Gay Freedom Movement - IGA Conference Programme Turin 1981


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Gay Freedom Movement - IGA Conference Programme Turin 1981
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This document relates to the Third Annual Conference of Gay Women and Men (IGA) Turin 1981
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Amendments to the Conference papers as published in the Newsletter -81-1..Amendmends
have been e'rafted by NGF-Ireland, F'48-Denmark and COg-Netherlands. .,
V-rkshop 1: Constitution of IGA

I. Foundation. .
add: Having regard to,the women who feel, this discrimination primarily as women, and
call themselves lesbians,.as well as womei who feel it primarily as homosexuals', and
call themselves gay women; (COC)
Because: the two strong and different grpups os women/political viewpoints which have
emerged should explicitly be recognized. The ILIS conference in Turin could be asked
whether this addition in the Foundation Document might suffice without the further
constant use of "Lesbiand and Gay Women ..."
II. Aims
COC: Amendmend
The air of the IGA is to work for the liberation of gay women and men from legal,
social, cultural and economic discrimination through the means below:.,
Because: the aim of the IGA is to do something through certain means which must support
hut always be secondary to the national or local groups themselves. ,
'What are now aims (ii), (iii) and (iv) will then become means 1, 2 and 3.
qdd (COC): means 4, by promoting cooperation with other related liberation movdpents
e.g. feminism,through exchange of information and exchange of actions. "
F'43 states: a structure should be found in which lesbians, too, find suitable working
conditions. That structure should reinforce and encourage Gay Liberation.
IV. Admission
(OC: An applicant ... the IGA. A list of applicants should be circulated before Annual
Conference. Objections from existing members should be discussed and voted upon.
Admission should only be refused if the refusal is carried by 80% of the vote. .
Reason: The .onus on proving their case should be on the group objecting to a new
member, not on the group applying. One is innocent until proven guilty!
'48: New membership applicants should be approved at the annual.conference, aid their
status as active/passive be decided upon.
V. Expulsion
COC: A member group who dishes to expel another member must put forward objections,
which should be discussed and carried by 80% of the votes.
Reason, as with IV. '
VI. Subscriptions
COC -roposes to,let the financial year be the calendar year.
Jt is technically easier, also with regard to preparing an annual report for Conference.
yII. Administration
WOC proposes to change the frase "for the time beini"' to "until the next annual
Conference" for all three secretariats.
Reason: As a matter of necessity all secretariats should automatically be relieved
from office after having presented their annual report. Conference should then ex-
plicitly decide each year where the secretariats should be hosted.

VIII. Spokespersons
F'48: We d.o not anree on the idea of having an interim ruling group between
conferences. Instead the individual member organizations should initiate political
actions, etc. They are encouraged to mention where-ever possible that they are members
of IGA, but of course not that they act in the name of IGA. Of course they are very
welcome to ask the help of other member organizations tu support them, but then again
not,,in the name of the IGA. rMatters undertaken in the nare of the IGA can only bo-
initiated when agreed upon at the annual conferences. The secretariats are administratinq
praans and have functions as such. They cannot decide upon 'or initiate political `
COC: Is against the institution of IGA-spokespersons. Instead it supports the idea
as expressed during the Ghent meeting, of an emergency action committee, ar a .
watchdog committee, made up of 3 membergroups which are not hosting a secretariat,
and voted upon at each annual conference. Together with the 3 ILIS watchdog groups
they form the IGA watchdog committee. Hhen a member group initiates an action the
watchdog committee decides whether the incident or situation behind the call warrants
on IGA protest. The decision must be taken unanimously. The watchdog committee
sets the scretariats to working. The forns or types of action Are the responsibility
of-:member groups.
season: The discussion on this topic during the Ghent meeting showed a profound
and widely felt concern on the, IGA not being able to use it's name when an emergency
occurs, in between conferences.
ecretariats should be for service only, and have no policy making power. ILIS/IGA
should be equally represented. The watchdog committee should not judge the appropriate-
ness-of the. proposed action, only whether or not the item is worth protesting about.

