Study of Alachua County

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Study of Alachua County
Everhard, David L.
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College of Architecure, University of Florida
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Study of
Alachua County

AE 681
Fall 77


This research paper was written in an effort to examine

the history of the building crafts and the materials related

to them, in the Alachua County area. This was accomplished

by looking at the advertising sections of the county's news-

papers from the earliest available date, the 1860's, up until

1905. City directories, history books, and photographic

collections at the P.K. Yonge Library were also examined.

The Sanborn maps, which begin in Gainesville in 1883, are an

excellent source of information and show plans and descriptions

of the buildings in the Gainesville area. The earliest period

of the county's history, 1824-1860, is undocumented in this

paper since we were unable to find data pertaining to our topic.

We also talked with Sam Gowan at the University of Florida

and examined information collected by Historic Gainesville,


What we have put together is a general overview of this

information. We have listed the advertisements verbatim, as

found, and placed them in chronological order. We have also

tried to relate the advertisements to the county's history by
making some accompanying comments, appropriate to the period.

There is of course room for more interpolation in this col-

lection of data, but we hope this paper will assist others

in subsequent research.

Dave Everhard
Bill Browne

Alachua County was organized and approved as a county by

the Florida Legislative's Council in Tallahassee in November

of 1824. Micanepy and Newnansville had already been establish-

ed as pioneer towns of the area and Micanopy was named the

first Alachua County seat. This county seat switched back and

forth from Micanopy to Newnansville during the early days ef

the county's history, until it was finally agreed that a new

county seat should be established in a more central location.

Gainesville was thus founded in 1854. The site of the town

was located on property owned by Major Bailey and had an

existing sawmill already located nearby, which provided lumber

for the first courthouse. A railroad was already planned to

run nearby, which was completed from Gainesville to Ferandina

in 1859. It was about this time that Gainesville became an

established hub for the county, having a population of 225

persons. Our first advertising sources were found in news-

papers about this time, 1861-67. The building industry at

this time was almost all weed structured for lumber was read-

ily available and cheap. These early ads reflected the simpli-

city and plainness of the available materials and craftsmanship.

L.M. McCullen
Carpenter and Builder
Offers his services to the citizens of Micanepy
and surrounding county as Centracter and Super-
intendant of Public Buildings, Villas, Towns and
County Houses and hopes by strict attention and
detail and merit a liberal patronage.
Plans and Specifications of Work and Materials
Furnished at Shert Netice

CS, Sept. 28, 1861, p.2, c.4.

Lumber, Lumber
Great Reduction in Price
at Pardee's Steam Mill
Nerth of Gainesville
Frem and after this date we will furnish first
quality lumber at $15 per thousand feet and
rough edge at $7 per thousand feor cash at the
mill. If net paid at the time the lumber is
carried away, the eld price of $18 will be
charged. We wish it distinctly understeed that
we will not do a credit business hereafter and
all lumber must be paid for within six days of
its removal from the mill. F.H. Pardee

NE, Oct.5, 1867, p.2, c.4.

T.H. Blake, S.A. Fewell
Carpenters and Housebuilders
G., Fla.
Having formed a partnership for the transaction
of business in the above respectfully solicit a
share of public patronage. Calls from town or
country promptly attempted to and work done in
a workmanlike manner.
T.H. Blake, S.A. Fewell

NE, May 18, 1867, p.2, c.4.

Most manufactured building elements and materials were

shipped into Gainesville for the most part during the 1870's,

as the ads indicate. Products such as doers, sash, paints,

lime, plaster and bricks were imported from the East coast,

cities such as Fernandina and Jacksonville.

P.P. Teale
Manufacterer of Deers, Sash,
Blinds, Flooring, Etc.
Dealer in Builders' Hardware,
Paints, Oils, Etc.
Sele AgeMt for
The Nat'l Mixed Paint Co.
The Great American Fire Extinguisher Ce.
Page Maohine Belting Ce.

Send for Prices
Office & Warereems
Nes 20 & 22 Hayne & 33 & 35 Pickney Sta.
Factory and Yards
Ashley River, West End Bread St.
Charleston, S.C.
AC, Jan. 1, 1876, p.?, c.4.

Mason Materials
J.L. Burek
Jacksonville, Fla.
lime laths
cement hair
plaster bricks
slate & marble mantles
AC, Feb. 12, 1876, p.6, c.3.

