iST a % -,r 6A .

n p'r,.wh.e to b a n ',,7 CANr i,. c
". x ,# ,s/ed ufi: li s
w o At a 4.2 S r A

wjth p l"ety and without mtaiarur6 iray

'!7- -- *. .*

takl*me, NOt fhc n bott baIlf

^t p~ll rat i'oit al
pF*thIpdVI rvid~ekes
*Haet t~feir A to~i~^
ski ~ ~ n~ -Ah le f74
agill i Otalt enjoys if
they at lam stpr 'certeca. it
is an xim r nbt be',ti forcibly lon-,
prefled on fite (ihinan Gv~ptt.eanniot fc9

ridTBr 'nat ther
Snor ateh dckzdI fa a9e acquired. ThIey
b hav6'nor, by abbulah thir rigbt ip one
Legiation, 6ac uird' g tute An-
tirter^ aay raiIe'h'ffi ish flrrit;uit-f w
lAnd. who have no vcdt, kai' a ihi to eres
4 arIatanicar'tuenfrves." You before Caud,
a ialph t'o i he ta gIffrerkc
n latte llit,ral, ." f tSenRe
betw fitbtia '469b m p i b 'sttural c-
fei oai OBC& a v 4'datejO 4 flvoj.nlry
fih a o vt Ui atayt zitW ahe ry
matter: puua hape iq j4 ch~y ie1
aba~4iMe hhA
a tht bivt
:. tght SQ
| co1 titd f Aqy
revere ft o( narhy. t':a tebpdy Of
Ejc rs, ii tSn > t.% ^eegai 01 CoIrupt or

r I

c" a m, b oF tharhd*d a
r3gtvi e's gradret ALin by reo
'yw which et King has given te
i dh t beL rave s-Ksu Theh

th noroufith'oF foal

to a di ire the & f&ki t t t*e
~i. o th&. have fu ~tha eh
l B EEn With' aret haa ry X, to the
pr i-Kge ot oimther E gt.Vith tt

d whiek no Kn bud
iA at:il by-
I hat a they riches vir tf ttphe Fl0

"Ta patioen by Rcpiek. tya "- p. o- a( .

proved an ablfuf tyj 16phtfai t 44
Si d Iawdy ;ppe Wia, rit 4 i1
i '--, ',

Your (q6rirfet or i Tt'fegi r
it i~ r i *tkt V!.Iv f iA "t .R

iV t .e .to Vve .

pa laf l ai t m iprr I a ,- p ; a f
at id r nb t. dii ,
it rpre efit..tive% B, a0ra V .u1.?/.
o o l na er-
pa io a h e a q o ,tp p -yv

... ra "at .. C 1v', e
g~k cd of- iti u le i t.inra jmpor ar txmh a
6u, a q o.eep tel Ru i n e bt-.
a:ibh ,. -hFt r't Cr, I WAs in.tM rr..- or' e n:"j .

&4{ pti+,t. d an cjmtTno'Jl,, f.Qa t f..-qtqac
S r*' t l by who ? If th'.
byktb shrr *-h atrnu burutld
n c'uld 'ot 0ekll' prd ir "an 'xecmpiond
from that which he id not l.'gal.ly.a rait.to iry-

' ';.- lub'fr t : b ,t

Keig it did not fubfift with the Paiiiment ."
S0'- ip

.. .. ing,,
any u t m If& them fo^
tit 4A INeh'
ibh1-'4 a> df'l othate **ifthd

Sr i ? iaikai&:Ec :
I io ; U a Would bve'

j t 1 I & ae'aI'ticle in i he
/' the^ ygi~si Writt the*
*e li;y Omuldl
Who. aoi i a ori d

h and hoie'l-beitf in:-

couwntze f, a '4 wh.rli'a, e f.Lpbh
im tltp4.l y'are oily liabletonagza
J fidiaiKidnaPltastr.t; pcr a'ifgt
*t' the inhabitiMe onfier many -
fc, aight not the Girma-Prialije

th. .

': i ., .. .. ... ..f t I i .m m .

X" t 1t 4 f fame
Ar s 4 hq p In aty 4iLJheZ o ngfWIN,
age is A** ra; meptt e mor
f. :-; .*,'. ARW' k .., *

mon A.u r, wI ,pif o pe .ulia iaqorm n oi-
S cable wer pf, RANTrcyG t4es. fqr ;h.e peo-.

p .,"t) rA#, boa. .q ,!w R ,eow i-
tetult impqtiant 4aqFfcq lewctrn TRAM-.
S.V0 F .., 19M
I f,.ny gop. ,WO t. Aift~9,tZ.al of MoW
argumnanw#, wi' art UWq^aK. WgiW t-
ceaptio, bp;sow. Asn p QN : the re-
mainder of your book is ra id decla-
Snt,,iig"; .^ s liZfte qtse.