X, XI and XIII, The secretariat and information centre, the newsletter and the
Financial Centre.
COC: proposes a reorganization af secretariat tasks and functions. It proposed a
division into: Adminidtration and Information.
Administration contains: X(i) and XIII (ii), (iii), (iv) and (i) in that order, plus
all other administrative tasks to do with membership.
Information contains: Xtii), (iii), (iv), (v), (vi), XI (i), (ii), (iii),
Administration Centre and Information Centre should be hosted by two different
Because this division is more logical, relieves the tasks of the information centre (/a.o
a bit and spreads the responsibilities and work.
XV. Annual Conference
NGF: That in the light of its instructions to member orcanizatuons to maintain gender
parity in delegation to annual meetings and in view of the disadvantaged economic
4tatus.of women, IGA should consider the establishment of some mechanism of central.
funding to assist in promoting the attendance of women fro, the less'financially,
strong groups.
F'48: Prpparation af the Annual Conference should be undertaken by a preparation group
consisting of the host organization, plus the ex-host organization (they have some
experience to pass on), plus other organizations interested. Their number and navies
should be agreed upon at the preceding conference. The three secretariats should"
help with information when consulted. The preceding conference proposes items far
next years agenda. Durihn the running year member organizations are welcome "to
put put forward other items to be published in the Newsletter. Other organizations are
welcome to respond to the items proposed with papers to be published in the Newstetter
edited previous to the conference.
COC: XV (iii), add: The 4 official representatives should be made known by name at
tbb start of the Conference.
This involves matters of speaking rights.


XV (iv) should read after: Proposals ... Conference.
An agenda committee shall be responsible for the drafting of an agenda which must be
sent to,.. etc. The agenda committee shall be made up out of the theee secretariats,.
one member of the watchdog committee and the host organization,
Up till now the drafting of an agenda was the work of one organization or even one
person. It is however a responsible task which should not "
take place outside the procedures for democratic control....
(v) should read: "...the responsibility:of the Agenda Committee,..."
The host organization usually doesn't have the experience., the secretariats must .
provide service here too, and very ofte has the host organization already a tremendous ,
task to perform io get all technical things going.
(vi) should redd: "Full members have a right to nominate a maximum of two persons tp form
a chairing pool, ... "
Full members do not have to. nominate anyone..
It is the responsibility of the workshops to appoint their own chairpers'ons, and minute-
takers/reporters.. However, written reports of workshops should be presented at t'lengry J-I.
sessions. Without a written report that carries the approval of the workshop the work-
shop shall not be dealt with at plenary sessions. -
Ver al reporting gets lost, or meets with disagreement in interpretation~ etc. I a-t.ereff th
are two or more viewpoints about an item the plenary session should know.,
The reporter of the plenary sessions shall present the chair with a, list of decision" '
made, before the end of the plenary session, so that the chair can read this list tp
the plenary for approval.
Otherwise the report is sent 'around the world unchecked for a year, and cannot be
corrected until next years conference.
Add; The host group of the Annual Conference of two years hence shall be chosen.' The'
host group of next years conference shall report on'the state of the organization. fr.
Otherwise the members have no idea the'organization is progressing. This way ,
they can insist on certain changes e.g. in the costs of accommodation, etc.
XVI Decision making.
F'48: Each member organization may send four official delegates to conference, two
of which should be women if the organization has both female and male members. If vpting
is necessary to decide upon items, each organization has two votes. Proxy voting is
not allowed. Items agreed upon in the name of IGA should have at-leats tw6 thirds majority
in favour of the total number of votes cast at the conference. Voting upon the city of
the following year's conference is decided upon by a simple majority. Member organizations
that disagree on an item which got 213 majority at voting, have the right to demand
their name being mentioned as opponents tn the statement.

COC: (i) should include the Watchdog committee.
(ii) should read: "..., only full members who have representatives or proxy represpn-
tatives at conference may vote. Representatives with a voting right should be named'
at the start of the plenary session. No person may carry morethan one vote.

Groups cannot collect more than two proxy votes this way.
WaI) One of the two votes accorded to mixed groups must be
woTmn of that group can attend conference, the women of the
he men to vote by proxy. They also may give their vote
,:onference as a representative.

given to a woman. If no
group may give permission
to any other woman attending

ii number of discussion rounds should hot be specified. The vote on the main issue
should be carried by a majority of 80%, exept when conference decides otherwise by,,a
simple majority.

We strive for consensus in order to protect the minority opinions and in order to
ensure that controversial issue" are first sent back to membergroups for further
Workshop 2: Political Actions Projects

Thqt in view of the planning already initiated by the National Gay Federation to host
a Ind International Gay Rights Conerence in Dublin in 1984, IGA should affirm its
support for this conference and offer the assistance and the expertise and information
network to help make the event as successful as the historic 1st International Gay.
Rights Conference in ,Edinburgh in 1974.

f-T"-O o': -j, 1-C 7A9 .- .
*i* -3s g^-. L e^A9

Th4t learning-from the expertise of venerable organizations such as the Nederlandse'
Vereniginq tot Integratie va. Homoseksualiteit COC and younger organizations such as
the National Gay Federation a blueprint be drawn up and made available to member orga-
nizations suggesting methods whereby gay community centres can be established which
work productively for the good of gay people by providin" positive and attractive '
recreational and social facilities .and at the sare time channelling the profits;fromri
these activities into the essential work of .ay liberation.