Deers, Sash, Blinds, Etc.
& Central Hardware
at low prices for case
send for prices to S.B. Hubbard & Co.
Jacksonville, Fla.
FN, Sept. 14, 1878, p.1, c.5.

Up until 1880, there were few advertisments for con-

traeters or builders. However, these who did advertise

offered services of drafting, surveying, carpentry, and

estimating There also was the first notice of a local

architectural firm, J.O. Geedale & Co., in 1877. The term

architect was used very loosely at this time and it is not

known if they were architects in the modern sense of the word.

Thomas L. Carter
Contractor & Builder
Gainesville, Alachua Co. Fla.
Will do any kind of carpentry work at shert notice
and in a good substantial manner
Prices low and satisfaction guaranteed
AC, Feb. 12, 1876, p.6, c.3.

James Voyle
Surveyor & Draftsman
At the General Land Office
Gainesville, Fla.
All kinds of surveying done: estimates of water
pewer made: height of mill dams on streams or
depth of canals from lakes or ponds at any given
point, correctly ascertained.
Tracing and establishing lost lines and corners
strictly in accordance with the U.S. laws,
specially provided therefore.
Tracts of land of any shape measured and divided
into pieces of any req'd size
Maps made: old maps eepied, and field notes plotted
Maps of any township of the state furnished at
land office prices.
All work warranted to be correct & lawful
AC, Feb. 12, 1876,p.6, c.3.

T.L. & W.F. Carter
Contractors & Builders
Gainesville, Fla.
Plans, specifications, estimates, etc. furnished
free. Our prices are reasonable and our work good
First class references always ready and satisfact-
ion guaranteed.
GT, Apr. 14, 1877, p.1, c.6.

Thomas A. Hall
Centracter & Builder
Gainesville, Fla.
Satisfaction Guaranteed at Every Job
GT, Apr. 14, 1877, p.1, c.6.

Joseph Voyle
Surveyor and Draughtsman
Gainesville, Fla.
Commissioned Surveyer of Alachua County
Official surveys made strictly in accordance with
the laws and records of U.S. survey.
An experience of several years in the U.S. Land
Office, and in surveying in this vicinity. Has
given a familiarity with the lines that enables
work to be done without otherwise necessary dekays.

Maps of any part of the county or state furnished
at land office prices.
GT, Apr. 1877, p.1, c.5.

J.O. Geeodale & Co.
Architects & Builders
Gainesville, Fla.
Draughts, estimates, etc. furnished at short notice
Contracts made and executed in any portion of state
GT, Apr. 14, 1877, p.1, c.6.

With the date ef the establishment of the Gainesville

Planing Mill in June of 1873, the list of items available

through this company probably soon provided a go.d deal *f

the materials utilized in the area. Weed products continued

to be the mainstay of building construction. The tragic

fires of 1883 and 1885 which destroyed the blocks west and

south of the courthouse square were evidence of this. Until

1884 the entire town except for the jail, the iron foundry,

and the new building of the East Florida Seminary were con-

structed of wood.

At the Gainesville Planing Mill
is the Place to Get
Moulding, in great variety of styles
Bracket Sawed, the largest to the smallest
Newel Post, turned from cedar or other weeds
Balustere, in any pattern to suit
Hubs, for wagons turned to order
Felloes & Shafts, sawed when desired
Matched Fleering, ceiling and partitioning
Lumber Planed, and ripped to order
Pickets for fencing, pointed or cut to any shape
Wood, oak or pine sawed and split for the steve
Corn ground into fine meal or hominy everyday

My Prices
For planing lumber are as follows:
Planing one side $4.00 per 1000 feet
Planing two sides $7.00 per 1000 feet
Planing four sides such as 2 inches square and
upwards $10.00 per 1000 feet
Planing one side and one edge weatherboardss)
$5.00 per 1000 feet
Matching fleering and ceiling $6.00 per 1000
feet, for 6 inches wide and upwards
Matching flooring and ceiling less than 6 inches
wide an increase of $1.00 per 1000 feet, will be
added for each inch narrower in width
Lumber planed from 3/4" to 5 inches in thickness
and 24 inches wide
B.C. Drake
FN, Sept. 14, 1878, p.2, c.5.