II;p^t^g^g tihi:' That
i .1l .gp aidn5,., u -r J ;rwI4 v. a-.
SftlaWoc ,. evy t1 i .elya.A itf, 11 t la
Hj lleam. Ifg Qvno 4e hg.l.4M, of taYr
Stion, why did they not exert at Perhaps, we
a .wifn d thade ur f-ul.a 1,.uS. ihan tlfhfu gbt*e
.'. ttt at.feen,

-. F A fe Jrq
.. ,, ,. a t tke Go vh Iosm .ti- Ir a

:A.toB4Tof plapder 14 .0 3L" !
g il r b ,A w I4 1g ai s p *pop -An
P .. a 1., 41. Iv. W3 t q cpwq; i .A

T Ae #wd ty. .thi belte abC -

e M by': .

4a pqq hae Tmiah r ia exino medI Wkat

agtipgta ini CAW futusl F we havc. not bevn-ai 't
of" 4 f q c au d co6UNIe which, if t e
4g:0quero.as. We bareyl*14Wdelae I -CaO w
d-upel of fmek (lf-cntriLag6ory presstce |
it peoi'le we' ould obteai,. baysers-
-o stIpc ton to our prQpRtly WeAJ
,.( alitSw ttt

(., r8L 7
wenh is l he s tiaoni tbl rit t ola-
tfi*dctfyhe mlifetied of Outwo v fP (pcies ?Coal
tef 1 hiuxurisca- bu.Nt with bhe price of
5Bvslrthe blodef &Ar CtoHutraMe, / It
is &id, **Wes6 fitfir t *siCohbArd uifd
*1 that4 N^ W 1 f6r forer.pmardibw.'*
Hese uh th'$*b A b be hevive -f "4ir
cmethmre.? :P leOt"*wl (W e o ofoe r iowr Pau1ia-
rhesgts kclkiottodg& thkli tt ht'ai4 Oete' tetara
their qt4 dif the e3ptert*f Iit *wr? A *ar,
not come'anced, as baa.-beea praegled,.-out oi
difiAntereIA rtgad for idem .l f C6 fepcpe the
prtfusettfo eiviBhte fk^ k,' whtkh hd hKq
betoetwjirt at2 eMfg14tIh.WQ betat Wle td
Lglded--4i, e sitblje biaith of EErApeaz pew-
er -La prfeaWet)4 tg skisehii bf *wr jS
tpru~riqmusi.,. (^ '"... Ia 1... :-
t4jps 'l M rWled 'tH4ti per.
you sh i k G614 i'ftebve to draw
I p tel-.-avd ha *pabar y, see otec
od Jr46 ;eh tei We fef i)a for

Suppofe Po E ift v Rfabllt'JAmi. Po-
peryc' you k*bWn ilAolfterfiktl4er at' con-
hft ."a^rte 'its ifl~ives Youi atysr 4t ifci-
pld, 6r*i'ekrb approve o9f (efitfh A cirtain-
nodster'euTyue~a6kaloforthhe k id RYe d iiee"oft Ith1WatOtIy -uninha-
biti ^ jyoufire atim nw -g h t advsitag& over
Atisteg tfthefrift. 11Phaotft^Hw^feldetrtnin,
you c stfdbegrosedH itDAtbifIitfis~fBathres,
and grb'* rih : you tight pppot6fMie of your
commaoditia rb V itF Nt& Ar' vry r dvanTageou
tFraL Vaptt Cook, is-the couwfe of his voyager


t.*wbeehw41e*l uoiSwf era
bm r(who bdllli*hd'fEht there was
uk. it, ihlcotei 'iao tM r neMa
ft'ibir own thety Uink'aE1i, to in-
Sthst y theiy thfef6 e4fd i f1% arm ,
AuttiWt a6traffick -th Bmrdt JfWn
hem ; and that tIhey will accept the ro-
t'iuae, ^u$ d d'efst, hflttt ov-
f',. ther wtl e e M gre w
S'wof yeaistrtR"' Wit heyfend Aeetr,
1 y, to attaidr m a dib y 'War il
.hed with .ro)lIf ? y 'ppy tor
for iiffh"cri *-w& LYH o yoW
iy .onsciwe ^trideflstool ereiyfth
is edrOisatheto th.0e6, a dTui fat.
,R .unebUkter swwe -,a pteptT,,y man-

yldut d u 'o beat, MW. WAs'
i. u.l af, qM W tabe ?m. .