Workshop 3: Political actions Actions

Thit in view of the heavy expenses involved in the continuing constitutional battle
against repressive legislation in Ireland, member groups of IGA should be advised of,
tbb situation on an ongoing basis so that they may have theoption of offering muc "'
needed assistance in terms oi finance, expertise and political pressure.


3rd Annual Conf~or-e-ncea -Easter 1981 ,lTrinp Itay..... .

Financial survey over the yedr 1980:
Expenses by Fiancial Centre:
Balance 1979
Printing costs newsletters, reports,,etc.
Telephone/Telegrams, etc.
Mailing costs
Reproduction, stencilwork, etc.
Administration and secretariat expenses
Money sent to Dublin

. Income:
membershipfees 1980/81 until rMarch 1981-
Minus (1) ;

S. 1368,90
f 1150,40'
f 516,-
f 1913,23
f 194, 87
f 1178,1'5 '
f 3689,-

(1f). /0010,55


f 5685,35
f 10010,55

f 4325,20

Total (Negative Balance)


Note: This survey does not give the exact figures of Dublin's expenses
on the Information Secretariat. They will be presented to Conference
in Turin.,

IG 'ternat'ihaAsbitio'n of GayWon"nd-Me~n

List of member organizations which have paid their membership-
fees for 1980/81: (situation March 1981):

G.L.A.L. Barcelona, Spain
Homosexual Law Reform Coal. Victoria, Australia
MAG PV Valencia, Spain
NGF Dublin,. Ireland
NGTF New'York, USA
COC Amsterdam, The.Netherlands
S.P.I.R. Tel Aviv, Israel
Samt6kin '78 Reykjavik, Iceland
S.H.R.G. Edinburgh, Scotland
S.C.W.A. ,Studio City, California, USA
Revolt press Stockholm, Sweden
EditionsGay'sprl Brussels, Belgium
Women's Tours Inc. Los Angeles, California, USA
Cork Gay-Collective "' Cork, Ireland
SpAG Vancouver, Canada
CUARH Paris, France
',;Centre du Christ Liberateur Paris, France
CAMP Lobby Ltd Sydney, Australia
'Gay Lib- Sydney, Australia
Gay Solidarity Group Broadway, NSW, Australia
Gay Task Force Balmain, NSW, Australia
C.L.G.R.C. Ottawa, Canada : ,' .
D.S.A.P. e.V. Cologne, Gernany
AKOE Athens, Greece
SVR Amsterdam, The Netherlands
I.B.C.H. Nijmegen, The Netherlands
SOH '- 'Zrich, Switzerland
Texas Bay Area Gays Dickonson, Texas,. USA
Institute for Human Identity New York, USA *
Gay Atheis-' League of America New York, USA
F.H.O. Oslo,,Norway
F'48 Copenhagen, Denmark
CHE England
Irish Gay Rights Movement Dublin, Ireland
C.H.L.R. Dublin, Ireland
Aktionsgruppe Momosexualitdt Bonn, Germany (Associated)
CPN Homo-overleg Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Associated

Organizations which have paid their menbershipfees, but don't find their
names listed above are urgently requested to take proof of their payment
with them to Conference.
^eAM4L LVUJf (V66.

p A ~ To [ ~%_ )

The ILIS Annual Report

When the IGA was set up in 1978 in Coventry, England, there were no
women present. It was decided that when/if women joined the structure
and aims of the ICA would be reconsidered.
During the Second Annual IGA conference (Easter 1980, Spain) 45 of
the 170 participants were women. This was the first time that women
were officially organized within the IGA. Although we were quite
satisfied with many of the results of the conference we were faced
with the dilemma that due to lack of time, we were not able to discuss
bbroughly all the lesbian issues and exchange views and ideas about
the IGA, and Darticipate entirely in the conference at the.same time.
It was then decided that an international lesbian secretariat would
be set up, which would organize an international lesbian conference
as soon as,possible. The secretariat would also try to contact more
lesbian organizations and lesbians within mixed organizations. The
secretariat would temporarily be in the Netherlands and the lesbian
conference would decide if the ILIS were to stay there or go to
a different country.
The ILIS then became a group of 9 women, who met every 2 weeks.
-We set up a filing card system of lesbians and mixed organizations,-
and the contact-wpmen we know about.
- We have kept in contact with lesbians by answering mail,. and sending
them information about the conference.
- We have set up an archive.
- We have worked together with the foreign workgroup of the COC.
- Ofcourse our most important task has been organizing the lesbian
conference, and making the renort of that conference.

The results of the ILIS conference (december 1980, Amsterdam) can be
found in thb conference report.
The second ILIS conference will be held in Turin, Italy, from the
fifteenth to the seventeenth of anril, 1981.
At this conference it will be decided which menmberproup will take .
on the ILIS secretariat until easter 1982.



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