Established June, 1873
Planing Mill, Grist Mill, Rice Mill
Jobbing Shop
Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida
Having lately made many additions and improvements
in machinery, I am prepared to do all kinds of
house furnishing work, such as Window and Door
Frames, Mantle Fronts, etc., at short notice and
low prices.
I have constantly on hand a large variety of Mould-
ings, also hand rail for stairs and balustrades.
Saw and turned balusters, Bracket and Scroll sawing
of any desired pattern done to order.
Seasoned lumber constantly on hand, I would invite
these contemplating building houses, yard fences,
etc., to give me a call and get prices.
My mills are right in the heart of the city, and
only three miles from the Public Square and bus-
iness portion of Gainesville.
B.C. Drake
ES, 1883, p.114. (see slide)

Dedd & Cavey
Practical Tin Reefers and
Workers in Metals of All Kinds
Reefing, Spouting, Valley Tin
and Jobbing of All Descriptions
in City and Country
Reefing ever old shingles without extra expense
Estimates given. Correspondence solicited
ES, 1883, p. 118 (see slide)

S. Keeler
Artist in Frescoing
General House & Sign Painter
Gainesville, Fla.
Churchs, lodge rooms, hotels and residences
decorated in the highest style of the fresco
art, in new and original designs or after
architects' plans. Fine house painting,
graining, paper hanging, etc. at moderate
ES, 1883, p.119 (see slide)

P.H. Young, C.E.
Land Surveyor and Cenveyanger
Notary Public
for State of Floida at Large
Special attention given to the examination of
records and to the perpetuating of titles
Gainesville, Fla.
ES, 1883, p.122 (see slide)

Dennis & Wallis
Lumber Merchants
Gainesville, Fla.
L.G. Dennis L. Wallis
ES, 1883, p.123 (see slide)

James Doig's Foundry
Machine Shops
Gainesville, Fla.
I am prepared to make castings, either brass or
iron, of any dimension or form; also machine works
of all kinds, such as
Steam Engines, Sawmills, Cotton Gins, Sugar Mills,
Sugar Kettles, Etc.
also manufacturers Agents for anything in the machine
line, properly and promptly attended to and work
ES, 1883, p.118 (see slides)

An indication of the prosperity of the town during 1880's

was the number of houses and business buildings constructed.

At the end of 1883 it was reported that at no time were there

fewer than twenty homes being built in town during the year

and as of that date at least fifty buildings were in various

stages of construction. This upsurge in building was due

mainly to the growth of the town as an agricultural base and

the steady growth of the railroad.

The Gainesville Variety Works
are now prepared to manufacture sash, doors, blinds,
mouldings, brackets, bedsteads, safer, tables and
desks, and all kinds of wood turning done.
We also have in connection in our factory a first
class sawmill! and will keep in stock all kinds
of rough and dressed lumber.
Parties wanting anything in our line will find
it in their interest to call us. office and
factory on Seminar Street. Two blocks N. of
transit depot.
GN, Apr. 1, 1885, p.3, c.4.

Crescent City Cornice Works
Backus & Brisbin
galvanized iron cornices, window caps, Haye's
patent sky light, tin roofing, corrugated iron,
metallic shingles, Austin patent conductor pipe
estimates furnished
express both ways paid by us on plans submitted
for estimates.
251 274 to Magazine St. New Orleans
GEN, Feb. 10, 1885, p.2, c.6.

Central Lumber Yard
J.0. Goodale
Dealer in Building Materials

rough lumber, dressed lumber, worked flooring,
worked ceilings, cypress shingles, laths, building
brick, oil press brick, dressed granite, arti-
fical stone, cements, lime, plaster, hair
Agent for Chemical Lime Co. Alabama
Agent for Felt-Roofing Materials
Agent for Florida Fenee Co.
GN, Apr. 1, 1885, p.2, c.2.

As mentioned earlier, the fires of 1883 and 1885 had a

great effect on the area and fireproof materials were soon to

be seen advertised highly in the newspapers. Brick goods

which were once sold by general building material retailers

were then being sold by brick companies dealing mainly in

that product. Cast iron and tin roofs also became popular

apparently due to their fireproofing aspect. Most of the

brick was Georgia brick rather than local brick which came

into use about a decade later.

Georgia Brick
Delivered to Gainesville for $8.25 per M., and
to other points in Florida for less than any
other first-class Georgia brick. We have advan-
tages in freight. Write us.
Flint River Brick Yard
Albany, Georgia
AA, Jn 26 1885, p.4, c.7.