.. i afe f;thke ThPe are me- in, Em *sd,
!A.*terte';ed enemies *o anotftehey Whibwifti
chidi*E *thkiR ,tbihryeimeliV yddf oWri A'f
..MiiIt sH: veil .~unoti,,+er tbe= RepMhlW
St.nn dite& not falt the geSiis of the nion';
ilJ&fs would it fait the hAtraaet of t'heige.
imltwealtd are ;not 'pretifick in hoiidurs
. .. ..* I dt.

prwofufirp*!wopw st4W j tA Iftyepuld &
?en ra,.Sf:w .vir.,- ap.. 4,t. 1. maial, .4
rplmdtapq pgqiabc fpi is, tha: fjnu, f
ski. (apWoats of AilcsOamw Wial-a eely to fit-
the kpte of thWe wshht iyPPP pt,tk
dwpber, eqp otr **, M* tp4 hr aaw*d i- bua
. S mogSiiQt av yrf htasi either
tAe- kingly ,tp or .tr Uia by whqwn A is.
now eaeccd~w I beliew t, p am famt-mRniiMa
of bowflt Egliamsa wiw pgeutei, w.iinOsX.-
preffile. gzirt and tca, oi ...xxs.,UmrT Cot -
TTruraT1s,;,plapied by tV he bef An wifef o(
090YipftA. f 4$ WPlA19 wit@ hu'ir beWd1y
S' Y v4W'wie .frJ n w i Hinti pr';y .
a4 MA"r'. .Rufh.

b.rt nh i iweky oei
tozzWiin of vWs u a'ttba tmnur,
beaiqgf o sRCCptWifl tR phei is naow

ben fvkick nasfbingsz es WRa" eit Ahf.
Wp'Tflth, at d t4p. f 4.bg fitiga S

Vtfim u7 tv% l riqwts. m4 pwlms r*m.w

a. I e fany. tAouImna
entity fruiratng hmen, who wiTee th well to their


F i

hR tOWrtfebttare igi. 19i rBt
l t i ti oI 'rhitfe- are t-hi m- e,
fear awwg*, tutlfp f evil; tisee
awe (hom he 3 ONc End the
LEYS feef Aer-de-iveietf'dtlr birt-
ffirt fhern ti e hey are fle.
t" beefl of our 1ietent ribet y, teil anrd re-
k y *mAlt," -n u- Sy;" f"*ts inder
raide inlauth Tis ,f fib-."
uft my %iefir '1*a tdier, ftr pornt Otrt
-meinuts itep by kIL thfri Ilbertny ib
% ground. Nobody y esr,- tht we do en.
a reasonable fhare of liberty, at prefcnt-but
vo regard due to the future ? There is, furely,
Difference in the tenure, by which we hold
aVjj z:LIh .l ia pepetuuis.~Xu,-r y,
^'EetiefrETt~ition, thin'te'tetn-ant at.wTlli.
? Some have faid, arbitrary government, well ad-
rliBftiailered, is the beft mode of government; but
mian Lhaac ar Lthe ginf it 09o4 ad-
We have now a good Prince upon the throne;
but who can enfirc the. iraler of. Jis_ f-

iL t a iR"lntfiak t wO af*tae i-
9e: hi:flsWai.nn- fHFrv ti ttd ; $pu., *nd
Saft t? were W RTeo eet^e BU-
WitetiW M ,6 i *Yl l y tt B < an9

f ah eilM ffi atLe-ta

S, ilde Svir, rate- my learkv'Be and
Sr ithi reE I avfr to *atehheni toa

t( 2' *)

.W coa"eMfpp o9. aay, v .kin# whAm ile ClNa
J1 4vM 4sMcclaa .she sajrq-j.l a1y, *'m
as oBpfiw. aqd, perh wip mnure c uoCerity,

I caa end, qn.Pric a,&hpOAoiNAL
AasL [I3A, wBi >a i?^jBAfaku4lsaA
in. zt ctara &q a( a Cufjian a-liajw4ar. doing n
ioaie good. in. # .a,.gi wqry. fo ,it iS, with
regret, I 4qW fee yne in the Chasyter gf-a
Ceuri Spophant, doing mucBL more mlichief in ihe
political world, injuring, pcghap imapuaWya
injuring your CouaTRY. H


OLTU a*s, Di4 p ve William
A, able wiznd epinReit fatfman (Lord
Sq.Ml) po6 aj4r. t. tt people did

and fubpitpn of the.. I a. a4 b. y of the
people : and, before his corodtation, he was
MADE to fear, that be would govern the
people jufly, and keep and .obfeve to them
. .A ,'o..r 3d.emnf~mn(od

I was"-This iy &trik-inr !*&it c
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