GFM Archive - Report of Workshop 1 of the IGA Conference in 1981 - last two pages


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GFM Archive - Report of Workshop 1 of the IGA Conference in 1981 - last two pages
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Caribbean Area   ( lcsh )
IGA Conference - Turin 1981


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(i) The Annual Conference is the sovereign body of IGA;
(ii) There shall be an Annual Conference og IGA in each cale.ii-r
year and its location shall be decided upon at an Annual Conference.
(iii) Each full member may send a maximum of four (4) representatives
to an Annual Conference in an official capacity. 7T.. delegates
bnd roprosotaoti-os of member organizations should be made known
at the start of the Conference.
(iv) Other persons are welcome to attend the Annual Conference and
are encouraged to set up their own workshops. They may attend Ple-
nary Sessions and speak at the discretion of the Chairpersons of
the Plenary Sessions. They may also attend IGA .:--rh'ops and speak
at the discretion of thew- -r.hops.
(tv) Proposals for the inclusion of the agenda of the Annual Confe-
rence must be sent to the Information Secretariat, the Woments
Secretariat at least 1- >,,:: before Annual Conference. The Secre-
tariats shall .arrange the proposals into a draft agenda, which must
be sent to Pull Miembers with workij.f papers not later than 8 weeks
before the conference.
(vi) The pre-conference organisation shall be the responsabillity
of the host member organisation in conjunction with the Secretariats.
(vii) Pull Homber Organisations niay sent two persons to a pre-
ootoerence meeting which shall revise the draft agenda and elect
a chairing pool which shall run the Conference and chair the
Plenary Session after approval of the Conference.
(viii) It is the responsibility of the workshops to appoint their
own chairpersons and minute takers, Written reports of the workshops
shall be presented to Plenary Sessions. Workshops without written
reports shall not be dealt with at Plenary Sessions.
(ix) The minute takers of the Plenary Sessions shall present the
chair with a list of decisions taken at the Plenary Sestion, so that
the hair can read this list to the Plenary Session for approval.
(x) The Chairing Pool shall meet during the evening before the ope-
ning of the Cdnference. The first Plenary Session shall be opened
by the host member organisation, which shall propose the recommen-
dations to the Chairing Poll for approval by the Conference.
S(xi) Pross Communiq-ues must be approved of by Plenary Sessions.

:-i! 1DCE ISIC,7 I G-fi .
(i) Decisions may only be taken in Plenary'Sessions.
" t. rd.L _-bi :-, I z T, -.-z.E Z t --D -"
*(iUi) The women in IGA have autonomy to take decisions on topics spe-
cifically relevant to lesbians/gay women.
(iii) vlWherever possible the l-nnual Conference shall seek a consensus
but if a vote is necessary, only Full members which hVve paid their
current Subscriptions and which have a representative present
at Conference may vote. Each Full Member may cast two votes.
(iv) Jhee o a Plenary Session does not reach a consensus on a spe-
cific i ,-e, there shall be a discussion on whether the issue shall
be issu-' upon. The Conference shall then vote on whether the
"issue hall bo voted upon. If a simple majority of Full -embers
votes that the issue shall be voted upon, the issue shall be put
to the vote. This vote on the main issue shall only be carriedby
a majority of 80. If the vote on whether their should be a vote
fails, or if the vote on the main issue fails, the issue shall be
referred back to member organizations for discussion and may be dis-
cudsed at the next Annual Conference.

(v) ,Dmen of mixed member or I-izations '".:- nominate
one voting delegate in writing to the Wc,.e:ln's
SecretariatIf no no nomination is received
from the women of that ori' :,-ization,then that
organization will have only one vote at Annual
(vi)Hermber Organizations who vote against a
decision made at Annual Conference have the
right to demand that their opposition be
recorded in the minutes of the Annual Conference;
(vii)Voting on the location of the Annual Conference
is decided at the conference by the -i.ple
transferable vote system.

The IGA name r-.-- only be used when the Annual
Co':f-erence is in session.At all other times.the
member organizations should use their own name,
adding if they wish : "A member of the Internatio-
nal Gay Association International Association of
Lesbians/Gay 7'rl.en and Gay Men,except as provided
for in clause IX.


This Constitution may only be amended by a resolu-
tion at an Annual Conference in accordance with "
clause XVII.

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