Architectural & Builders Iron Work
Cast & Wrought Iron
Building Material of Every Description
Columns, lintels, sill-plates, window-guards,
sash-bars, sills, shutters, railings, cresings,
posts, brackets,retc., galvanized iron cornice,
pediments, window caps, fire & water proof sky-
lights, plain & corrugated iron roofing & siding

Walter's steel shingle & siding plates, both
ornamental & plain. Tin shingles, tin plates,
solder, etc.
Graters common & basket, low down and raised
iron backs and jambs for open fires
art tiles for mantle facings and inlaid work
Minton's tiles for floors, hearths, etc. The
zigzag tiles- Italian and marble
Slate roofing slate, slate mantles(marbelized),
slate fencing, hearths,etc.
Glass Ondoyant Cathedral Plate, colored, embossed,
ground & enameled plaster centers & brackets
Brass Work andirons, fire screens, etc. fine
hardware mantles; cast, wrought iron and wire
H. Magee
E. Main St. Gainesville
AA, Jn 26, 1885, p.4, c.8.

T.J. Swearingen
Keeps a General Tin Shop
Roofing, Guttering, and Sheet Iron Working
Tinware, Fruit Cans, Valleys, Roof
Cellars, Stove Pipe & Elbows
Having arranged my shop in a better style and added
new tools, I am much better prepared for manufact-
uring of all kinds of tinware. Only the best mat-
erial used. Your patronage solicited.
West Main St., S. of Square
AA, Jn 26, 1885, p.4, c.8.

Gee. Hacker & Son
Manufactures of Doors, Sash, Blinds,
Mouldings & Building Material
Charelston, S.C.
Order direct form factory & save dealer profits
AA, Jn 26, 1885, p.3, c.1.

William Burch Builder
Tacoma, Fl., Micanopy P.O.
To the people of Micanopy and vicinity. After
many years practical experience I would say that
I am ready to do all kinds of building, either by
contract or day work.
First Class Work Guaranteed
MG, July 23,1885, p.2, c.4.

T.L. Carter first advertised in 1876 as a contractor

and builder in Gainesville, as shown in earlier ad in report.

A year later a relative, W.F. Carter, joined him in the

same business. Then in 1885 an advertisement in the

Micanopy Gazette listed him as an architect and builder

in Micanopy.

T.L. Carter
Architect & Builder
Micanopy, Fl.
Would respectfully inform the citizens of Micanopy
and surrounding county that he is permanently lo-
cated at this place and understands his business.
Will build any kind of a house by contract and
guarantee satisfaction.
Plans, Specifications, Estimates, etc, Furnished
Can furnish best of References
MG, July 23, 1885, p.2, c.4.

This period of the 1880's to the 1890's showed a

multiplication of the industries involving the building

trades and materials. The number of diverse advertisements

reflects this growth. Many different persons advertised

their services and many companies, both local and out of

state, were listed in the newspapers.

Wm Lee-Gontractor and Builder
Park Ave. and Cypress Street
specialty economy in lumber, also have three
or four hundred choice budded trees for sale.
WMD, Mar. 27, 1886, p.2, c.4.

G.W. Davis and Co's.
Melrose Florida
Lumber cut, dressed and delivered to order at
lowest prices also shingles, laths, and wood
always on hand.
WMD, Mar. 27, 1886, p.3, c.4.

Edward J.E. McLaurin
Jobber & Retailer of
Wall papers, window shades, mouldings, picture frames,
cornices, straw and pine mattings, etc.
Estimates made and work executed with promptness and
dispatch in first class manner. Correspondence solicited.
Samples mailed on application.
Corner Laura&'/Frsyth St. Jacksonville, Fl.
DD, Aug. 30, 1888, p.2, c.4.

S.B. Hubbard Co.
Corner Pine & Forsyth St. Jacksonville, Fl.
Wholesale and retail dealers in hardware, stoves
& tinware, sash doors, blinds, paints, oils, varn-
ishes, pumps, lead & iron pipe, leather & rubber
belting, and mill supplies of every description.
Water, steam and gas fittings, roofing & tinsmith-
ing done to order, sanitary plumbing in all its
branches. Agents for Hazard's powder, Deer's im-
proved agricultural implements, Planent Jr.'s
garden tools, Washburn & Moen's barbed wire fenceing,
Henty Disston & Son's saws and the American inject-
or, the best in use. Write for prices.
DD, Aug. 30, 1888, p.2, c.4.

Shingles! Shingles!!
Moseley & Goode
Manufactures of Cypress & Pine Shingles
Fairbanks, Fla.
DA, Feb. 17, 1889, p.4, c.5.

D.E. Cooper was the owner/ operator of a large mill seven

blocks north of the courthouse (possibly at or near the

location of today's Comb's Lumber Co.) and was an exclusive

operation, which can be noted by the contents of his various

advertisements. (Also note the slide of the mill and the slide

of the mill's location on the Sanborn map. The slide of the

mill is a view looking south towards the old part of the mill

before the new mill was built).

Lumber! Lumber!!
Notwithstanding the heavy draw on my yard by large
sales of lumber at home and abroad, I keep my yard
well stocked with dry material from my mill at May-
field. I have over five huxdree thousand feet of
pine boards and scantling now in stock, and keep a
good supply of both
Pine & Cypress Shingles
Mouldings & Stair Rails
Balusters, Brackets, Etc.
Brick, Lime, & Cement
Plaster, Building Hardware
Also cabbage and vegetable crates, strawberry baskets,
and ventilated packages.
Estimates promptly made, and buildings erected on
short notice. If you want a cow shed call and see me:
if you want the finest house in the land call and see
me, and you never will regret having done so.
Very Truly Yours,
D.E. Cooper
DA, Feb. 17, 1889, p.2, e.5.

D.E. Cooper
Dealer in-
Lumber, Laths & Shingles, Crates,
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Moulding &
Building Material
Gainesville, Fl.
Estimates furnished & buildings erected on short notice
Coorespondence respectfully
GWS, Aug. 17 1889, p.7, c.2.

Geo. S. Hacker & Son
Charleston, S.C.
Building Materials
Doors, Sash, Mouldings, Blinds
Factory Direct Order Wolf St.,
Railroad Avenue
E.M. Hacker, Proprietor
DS, Aug. 9, 1890, p.1, c.4.

Fowler and Son
Wholesale Dealers
Flooring, ceiling, novelty siding, shingles, and
all kinds of building materials.
We are prepared to meet all emergencies.
Give us a call. Orders on short notice
Will recieve prompt attention
NM, Feb. 21, 1891, p.3, c.6.

Talbott & Sons
Factory Richmond, Va.
Manufacturers of
Engines, Boilers, Saw Mills, Etc.
Timber guages graduated by 16th's of an inch
Independent Rope Feeds for Saw Mills
Wood Working & Shingle Machinery
Irrigating outfits for orange groves &veg. farms
J.Q. Weaver Talbott & Sons
TN, Mar. 2, 1891, p.4, c.6.

Wood, Wood, Wood
Delivered to any part of city
at lowest prices
G.J. Hagood
TN, Mar. 2, 1891, p.2, c.6.

Ocala Novelty Works
Mallett & Co.
(Successors to Younge Bros. & Co.)
Manufacturers of
Sash, doors, moulding, newels, brackets, casing,
flooring, ceiling, turning, scroll sawing of all
kinds, a specialty.

Agents for Averill's paints & fillers
Small sail & row boats built to order
TN, Mar. 2, 1891, p.4, c.3.

ET Henderson
Contractor & Builder
& Dealer in
Lumber, Shingles, Laths, Sash, Doers, Blinds, Etc.
Micanopy, Fla.
Satisfaction Guaranteed& Correspondence Solicited
TN, Mar. 2, 1891, p.2, e.6.

We carry a full stock of
first class builder's brick constantly
on hand. When you are in need, write
us for price.
Fleming & Co.
Albany, Ga.
DS, Jn 14, 1891, p.1, c.5.

Benton and Upson
Machinery and mill supplies, engines, boilers,
saw mills, shingle mills, woodworking machinery
Irrigating Machinery a Specialty
Office and Warehouse, Jacksonville, Fla.
Write for estimates and mention this paper
DS, Jn 14, 1891, p.1, c.5.

A.O. Steenberg
Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Hardware,
Tinware, Mill Supplies, Furniture, Etc.
E. Side Courthouse Square Gainesville
DS, Aug. 1, 1891, p.4, c.5.

E. Baird & Co.
We keep a full line of hardware
stoves, tinware & useful utensils, mill
supplies, paints, oils, glass,
harness, saddery
refrig., ice cream, frezzers, water coolers,
screen windows & doors

Tin Shop
is in charge by a competent mechanic and we are
prepared to do all kinds of tin roofing, gutter-
ing, sheet metal iron work, piping for hot and
cold water, etc. Promptly and Satisfactorily
W. Side of Courthouse Square
Da, Aug. 1, 1891, p.8, c.4.
(see slide)

Baird Hardware started in Gainesville in 1890. The company

came from Ohio via Palatka and had an interest in saw mills.

Just Received
from Heshkosh, Wis.
Two car loads of white pine sash, doors and blinds
of all sizes and grades for sale at prices that
will defy competition. Call me at my mill or at
A.O. Steenberg's Hardware.
D.E. Cooper
DS, Aug. 1,1891, p.8, c.4.

$25,000 Invested
in plant and materials
Est. 1887
Do not be deceived. All persons desiring to build
or wishing building materials will consult their
own interest in calling on me before making arrange-
ments elsewhere. A full stock of dry lumber. The
best factory south of Jacksonville and the best
mechanics in the country. I am prepared to meet all
fair competition.
Lumber, Mouldings, Brackets
Lime, Brick, Cement
Doors, Sash, Trim
Manufacturers of Furniture
"Mantles a Specialty"
My plant and stock speaks for itself as well as
buildings erected, plans furnished, estimates made
on short notice. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Factory: Seven Blocks North of Courthouse
D.E. Cooper,
Contractor & Furnisher
DS,Sept. 10, 1892, p.1, c.5.

S.J. Stewart
Gainesville, Fla.
Shop corner Liberty and University Streets
Plumbing, gas fitting, corrugated iron and tin
roofing, stove repairing and all work in my line
promptly and carefully done.
DG, Feb. 9, 1892, p.4, c.5.

T.B. Ceruti
Contractor & Builder
Also keeps constantly on hand a fresh
supply of fine groceries, fruits, and
Central Ave. Tampa, Fl.
FS, Oct. 28, 1892, p.4, c.5.

J.R. Eddins
Manufacturers and Dealers in
all kinds of building material
Ornamental and Embossed Work a Specialty
Rough and dressed lumber, laths, shingles, mantles
Buildings erected on short notice
"The Only Embossing Machine in the State"
Factory: foot of Main Street, Gainesville, Fla.
DS, Mar. 17, 1893, p.1, c.5.

It is interesting to note here that Eddins says he has

the only embossing machine in the state. The slide of the

old Land Office of Gainesville shows an elaborate tin ceil-

ing, which could possibly have come from Eddins! presses.

Wm Sumner
House & Sign Painter
Paper Hanging
Graining & Kalsomining, Etc.
25 yrs practical experience. All work guaranteed
to be as good as the best and do at short notice,
Gainesville, Fla.
DL, Nov. 18, 1892, p.5, c.4.

D.E. Cooper
Special size doors & sash of yellow pine
Cypress mantels and all fancy interior finish
Buildings erected, plans furnished.
Dealer in white pine doors, sash, and blinds.
Manufacturers of cheap furniture, sapes, bedsteads
Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.
DS, Mar. 17, 1893, p.4, c.5.

William T. Cutter
Architect and Superintendent of Buildings
City Blocks 13 & 14, Jacksonville
DS, May 30, 1893, p.5, c.2.

Rough & Dressed
Yellow Pine & Cypress Lumber
Orange Box Heads a Specialty
Anything in the above line on short notice
and at lowest prices
R.F. Tillis
Mill at Prarie Creek Rochelle, Fla.
DS, Feb. 1, 1894, p.4, c.6.

Wm Coldham
Painter, Grainer & Sign Writer
Paper Hanging a Specialty
Wall Paper in Stock
Shop one door north of white house
DS, Jn 2, 1894, p.4, c.6.

C.G. Fagan
Painter & Contractor
House painting, coach painting, sign writing and
graining, paper hanging and upholstering, etc.
done on short notice. Office and shop above Cash
Hardware Store.
Leave Orders at Cash Hardware Store
EL, Feb. 26, 1895, p.4, c.5.

New Wood Yard
wood yard on Leonard's mill lot 2 blks from sq.
We have or new machinery all up and are ready to
fill your orders for wood oak, hickory, and pine
cut to any size. Leave orders at Phillip Miller &
Co.'s Grocery
Lilly & Thomas
EL, Feb. 26, 1895, p.4, e.5.

D.W. Merritt
Contractor & Builder
Estimates furnished on all buildings
Call at Magnolia House
EL, Feb. 26, 1895, p.4, c.4.

Successors to James Doig
Gainesville: Foundry & Machine Works
All kinds of castings made to order.
Repairing and building of all kinds of
machinery a specialty
Satisfaction Guaranteed Address
Gainesville Foundry & Machine Works
P.O. Box 198
L, May 27, 1895, p.3, c.2.

Brick, Brick, Brick
The Gainesville Brick Works
Chas. S. Thompson, Proprietor
I have now on hand 150,000 first class hand-made
bricks. I am now prepared to offer parties want-
ing bricks in small or large amounts at very low
Yard on Florida Southern Railway
DS, Jn 23, 1895, p.3, c.5.

C.E. King
Contractor & Builder
Jobbing & Repairing a Specialty
Estimates & Drawings Cheerfully Furnished
WS, Oct. 26, 1895, p.5, c.6.

J.R. Eddins
Contractor & Builder
Makes a specialty of ornamental embossing work
Plans & Specifications furnished on application
Factory foot of West Main St., near depot
WS, Oct. 26, 1895, p.4, c.5.

R.W. Hall
Contractor & Builder
Gainesville, Fl.
Plans, specifications and estimates on application
Correspondence Solicited
and Satisfaction Guaranteed
Will take pleasure in referring to any-
one for whom I have done work.
DS, Dec. 18, 1898, p.10, c.4.
(see slide)

R.W. Hall, the building contractor who has put up
nearly all of the elegant residences during the
past year, is a man having that through knowledge
that his business requires. He is an architect,
and his knowledge of this branch of work enables
him to execute plans in every minute detail. Those
who have tested him in the past can testify as to
his reliability.
DS, Dec. 18, 1898, p.6, c.4.
(see slide of Bodiford House)

E.J. Baird
Rough and Dressed Yellow Pine Lumber
Large Veneering Mill
Basket and Carrier Crates
DS. Dec. 18, 1898, p.3, c.4.

E.J. Baird
Rough and Dressed Yellow Pine Lumber
Large Veneering Mill
Basket and Carrier Crates
Mail Orders Promptly attended to.
We have every capacity for the manufacturer of
baskets and carrier crates in large or small quan-
tities. Your orders solicited
Office & Mill S. F & W Depot Gainesville
DS, Jn 16, 1899, p.1, c.6.

During this period, 1885-1900, there were several factors

which had an effect on the economy of Alachua County. The

phosphate boom, which began around 1890, had a very positive

effect on the economy. Between 1885-98, Alachua County's

production comprised nearly one-half of the entire production

of the state. The phosphate industry actually challenged

agriculture as the economic base of the county, but did not

over take it. In 1894 and 1899 the citrus industry was dealt

a severe blow, when the two famous "freezes" struck, wiping

out the groves to such an extent that the industry never

recovered. Also, in 1888, a yellow fever epedemic swept the

state and its effects were severely felt throughout the county.

So there were both positive and negative factors working

simultaneously. By 1896 the phosphate industry was rapidly

becoming monopolized and within several years was no longer

a great source of income for the county. A recession and the

first World War eventually stopped the phosphate mining in the

county almost entirely.

This period, 1900-05, really begins the end of Alachua

County's boom. By 1903, advertising in the newspapers had

dropped off considerably. The construction industry slowly

came to a halt and the county remained virtually unchanged

until the urban renewal program of the '60's, which began to

destroy the many fine buildings which had been built during

the county's period of economic prosperity (i.e. County


The Old Reliance
Tin, Sheet Metal and Plumbing Establishment
Satisfaction Guaranteed
G.A. Perret Lessee and Manager
DS, Apr. 7, 1903, p.3, e.4.

Alfred S. Taylor
Painting and Paper Hanging
Gainesville, Florida
Agent for Decorators Wallpaper Company, New York
DS, May 3, 1903, p.7, c.3.

Wm. Anderson
Contractor for Electrical WiriiAg
Electric Bells and Burglar Alarms
Leave orders at Waits Bicycle store
or Thomas Hardware and Seed Store
Gainesville, Florida
DS, May 3, 1903, p.2, c.3.

G.A. Perrett
Lessee and Manager
The Old Reliable Tin, Sheet Metal,
Plumbing Establishment, Etc,
Roofing and Guttering a Specialty
223 W. Main St. S P.O. 553
Gainesville, Fl.
GCD, 1905-06, p.8.

August Wenske
Journeyman Carpenter & Cabinet Maker
All work promptly and neatly executed
Carpets and Matting sewed & laid
1102 Alachua Ave.
GCD, 1905-06, p.95.

J.W. Patton
Civil Engineer and Surveyor
GCD, 1905-06, p.42.

E.C. McMahan
Contractor of Brick Work
All work guaranteed Service prompt Estimates
furnished Correspondence solicited
P.O. Box 332 Gainesville, Fl.
GCD, 1905-06, p.42.

Stanton Foundry & Machine Co.
Founders & Machinists, Palatka, Fl.
Mill supplies & machinery of all kinds
Brass & iron castings made to order.
Pattern work a specialty
Correspondence solicited
GCD, 1905-06, p.42.

J. Dudley Williams
Journeyman Brick Layer
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished
304 S. Roper Av. Gainesville, Fl.
GOD, 1905-06, p.95.

Luther Gracy House, located at 314 N.E. 4th Ave was

built by Barber & Klutz, Architects out of Knoxville, Tenn.

The architects were from Luther Gracy's previous residence

before residing in Alachua County in 1873. He apparently

came to Gainesville to establish lumber mills and produce

turpentine. The house was begun in 1904 and completed in

1906. (see slide)


With the establishment of Gainesville as the county seat

and the completion of the railroad, Alachua County really

began its growth. As the economy increased, so did the

diversity of the advertisements and the specialization of the

building crafts and materials. It is evident from the adver-

tisements, or lack of them, how the economy was fluctuating.

The absense of the advertisements during and directly after

the Civil War, the tremendous increase in advertisements with

the phosphate and agricultural boom, and the decline of adver-

tising after the "freezes". The availability of these crafts

aad materials switched from an out-of-state market to the local

market, as prosperity increased. The architecture, throughout

this period, was basically vernacular, mainly because the

agricultural base of the ecenemy could not support the pro-

fessional architect. The advertisements reflect this with

the many advertisements for contractors and builders and so

few for architects. The time period, 1860-1905, was the most

active period of Alachua Ceunty's history and it gives a good

cress section of the building crafts and the building materials.

Burtz' Gainesville City Directory, 1905-06

Contractors p.102
Brickwork McMahan, E.C.
,, Williams, J.D.
Decorating & Paper Hanging p.102
Taylor, A.S.
Waters, E.H.

Manufacturers p.107
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Etc. Eddins Mfg Co., J.R. Eddins mgr

Mill Supplies & Paints, Oils, & Glass p.108
Baird Hardware Co.
S.J. Thomas Co., The

Stone Cutter p.111
Schafer, C.D.

Wood Dealers p.112
Bone, J.H.
Diamond Ice Co.
Thomas, W.R.

M.A. (Sallie) Bennett, architect
S.H. (Fanny L) Dempsey, contractor
H.A. (Sarah) Fisher, brick mason
R.W. (Ada) Hall, contractor
V.J. (--))Herlong, mfr lumber
W.F. (Ada) Lewis, brick mason
H.W. Malphers, contractor
F.A. Roux, tin & repair shop
B. Berry, brick mason
James Daniels, plasterer
Edgar Daniels, i
John Daniels,
Alfred Davis, brick mason
Adam Scriven, brick layer

Note: Numerous citizens listed with occupation of "carpenter"

Wittstock, A.E., contractor (Burtz' GCD, 1908).
(see slide of Wittstock Home)

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Slide Source List (cont.)
and Post Office.
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List of County Newspapers

Cotton States
The New Era
Alachua Citizen
The Florida News
Gainesville Times
Gainesville Evening News
Alachua Advocate
Micanopy Gazette
Wallack's Melrose Delight
Daily Democrate
Daily Advocate
Gainesville Weekly Sun
Daily Sun
Newberry Miner
Tuskawilla News
Daily Gazette
Florida Sentinel
Daily Leader
Evening Ledger
Weekly Sun

Note: Ad footnotes use first letters of newspaper titles
(i.e. Cotton States, CS, Sept.28, 1861,p.2, c.4.)

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